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A writer for well over half my life, I started writing Harry Potter fan fiction while waiting for Deathly Hallows to arrive. Harry/Ginny is my preferred ship, if you couldn't tell, but I also have a weakness for Draco/Hermione.

I also have stories that, due to content, won't be posted here. But if you're interested in reading something more adult, check out my story at Sycophant Hex--Pureblood.

Finally, I broke down and started a yahoo group - Click Here to access it - where I will update the progress of my stories and answer any questions you may query. Please check it out!

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A Thousand Words by annie

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: For the rest of the Ministry, the interdepartmental challenge was merely a failed attempt to restore trust between workers. But for Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger, it was the catalyst for an unexpected relationship built on passionate letters, concealed identities, and secret meetings – and the beginning of an end that neither of them could ever have imagined possible, not even in their wildest dreams.

Post-war. Based somewhat on the story of the Phantom of the Opera. Also contains R/Hr, so don't read if you can't stomach that ship.

Status: Complete. Thanks for reading, everyone!
Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 01/31/07 Title: Chapter 33: One Final Question

Hi Annie...This chapter caught me totally off guard...it broke my heart, as I have come to genuinely love the Draco in this story with all of his insecurities and complex human emotions. After everything he's been through and the way he expressed his loneliness and desire to change, and after he finally opened up, I really thought he should get his happy ending. For this reason, I really hate Hermione in this chapter. I'm too stunned to say if she was in character or not, but her actions left me just wanting to smack her. One moment she promises Draco the world and then at the very first sign of trouble, she turns her back on him...where is that Gryffindor loyalty she displays for everyone else??

I would not rewrite this chapter, but I could very easily write the next one. Once in my life, I chose the safe man, the one who was comfortable and secure, and at times I regret that decision so much that I ache. Another reason, I suppose, why I hate Hermione in this chapter...

I can't wait to see what the epilogue will bring.

So She Dances by Starmaiden

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: After the Yule Ball, Neville goes back to the Great Hall to retrieve his coat. Instead, he finds Ginny Weasley, dancing with no partner but her sadness.
Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 02/06/07 Title: Chapter 1: So She Dances

this is lovely. I loved the image of Ginny raising her arms to the height of a 14 year old boy's shoulders. such an excellent piece of writing!

Author's Response:

Author's Response: Whoops, hit enter before I wrote anything! Well, thank you! I was proud of that line, yes. *preens* Thanks for taking the time to let me know you liked it!

Things Aren't Always Black and White by padfootsgirl1981

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
2009 QSQs: Runner-up: Best Romance - Other Character Story

Add together one ladies' man, one Quidditch player, one werewolf, and one soon-to-be traitor. Then, mix in one imaginative idiot, one fiery redhead, one clever Ravenclaw, and one blonde artist. Stir counterclockwise until trouble occurs, and you are dealing with one of the best-loved group of friends in Hogwarts history. Follow the story of the four Marauders and four equally troublesome girls. See them deal with their first encounters of love, sorrow, heartache… and Death Eaters. How will these future Order members cope with the ordeals that life throws at them? Will love blossom in what was once thought a highly unlikely place? What do you do when the person you care about most in the world doesn’t seem to notice you at all? Will a well-kept secret shatter the foundations of a seven-year friendship? Follow the lives of these friends through their last year at school to the dramatic final battle with Lord Voldemort two decades later.

Warnings are for later chapters, and any sexual situations are very minor.

Chapter Twenty Two: "The Snakes Strike" is in the queue. Excerpt:

Perfume filled his nostrils as Emma walked passed and Rosier’s gaze lingered on her bare, pale legs as the group headed outdoors. “Don’t you just love summer?” he inquired of Regulus, a hungry sneer lighting his face.

“This is ridiculous,” Regulus announced in a furious whisper, “we’re never going to get them alone!”

“Have faith, Black,” commanded Rosier smoothly. “Girls are well renowned for their desire for girly chats. I’m sure they’ll slip off the shackles of their chaperones soon enough.”

Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 02/08/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - The Gathering

Dances with joy to see your chapter up!!

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much!

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Gin_Drinka

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: “You sing to me every night that heaven is somewhere over the rainbow. Granddad told me today, when I asked him, that heaven is after the stars. Everybody tells me that’s where my father is and…I miss him. I wish I could be with him. And if that means being a million light years away from earth, then that’s how far I want to be.”

Harry's family is missing him. A heart-wrenching conversation between Ginny and her fatherless daughter.

Nominated for a Quicksilver Quill for Best Dark/Angst. Thank you!
Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 02/15/07 Title: Chapter 1: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

wow. I don't know what to say...no words I have would do justice to that heart wrenching story. This story made me tear up a bit, yes...I felt Harry's ghost in this story in his absence...the emptiness in Ginny and the stocisim of her oldest daughter. You get the feeling that the grief is very deep, still very fresh, and that they are all struggling to get through. And that last little bit, when Harry said he would never leave, either way. Yeah...that's where you got me. Tears, I tell you. Amazing.

Author's Response: wow, I loved this review. Thank you so much, I am so so so glad you liked it. It made me kind of teary too, even though I was the one writing it. Well thanks a million times!

An Aversion to Change by Misdemeanor1331

Rated: Professors •
Summary: After his failed attempt on Dumbledore's life, Draco seeks refuge at the Order of the Phoenix. Sent back to Hogwarts with suspicious title of Head Boy, he is forced to share a dormitory with none other than Hermione Granger. But with war looming on the horizon and another danger even closer to home, their seventh year of Hogwarts is anything but ordinary.

A story of compelling intrigue, hidden motives, dangerous secrets, and obvious passion. Animagi, Quidditch, the Order of the Phoenix. Masquerades and riddles. Hate and love. Pleasure and pain. A blend of contradictions that, for two people, makes a truly unforgettable final year. Slow moving D/Hr with plenty of plot.
Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 08/19/08 Title: Chapter 30: The Basement

I am glad to see a new chapter up, but I hope that you fix your formatting issues! It's certainly confusing to follow the conversation with both speakers in the same paragraph!

Author's Response: Ugh, I noticed that too!! This chapter actually got rejected the first time because of that. But then I looked it over, as did the mod, and it was fine!! Double ugh. So sorry about the weirdness. It won't happen again.

Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 03/27/09 Title: Chapter 38: Transformations

SO happy to see an update! I'm glad you managed to post at last. I'm really enjoying this story and the intrigue surrounding Channing and the mystery man who is working for Voldemort. And I am very glad to see Hermione and Draco take it to the next level.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm happy it was finally updated too! I'm glad you're enjoying it so far!

Lunar Eclipse by Gin_Drinka

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: “Death is just a shadow I’m hiding behind.”

The war is over and the world has moved on, because Hermione Granger can no longer.

“I wish you were still with me…I wish you’d never left my side…”

On one clear, moonless night, Ron gets his wish granted. But at a very high price…the world isn’t the same without her sacrifice.

Written by Gin_Drinka of Hufflepuff House for the What You Wish for Promp in the Spring Challenge.

A Runner-up in the Spring Challenge!
Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 05/15/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Wow, this leaves all sorts of avenues open. In this wish world where Hermione is alive, is Harry dead, then? You could absolutely continue this, if you wanted. It was angsty and lovely. Well done.

Author's Response: Oh, I will continue...the next, and last, chapter is with my beta. Hopefully it will be up soon. Things are very different in the world where Hermione is alive. But I don\'t want to completely spoilt the surprise, so I\'ll just say thanks!


Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 06/30/07 Title: None

Oh, I'm totally sucked in. I can't wait to read the next chapter! Update soon!

Buying Dreams by Fabula_propono

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: They were evil. They were cruel. They were violent and sadistic and barely human. But it was that 'barely' part that people tended to overlook. And the fact that not all Slytherins flew the same flag for the same reasons...

The fourth installment of a one-shot series into the minds and hearts of the most notorious Slytherins of the Harry Potter series.
Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 07/03/07 Title: Chapter 1: Buying Dreams

What an amazingly perceptive look into a young Regulus Black! I love stories like this, ones that have a completely different but absolutely believable approach to what is commonly considered as fact. Thank you for writing this wonderful piece of art.

For Bitter or for Worse by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years •

All is not well.

George uses work and Firewhisky to cope with Fred's death until a drink with a friend leads to something that dulls pain better than alcohol. Emotionally torn by grief, he struggles to allow Alicia into his life...and then comes baby....

*Winner of the 2008 Quicksilver Quill Award for Best Dark/Angsty Story*

Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 01/16/08 Title: Chapter 24: Christmas Eve

Ahh! I love Calvin and Hobbes! I was laughing along, picturing Fred making snowmen like Calvin did.

It was sort of a relief to see George break down a little bit in this chapter. And to have him talk to Percy. And I love the way George presented Alicia with her present. Nicely done!

I hope the hack doesn't interfer with future updates!

Author's Response: Couldn\'t you see Fred and George making a two headed snowman and Molly saying, \"You can always tell when you come to the twins\' snomen.\" :D

If he hadn\'t passed around the ornaments, George would\'ve broken down in the lounge. It had to be awful, that first Christmas without Fred.

You and me both about the hackers...or I wouldn\'t just cast a Cruciatus...I\'d mean it! :D

Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 12/22/07 Title: Chapter 22: Home for the Holidays

I rather enjoy this story, so I thought I would give you some Christmas cheer and leave you a review. Your characters are flawed and three dimensional and very likable, and I'm enjoying George's subtle growth as the story progresses.

And I chuckle every time I see the name of Alicia's family's store: I used to work for a company called The Light Fantastic, though we didn't sell magical orbs.

Happy holidays, and writing!

Author's Response: Your review beats apple cider and hot cocoa for giving warm fuzzies. Thank you! Very cool, you working for that company. Too bad about the orbs, though, heh.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 01/23/08 Title: Chapter 25: Christmas

Curses to that hacker!
I really felt it was so true to Alicia's character that she would be just a little unsure about saying yes right off, and for George to head out to talk (I'm guessing) to her mother. I was sad to see him returning to his usual behavior concerning Percy, but I guess it wouldn't be very realistic for him to get over it in one night.
Anyway, don't let the hacker get you down! Hopefully things will get straightened out again soon. Keep writing, and I'll keep reading!

Author's Response: May the fleas of a thousand camels infest the hacker\'s crotch and may his arms be too short to scratch! :D

Ill wishes said, lol, Alicia had to ask why or she\'d always wonder if she made a mistake. George isn\'t as bitter toward Percy, he\'s just a little irritated that his brother is pushing for more friendship than he can give right now.

I\'m writing, so thank you for reading!

The Resistance by enchantedsleeper

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: [Spoilers for Deathly Hallows] We all know what Ron, Harry and Hermione were doing at the time. Now, this is the story of the second Dumbledore's Army, and their resistance against Snape and the Carrows. Canon pairings.
Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 08/20/07 Title: Chapter 2: The New Headmaster

Oh, This is quite good. Your characterizations are spot on, I think. Particularly McGonagall and Seamus. I look forward to what you've got in store for us.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! :D

Intertwining Fates by x_lily_evans_x

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Five people from the different walks of life. One, born of the noble, was pampered; one, born of the dark, was disgraced; one, born of the ordinary, was extraordinary; one was cursed; and one… well, liked cheese.

Five children, five lives. Add five yellowish envelopes with green writing, and their fates are intertwined forever.
Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 08/20/07 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

I'm intrigued, and I look forward to reading more of this story. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you (:

The Light of His Life by The Scribbler

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: The Marauders seventh year at Hogwarts is about to begin and everyone is excited, but for James, something—or rather someone—weighs heavily on his mind. All summer he had worked to change into a better person… all for Lily Evans. The only question now is if she’ll give him the second chance he needs to change her mind.

The sequel to The Beginning and Unexpected Hope.
Reviewer: Pennilyn Novus Signed
Date: 02/12/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

You're growing as a writer; from your first story to this one, I can see a vast improvement. This story is cohesive, has a plot, a character arc, and had some fluffy warm James/Lily moments. I hope you'll write more in this series.

Author's Response: SQUEE!!! Thank you so much! Those were some of the best compliments I have even received for writing. Comments like yours are the things that make my day.