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Sleepover At Number Twelve, Grimmauld Place by Luna Longbottom

Summary: The girls decide to throw a sleep over at number twelve. What happens when the boys show up and Fred and George introduce their lastes invention?
Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 08/31/07 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3

very stupid...

Delightful Pain by Queen of Serpents

Rated: Professors •
Hermione gets a visitor at night that delights in her pain. Before she used to dread the nights but lately... she has begun to look forward to meet her nocturnal vistor... and rapist?

Don't read if you are offended with rape and abuse. Contains events that will be quite offensive and possibly "disgusting". You have been warned.

Runner Up in the Dangerous Liaisons Awards and He Had It Coming Awards.

~The story is now Complete!~
Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 06/24/07 Title: Chapter 2: No Escape


Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 07/04/07 Title: Chapter 13: Epilogue

goodness gracious!

Songfic from 'Blurry' by Puddle of Mudd by leanna_sanders

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Songfic Oneshot - based around 'Blurry' by Puddle of Mudd - rated R and given warnings as below for a reason, people! A character's descent into madness, rape, character death and self abuse major factors in this one.
Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 06/24/07 Title: Chapter 1: Can You Take It All Away?

goodness! how cheap!

Author's Response: Cheap..? Maybe.

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 06/24/07 Title: Chapter 1: Can You Take It All Away?

i cant imagine harry EVER doing this! Harry is so, so so different from what you portrayed here!

Author's Response: I know he is. That\'s exactly why I wrote this piece.

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 06/24/07 Title: Chapter 1: Can You Take It All Away?

i cant imagine harry EVER doing this! Harry is so, so so different from what you portrayed here!

The Fifth Horcrux by king

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: This story is a sequel to an earlier story of mine called: Harry Potter and the Needed One. You will need to read that one first for this one to make sense. Harry learns that Hermione loves him and admits that he loves her. Unfortunately Harry has a lot of powerful enemies and an awful job that he must do. Harry must become a killer or a victim and he doesn't want a girlfriend. Hermione learns a horrible truth about the Fifth Horcrux. She must help Harry in his quest to destroy Voldemort and at the same time keep Harry alive.
Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 12/20/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - A Depressing Chore for Dumbledore

u know what?

this is total rubbish! ur story sucks. it really does, and believe me, i have heard of no other story that stinks soooooooooo badly! actually, the couple harry/hermione in itself is the most horrible one i have ever thought of. You are a horrible person, to think hermione likes harry, and not ron! how stupid of you! idiot!

Author's Response: Oh No! I am overwhelmed by your intellect. I feel like I’ve been given the Care Bear Stare. I am a horrible, stupid, idiotic person. Boo Hoo! Boo Hoo! I must change my ways and write a Ron + Hermione story. \"Once upon a time Ron married Hermione and we never heard from that bitch again. Ginny bravely sacrificed herself in the final battle so Harry could live and win. Heartbroken, Harry flew off into the sunset, hoping to find love with a Muggle girl like you. The End\" Does that make you happy now?

Realizing It's Never Too Late by Gryffindor Girl

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: After taking different paths a couple of years ago, Ron and Hermione find each other again, both of them wondering if their separation was a mistake. This applies especially to Hermione, who is leading an empty, unhappy life next to her fiance.

UPDATE (12/7/11): Newest chapter posted. Let us hope next one doesn't take me a year.
Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 08/26/07 Title: Chapter 9: Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better

this is a romantic one...

Author's Response: I couldn\'t help myself.

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 10/31/08 Title: Chapter 15: A Picture Is Worth More Than A Thousand Words

this was good. what she did was ight. she should have slapped him hard.

What Could Have Been by Lucia_Swanne

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: This follows Ron and Hermione 10 years after school.

When Hermione doesn't turn up for the group's ten year reunion at Hogwarts, Ron becomes suspicious about why Hermione is too busy to be there. But what he discovers is beyond what he ever imagined.

After seeing each other again nine years later, can Ron and Hermione find the love they shared once again?


Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 01/23/07 Title: Chapter 1: The Missing Friend

i really liked it! it was simply gr* i love dis story!

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 11/05/07 Title: Chapter 7: Secrets and Lies


Author's Response: *giggles* I\'m glad to see that there are people REALLY getting into the story :P Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for reading!! :D

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 10/15/07 Title: Chapter 6: Greeting The Past

Well, first of all, I'd like to say, the story is very nice. I really really really like it. And this thing about Addy, I also feel she's Ron's child. Ok, ok, maybe you are getting very irritated by the fact that almost all the reviewers are saying 'Addy's Ron's daughter!'.
I am looking forward to an update! :)

Author's Response: *laughs* I have no problem with everyone speculating- it\'s what tells me whether I\'m getting my point across right or not. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying this story. Thanks for reading!! :D

Internal Battles by EmilyJayne

Rated: Professors •
Summary: This story follows the time the trio will be spending at the Dursley’s home on Privet Drive. As the trio prepares to take on the biggest mission of their lives, Ron and Hermione 'fight' their own “Internal Battles” to determine if a romantic relationship will be a new beginning for them, or doom their friendship, and along with it, any hope of success against "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”. Are Hermione and Ron finally going to give in to their feelings for each other?

I elaborated very much upon this short period of time, but I had a lot of fun writing about it.

This story is complete...but there is a continuation! See the final A/N: for details!

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 01/08/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

hey! thanks that u considered my review worth replying to... and not only replying to, completely writing a novel to! just joking!
I kind of understand what you mean. Yeah, you are right, you have defended your story very well. I hope you didn't mind my pointing out these small 'flaws' as I put them. I really loved your story, and it is already down on my favourites list. Really cool!

Author's Response: Great! don\'t mind you pointing the \"flaws\" out at all! Keep reading!

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 01/07/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1


lol, just kidding! WHY THE HELL HAVE YOU PUT UP THIS HANGING POINT? WHAT THE HELL DOES DUDLEY TO WID HERMY? oh please tell me, just can't wait!!
i'm sure i'll come to this ron/hermione section at least three times a day to check whether you have updated or not! Dying for an update! Will something terribly happen with hermy? Will ron be a hero? oh god!
a few complaints though: please do try and make hermione a little more... wel... matured than ron. i mean, she always falls into tight spots, but not ron, as usually, it is the opposite.
second, don't think i have ever read in any hp buk that hermione is beautiful. i mean, sure, she luked cool on yule ball day, but that was just a fluke, remember? just pointing out. i think u shud point out her smartness and brains more than her beauty, cuz that's exactly y ron loves her...

neway, these are just small flaws. i bet they are just too small to outdo the marvellous plot of ur story... i mean, it's just too interesting. I love it... You are a marvel! Cheers!

Author's Response: First, Thank you for not really hating me. Second, Thanks for your honesty. I have not received a review like this except from one of my Betas. I love defending my work and am glad to address your points. 1) As I have responded in another comment, This is a romance fic that takes place over only a few weeks. I am not making an attempt to write book 7, just expanding on a simple moment as I imagine it COULD happen. 2) I am not PICKING on Hermione, but, as this is a romance fic, is there not supposed to be a damsel in distress? AND, when we are dealing with teenage boys and hormones, the female is bound to be the center of attention. 3) With regards to Hermione\'s maturity, I think she is mature as ever - and I don\'t think that I dumb her down at all - but what we are seeing here is Ron catching up. Also, mature or not, at 17, we all got-or will get, a little \"silly\" when it comes to boys. Silly-confused-frustrated, or what ever. Also, something new to Hermione, there is no logic, book reading, or an article in Witch Weekley that will help her to figure out how to aproach their delicate and unique budding romance. Back to Ron catching up...and this touches on Hemione\'s look...I think that I-or atleast I tried-to depict Ron\'s evolution. He and Hermione have gone from Bitter friends, to best friends, to caring more about the other\'s safty, to now, wanting and needing more. Ron has finally recognized Hermione for what she is and his recognizing her beauty - her individual and unique beauty, her smile, her presence. He is begining to recognize the feelings that have been surfacing just under the surface for some time now - since she couldn\'t go to the Yule Ball with him, I think. No, Jo never states that she is beautiful, but the Yule BAll was not a fluke! She is a naturally pretty girl who choosed to prioritize her mornings differently and doens\'t put a lot of effort into her appearence. At 17 however, I imagine, although not stated as though, she probabally sepnds a little more time at it. After fixing her teeth, Jo did note an improvement and Krum thinks she is pretty. Hermione seems to have been so far over looked by boys (but I think three are more noticing than Jo bluntly states...Cormack?) because of her presence. She is a leader and a rule following-goody-too-shoes...or atleast that is how she projects to her peers, other than Ron and Harry since they know better. That sort of \"lable\" is intimadating and slightly unaproachable. So, in a nut shell, she is not ugly, but not a breathtaking-head-turner to everyone...but Ron has finally decided that Hermione-as a complete package-is exactally that! Thanks SO much for reading and pointing out these items. I am EXTRA Happy that you like the story enough to continue to read it - dispite what you consider, my oversites. Keep reading! Emily PS...keep reading...Dudly gets his worth!

Enchanted by Willow Rosenberg

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: ~Complete~

The summer after the trio's sixth year, people gather at the Weasley's for the wedding of Bill and Fleur. Hermione goes in high hopes, expecting a relationship to heat up between her and Ron. However, her arrival at the Burrow is greeted with a rather nasty surprise...


2010: Ahaa, God, I just took another look at this story and, uh...the only defense I have is that I was a lot younger when I wrote it. Whew.

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 03/19/07 Title: Chapter 2: Dream of a Fire

it is awesome!

Author's Response: thanks!

Of Dentistry And Romance by Simply Being

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A meet the parents one-shot, Ron and Hermione style. Enjoy!

Written for the Ravenclaw Secret Christmas Fic Swap.

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, sadly.
Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 01/04/07 Title: Chapter 1: Poor Ronald

silly one, really!

Author's Response: I hope that\'s good! Thanks for reviewing.

Keeping Time by electronicquillster

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: In the aftermath of the final battle against evil, Ron is given the chance of a lifetime, a chance that has only been given to less than a dozen people throughout all history.

Pre-Deathly Hallows.
Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 03/27/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

an excellent one! keep it up!

Killer Instincts by Ginny Weasley Potter

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: London: Four murders have taken place under bizarre circumstances, for what seems to be an equally bizarre reason.

Harry, a happily wedded man with a wonderful wife and a cute daughter, is an Auror at the Ministry of Magic and is now given a new case to solve with Ron and four other Aurors. Incidentally, the four Aurors include Ginny, Harry’s ‘schoolboy crush’; and it turns out to be much more than a crush when Harry sees her again. What’s more is that Harry is working upon a case that seems to connect to him directly. And once again, it opens up old fears: fears of losing loved ones.

Ron, on the other hand, seems to be tired of Hermione. Tempers are running high and fights are breaking out more often than usual. Are they really falling apart? Or can they sort this out before it is too late?

Then there is the case itself. Who is trustworthy, and who is not? Who is deadly enough to murder four people in cold blood?

Indulge into the gut-wrenching action, combined with warm romance and tingling suspense; while I tell you a story of love, ambition and obsession… a story of what those killer instincts can do. EDIT: MAJOR revamping going on, with regard to plot, characterisation, and general style of writing. I would urge you not to read this until I've removed this notice because I wasn't very good six years ago, and this is as bad as I was. *Places traffic cones*
Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 10/23/07 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

i am gonna make a very, very, very, very bizarre, dumb, nightmarish guess as to who the person who called parvati is... erm... yeah... it's Ginny,....
I know it's impossible. I'm telling you, I am a bit cracked!

Author's Response: Aha, chor ki daadi mein tinka! But Ginny? Why? I... I dunno! Is it not Irene? Or Romilda? Or... um... Rebecca? Why Ginny? No, don\'t worry, I not a bit cracked, I\'m fully cracked. So you have company ^_^

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 08/26/07 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

this is a secnd review i am posting here...

i really, REALLY like ur story. Being Indian, it kind of gives me a sense of happiness to see our culture reflected in something that is read by thousands all over the world. Great job. Our culture is so rich it needs to be advertised everywhere... and this was a nice way...
(please forgive me for talking utter rubbish... i just wanted t talk to someone of my country on mugglenet, and found reviews a good excuse) :-)

Author's Response: Yes! Exactly! I hate to think that so many people all over the world consider our country as a downtrodden one. It\'s time for people to notice this beautiful country with such a diverse, rich cultural heritage and appreciate the greatness of it. I hope this small step works... Thank you :)

Reviewer: sudeshna2kool4u Signed
Date: 08/24/07 Title: Chapter 4: Argument Over Breakfast

hey! i simply luv ur fic! i am indian (my name is Sudeshna Dasgupta by the way... living in kol) and i really enjoyed this fic!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you. Wow, you\'re a Bengali too! Both my school friends are bengalis and you guys are so cute... Thanks for the review! :)