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The name's Juliet.
Yes, Juliet as in Romeo and Juliet.
No relation.

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Come Hell or High Water by Slian Martreb

Rated: Professors •
Summary: The Final Battle is one year past and on the eve of the one year anniversary there is much to be noted. The sacrifices made, the lives lost, the futures changed. And there, if you look, two lives, so intertwined, so connected for so long that are about to collide.

Please note: All warnings do not apply to all chapters, but I would hate to get someone involved and then turned away. This is a Dark Work. You have been warned.
Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 10/14/06 Title: Chapter 10: Nature's Cure

Oh... Wow. That was a lovely chapter... Nice imagery. Not sure what else to say... I'm in shock. xD


Fawkes' Rebirth by Trishelle

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: "Rebirth, the phoenix dies and is reborn again. Isn't it amazing how beauty can blossom from something that begins so ugly."

A poem inspired by this quote, detailing the magnificent life cycle of a certain phoenix we've all come to love.

Written by Trishelle of Slytherin for Challenge 2.
Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 10/14/06 Title: Chapter 1: Fawkes' Rebirth

This is really something beautiful. I love the "A soul, virgin to the grandeur of our world" part... Very powerful.

Wonderful poem!


Beautiful Mess by Periwinkle

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A poem from Ginny's perspective on Harry - the first and last times they met.
Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/02/06 Title: Chapter 1: Beautiful Mess

Aww... I was attracted to the title here, I must begin by telling you, because I've prayed a "please bless this mess" about many relationships that were just not meant to be - you know how guys can never take hints and all - but anyhow, I'm ranting, and I need to review, but you reminded me of that, and that was awfully nice of you.

So. Back to our point, then... This was beautiful. You captured Ginny's every move, every feeling so wonderfully - she was so vivid in my mind that I can still hardly believe it. I like the recurring lines - they really give oomph to the poem. You drew everything over the years together, and that... Well, the whole thing was a masterpiece. Great work! Bravissima!


Author's Response: Juliet, thanks again for these reviews that you\'ve left me lately. I enjoy reading every one and they brighten my day. I totally agree with you on the guy part there, hun, I\'m honored that you found the poem so great. Thanks again!

Marie-Antoinette by Tinn Tam

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Runner-up for the QuickSilver Quills Award, categ. Best Alternate Universe

“No matter the time or place, people should never call their child Marie-Antoinette. There is no happiness in this world for a girl called Marie-Antoinette.”

1983. In a world where Voldemort has won the First War, where hope has fled from an Earth moaning under the Dark Lord's iron hand, marriages are broken and others are arranged in order to preserve the sacred purity of blood. James Potter loses his wife; now they have to find another for him.

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/02/06 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

Hmmm... Wow. I must say, this looks to be excellent. Very, very intriguing. Good work here! I loved the beginning where you described Marie in her last hour of respect and her first as a true Queen. Brava!


Author's Response: Thank you! And I liked drawing this parallel between my OC and Queen Marie-Antoinette. She\'s so often thought to be frivolous and cruel, and most people forget what she went through.

A Few Moments Granted by cor_leonis

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Before Voldemort ripped them apart and banished their friendship to be something merely relived through pensieve, Sirius and James had shared a special bond. And sometimes, that sort of bond runs deeper than it seems. SB/JP slash
Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 10/11/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Ooh! I don't usually read slash - in fact, I despise it... But this was amazingly well written, and I couldn't stop. Twitterpated... Ah, good days, good days indeed.

This was one of my favorite parts :
"...You’d be better off snogging Bellatrix.”

James snorted reluctantly. “Nah,” he shook his head, “I value my face, thank you.”

Perhaps because Bella is one of my favorite characters. But the story on a whole was amazing... Loved it.


Author's Response: Thanks, Juli, for giving it a chance, even if it\'s not really your cup of tea. Like I mentioned in my author\'s note, I don\'t usually write slash...which is probably why it\'s more gen than slash-y. (If that makes any sense.) Glad you liked it--and the inclusion of Bellatrix--and thanks so much for leaving a nice review. I appreciate it.

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/02/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Well, I'm pretty sure I've already reviewed, but I'll say it again - Excellent job, and great work for the Quicksilver! Congrats!


Author's Response: Thank you for rereading, Juliet. Winning was a wonderful surprise. :)

Harry Potter and the Magical Myths by nuw255

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: A man from Interpol comes to question Harry Potter as part of a murder investigation. How will Harry react? And how will this affect his search for Lord Voldemort’s Horcruxes? Plus, the question we all want answered: What will happen with Ginny?

This story picks up immediately after HBP, and is very slightly AU. But hey, aren’t they all?

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Wandless Magic

Ooh... A snake. Wonder why? Is it *gasp* not Ginny?
Anyhow - great chapter - very mysterious, loved the intrigue.


Author's Response: Geez, you\'re as paranoid as Mad-Eye! Actually I only say that because I recently wrote a chapter where Mad-Eye accuses Ginny of being Snape in disguise. Anyway, I\'m glad you liked the chapter, and that you\'re thinking about why Ginny\'s Patronus would be a snake. Of course, Hermione will explain the reason to Ron (and the rest of us) eventually.

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10: The Wedding

Hah! That's funny. I need to start watching the interviews if they include stuff like that. Very funny. I loved this chapter, though... The idea of an eternity bond is another genious of yours. Good job!


Author's Response: Thanks a bundle! I\'ve read several stories where a couple gets married and some sort of symbol that shows how powerful/true their love is appears around their clasped hands (the more powerful their love for each other, the closer to a perfect circle the symbol is, and if it forms the infinity symbol then their love is so strong that they\'re bonded for eternity). I thought that was a nice sentiment, but it bothered me that the people involved didn\'t have a choice in the matter, especially since choices are emphasized so much in the HP series. The Eternity Bond was my way of trying to express all that.

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Draco Malfoy

Hmm... That's very interesting. Jarius... Has a strange ring to it, but I like it.

I love the way you come through and analyze the story piece by piece, make connections that I never would have though of. Really amazing story you've got here to show for it. Bravissima!


Author's Response: Thank you for the praise once again. Although I\'m usually against sticking names together the way Jarius\' parents did (James + Sirius = Jarius), it seemed to work this time since Jarius is actually a Biblical name (just like James and Elizabeth). It\'s sometimes written Jairus instead of Jarius, but.... Anyway, that\'s where that name comes from; I really didn\'t just make it up. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story, and thank you very much for reviewing.

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Finally of Age

Oh, yes, of course, we definently liked the parental sequence. Very touching - this was the best chapter yet, I think! Great job. I loved the birthday scene, and the thing with Ginny was... Brilliant. Amazing. Wonderful.

Bravissima on a brilliant, amazing, wonderful tale!


Author's Response: Yay! I\'m so glad you liked it. I\'m not sure which thing with Ginny you\'re referring to - was it Harry\'s plan or the fact that he called her \'sis\' just to get her to kiss him, or both? Either way, thanks for letting me know you approve. :) The next chapter is already in the queue; unfortunately, though, the H/G category seems to be overloaded lately, so it\'s taking a lot longer for this story\'s chapters to be validated than it used to. This last one was in the queue for eight days. So if it takes a long time to get the next one up, blame the popularity of the ship. Cheers!

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1: Interpol

Ooh... This looks to be excessively interesting - and that's very good. I like originality in plots, and this certainly takes - well, not all of the cake, but a sizeable piece, I'd say. Wow. Lovely twist there at the end. The musician part made me laugh a lot, because I saw it coming - blame the flute, really, but... Anyhow.

Nice work here; you worked well with the characterization, and played the parts well, especially with the Dursleys. For how simple of characters they are, you'd be surprised how few fics I read with proper characterization behind them.

Anyhow - I'm not sure what else to say, except that this one is magnificent, and I look forward to the next chapter!



Author's Response: Yay! I\'m so glad you liked the beginning of this story. Sometimes I worry that I take too long to get things going, which can turn off a lot of readers, so it\'s good to know that the beginning was interesting. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2: Questions

And yet another stunning performance on your part, dear author... Oooh, this one is superb. The characterization astounds me in its perfection, and the story itself glows - Brava. I liked the abuse of Lavender Brown - two colours for a name, indeed! "...wondering in the back of his mind what the equivalent of ‘Won-Won’ would be for his own name." That made me laugh really, really hard.

I also loved the car-chase sequence with magic involved. It was like in a movie or something - very well described. Not to mention brilliant.

You are making me wonder who this Brown person is, though. I like his character - very mysterious, very calm and cool, very... Slick. Nice work there. Not that it isn't everywhere. ^^


Author's Response: Thank you so much. I have to admit that the main reason I made Jared\'s last name Brown was so I could do the Lavender Brown jokes. It was a bit of a cheap-shot, I know, but it still gets laughs! And I\'m glad you liked the car-chase, too. Your reviews just make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3: The Memory

Nice bits of magic here - “It’s a Pocket Pensieve,” he said in answer to Harry’s unasked question. “An old codger I knew back home invented them years ago, but they never caught on; I’m not sure why.” I'm not sure why, either... That is sheer genious there. I love the tiny car, too, and... Well, everything was good, though the disapperating kid freaked me out a bit, it was really... Unexpected, and good.

That was also very satisfying for me, the reader, because I've long had a question as to what would happen if someone tried that - attacking a memory. Also what would happen if, for instance, when Dumbledore and Harry went to visit Tom Riddle in the orphanage, what would have happened if they had gotten shut out of Tom's Room after the younger Dumbledore went in. It's nice to see someone else's views on Pensieve questions. Very nice.

Great chapter here!


Author's Response: Yeah, I really liked the idea of Harry thinking Jared was crazy for losing control and attacking the memory, only to do the same thing himself a few minutes later. I also wanted to show that Jared isn\'t always as calm, cool, and collected as he likes to pretend to be.

As far as why the Pocket Pensieve never caught on, I think it was a combination of poor marketing and the fact that most people don\'t like having to admit that their memory isn\'t perfect. :)

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4: The Reunion

Oh! Poor, poor Ginny!

Again, I must applaud you on the characterization wove into this story. Very nice, indeed... The emotion, too, was superb here - I think you portrayed Harry's reaction to Ginny and hers to him perfectly, which is something I rarely see in any fic.

I also laughed, again, when Lavender was brought up, although I think you might have distanced Ron and Harry - could be good, could be bad, I guess I'll have to see. Harry needs to fix his attitude anyhow.

Good one - again!


Author's Response: I\'m glad you still like my characterization. I hope I can maintain that as the story progresses. Don\'t worry about Harry and Ron -- Ron may be immature at times, but he knows what\'s at stake. And I agree that Harry needs to fix his attitude. We\'re working our way toward that. :)

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Magical Myths

Oh, wow.

This one was amazing... I loved the idea of "if you believe" sort of thing going on here - kind of like Neverland. I always was very fond of that tale. But that's beside the point. Sort of. Your character seems to have a lot to hide, but that just makes the story all the better. This side-track chemistry between Ginny and Harry adds a lot of spice, too. He'd better stop being so horrible to her soon. Poor girl. Determined, though. Good for her.



Author's Response: It\'s always bothered me that everyone just accepts things like the fact that you can\'t Apparate or Disapparate at Hogwarts (well, unless you count the many times when Harry and Ron forget). So I thought I\'d take a crack at that one.

I love Ginny. The poor girl goes through so much. She is determined, though. And since this story IS in the Harry/Ginny category, you know that determination is going to pay off. :)

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6: Discoveries

This story gets better all the time, I tell you! It was great how you combined all of Harry's "wandless" magic into summaries like that. I had only one discrepancy, and it really isn't big, but isn't Color Change NEWT level? Because they were practicing that in Transfiguration, when Harry asked Luna to the Christmas party - his eyebrow was yellow. Just thought I'd mention that!

Anyhow - great job, again.


Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked the chapter. The Color Change Charm was actually part of Harry\'s Charms O.W.L. I\'m really not sure what they were practicing in Transfiguration when he turned his eyebrow yellow. Thanks for pointing that out, but for once I actually did my homework. ;)

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7: Gompega

This certainly was interesting - your character is really something slick here. Love it.

That spell was really... Brilliant. I like it a lot. Good job - I don't really have much to say, except you've basically captured Jo's characters and I love this story. You can write Harry Potter for me anyday.

And if you don't have a beta, I'd love to do it for you.


Author's Response: I\'m really glad you\'re liking this so much. Of course, I know I like it, but it\'s always nice to know that somebody else does too.

Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 11/05/06 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8: A Very Black Secret

Hmm... I really, really love this story - how you've filled in all the gaps that Jo left with a style that is undeniable genious and very creative. Nice addition to the story - I see Jared beginning to become a Sirius-type in Harry's life. Very good.


Author's Response: Once again, thank you. I really do try very hard to find ways to make my twists and turns fit with canon. And I\'m glad that Jared is taking on the role you\'re seeing, even though we all know he\'ll never be able to replace Sirius.

J.O.H.F. by HermyRox12

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Summary: Over the Holidays, Arilina Zeller finds something that will teach her a lesson about receiving things from Fred and George. I am writing for the Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes challenge. I’m in Ravenclaw house.
Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 10/21/06 Title: Chapter 1: How it Started

Very good - very funny. Loved it - seems kindof elementary, but good. Brava!


Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked it! ~HermyRox12

First Kiss by PadfootBaby

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: James Potter had always secretly loved Lily Evans, from the very first day he met her. But she has shown him nothing on her part but contempt. She calls him arrogant, cruel... Then one night everything changes. James asks Lily to go with him to the Yule Ball at Hogwarts, and to the surprise of both — she accepts, telling him, "Not that this is anything permanent." But the magic of Christmas Eve brings with it a few surprises of its own...

This fic shows what brought these two very different people together, who built a life with each other and who, in the end, unknowingly helped determine the fate of the entire Wizarding world.
Reviewer: EtherealElation Signed
Date: 10/01/06 Title: Chapter 3: Christmas Eve

Oooh! *starry eyes* That was very well done, for such a short amount of space. There were parts that slap me in the face - not necessarily well-written, but they accent the story in a way that is most appealing. Sirius slapping his hands together in such a way that is o-so-Sirius, and the kiss outside was deliciously romantic... Very well imaged and performed! Bravissima!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks! Glad you think it was that good, it was really hard for me to put together... Nice to know my efforts paid off! (I love reviews! :P) Thanks for the review, EE! ;)