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My name is Teresa. I used to write a lot of fanfic. I still do, and I'm working on posting new stuff.

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blink-blink by Stubbornly_appeared

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: "blink-blink
wake up, australia

Monica Wilkins begins a letter to someone that doesn't exist with an invisible war on the television.
Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 02/24/08 Title: Chapter 1: blink-blink

This poem was very interesting.

The first things I thought of when I read the poem was a short story I read in class, “Harrison Bergeuron”. In the story, the mother was unable to think more than a simple thought without her mind forgetting it; she witnessed her son’s death on TV, and forgot why she was crying a minute later. I loved the effect of the memory charm on Mrs. Granger; how it quickly made her forget her daughter. It reminded me of that story, which is one of my favorites.

The style of the poem – those short, choppy lines – fit in the perfectly with the subject. Mrs. Granger has just started feeling effects of the memory charms, so the idea of these short, quick thoughts fits in perfectly with her state of mind. A memory charm, especially as big as the one Hermione cast, would greatly affect a person’s memory.

I loved how the memory charm kicked in right after Mrs. Granger thought of her daughter. It was so sudden how the thought of the daughter disappeared from her mind; it made it even sadder. The only thing is that I always thought that the memory charm started working right before Hermione left for the Burrow – while her parents will still in England. I don’t know why her parents would have gone into Australia in the first place unless they were under the memory charm. Unless Hermione Apparated them there or something, the idea of the memory charm not affecting Mrs. Granger until she arrived in Australia doesn’t fit with the books. But I still loved the poem anyway.

Great job!

~ Teresa

Author's Response: *grin*

Thanks, Teresa. I haven\'t gotten a review in ages, and especially not one this good.

As for the Memory Charm incident, I intended it to seem that she DID have the charm on her, but when she starts writting the letter it\'s just one of those inate things you don\'t even realise you\'re doing- until she does realise and thinks, \'What the heck? I don\'t have a daughter!\'. So, yeah. Sorry about any confusion.


Hogwarts Houses Divided by Inverarity

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story

Teddy Lupin's first year at Hogwarts. Canon-compliant. Nominated for a 2008 QSQ for best Post-Hogwarts story.

The war is over, and all is well, they say, but the wounds remain unhealed. Bitterness divides the Houses of Hogwarts. Can the first children born since the war's end begin a new era, or will the enmities of their parents be their permanent legacy?

Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 04/27/08 Title: Chapter 1: Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Good start. It caught my attention, and I really want to read more.

Teddy seems very cute. I love that Harry dropped him off at Platform 9 and 3/4 with Andromeda. Harry would care a lot for his godson, and it's nice to see him there for his first day at school. I wish I could have seen a little bit more about Teddy though. I would have like to have known his thoughts on Hogwarts and having a famous godfather.

Kai is a very interesting character. I love how he teases Cho; he's like most younger annoying brother. It's interesting to read about his relationship with his sister. Cho's more of a mother to him than a sister; she's twenty years older than him after all. Kai's an interesting character, though I don't see him as much of a Ravenclaw for some reason. I can't wait to read more about him.

I really love Dewey; he's my favorite so far. It's interesting that the Diggory's had another child; I always thought that Cedric would be their one and only son. His insecurity, how he wants to be accepted by his parents as Dewey and not Cedric's little brother, makes him so lovable. You just want to give him a hug. I really can't wait to see how he devolps.

Violet's an interesting character; I really want to know more about his past. Out of all the others, she has had the worst past. I'm guessing her father was a Slytherin: maybe Draco? I'd really like to know more about her personality, though. There's so much to Violet's past that Violet herself gets overshadowed.

Overall, it's a really great start. You have some interesting characters to work with, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

~ Teresa

Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 04/27/08 Title: Chapter 2: The Hogwarts Express

I love this chapter. In it, we really get to see each of their personalties come out.

I love how Violet just sits there and reads while the boys talk. She seems like a quiet person who doesn't like to talk too much. She's seems cold at first, and outside of the group. I love her sarcasm; she seems to be more mature than the other three. Maybe it’s because she’s a girl and girls mature faster.

I really liked how Dewey and Teddy shared their food with Violet. Both of them are really good natured, friendly people, and it shows. They really want Violet to be a part of their groups. It's interesting that Kai didn't share though.

Kai is very interesting. He teases Violet a little more than the other two. The only thing I’d like to see a little more depth to him. The only I get from him now is that he like poking fun at people, particularly girls. For some reason, I see him as a Slytherin or a Gryffindor.

I love how each just wants to forget their parents' past. They want to be normal kids, and they resent being labeled as their parent's clone. Because they have this common, this makes them good friends. Even though they’re so different, they have a similar goal.

I can't wait to see their sorting, and where they all end up. I think Teddy’s a Hufflepuff because of kindness. Dewey might be a Gryffindor because I think it would do a lot for his confidence, and he had potential to do great things. Kai’s a Slytherin because he seems cunning, and tends to be a selfish. Violet might be Ravenclaw because she’s smart and likes to read. Hopefully, I’ll be surprised and happy no matter what.

~ Teresa

Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 04/27/08 Title: Chapter 3: The Sorting

Wow. This chapter was a surprise.

It's interesting that being in Hogwarts made him think of his parents. Because he never knew them, Teddy probably never thought about their death too much. The impact of being in the place where they died seems to affect him a lot. Their deaths seem much more real now.

It's interesting that each of the four got sorted into the house they were pre-destined for. I'm not sure what to think of that. Part of me wishes this didn't happen. It seems too neat. They really don't seem the houses they were sorted for. But they were so determined to fit their family's expectations that the Sorting Hat ended up putting them there.

Speaking of the Sorting Hat, I was really surprised. I didn't expect the Sorting to be eliminated completely. It seems like an odd time to stop it. Maybe right after the war or something, but now it seems sudden. I love the song though. It's very interesting to see the Hat's view on things. I'm pretty that he's talking about the four of them at the end when he mentions sorting people where they don't belong. It seems odd for the Hat to admit it made a mistake or to even have committed the mistake in the first place.

I'm not sure what I think of this chapter. It's really surprising. I can't wait to see what happens now.

~ Teresa

Where We Walk by Emily_the_Poet

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Narcissa always wanted to be free. Family duty told her to suck in her pride and become the woman she never wanted to be. And she did...At least until she found him.

All warnings are pretty slight, but I do not want to offend anyone. Also, this is courtesy Emily_the_poet of Ravenclaw house.
Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 06/22/08 Title: Chapter 1: Spanish Eyes

This is such a perfect romance. It’s sad and happy at the same time. I could not stop reading; it was a great way for me to get back into fanfic again.

I love your portrayal of Narcissa. She's both very strong while being vulnerable at the same time. Her character is very complex, and I like how you captured her complexity. My favorite section was watching her give up the baby. Her care for the child and how she wants to give it a good life reminds me of how Narcissa is towards Draco in the book. It's so sad because you can't imagine how painful this was for her.

It's interesting to look at the difference between Lauren and Narcissa, even though they are the same person. Narcissa is very proper; she focused on duty and puts the needs and wants of everyone else first. Lauren, however, is more free-spirited. She's independent, and cares for herself. I love how in the end, she decides to go back with Stephan and be Lauren.

I love your descriptions of Lucius. While I don't necessarily see Lucius as a cruel, cold-hearted man, this story made it seem so realistic. I love how you described him as reading from a teleprompter. It's really vivid image; I can hear his monotone, boring voice in his head. It's so proper and boring and really uncaring. My only critique is that he comes off really one-dimensional. I'd have liked to have seen more depth to his character, especially to his reaction to Narcissa's affair. Maybe he'd be jealous of Stephan, or even a little hurt that his wife would betray him.

Overall, I thought this was a really interesting and thought provoking fic. I love reading about Narcissa, and this was one of my favorite portrayals of her.

~ Teresa

Fear by Lalalalatina

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Sorrow drowns out my future . . . and of my fate, I am sure.
The last fear of Severus Snape revealed. Written for my poetry class on the forums in Spring of 2008.
Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 07/31/08 Title: Chapter 1: Fear

I liked your poem; I always wondered what Snape thought before he died.

I love how you captured Snape's feelings before his death. It was very creepy, and it sounded like what Snape would think. It's interesting that you describe Snape as afraid before he dies. I always imagined that he would be hopeful because then he would finally get to be with Lily again. Is he afraid that he didn’t do enough to redeem himself in Harry’s eyes?

I liked the format of the poem. The rhyme is a bit irregular; some of them are perfect rhymes, like heart and depart, but others, like body and flee, don't seem to fit as well. Is this on purpose, to show that Snape is getting distracted as he's dying? It distracts from the flow.
Green eyes stab into my heart
. . . and I feel all my hope depart.

This was my favorite part. I love how Harry's green eyes seem to pain him; it reminds him of Lily and of all the wrong he's done. They seem to haunt him; they're the symbol of all the wrong he's done.

Overall, I really liked this poem. You did a good job capturing Snape's final thoughts.

~ Teresa

Author's Response: Thankssss Theresa. I admit, my rhyming skills are so great. [hehe...] I appreciate the feedback. =]

Choose Your Own Adventure by TCole

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It's hard not to care what they say...

Aggravating, annoying, and stubborn.

Cedric Diggory uses those three words to describe his father, to himself at least. He doesn't want to hurt his father's feelings, but he can't stand not voicing his opinion on things.

What will happen when Cedric finally confronts his dad about the way he feels? Will things turn out badly, or will his father actually listen to him for once?

I'd like to think we'll break away.

This was written for the Character Exploration class on the forums!
Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 08/31/08 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue

Hello SPEW Buddy!

I've never been a huge fan of Cedric Diggory; I always thought he was too perfect and pretty. But I really like how you gave him depth. It made him relatable, and made me like him a little more.

I love the picture of Amos Diggory you give. He does love Cedric a lot, and he thinks he's doing the right thing by constantly bragging about him, but in reality he's putting too much pressure on his son. It's something that you can relate to, having a parent that expects so much - almost too much - out of you.

I liked your explanation for how Amos knew about the Quidditch match. I like that Cedric feel guilty about what happened and that he just wasn't acting modest about it. Cedric doesn't feel like he deserves the win and the fact that everyone thinks it's amazing makes him feel even worse about it.

I really this is in general, except I was there was a little more action or dialogue. It would have made it a little more interesting, and caught my attention more.

Overall, I really liked. Great start!

~ Teresa

Family by DontCallMeNymphadora

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
His skin is soft
To my gentle touch,
His hair a mop of dark brown,
His eyes a brilliant blue.

Remus' PoV on Teddy
Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 09/30/08 Title: Chapter 1: Family

Aww. Remus is a great character, and it's nice to see his thoughts about Teddy.

The beginning was good. I liked the first stanza; it really caught my attention.

I left her,
My beautiful wife,
And then unborn child,
For the tiny life
Now wrapped in Dora’s hands?
What was wrong with me?

I wasn't sure what you meant when you were talking about "the tiny life". I know you are talking about Teddy, but when you read it aloud, it doesn't flow quite right.

I loved the ending. I liked your description of Remus's love for his family; it's sweet to see him so happy. It's interesting to see one of his greatest dreams - to have a family- being fulfilled. The last three lines were my favorites because they really potrayed this image powerfully.

~ Teresa

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Sorry about the middle there. I guess it could cause questions to be asked when read aloud. I'm glad that you liked it though, and thanks for your review.

At the Bus-Stop by Rhi for HP

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: An old woman sits down on a lonely bench one night waiting for the bus. She is joined by a young woman, who brings with her strange memories of the past, and the reminder that time changes everything.
Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 08/31/08 Title: Chapter 1: At the Bus-Stop

Wow. That’s all I think of to describe this; it’s so good.

I loved how you portrayed Bellatrix's dementia. It was so realistic and sad; no one should have to go through that, forgetting everything about themselves. At the beginning, I didn't even about this being Bella. I love how each thing Hermione says seems to jot something in her memory; it's so powerful. I liked the mention at the end of how she was already forgetting the conversation she just hadl it reminds me of how I had to repeat stuff to my great-aunt several times because she would always forget it with her Alzheimer’s.

I love Hermione and Bellatrix's conversation. The fact that Hermione show some pity on Bella is touching. Hermione is probably the most forgiving person in the trio, and you see her kindness when she talks to Bellatrix. She doesn't yell at her or say how horrible she is.

I think it's interesting that Hermione chose not to kill her. It brings up so many questions, like whether in cases death is better than living. In some ways, it would have kinder to kill Bella now rather than to let her live in the awful state she's currently in. But then Bella doesn't fully realize the horror of her condition, so living her life doesn't really bother her.

‘Quite honestly, you were an awful woman, Bellatrix. But I think you’ve suffered greatly over the years; far worse than anything we could have done to you, in fact.’ She nodded in a satisfied, assured way. ‘These things work themselves out in the end, I suppose.’
I loved this line. Hermione's right; Bella's dementia is worse than anything else that they could have done to her. At least if she was in Azkaban, she would still have her identity, but with the dementia, she's lost everything. It reminds me of the Longbottom's fate; how they were alive, but with no real memory or working mind. It's like what comes around goes around; she made people suffer in horrible ways and now she's paying the price.

Overall, I thought this was an extremely powerful piece. Bellatrix’s dementia was portrayed perfectly, and Hermione's character was so interesting to read.

~ Teresa

Author's Response: Dear me, what do I do to deserve a SECOND lengthy and wonderful review??? Thank you SOOOO much for taking the time!!! This really made my day and I'm so glad that you liked it... scarcely a month later and now all I can see is what I don't like! *note to self: must remember to edit...at some point...when I get around to it...* Again, thank you so much for a lovely review. I will cherish it always. :D

Head in the Sand by lucilla_pauie

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: It wasn't apathy.

But it was very close.

And who could blame her?

In marrying Ted, Andromeda had already defied her life's dragons. Afterward, she wanted to live without even the thought of them, thank you.

~ originally written for Teresa in the Second SPEW Summer Secret Story Swap

~ can be read as companion to Hints

Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 08/31/08 Title: Chapter 1: Head in the Sand

First, thanks so much for this. I really loved reading it the first time, and I love it even more the second time.

I loved Andromeda's thoughts as she first arrived in the park. It's interesting that it's the first time she's around other people since she left her family. I love this line -It was nice, to be among people again and… To be among them, simply.- it's interesting how much we value human contact.

Molly and Andromeda's conversation was my favorite part. It's interesting how casually they seem to describe their family's reactions to their marriages; it seems so natural to them.

I really adore the name Margaux. Where did you get it from? It seems long and old-fasioned - the perfect pureblood name.

“Ted’s somewhere here in London, too. He… reads news,” Andromeda said dubiously. “He said Muggles watch him from te-le-visions, or something like that.”
I loved the mention of this. It's perfect because so many people think that Ted was the man from the news that the Dursleys were watching in SS.

Ted and Andromeda are cute together. I love the reference to the "dark side of the moon"; I love the way you interepreted it. I would have never thought to use it to describe a baby. I love Andromeda's joke about her daughter marrying a werewolf.

Overall, I really loved it. Thanks so much for writing this for me!!

~ Teresa

Author's Response: Teresa, I'm glad you loved it. ^_^ I was a little intimidated by your prompts, to tell the truth, hehe. In the end, I loved them, because this is the result. Margaux... I don't know if it's French or something else. I've just known and loved that name for so long. It's the name of a newscaster here. It's pronounced 'mar-gō'. Long o. It seemed a perfect name for Molly. You see, I can't imagine the parents who named their twins Fabian and Gideon using 'Molly' on their daughter. I figured Molly is just a pet name. The rest of your prompts, sunrise, birthdays didn't go well with what is usually 'the dark side of the moon', so I just gave it a more cheerful twist. ^_^ Thank YOU, Teresa.

Author's Response: Teresa, I'm glad you loved it. ^_^ I was a little intimidated by your prompts, to tell the truth, hehe. In the end, I loved them, because this is the result. Margaux... I don't know if it's French or something else. I've just known and loved that name for so long. It's the name of a newscaster here. It's pronounced 'mar-gō'. Long o. It seemed a perfect name for Molly. You see, I can't imagine the parents who named their twins Fabian and Gideon using 'Molly' on their daughter. I figured Molly is just a pet name. The rest of your prompts, sunrise, birthdays didn't go well with what is usually 'the dark side of the moon', so I just gave it a more cheerful twist. ^_^ Thank YOU, Teresa.

Lace by liquid_silver

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Andromeda Black is being married off to a respectable pureblood man after her parents find out about her Muggle-born lover, Ted Tonks. But as hard as she tries, she can't stop thinking about him.
Reviewer: tc015 Signed
Date: 09/30/08 Title: Chapter 1: Lace

Wow! I love Andromeda/Ted, and it's great to read something different; the second-person POV really makes it unique.

I love the use of the second-person; it really allows you to get into Andromeda's head and see her thoughts. Her feelings are so realistic; you understand her pain at having to marry this man she doesn't love.

Even in her haughtiness, your mother looked beautiful. Beautiful and cold and hard – like a diamond.
I loved this description; it's interesting how used a diamond to symbolize her mother. I've seen diamonds used to symbolize beauty, but seeing it used to also describe coldness makes it fresh and new.

I wonder who the groom is supposed to be; is it meant to be a random pureblood or did you have a particular character in mind while you were writing this?

Overall, I really liked this; I can't wait to read more of your fics.

~ Teresa

Author's Response: Wow, I'm so glad you liked it! I wasn't sure I could pull off the second-person point of view, so thanks for telling me you thought I did that well. As to your query, I just meant it as a random pureblood, most likely from a wealthy and respected family. I didn't have anyone in mind, 'cause I didn't really think it made a difference who it was.