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I don't actually write everything. Serious lack of talent... Ah well. I just wanted to be a member and review a lot. I'm somewhat pathetic. I'm always hoping that someday I may write fanfiction, or be a beta or something. But that isn't going to happen anytime soon... Pooh...

http://artpad.art.com/gallery/?icy5exshc9o - Look!! I drew a picture of Harry! Yay for me!!

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Visiting the Grave by Charmina

Summary: Im such a wimp. Its been two years and I still cant come here without starting to cry, he wiped of his face again and then looked down on the ground. But I just miss you so damn much. One-shot
Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 01/12/05 Title: Chapter 1: Visiting the Grave

Now I'm depressed... It was a very good story though, the emotion really comes through. I like that it's not necessarily a happy ending, but it's realistic. I hate reading stories where Harry kills Voldemort, Sirius comes back alive and everyone is happy. I personally think Harry's going to during the battle, but I like your version too. Lovely. You get an A++ and a Gold Star.


Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 01/25/05 Title: None

I'm becoming very fond of Lily's character. Good Job.

Broken Mirrors by Rudhampaiel

Summary: Remus' thoughts about the girl he loves, and a brief look at their short romance. Very angsty, quite possibly rather depressing. It's a songfic, rated PG-13 for violence. One-shot.
Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 03/09/05 Title: Chapter 1: Broken Mirrors

I've always liked Remus, but now I'm completely in love with him. I love this story soooo much!! I really liked Addie (until the end, of course). If I had gone to Hogwarts at that time, she'd probably be my friend. But then she hurt Remus, so I'd have to kill her. When he broke the mirror, I kinda felt like my hands hurt. It was weird. Great fic. :)

Veiled Revelations by erikthephantom

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: The Hogwarts Express brings mystery and mischief in the Marauders' seventh and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter are facing a year of N.E.W.T.s, romance, intrigue, and, of course, a little mischief-making. There are plot twists galore! James (in the midst of saving the world) continues desperately to try to woo the incorrigible Lily Evans. Sirius deals with family problems while dealing with his incredible popularity and good looks (the horror!). Remus is provided with a backdoor to avoiding the prejudices of the inevitable real world, but at what cost? (dun-dun-dun) And Peter...well, Peter gets himself a girlfriend (but don't worry: it doesn't affect his hero-worshipping of James...or DOES IT?!)
Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 01/12/05 Title: Chapter 24: Now It's Forever

Lovely. I'm now going to reward you with the Gold Star of "Best L/J Hogwarts fanfic". *gives erikthephantom the Gold Star* Good job. You should be proud.

Author's Response: ahh!! *sobbing, takes gold star* oh i am so honored! i would like to thank the academy, and all the little people i stepped on to get here! no, im just kidding, of course, but thank you so much!

Determination by Seren

Summary: Back and forth. Back and forth. I rock myself as hard as I can, bashing my body against the sturdy oak doors of my prison. It hurts badly; every time I slam my body against the doors, splinters break off into my already bruised and scratched skin. But back and forth, back and forth, I will rock. Every time I smash into the doors, they weaken slightly. And every weak crack spiderwebbing against the doors is one step closer to freedom. Four girls are held hostage by Death Eater. But they have a plan.
Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 01/12/05 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

You should make a sequel or something. It was really good. :)


Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 01/14/05 Title: None

How many chapters do you have that I haven't read yet?? ...I fear I am going insane...

Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 01/12/05 Title: None

I love your story so much! I can't wait until you get the problem fixed and I can read more. I'm dying...

To Sever the Lining from a Cloud by Textualsphinx

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: This tale of the teacher whom everyone loathes,
Accounts for his anger and elegant clothes.
It dripped through my mind when, too scantily cloaked,
I got caught in a rainstorm and throughly soaked.

WARNING: Despite the glints of humour, you will need a handkerchief.
Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 03/23/05 Title: Chapter 1: One shot

That was absolutely amazing. You really should write more.

Sorting Songs, a History (with Two Examples) by Textualsphinx

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Who really writes the Sorting Songs? A literary history of magical song-writing with not one but two authentic examples from recent decades. They rhyme and they scan.
Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 03/23/05 Title: Chapter 1: One shot

Brilliant. I got the melody of "Mack the Knife" stuck in my head though... I was wondering (I feel kind of stupid now) what is your translation of "Cogitamus ergo sumus". I couldn't find any good ones on the internet...

Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 03/25/05 Title: Chapter 1: One shot

Never mind, I found a translation.

The Poetry of Severus Snape by Zetera

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A poem which contains revelations of a painful past and present. Short and sweet.
Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 03/01/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Poetry of Severus Snape

Wow... That made me think about all of the little flashes of Snape's past we saw in OotP... I wish we knew more about Snape... Pooh... I was also impressed by how different the style (or something... I'm no writer) was different from Lupin's poem, that you wrote. Most poets only think they're poets and write a bunch of crap that all sounds the same. You're different. :) Yay for you!

Author's Response: Hurrah!!! Oh, I'm so proud now. Thank you!

Who Thrice Defies by TwinSuns

Summary: Voldemort is after Harry Potter, a boy "...born to those who thrice defied him...". But ever wonder what Lily and James did to defy him thus? This is a story about passion, both love and hatred. Follow James and Lily through their 7th year as they unite as Head Boy and Girl, ultimatly fall in love, and deal with the rising Dark Forces and the feared Dark Lord. Final chapter up!
Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 01/12/05 Title: Chapter 13: Refusing to Stay the Darkness

I like it. Very nice. You get a piece of candy for you effort. *hands over a Chocolate Frog* Good for you. :)

Author's Response: mmmmm tastey

Vampyr by Zetera

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: A tale showing excerpts from the life of Tom Riddle as he became Voldemort, and Severus Snape in his double agent role. Both of these tales are linked by the Vampyr.

This fic is totally wrong now since the release of DH and I find it completely annoying at this stage as it was written so long ago, well even before it was published on this site. But some very nice people liked it at the time, so it's staying up.
Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 02/28/05 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Three: Broken

I think it's nice that you end the chapter with a death threat... Anyways, lovely... again... Am I capable of criticizing you, really? I *think* I like Nasce. Not too sure yet... But I am liking "Sev" more every sentence.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you.

Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 02/28/05 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter Four: Visions of the Golden Glade

Yay! Voldemort has personality! I love this chapter! I am incapable of saying anything intelligent at the moment, so I'll stop here. Good job. :)

Author's Response: Oh, yay, I'm glad you do. This is my favorite chapter so far. Thank you!

Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 04/21/05 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter Six: Worse Than Death

Me likes... It's very nice, and it explains a lot. I feel kinda bad saying this, but Tom has a lot of admirable attributes. He's very self-confident (not always a bad thing) and very determined. No wonder he got so far. So, do we get to see Snape next?! PLEASE!!!

Author's Response: No worries, Snape is up next. Thank you!

Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 03/16/05 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter Five: A Twist of Fate


Author's Response: Ha ha ha - it's the story's structure, nothing to do with me! Nope, not at all...

Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 03/15/05 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter Five: A Twist of Fate

GAAAHHH!! NO!! Ergh, why must you do this to me?! I trusted you! But no, you have to become evil like all the rest... Grrr.... I love it. The whole time before they singled out Snape I was hardly breathing. I get too into the story... Good job. Write faster!! :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! I'm sorry, I tend to indulge my evil side a bit too often, however I will put up the next chapter asap. You won't see Severus again though until chapter 7, the next one's a flashback.

Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 02/27/05 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter One - The Return

I am intrigued. Vampyr... cool. And she's so... um... can't think of the word... vampyr-ish. And Snape has a daughter? I can see it. Many people would go for the dark, angsty type. I'm personally very opposed to greasy hair, but I'm just prejudiced, I guess... I can't wait to read the rest, though.

Author's Response: Ha ha - I agree. But I can see it too. Thanks!

Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 02/27/05 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter Two - Distrust

I'd like to see more of Voldemort too. All we see of him from the book is "evil guy that kills lotsa people". Not amazingly interesting, to say the least. I'll read the next two chapters soon, but for now, I want some pie... Lovely job, by the way. :)

Author's Response: Thank you, I agree about Voldemort, but I'm sure J.K. Rowling won't let us down.

Starting the New Year by TwinSuns

Summary: Just a sweet Lily/James idea that came to my head while I was brainstorming for my other fic. I'm pretty sure it'll stay a oneshot, but who knows, it depends upon you, the readers! Anyways, Lily is feeling down on New Years Eve, and there is only one guess who is there to make the world seem brighter (despite the Filibuster's No Heat, Wet Start Fireworks!)
Reviewer: Nadja Signed
Date: 01/12/05 Title: Chapter 1: Tidings

I love fluff... *sighs* I guess you can have another Chocolate Frog. *hands over chocolate*

Author's Response: Yes! Wait... Agrippa? Again? Noooo.....