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Many heartfelt thanks and *squishes* to…

I'd like to thank all my reviewers and all the friends I've made here on this site. I think you know who you are. Here are a few last words from me:

Thank you, lady magician/Sarah, for believing in me and becoming one of my best friends. Thank you, _Ivy_/Laila, for also being one of my good friends here. Thank you SnowyHedwig112/Kathy for sticking with me when everyone started to leave. Thank you to my MNFF Toaster Trio, Priz and CJ, for being amazing friends - I'll always remember you to. Thanks to the old TWSers, who made my time here at MNFF priceless. Thank you to Jorie, Hallie, Allie, Abby, Sammy, Josh, Phia, Mapoi, Stubby, Kristy, Ayse, Claire, Azhure, Analisa, Hanni, Ash, Kumy, Manu, Jamie, and many, many other people who have made my time here at MNFF nothing short of amazing. I will always remember you guys.

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Harry Potter and the Randomness That Follows by trevorthetoad

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Featuring: Harry on his never-ending quest to brush his hair, and Voldemort's attempt to stop him. Also featuring: a certain geometry teacher, Charlie Brown, the actual sparkly hairbrush, and much, much more! Other chapters include more random events, and none of them have to do with anything even remotely important. YAY!

Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 01/02/07 Title: Chapter 7: Harry Potter and the Screaming Fangirls

Yes! I love this fic! I like the nonexistent curtains....dunno why.

Well, sorry it is the last chapter. Hope you write more fics -

~Tyger, Tyger, burning bright -Euphrates

Author's Response: I\'ll try and those curtains are love. William Blake. Nice.

Cry For Help by Moony655

Summary: Harry's alone now that Sirius is gone. He doesn't know what to believe. Could Sirius be alive? Is he dead? Why wont anyone tell him? Why are all the people that were parents or like them all gone? Why wont his friends talk about it? What can he do?
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 01/15/07 Title: Chapter 1: One

Wow. I don't know why, but that was sad. Especially at the end. Wonderful job, I just love it!

(Favorites it.)

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Regret by Ella Norman

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: *one-shot*If there is one word Hermione could use to describe her life, it's regret. She married the man her parents chose, instead of the man she loved. They have now grown old, and all they can do is look back on their lives with regret. Warning: A little bit of angst. Please R&R.
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 12/24/06 Title: Chapter 1: Regret

That is very sad. I love it.

One sentence just confused me a little.

It isn’t every day that a girl stumbles across that one man who has everything she ever dreamed of. I was lucky enough to that girl, and I threw it away.

It says: I was lucky enough to that girl... But isn't Hermione speaking of herself here? Why would she say to that girl, then? Please tell me what you meant by this sentence - I daresay I am probably just tired and wasn't reading that clearly. You'll have to tell me.

Also: I do not think Ron would think of Hermione as this Hermione. If he did still love her, he would probably remember her more fondly. But that is just me.

Regret it the principle by which I live my life. In this sentence did you mean Regret is the principle by which I live my life?

This was a very wonderful fic. (That sounded awkward. Very wonderful??? Well, it was.) I think that, if this ever happened (it better not!) then this will be one of the best ways it could be portrayed.

Tyger, Tyger, burning bright -

Author's Response: Yeah. Probably. Unfortunately, as I am human, I am prone to error -- and I believe that typos come under the category of \"error.\"

Only Pain by Eagle_of_Sin

Summary: This is a fanfiction about when Harry was controlled by Voldemort and then tortured by him. It's grim, so be prepared. But I think you'll like this one. *no rhyme ~passages~ I know I cannot make it.... * The finishing dregs of my life are gone.... * What's the point of living.... * I feel so trapped inside right now...
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 01/15/07 Title: Chapter 1: Pain

Wow, you're right, that is dark, and scary. But that made it really good!

The Key to My Heart by DanceUponMyToes

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: This is just a poem I wrote from Hermione's perspective. I'll let you decide who she's adressing, because I think it's more interesting that way and I'm curious as to who you'll come up with.
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 01/15/07 Title: Chapter 1: Key To My Heart

I think it is Ron she's talking to/about, because I am a huge R/Hr shipper.

Very good poem.

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Learning to Love by There you are Peter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Set in James and Lily's fifth year - this is their story. I promise you it isn't the whole 'James has changed - let's get married' but it does stick to getting together in the 7th year. We begin just after OWLs and James' pathetic attempts to charm Lily go from bad to worse and not without the help of a certain friend...whose name sounds like furious...but with an i instead of a u...and no o...
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 01/04/07 Title: Chapter 2: Nice Pyjamas

Okay, I'm going to give another review late, on the last chapter, but I just have to say something - James Potter was a Seeker on the Quidditch team. In this you have him scoring a goal - he's supposed to be looking for the snitch!!

Look for my other review....it'll be longer, I promise, and nicer.

Sorry for sounding...evil...forgive me.

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 01/04/07 Title: Chapter 2: Nice Pyjamas

OMG, I just realised what you said in response to another's person's review. i could have sworn James Potter was a Seeker - for now I'll have to day you are right, because I am not sure.

I am so sorry for sending you that review that told you James was a Seeker!!! If I am wrong (I am, aren't I? I thought I was right) then I am so sorry, soooooooo sorry I sent you that.

Okay, now I feel really bad....

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 01/04/07 Title: Chapter 10: The Moment Fate Had Been Waiting For

Hi! Very sorry for my reviews on Chapter Two. I am positive, however, that James Potter was a Seeker...oh well. I need to read the books again...ah! 07/07/07!!! The date the 7th Harry Potter book comes out is nearing! Yes!

Onto Criticism...don't worry, I'm not going to flame you....sheesh.

a) I like how James and Liky's relationship is always bouncing back and forth from "good" to "bad". Seems realistic, somehow - they've hated each other for so long, why would they just fll head over heels for each other? Lily, I mean - James has been obsessed with her for a while...

b) I think that how you are starting to edge Voldemort into the story makes it better - you don't even need to make him appear and talk to the characters, but adding him in makes it seem more like the wizarding world we all love. Minus him. I wish he wasn't in the wizarding world we all love...he killed them...so many people...James, Lily...

Moving on.

c) I don't know if using all caps when Lily was speaking just in this chapter, when she is mad at James, was appropriate. I know she is mad, but I, myself, despise it when people use all caps when "talking" in a story, and that is why I think Harry Potter needs anger management in the fifth book. :-) However, this is just a personal preference.

d) The way you write is very intruiging. Keep it up! (Like you'd ever stop!)


~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Author's Response: Thank you for not flaming me. a. I know, I agree - it doesn\'t quite make sense. I basically wrote this first story when I\'d just got into fanfiction and was desperate for them to get together so I could write some fluff. I\'d say it was a mistake but, with hindsight, I think it actually makes the fact that she eventually comes round to loving James (in 7th year) more believable and it breaks up the period of hating him. Plus, giving her more ammo to hate him in the 6th year which makes sense when you read the bit when they finally do get together and you\'ll see ;). I know it\'s a bit odd and I could have done it better but there you go. b. I HATE edging him in because he ruins everything but yes, the plan is he gets stronger and stronger until they leave school and war breaks out or whatever. I\'m avoiding thinking about that bit \'cause it scares me but hey ho! c. I considered not using caps it would probably end up with overuse of exclamation marks (which I don\'t like) and she was really mad...and yelling at him...I don\'t know, like you say I guess it\'s personal preference so the point is fair enough. d. Thank you! Updating today over and out xxx

Not Another Mary Sue Fic! by Air Elemental

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: A Mary Sue Parody fic! Infinity Babe has moved from New York to Hogwarts with her 'oh-so-evil' parents. Can Harry and the gang stop her from warping canon? Not to be taken seriously. Rated PG-13 for a reason. Scriptfic.
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 12/20/06 Title: Chapter 2: Act Two

I love this! I like the part where Harry "saves" the Sue, and looks around. Ran asks him why he did that (I think it was Ron) and Harry says "I - I don't know..."

And I love the part when hermione is figuring out what to do with the Sue, and she says.....WE CAN GO TO THE LIBRARY!!

ha ha ha ha.....

(Sorry for this meaningless praise (not that praise is meaningless - mine just was) I had to just say it).


A Death Eaters story. by darkwritterchild

Summary: The regrets of a Death Eater.
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 01/15/07 Title: Chapter 1: A Death Eaters story.

Wow. Interesting, and nice rhyming.

Firecracker by KalHoNaaHo

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Amazing how something born from insignificance and a dire need to measure up is the one thing that brings Ginny Weasley back. One-shot.
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 12/17/07 Title: Chapter 1: Firecracker


I honestly have no concrit for this, no critiques. Trust me, I searched for some. I searched long and hard, but all of my efforts were futile. *grins* This fic, Kal, is nothing short of amazing. All I can really do is pontificate on the superb aspects of it and squee and grin simultaneously.

The description is…stunning. It’s simply breathtaking. It’s vivid and real. It didn’t seem as if I was reading a story – it was as if I myself was Ginny, and I was there, experiencing everything and in the story. Your language is beautiful, your similes and metaphors utterly wonderful, and just…wow. I wish I had your talent. This is truly amazing.

Your sentence structure also made me grin happily to myself. I don’t see it often, but I think that when it’s well done, as it was here, it can be powerful and moving. Mainly, I’m speaking of the sentence fragments and the use of dashes. They make some sentences clipped and shorter, but so very powerful. (This isn’t to say you didn’t write longer, trailing sentences, which are also powerful. I was simply pleased to see how well you wrote using the dashes and shorter sentences. It was very well done and powerful, as I’ve said many times already but think it needs to be said again. XD)

The way you portray Ginny was great, in two different ways. One, I love how you showed her thoughts and feelings, and two, I love how you show the repercussions and aftereffects Riddle had on her life.

The way you showed her thoughts and feelings added a lot to the story. It made it much more powerful and made it hit closer to home. We could relate better to Ginny, know how she felt and sympathize with her. Of course, everyone does this in writing – showing thoughts and feelings, or at least, I hope they do – but you did it exceptionally well and I had to point it out.

Now. How Riddle affected her life. That was fantastic. We didn’t really see much of how her life was affected and changed by Riddle and all he had done to and with her in the books, but here you showed it realistically and poignantly. Great, great job. *rereads shamelessly*

Also, the ending? Fantastic. What can I say? It was simply my favorite part of this entire fic, and I sat there simply stunned for a few minutes, staring at it, mouth open, grinning with shock and rereading it repeatedly. Love it. I always feel endings should be powerful, and you’ve done that and then some.

I truly wish I could offer some critique (if only to say ‘I critiqued Kal! You?’ to people. XD), but I truly could not find anything. I love this fic.


Dying by danradfan1

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: These are poems about Ginny and Harry's complicated relationship. Will it end in happiness and love or will it end in tears and unsaid words?
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 02/04/07 Title: Chapter 1: Ginny's Feelings

Wow, that is depressing, but so is most of the other stuff I read. I like the repetition in this, how every stanza began the same way.

I'm dying,

It's as if it was the only thing she could think of - she was dying without him. So sad!

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 02/04/07 Title: Chapter 2: He Loves Her

Wow, that is such an interesting way to write a poem! Can I try it? It is so cool!

This poem was so sad, but very canon and IC - all Harry wants to do is to protect Ginny. He has his doubts, but he has to forget them, move on, so she can live...

Well done!

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 02/04/07 Title: Chapter 3: B.P.E.A.F

That's all right, how you rhymed same with came...you could have used tame, lame, or fame though, but none of them make any sense with what you are talking about, so came is good. It still makes sense.

In the third stanza you wrote the word "smuther". Were you thinking of "smother"? Just wondering.

Very well done. All of your poems have great repetition.

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! I haven\'t updated in so long it\'s good to know people are actually reading still. Yeah I did mean \"smother\" I\'ll go back and fix that. Lol I didn\'t even realize that I repeat things a lot, I went back and read each one and well what do ya know pretty much every one repeats Kaci

Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 02/04/07 Title: Chapter 4: Broken

Oh...my...god. What a great way to describe rain. A lot of people associate it with sadness, but your descriptions were new and amazing and I just loved them. Great job. What an amazing poem.

And you said Well, not really 'drip, drip, drip.' So true. So many people describe rain as 'dripping' when it really doesn't.

Great job!

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates

Burning Thoughts by Periwinkle

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Third person about a young prisinor in Azkaban. This perticular one is different from the rest, and she reflect on her decisions and current situation. Please review.
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 01/28/07 Title: Chapter 1: Burning Thoughts

Wow. Great imagery! Also, you have s great vocabulary, too. Most kids your (our, sort of) age talk like, "wow, cool, sup ya'll!" (That would be in real life, not in reviews or anything.) It is good to know some people actually use real words! (Not that anyone on this site doesn't...I mean, really, find me a poem with the word 'sup' in it and I'll give you a hundred bucks...it is just that the words you used were perfect.)

My favorite part:
They come,
Taking their time carefully,
Silent shadows,
Staring spitefully,

Yeah. So, good job, and I hope you write more poetry! (Though if you don't, it's all right. I guess. :-))

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates


Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 12/17/06 Title: None

I like this story! I was wondering...will there be a sequel? I can't remember if it said there would be in the summary.

I think this is very interesting. Maybe you sould describe Nex some more? he is very intruiging.


Regret by callmehermione

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Penname: callmehermione

House: Ravenclaw

Challenge: Poetry Challenge #1

Summary: Ginny remembers, vividly, the night Dumbledore died, when she wasn't there for her Headmaster or for Harry. Now everyone is gone, and Ginny is left alone with her regret with no one in whom she can confide. She has to discover the nature of guilt in order to ease her conscience, and a night in the rain provides the perfect opportunity.
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 12/24/06 Title: Chapter 1: One Stormy Night

Wow. I love this poem. It is truly amazing. After reading this, I went and looked up how to write a Sestina....and I have decided that I like to write them! Thank you for showing me this amazing first and inspiring example.

Sorry, but now for the nitpicking and the (hopefully) construcutive cristicism.

In the second paragraph (are they called sestets? I'll call them that from now on) the first line read: She closed her eyes, rose to her feet, stood: a waterfall *end*. I don't know if the : (whatever they're called - this is why I am not a beta) is appropriate. I think in place of that, you could either put a semicolon (;) or end the sentence there and then start the next as A waterfall... (I hope that made sense.)

In the fifth sestet, a section read:
It was all becoming clearer,

If only little by little. It hit her in a waterfall,

In a tide of realization, her unsure feelings a mere drip.

In the beginning of this section, you said everything was becoming clearer, if only little by little, and then you said it hit her in a waterfall, in a tide of realization, as if it hit her abruptly, though you had just said before that it hadn't. This confused me a little, and I suggest that you could say something like... It was all becoming clearer,

If only little by little, until it suddenly hit her in a waterfall,

In a tide of realization, her unsure feeling a mere drip.
Feel free to dismiss my criticism or to accept it, or to accept it and make your own changes.

Okay, onto more total adoration...

My favorite oart of this poem is the ending tercet. It seems to me that Ginny isn't one to just "give up", so her being able to accept what happened seems very in canon to me.

Wonderful fic. Many, many more stars than only five.


Tyger, Tyger, burning bright -

Author's Response: Oh, my goodness, thank you so much for the wonderful review! You\'re right about the waterfall bit, surely. And the : is a colon, and can be used in place of an adverb. Thank you again!

Cliché Nation by just_the_contrary

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: A compilation of the most commonly used Harry Potter clichés in the fandom. Features Angsty!Harry, Sweet!Draco, Head Dorms, sudden romances in the forms of Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny and of course, Draco/Hermione, because what's a cliché without them?

The Marauders also make an appearance in this fic, including Lily/Lily's best friend/Lily's other best friend.

Warning: mention of hippopotamuses inside.

Chapter Five is up! The story is done. Also, thank you to everyone who nominated this neatly tied bundle of ridiculousness in the QQ awards, I really appreciate it!
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 12/20/06 Title: Chapter 5: Bring Me to Life

Oh, wow. That was incredibly hilarious. I love the Angsty!Harry. He was so funny. Every time he talked it was in CAPS LOCK. (I WANT SAUSAGES!)

:-) Okay, I love this story...

I am unable to find any constructive criticism. Humor stories like this one don't always need to stay in canon, either, so I have no problems with that.


Author's Response: Thank you very much. I\'m happy you enjoyed it so much!

Snow by PerfectByNature

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: It's snowing and Harry goes to find Draco.
Reviewer: Euphrates Signed
Date: 01/15/07 Title: Chapter 1: Snow

Very nice form. I like it.

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates