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Our Little Secret by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years • Past Featured Story

It was like a wizard tale. The clever Slytherin helps a hag who later repays the debt. Except that Rose Weasley wasn't a hag, and Scorpius didn't expect to call in the favour.

*Winner of the 2010 Next Generation QSQ award*

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 03/23/09 Title: Chapter 1: Scorpius


That's so sweet! I like that even thought it's a pretended relationship they get along like a house on fire.

The whole dimple-related conversation was quite fun.

The only downside is that poor old Roonil got frustrated twice!! Sweet darling, he must be keeping quite a quantity of frustation... I hope he lets if out when he stumbles into Rosie's boyfriend!!

I'm going to keep my Kodak at hand, cause that's going to be a moment worth remembering.

I suppose Hermione will have to Imperious her husband to keep his temper in check!!

I expect Lucy to react even worse!! (Lucy Malfoy, I mean) This kiddoes really wanted to unsettle the waters, didn't they?

Author's Response:

Ron now wants a one shot, lol, and I just may give it to him!

Luci (I always think of him with an i , heh) will not be pleased, and neither family will be the same after this!

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 05/15/09 Title: Chapter 14: Kisses

Scorpius in swim trunks. The idea appealed.

Totally agreed!!! Specially since I envision Scorpious as the hot guy from Supernatural, only blonde... Grrrr!!!

Author's Response:

Note to self: Find pictures of the cast of Supernatural, scope out "hot guy" and imagine him blond.

Thank you! :D

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 05/09/09 Title: Chapter 13: Surprise

i'm loving every single piece of writing you come up with for this story!!

I reaaaally enjoyed the thrill in this lattest installement. I guess the Weasleys are going to be nervous with Scorps around now they know Lucius is after Scorps. I dread to think Rosie is in mortal peril, thought! Can't Malfreak just kidnap his gorgeous grandson back and leave...?? I mean, killing Rosie is hardly the best way to keep the Knigts secret... Creep!!!
Tiny Terminator is a really cool idea!! Not surprized the Weasleys came up with it - with your 'help'!!
Oh! Am I too wrong to suspect Granny Weasley is taking a bit to our young charming Slytherin in distress...? She seemed nicer after the pond dive. Maybe it was only the mother hen mode switching on!
I looooove the fic! Keep the amazing work going, please!!!!

Author's Response:

A boy dives into a pond to protect your granddaughter, you have to soften a bit, right? :)

Rose being in peril is Scorpius' fear. Lucius hasn't actually threatened her or anyone else, but I can't blame anyone for suspecting the worst...including his grandson!

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 06/25/09 Title: Chapter 19: Resolve

I absolutely addored this chapter!!!!

Most of all the cute exchanges of Rose and Scorpious while he was petrified!! Felix seems like a really cool pet!!

As the story goes on I think Scopious is getting more and more GRyffindor like. Specially in his stubborness and defiant stance. Deciding to face up Lucius for Rose's sake and trying to keep her from going with him!! Oh! Refusing Harry's help was also very Gryffindor-ish!!

I love Scorpy!! Hope he teaches gramps a lesson or two!!!

Author's Response: Hmm...Rose's Gryffindor traits rub off when she kisses him? :D I think it's more that a snake will avoid trouble yet fight when he--or someone he cares about--is threatened. Scorpius will teach Lucius a thing or two...and learn a few things himself! ;)

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 07/31/09 Title: Chapter 21: Confession

aWHHHH!!! I'm soo sad this is finally ending... Boh-ho!!

I loved the chapter. Specially Hugo's Homerish tendencies. Nice touch.

I envy Patronus' throught convesation. It seems so much more personal than a text message!! Hehehehe!!

Lovable, absolutely lovable!! I hope those kiddoes remember to go back into the terrace with the ice cream... Otherwise Crouching Father Ron is going to jump at Scorps neck and bite hard!

Hermione is so civilized. And Ron so not. But that's just part of his Ronness, we wouldn't have him otherwise!!

Great work! Kuddos for an awesome flawless work!! Kerichi, I'm gonna miss soo much when this is done... Are you planning to write something anytime soon??

Author's Response:

Ta, thanks! :)

I think most guys have Homer-ish tendencies, even if only the love of food and tendency to stroll around the house in underwear, heh. Text can't give you voice, or the image of a cute little mongoose. :D Hmm...they could say they ate it, but I don't think it would be believed. ;)

I will write another story, I just have to wait for inspiration!

Love at First Strike by Equinox Chick

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: When Cupid and his trainee, Godfrey, arrive at Hogwarts, their plan is to bring some love into Angelina Johnson’s life. Cupid knows exactly who she should be with. Unfortunately, when Godfrey panics the second arrow ends up in a totally different place.

This is Equinox Chick of Hufflepuff and this is my entry in the Cupid Gone Crazy challenge.

I am not JK Rowling; I doubt you're surprised by that.
Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 02/04/09 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Your story was higly enjoyable.

The rattlesnake analogy was awesome! Kudos for that!

Godfrey was specially adorable! And having Cupid exclaim 'Jove!' instead of 'Merlin!' was a nice touch. As well as the reference to Venus! It would have been nice to add a reference to a faun ora nymph as well...

I liked Cupid's version of how Lily and James 'realized' they liked each other!! Really cool.

Cupid's final statement was amusing as well! It's soo funny that you used the twins, very fitting Cupid and his aprentice's confusion, since even Molly has a hard time differencing them sometimes!

Kudos to a lovely one shot!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for a lovely review. I'm glad you picked up on the 'Jove' instead of 'Merlin' as I quite liked that myself. Perhaps I should have used a nymph or two- that's a good point. I'm becoming very fond of Angelina and her relationship with the twins. It must be hard to choose (but personally I always liked George better!). Thank you again for reviewing. It's always appreciated. Carole xxx

AudioFictions - New Episode by The MerMuggles

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Come and listen to the newest episode of Audiofictions - Mugglenet Fanfiction's brand new podcast.

It's fanfiction, in your pocket!
Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 06/01/09 Title: Chapter 39: Episode Seventy-Three - Send Your Lifeboats by Dory_the_Fishie

Hey!!! I really found the reading of Send your life boats enthralling!! Awesome work!! It's kind of Edgar Allan Poe-ish, isn't it???

Really, really liked it!! Kuddos to a wonderous work MerMuggles!! I do like your singing!! ;)

The Train Ride by ILRW4

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A normal train ride soon changes with an air of mystery and a familiar voice. What will be the outcome?
Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 03/10/09 Title: Chapter 1: The Train Ride

Hi there!

I just wanted to ask.. is there going to be a continuation? Because you left the story in the air but it is marked as 'completed' in the summary.

The overall idea seemed interesting, I wouldn't mind reading the story of why Herms got away from the wizarding world and why Ron came to find her.

Casue I assume that's what he was going on a muggle train on the first place.... Why else if he can apparate?

Nicely written.

My Troubled Tyrant by Belledeg

Rated: Professors • Past Featured Story
Summary: Keedie Dante has experienced many amazing things during her time at Hogwarts, including the hushed up drama that was the Chamber of Secrets. However, with two overachieving friends and a headmaster who does not even know she exists, Keedie feels that perhaps her seventh year will not be too spectacular. However, Dumbeldore sees her potential as a writer and enrols her in a simple writing course. Here, she meets the mysterious and terrifying Tom Riddle and they instantly get under one another's skin. She is drawn to his dark determination towards some unknown goal and he is fascinated by her, in every way. However, Tom's friends do not approve of Keedie and her unconventional ways and Keedie has many people trying to keep her away from the dark young man as well. Something inside tells Keedie that she can make him better, but even he assures her that this is an impossible task. But she's not one to give up easily...

"He is a dark one, Keedie. Try not to let him consume you entirely."

This story has the characters Albus Dumbledore, Armando Dippet, Moaning Myrtle, Rubeus Hagrid, Aaron Dante, Harry Potter, Ebony Abbott, Minerva McGonagall, Melena Creevey, Ollivander, Gregor Holmwood, Horace Slughorn and, of course, Tom Riddle and Keedie Dante...enjoy!

Winner of "Best Romance Between Other Characters" and nominated for "Best Female OC" in the 2009 Quicksilver Quill Awards
Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 08/10/09 Title: Chapter 23: Thanks For the Memories

I'm a big fan of your awesomely written fics!! Darn!!!

You are a gem! That's just crystal clear! Anyway, what a tragic and rather uhm, dramaless end for a talented witch. Tripping over the kitchen counter!! That's just well, sad! And on top of that her daughter witness her dying while having an argument!!

How awful! It's sad Tom never got to know they had meet when they were four!! Cause that was Tom, the sad bullied weird boy Keeds and her mother met??

Weirdly emotional, suspicious bug that gives morning sickness and now that eerie prediction from the teacher!! Yickes!! She'll die soon, on delivery? Because of Tom?? During a Gregor/Tom tete-a-tete??? Gosh!!
I want to know how it ends.. but not to end! How ironic!!
I have to say, Melena got off lightly with her meddling. In Keedie's place I wouldn't have gone so easily on her. She was low and petty and she should have gotten at least the silent treatment for a week!! Bad friend!!!

Author's Response: Oh no, Mel and Keedie are having it all out in the next chapter. Lots of hissing and spitting. As for Iris' death, it had to be simple and in a kitchen....options are limited. Thanks for another lovely review. Only five chapters to go. :-)

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 06/23/09 Title: Chapter 17: Song to Say Goodbye

Holly cow!!

I looooooooooooooooooooooved this chapter..... But I was under the impression the dairy was flooded with Slytherin cunning. It gave away it's masters secrets so easily!!

And Tom confessed too!! That's a major breakthrough!! I'm shocked!!

BTW, I totally loved the chap because of the beating up of Umbridge!! How dares that wrench talk about Keedie like that!!?? Kuddos for Keeds on beating her to a bloddy pump! And, so very sorry she did not finish her off. Might have done the Wizarding World some good!!

May I suggest, if Dolores keeps bothering and stands in Keedie's way again... a centaur related jinx or hex? Maybe conjuring a herd of dire horses to stampeede over the nasty toad?? That'd be just lovely!! I'll even trade it with the chance of Tom and Keeds getting back together!! And I would like them to kiss and make up!! *giggles*

AWESOME story Belle!! You rock!!

Author's Response: Very true about the diary, but she needed to find out somehow. And she can totally tell when he's lying to her. So glad you felt defensive for Keedie. Everyone's comments about Umbridge are making me giggle. Tom will be trying to get Keedie to kiss him again, soon enough.

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 06/07/09 Title: Chapter 15: Wandering Child

Uhmm.. And what a productive talk that was!!

I wonder if someone has ever talked to the Bloody Baron, like ever?

I just had to keep writing on how I am utterly in love with the fic... There, done!

Author's Response: Thank you. I do love the ghosts. :-)

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 07/14/09 Title: Chapter 20: If I Can't Love Her

How rampant cow!!

Gregor is SOO very, incredibly, absolutely and irremedially DEAD! I mean it... Even if he had Keeds best interests in heart (which he did not!) Tom is going to beat him to a bloody pump! And he deserves it!
Partially I say it'd be hard for anybody to forgive or ignore Tom's sins. But you've made such a wonderful and flawless done portraying their relationship... I'd be shocked not to read about their reunion.

And, yes, you are cruel leaving an other cliffie.

I say th voice is Tom from the future or something like that. Like their connection is destiny.

Gosh, I like Keedis friends (bar Gregor - he's just a waste of oxigen) but they just HAD to go and stick their noses in their relationship? I mean, it might have been wiser to warm Melena or sth. And I'm pretty sure I'd try to keep any friend away from a Tom Riddle... But it's Keedie's choice in the end. If she tells them to stop, they have no right to interfere!!

Holding my breath for Keeds right now. And rubbing my hands with ancticipation at Tom's reaction. Though, now I think he will surely be too worried about taking care of his darling damsel to deal with Gregor... right away.

Author's Response: *laughs* Yeah, he shall be a little pre-occupied with looking after Keeds, but have no fear--there will be a massive Tom/Greg showdown in one of the later chapters. I think we all need it. "Waste of oxygen" made me chuckle. Poor Greg. Next chapter's in the queue ;-)

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 07/28/09 Title: Chapter 22: Learn To Be Lonely

Oh! We sure as hell can!! And will!!

Can't really say anything constructibe... I just addore the fic too much!!

Let's just try to make you happy by mentioning all the things I loved of the last two chapters...

"Something ugly looking back" Marvellous!! I actually think I might put that to practice in the future!! *beams* LeStrange deserved it!

Loved to see a bit of Umbridge shooing too! You really know how to spoil a reader!! :)

The confrontation on the train was foretelling. *shiverĘ* I hope so badly Keeds will be strong enough to keep up!!

What else? Melena... Tut, tut! Naughty friend. That's a never ever to do. I think it was personally very inmature. I would have expected a 15-year-old to pull a stunt like that, not a Hogwarts graduate... bad Melena! You can be there for Keeds, hear her out when she's broken hearted, not meddle in her relationship against her will. Specially with the likes of Tom!! She's in for some hexing!!

It couldn't be Keeds mystery sickness is something that is said to make a woman glow, right?? Just dumb guessing here... but morning sickness?? And then playing with the widowers' kid?? C'mon!!

She surely would be a great mum!!!

Tom would really freak out!! Hehehehe!! Just picture it... Snake-face looking irritated, a bunch of little baby Keedies running around him playing cowboys and indians - the kiddoes being the little indians tying cowboy Tom and lighting up a nice fire underneath him. Sideways, Keeds minding her sewing while looking at them fondly...

I'm just evil, aren't I???

Anyhow, creative genious time over...


Keep up posting and writing unless you want us readers to come down and make you!!! (might take a while, since I'm all the way south in Argentina, but I swear I'd come!!)

Author's Response: I think Melena might be a teeny bit jealous of Keedie and Tom. And the mystery sickness is, apparantly, a mystery no more. :-)

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 06/04/09 Title: Chapter 5: Growing On Me

Por las barbas multicolores de Merlin!! That's a hell of a story, girly!!

Keedie seems like an outrageous character! I addore her already! I can't wait to read on and find out what happened to Iris.

As for this Tom Riddle you're giving us. I'm afraid he seems very cannon compilant. Yet, he seems as captivating as you portray him. I guess even the heroe of the story has the right to fall for the dangerously handsome bad guy. Poor girl!

Yay!! Kuddos for the awesome story. I'm sorry to be so selfish, but I'm glad for that flu and it's consequential house arrest!!

Author's Response: *laughs* Thank you for such a great review! Glad you enjoyed the story :-)

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 06/05/09 Title: Chapter 6: Outside Looking In

He had made her laugh and smile.

You know, you actually managed to make Harry's parents murdered seem sweet and darling then. You evil, evil writer!!! I addore how you play your character's feelings. This first chapters with them in denial and taking everything the other said the wrong way... and getting under each other's skin. Looooved it!!

Okay, I'll go read on!!

Author's Response: Thanks, that would be lovely. And for the record, I adore Harry and his parents. :-)

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 06/05/09 Title: Chapter 8: I Don't Know How To Love Him!

Poor Greg... *sogh* Woot for Tommy!!

Now that's a name that will get anyone hexed!!

Loving evert chapter!

Author's Response: Hehehe. Well, Gregor gets less and less likeable, sadly. :-)

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 06/05/09 Title: Chapter 9: Right Here In My Arms

Hehehe.... No doubt what Tom will see in that mirror, uh? I'm bloody well in Tom's team!!

I comform myself by thinking he is Not Voldy-poo, just yet. He's a different person from the evil disgusting dark wizard... He's handsome, intriguing, bad boy, intelligent Tom Riddle... Yummy Tom Riddle... *giggles*

Author's Response: That makes two of us :-) He's on the path, though. Keep reading...

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 06/05/09 Title: Chapter 10: Colour-blind

How suitable for Tom's happiness to be shatered by a love potion... cruel, but suitable...

Sorry not to leave more consistent reviews... BUT I HAVE TO KEEP READING. It'd like an addiction. Can't help it!!

Author's Response: :-)

Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 06/05/09 Title: Chapter 13: Cruel Man

Oh! Tommy boy is in for too deep!! Careful Keedie... Loving the fic!!

And, I suspect the mistery voice is Tom's uncocious reaching out to our darling damsel!!

This is it. The fic and I, forever.

PS: if you're one of those evil evil writers to bail in the last minute... I'll come and chain you to the computer... Whip in hand to quick your writing!

*smiles* I think that sort of explains just how much I like your writing.

Author's Response: *laughs* No need to panic. The story's finished, so as soon as one chapter's accepted the next one's in the queue. I won't abandon this, I swear!

A Cataclysmic Reaction by MerrryD

Rated: 6th-7th Years •

Eyes meet.



Time stops.

Two hearts beat.

Do you believe in love at first sight?

Do you believe in soul mates?

Do you believe in forever?

Do you believe that life isn’t worth living without him?

Do you believe that you can't go on without her?


Reviewer: Kantaka Signed
Date: 03/24/09 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue: Divided

First of all... I eat my words of dislike for ALL Next-Gen fics when I read stories like this.

Your writing style is quite impressing. I certainly like it.

I'm troubled about the whole Romeo&Juliet set up of the story... For the childish reason I don't liek it when characters die!! I suppose I'm going to have to be a 'witch' enough to deal with it! Your writing surely seems like worth taking it.

I liked the descriptions you made of Scorpious and Rose. And the general idea that after Voldy Grys and Slyths just got even worse. Given that Slytherin was 'the house that run', I wouldn't put it past Gryffindors to rub it in anytime they had the chance...

I found the idea that McGonagall failed to keep them from fighting that violently a bit extreme. But it does seem possible deep down. She is getting old... The parents surely encourage it... And it's mandatory for a Shakespearean tragedy to overlook certain aspecs, I guess.

I also found interesting the fact that you decided to make Rose and Scorpious start off as foes. Tricky choice!!

I am anxious to read more about this starcrossed lovers soon. How do they overcome their initial loathing especially!! And what happens once they do...

What role does a Mr. Albus Potter play to this story... And so on!!!

I really hope you update soon!!

Again, I tip my hat for your spotless narrative style. I'm sure dear ol' Willy is proud he inspired you!!


- K

Author's Response: Yay! A Next-Gen convert! :D -blushes- Thank you for all your wonderful comments . . . particularly about my writing style. ;) I had an internal battle with myself about McGonagall keeping the students in line, too, but I figured that if there were enough students causing enough problems frequently, that it would escalate to such a scale that she would be unable to manage it. -giggles- I hope dear ol' Willy is proud . . . I can only hope that I can do his masterpiece justice. Thanks again for your lovely review! xox Mere