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Summary: Harry is struggling to come to terms with the events of his fifth year. Can he learn to depend on those he considers family and become what he needs to be in order to survive?

Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 188805 Chapters: 37 Completed: Yes
01/09/05 Updated: 03/16/05

Reviewer: hawk Signed
Date: 02/02/05 Title: Chapter 12: Teach Your Children Well

your story is awesome! you have really good characterization and the plot line is believeable. keep writng!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Reviewer: hawk Signed
Date: 03/10/05 Title: Chapter 35: Recovery

great start to Harry potter and the curse of the Damned (I am up to chapter 9)! It is great so far! You provide powerful insights into human nature, which really enhance your stories. I also want to say that your choice of title for Harry Potter and the Power of Emotion is brilliant.

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like it. I've taken a lot of flak about people not liking the title until they read the story, and I'm not sure why. I think it fits.

Reviewer: hawk Signed
Date: 03/04/05 Title: Chapter 31: Easter Hols

I just finished reading your story on It is so totally amazingly awesome!!!!! This is my favorite fan fiction ever! Are you sure you aren’t J.K. Rowling in disguise? Your writing is even better than hers! You must be really creative. Are you going to write a sequel? Please do!!!! Thank you for writing this story. I have been in the hospital for two months this winter, and it made my stay much more enjoyable.

Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you liked it, but you must have been on too many meds when you wrote that, lol. I'm glad you think I'm creative - I'm trying.


I love...who? by Hermiones_Revenge
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 985]

Summary: Harry writes a love note to one person...but someone else recieves it and gets the wrong idea. From here, confusion and chaos come about. Who is really sending the notes? Who really likes who? What is going on?!

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 13418 Chapters: 8 Completed: Yes
01/25/05 Updated: 03/26/05

Reviewer: hawk Signed
Date: 03/20/05 Title: Chapter 7: Bagels

UGGGGGHHHHH!!! WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO UPDATE???????????????????????????

Author's Response: I'm trying! I will, I promise, but I've been really've only been spending an average of 9 hours (7 of which are spent sleeping) in my house!

Reviewer: hawk Signed
Date: 03/12/05 Title: Chapter 7: Bagels

great story!!!! it's really funny. flooing things and bagels... lol. UPDATE SOON!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Glad you think it's great - an update will come, I swear, but I'm so ridiculously busy now. Actually I probably shouldn't be answering these reviews now...


Rated: [Reviews - ]


Categories: Orphan Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 0 Chapters: 0 Completed: No
12/31/69 Updated: 12/31/69

Reviewer: hawk Signed
Date: 02/14/05 Title: None

I just submitted Chapter 3.


Summary: Seventh year sequel to Power of Emotion. Harry is recovering from his captivity, but he’s hiding how much it’s effecting him. With his powers increasing, and Voldemort now aware of the prophecy, can Harry find the secret to destroying him before Voldemort learns of the existence of these ancient texts? Would this be HP fanfiction if it were that easy?

Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: Character Death, Violence

Word count: 274209 Chapters: 33 Completed: Yes
03/24/05 Updated: 07/10/05

Reviewer: hawk Signed
Date: 04/02/05 Title: Chapter 1: Alone Again

I have been reading this story on schnoogle. It is wonderful. You are very good at combining action with emotional stuff. My one complaint: You HAVE to start updating more frequently than once a week!!!!!! (Please?) So anyway, keep writing, have fun with your dog, and GO SOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying it, but I really can't go any faster! I'm home with three little kids (only 1 of which is in school) and a puppy. I'm barely keeping up as it is!


Summary: “The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches…” Harry Potter’s destiny was decided for him before he was even born. Among all the witches and wizards in the world, only he has the power to destroy the feared Lord Voldemort. Now seventeen, and an adult in the magical world, Harry along with his best friends Ron and Hermione prepares to set out on the long and dangerous mission to destroy Voldemort and the Horcruxes that make his soul immortal. As Harry has learnt, the key to destroying Voldemort lies not in the future but in the past, but as the trio dig deeper into the secrets of the dark wizard’s history, an unexpected ally will reveal something that makes the challenge seem more impossible than they could ever have imagined… Note: I've rated this story 6th-7th Years because of some stuff that will happen later on, but most of the story will be suitable for all ages. If in doubt, check for any warnings.

Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 38270 Chapters: 12 Completed: No
03/17/06 Updated: 08/26/08

Reviewer: hawk Signed
Date: 04/06/06 Title: Chapter 1: Petunia's Secret

Well done! But of course, I'm not biased at all. Keep up the good work! Cypress

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