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Hi, I'm Valentinia, your typical Harry Potter obsessed teen.

I've read the HP books so many times that I've lost count, but I'm guessing most of you on MNFF have done the same!

Otherwise, I'm pretty boring.
My favorite band is Evanescence.
My favorite HP characters are Luna "Loony" Lovegood and Petunia Dursley.
My favorite HP book is PoA.
My favorite HP chapter is "Career Advice" from OotP.
My favorite HP film is probably OotP.
My favorite HP actor is Evanna Lynch. There're a lot of great ones though!

I'm an all-out Ron/Hermione, Luna/Harry and Ginny/Neville shipper. *Sigh*. I know, I know, Canon just sort of ruined those last two. Still, Harry/Ginny was okay. I guess.

I also love stories about Parvati, Padma and Lavender, because I think they deserve some character and depth and they're often deprived of it and made into girly non-humans.

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Anyway... My fanfics:

Amazing Grace (One-shot) ~ Completed
For Lily (Chaptered) ~ No longer on hiatus. Officially a WIP
Harry Potter, the Half-Blood Prince, and Mary-Sue! (Chaptered) ~ Completed
I Loved Him First (Chaptered) ~ Completed
Just Because of a Stupid Baby (One-shot) ~ Completed
Miss Me (One-Shot) ~ Completed
Never To Be Forgotten (One-Shot) ~ Completed
Only One Lily (One-shot) ~ Completed
So Good (Two-shot) ~ Rather pointless... Completed
Standing Out From the Crowd (One-Shot) ~ Completed

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Written in the stars by stickm

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 199 Reviews
Summary: A fortnight after the incident at the MoM Harry finds himself back at Privet Drive. But when a sudden change in Aunt Petunia leaves Harry needing advice who will he turn to?
Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 03/30/06 Title: Chapter 14: Captain Weasley

Hi!! welcome back to the wold of fanfiction! i must admit, it was a wonderful jump back into our world, but i do agree with the last reviewer... FINALLY!! the chapter is really good, though. it's really original how you have ginny and harry captaining the team together!

Author's Response: Hello you, I\'m sorry for being absent for so long, as I have said many times - ahem! Anyway I\'m glad to see you appreciate my little stroke of genius with the joint captaincy, sorry I have no shame in admitting it was rather good! I\'ll see you next chapter, in fact I think I\'m probably well overdue to leave you a review, so I\'ll get onto it straight away! See you there x

Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 02/16/05 Title: Chapter 8: Knight in Shining Armour

This story is cool, I love the way you write. Please post the next chapter soon. Way to go!

Author's Response: Hey thanks for taking the time to review. It's good to see that you're polite enough to read someone's work who's given you a review. I try to read all my reviewers work... although very few seem to have any stories out there. Anyway I'll strike you a deal... you read my updates and I'll read yours! :)

Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 06/09/05 Title: Chapter 11: Guardianship

OK.... I understand that ur busy, but.... please... HURRY UP! update!

Author's Response: Hey Valentinia and the rest of you guys I'm really really sorry for the slow update but I've got 3 consecutive exams starting a week on tuesday! If any of you know anything about media law or PA as in central government, then please go and sit the exams for me otherwise be patient and I promise I'll update as soon as I can!

Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 04/23/05 Title: Chapter 11: Guardianship

That was a really good chapter, just too short!! Please update soon, I can't wait to see who's under the curse!

Author's Response: Thanks Valentinia, I thought that chapter was quite long for me actually... well I guess I'll have to see how I get on with writing the next. It's on my to do list for today so hopefully it should be done sooner rather than later!

Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 10/19/05 Title: Chapter 13: Ferrets and Winklebergers

I really liked this chapter! Harry is going to get the girl!! Nah, nah, Dean! *sticks out tounge*

Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 02/17/06 Title: Chapter 13: Ferrets and Winklebergers

hey, stickm... this is a really good story!! your faithful readers are missing updates though... don't give up! we love your story! please!

Author's Response: hey you, I've been out of action for way too long, I know that! Ok lets face facts, it's been ages since I updated, I haven't written any more of the story than what is already posted, and yet I still don't want to give it up. I start a new job on the 27th feb so I'm hoping that once I get into a more regular routine, I can begin to create more magic! I've put my beta projects on hold for a while because I simply don't have enough time to do them, but I fully intend to return to this story when I get the time. I'm really sorry... don't hate me!!!

Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 06/29/06 Title: Chapter 14: Captain Weasley

I definately think you should continue it. We, or I at least, don't really mind waiting if I know that the next chapter is coming some time. Don't give up! Everyone understands outside responsiblities.

Author's Response: Thanks for your support, I know I can always rely on you - I\'m trying to sort my situation out so I get more time to write, please bear with me folks!

To Fight a Werewolf by twitchylittleferret

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 24 Reviews
Summary: When Remus doesn't get his potion and runs wild in 12 Grimmauld Place, he and Tonks face off with interesting results...RATED R FOR PROFANITY
Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 02/26/05 Title: Chapter 1: To Fight a Werewolf

Finally! Someone (besides me) who realizes that Tonks/Lupin has to happen! Love the story!

Author's Response: yay another huge r/t fan!! hmm now i have to check if u have any fics...glad u loved the story, thx for reviewing!!

Luna's Christmas by michelle_31a

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 6 Reviews
Summary: While spending the holidays at the Burrow, Hermione gets an unexpected insight into the spirit of Christmas from none other than Luna Lovegood...
Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 07/13/06 Title: Chapter 1: Luna's Christmas

Aww. That's so cute! I like how you characterize Hermione and Luna - something that's very difficult, in my opinion. Their interactions were very realistic. I love the end, too. Luna finally has friends! So sweet!


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 02/21/05 Title: None

Really cool!

Nutcracker by glomper_of_harry

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 26 Reviews
Summary: A Christmas fic, adapting the Nutcracker to Harry Potter. A mite odd, but has lovely Christmas HarryxLuna goodness. Oneshot *completed*
Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 01/08/05 Title: Chapter 1: one-shot

great story, it was sorta strange, but a beautiful one-shot

Afternoon Tea by Loki MM

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 10 Reviews
Summary: While their mothers are attempting to enjoy a conversation over tea, Sirius is trying to avoid the expected beating from his cousin, Bellatrix. Before the Marauders came to Hogwarts.
Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 06/04/06 Title: Chapter 1: Afternoon Tea

cute. i can just see little five-year-old sirius running away from an eight-year-old bellatrix!

Unfeeling Stone by twitchylittleferret

Rated: Professors • 31 Reviews
Summary: One-shot. Harry remembers the worst and best day of his life. Rated R for profanity.
Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 02/26/05 Title: Chapter 1: Unfeeling Stone

WOW! I cried. That was really sad. But great.

Author's Response: :'D thanks so much!!

The Severus Doll by ancientgirl

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 58 Reviews
Summary: A two chapter little story, I wrote just for fun.
Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 02/12/05 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

Cool story, but, you should change that thing that says the story isn't completed, probably more people would read it. Once again, cool story.

Author's Response: Oops, I thought I had it down as completed. Thanks for pointing that out to me. I'm glad you enjoyed this. It was fun to write.

Daddy by blondebouncingferret

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 1741 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: Post Hogwarts: Ron and Harry are sent to America for Auror training. Ron spends his last night in England with Hermione, and after returning two years later, he finds Hermione with a fifteen-month-old baby ...
Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 04/01/06 Title: Chapter 13: Epilogue

its over... NOOOO.... it was a really great way to tie up all the ends though, and I'm glad you have harry and ginny married in the end. this story is... was... *sniff* one of the most original fanfics I've ever read. GREAT JOB

Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 03/21/06 Title: Chapter 12: The Only One He Ever Loved

Wow! great story! that was the end, right? *say no!!* oh well... it was a great ending to a great story!

Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 02/11/06 Title: Chapter 10: The B.A.T

wow!! this story is really, really good!! i hope u update soon, I can't wait to find out what will happen next!!

Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 02/17/06 Title: Chapter 11: September Nineteenth

wow, this chapter is really good!! i love how you got ron to end it with miranda in a way that made sense without just saying "and he realized he loved hermione" just like that or anything... really good job... i'm really sad that its almost over though... how about writing a sequel??? please???

What Grown Ups Believe by Kewii

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 3 Reviews
Summary: A young Petunia is faced with a choice that will ultimately shape her future. A One-Shot fic.
Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 09/24/06 Title: Chapter 1: What Grown Ups Believe

Noooo!! Wrong decision!! Don't do it!!
Anyway... Somehow I think Dumbledore might have tried harder to tell her about magic, though, if he got a response like this. Still, your characterization of Petunia is interesting - I can just see her "sacrificing" her childhood in search for acceptance.

Tom Riddle and the Half Blood Prince by Zetera

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 826 Reviews
Summary: Parody of the Harry Potter series written and completed before the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It looks at the lives of some of the major characters as they wait impatiently for book six to arrive. Naturally, chaos ensues. Suitable for all.

Winner of the first annual Quicksilver Quills Award 2006 for best humor fiction. Thank you!

Reviewer: Valentinia Signed
Date: 09/04/06 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve: Normality, Almost

lol. Very ooc, but I enjoyed this fic anyway. Light and funny and, indeed, "wacky"!

Author's Response: Yay, thank you! Though I\'m interested in how you found it OOC, I mean, obviously the characters were ridiculous and extended versions of themselves, but still themselves in essence I thought. Feel free to correct me, I love feedback!