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I love to write. I also love Harry Potter, so the two blend together beautifully, don't they?

My James/Lily fic, Never Too Late For Love, is up!

And now my chaptered project Al Potter, Chapter 1 is up as well. =)
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Reviews by thesmart1

Out of the Darkness by Tim the Enchanter
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 44]

Summary: The war against Voldemort is not going well. The Ministry of Magic has fallen and the Order of the Phoenix is scattered. Harry Potter and his friends are ruthlessly hunted by Voldemort and his Death Eaters. There is no end in sight for our heroes…



Nominated for QSQ 2008 Best Humour Story!

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: Alternate Universe, Character Death, Mild Profanity, Substance Abuse, Violence

Word count: 13978 Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes
01/07/08 Updated: 07/24/08

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 09/23/08 Title: Chapter 4: Epic Ephemeral Epilogue

this isn't a very funny humor fic. Try a little more for funny than mock-sad. just doesn't work. sorry

Author's Response:

The ending is not supposed to be funny – the story starts out very dark, and similarly ends the same way. I do understand that though Out of the Darkness is a humour story, it is certainly not funny through-and-through, and that was my intention. It is a comedic tragedy or a tragic comedy, depending on how you want to word it.

Before I ran Voldemort over with the cement mixer in Chapter One, I had killed off Hermione for no better reason than to accentuate how dire Harry’s situation was. The end of the fourth and last chapter was written to remind the reader of the rather depressing consequences of such an eventuality, and to introduce the premise of much more serious sequel.

At any rate, thank you for reviewing, and I hope you have a better understanding of the intended point of the story.

Tim the Enchanter


The Light of His Life by The Scribbler
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 18]

Summary: The Marauders seventh year at Hogwarts is about to begin and everyone is excited, but for James, something—or rather someone—weighs heavily on his mind. All summer he had worked to change into a better person… all for Lily Evans. The only question now is if she’ll give him the second chance he needs to change her mind.

The sequel to The Beginning and Unexpected Hope.

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 3708 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
01/27/08 Updated: 02/12/08

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 04/25/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

oh, good, good, very good!! made me laugh. quite cute too. especially with the vivid image i'm getting of james and the marauders pacing and going through 1001 things he must not do around lily....hahahahaha! nice. i often prefer it when lily/james stories are in james' POV. i like the name james. haha. random, i know. i really liked this! i wish you could've continued and wrote about the date. lol this was very good :)

Author's Response: One question: have you had sugar recently? Ha, ha! I don\'t mind if your review is a little random. You still reviewed and that\'s what I love. Any feedback is good to have! Sorry about the date, though. I want to leave that open for you to imagine. At least you enjoyed what I DID write! Thank you so much!


Summary: Lily chose her path, and Severus chose his. However, sometimes paths run together.

Categories: Severus/Lily Genre: Warnings: Character Death, Sexual Situations

Word count: 3314 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
03/20/08 Updated: 03/20/08

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 04/28/10 Title: Chapter 1: -- - --

That made me tear up :'( So good :'(


A Different Kind of Love by Nymphea
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 58]

Summary: James gives Lily a letter on the last day of sixth year:
I’m going to be perfectly honest with you—I’m not that good with feelings. I usually just ask Remus; he’s pretty good with that sort of thing. But I can’t ask Remus to write this letter for me, so you’re just going to have to bear with me while I set the record straight before the school year ends and I forget how to describe my feelings about things between us. [2000 reads! thanks guys!]

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1136 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
03/30/08 Updated: 04/21/08

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/12/11 Title: Chapter 1: A Different Kind of Love

Beautifully written and touching. The persona of James was illustrated magnificently and I really loved this. Excellent job. :)


One-Way Street by Nymphea
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 26]

Summary: Sequel to A Different Kind of Love: Lily's response to James' letter saying he loves her.
Part of me wants to say, please, let’s just be friends and forget what we’ve written to each other—these moments are too precious to risk spoiling them. But I know enough of the world to know that time is a one-way street. Forward is the only direction we can go.

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1142 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
07/07/08 Updated: 07/21/08

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/12/11 Title: Chapter 1: One-Way Street

That was great... I liked how Lily was less clear about her feelings and more unsure, which makes sense for her character. Wonderfully written.


Summary: Fred and George Weasley get an idea for a prank from doing something they thought they would never do—their Potions homework. Follow them on their journey through pranker’s block, powdered bicorn horn, Muggle food coloring, a random fish, a suction cup, Harry with a toothpick, a very dry avocado, and much too much flour. What happens when this seemingly innocent prank turns wacky? One-shot.

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 5916 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
07/13/08 Updated: 07/21/08

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 12/29/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter One

Oh man... hahahahahahahahahahaahahahahaha.......! WOW that was really funny!

Author's Response: Hey, thank! I'm really glad that I can make people laugh. Oddly enough, it is sometimes difficult in real life.

Author's Response: Hey, thank! I'm really glad that I can make people laugh. Oddly enough, it is sometimes difficult in real life.


A Proper Goodbye by coolh5000
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 26]

Summary: Past Featured StoryOn Christmas Day of Teddy Lupin's seventh year at Hogwarts, his godfather gives him a present he will never forget - the chance to meet his parents.

Categories: Next Generation Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 5100 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
03/26/09 Updated: 03/26/09

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 01/01/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Well, first off this wasn't canon. Harry would never have gone to find the Stone because it's too much of a temptation. He promised Dumbledore he wouldn't and I don't believe he would have.

On the other hand, you wrote this beautifully and actually made me cry. The ability to draw emotions from readers is infinitely more impressive then sticking to canon. This was touching, and you are certainly a good writer.


Summary: In 2017, the Wizarding World seems peaceful and safe. Voldemort is long dead and the Death Eaters wiped out or imprisoned.

Albus Potter is eleven and just beginning his first year at Hogwarts. With the help of his big extended family, he navigates the new and exciting world of magic.

But there are challenges on the horizon and the most dangerous is coming from a shadowy group that is hunting something called the Flamel File. . . .

Year One begins.

Categories: Next Generation Genre: Warnings: Mild Profanity, Violence

Word count: 31852 Chapters: 9 Completed: No
04/06/09 Updated: 11/27/09

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/01/11 Title: Chapter 1: The Sorting

Overall, I enjoyed the first chapter.

I think you may have introduced a few too many characters because I couldn't really keep track of everyone around. A slightly unrealistic number of names recognizable to the original series.

On the other hand, I liked how you included new things like the circle for where Voldemort was killed, and the hat having burn marks.

I am wary that this is going to be almost exactly like the first Harry Potter book, but it's only the first chapter. Your writing, spelling and grammar was flawless.

I am also wary that your characters are going to be just like their predecessors- Al just like Harry, Rosie just like Hermione. I hope the characters develop original personalities. I also hope Al gets himself a friend apart from Rose.

Anyway, I'm going to keep reading and I'll let you know what I think as I go along.

Author's Response: Wow, thesmart1, it's so cool that you''ve put so much effort in these reviews. I really appreciate an honest opinion! Looking back (I think I wrote this chapter at least three years ago), the structure and characters probably ARE too close to SS. As a fan, I just love writing about the existing universe, so it's sometimes easy to forget to do new things. And you're absolutely right, it takes a while for the kids to stop being carbon copies of their parents.

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/01/11 Title: Chapter 2: First Day

I like the dialogue between the cousins, although I'd like it if a non-related person was included in the circle of friends. Someone of your own making. I'd like to see how you would put that in. I haven't read it all yet, so maybe you will.

I also enjoyed the parts with Scorpius in them. I'm really hoping he starts talking soon, because his vow of silence thing is a little tedious. I thought it was so funny when his white-blond hair was turned black, well done with some symbolism there. Or you might've just done that for contrast. Either way, I liked it.

You seem to have a thing for two-sentence paragraphs. It's not really bad, it's just a little difficult to read. 

You've made Rose a distinct character, just like Hermione, which is understandable but I do hopes he develops some of her own traits.

Overall, I liked it, but I'm really hoping for some unpredictable action for the next chapter. I'll let you know. 

Author's Response: It's funny that you should point out my propensity for short paragraphs, because it's something I've always been told. I do tend to like snappier paragraphs. Scorpius's hair is definitely a piece of (fairly obvious) symbolism. I wanted to make him physically different from Draco, partly because there were already too many "clone" characters, partly because I wanted to set him apart from his family and partly because I just thought it seemed cool. :)

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/02/11 Title: Chapter 3: The Runaway

That was great! I'm glad to hear some plot thickening. I was very pleased with the development of Al and Scorpius' relationship. You also keep up a good camaraderie with the cousins. This was an enjoyable read, well paced and kept me interested throughout. Well done indeed.

Author's Response: I swear, as I sit here right now, I cannot remember what happens in this chapter! :) Glad you liked it, though.

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/02/11 Title: Chapter 4: Generations

Well, alright chapter, but i'm not thrilled with restarting the DA. That's old stuff, you're not coming up with new things to happen. Not to mention very different circumstances; they haven't got someone brilliant to teach them, nor do they have a reason to learn defense (such as Voldemort being back). It just didn't sit right wig me. However, I still like reading this for aforementioned reasons, and you are a good writer.

Author's Response: My rationale for the New DA was A) I thought it would be a handy plot device and a good way to bring the characters together for something other than typical classes, sports, meals, etc, B) because I thought that, having heard stories of their parents' past glories, the kids would logically want to follow in their footsteps and C) I anticipated a time when they would actually need defensive skills, and figured that I should give them a little help preparing. :)

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/02/11 Title: Chapter 5: In The Forbidden Forest

I liked the car reference, and the Care of Magical Creatures Class was pretty original. I find that you're making the characters older than their years, though- they're eleven, too young to r doing the DA. Harry was 15. They talk older, and do more advanced spells- for example, they don't do color spells until sixth year. Apart from that, I liked this chapter.

Author's Response: Even when I was writing the story, I kind of struggled with writing the characters as eleven, since I wanted a slightly more mature cast to work with. You're right, they probably are a bit too old for their ages.

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/02/11 Title: Chapter 6: The Life and Legacy of Nicolas Flamel

I saw someone else said they liked the description of Hagrid's hut- same for me, that was good.

The entire chapter I kept thinking "Wow, it's like Harry arguing a point and Hermione and Ron being skeptical as in the sixth book." It's a little repetitive.

I liked how Scorpius came along to Hagrid's hut. Al had said he'd be Scorpius' friend, but he hadn't acted like that before now.

Author's Response: Again, I seriously don't even remember what happened in this chapter, which is pretty bad, since I'm the one who wrote it!

Author's Response: Again, I seriously don't even remember what happened in this chapter, which is pretty bad, since I'm the one who wrote it!

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/03/11 Title: Chapter 7: The Inferi

Wow, thrilling chapter! I can't believe you ended it in the middle of the battle sequence! I was kinda bored, but all of a sudden- wow, well written. It wasn't an anticlimax, either. Well done. I was especially impressed with Al's ability to clear his mind and fire some spells at the Inferi. Although, Inferi can't wield wands, they are no longer living therefore don't have magic to use. They're kinda just zombies.

I think you're pretty close to spot on in this chapter, though. Harry saying that the country was getting lazy sounds very accurate for this time frame- 20 years without a war, Dark wizards apparently gone, it makes sense for this to happen. I also liked that Harry approved of the DA.

By the way, if Al's in his first year of Hogwarts the year is 2015, almost 2016, not 2017.

I was confused that Scorpius stayed at school. He has a home family and it doesn't make sense that he would remain at school for the holidays. I was sort of hoping Al would invite him to come over, but you haven't done much to get their friendship rolling.

Can't wait to find out what happened in the next chapter!

Author's Response: I knew I wanted a mid-story battle scene to keep the pace going and kick-start the story. I thought using Inferi would be cool, but again, this is another place where the characters' ages restrict me a bit. They can't be out on the front lines fighting, so I have to have them hiding in the back. As for Scorpius, I think that him staying at Hogwarts was a clue to some future plot point (which I have now forgotten, natch). Nice catch on the dates, too; I bet that was a flub.

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/03/11 Title: Chapter 8: Christmas Day

I couldn't help feeling a bit of anticlimax from the last chapter to this one. The action sequence was kind of short. However, it was a good transition chapter. I'm glad you addressed the issue with the Inferi doing magic. I'm left on tenterhooks wondering what is going on, and I'm hoping you don't expect Al to be handling this.. I know this is sort of his story, but he's only 11 and I think that can be forgotten too easily. That being said, I'm definitely interested and can't wait to read more.

Author's Response: You know, I remember not even much liking this chapter when I was writing it. I would have liked a crazier action scene, but I didn't want to push the boundaries of plausibility too far. This one is definitely light on plot.

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/03/11 Title: Chapter 9: Gryffindor versus Slytherin

Well, that was pretty good, but i think you have big issues keeping it at their age level. First years can't duel and do spells like that. What's more, they aren't going to try it. It was a little ridiculous, because it was a very close game, and not an embarrassing loss on Slytherin's side. It wasn't even for the House cup, so it shouldn't have evoked such a reaction.

That being said, it was definitely interesting! They're going to the Headmaster, cool. I can't wait to read about it, although it looks like you aren't writing anymore. That's unfortunate. Haha, you'll have a lot of reviews from me next time you log on. I hope they were helpful.

Author's Response:

See, here I am trying to get some action brewing again! I thought this wasn't too wildly unrealistic because even young first years have a few really simple spells that can be used for duelling (remember "The Midnight Duel" in SS, when Ron says Harry and Draco will be able to shoot sparks at each other?). I also thought that it was somewhat plausible that preteens could get pretty angry at each other over the result of a game, even if it wouldn't make sense to more mature kids. I've seen it happen! :)

Anyway, your reviews were indeed VERY helpful and I'm glad to get somebody's detailed opinion on this story! Unfortunately, you're right, I probably will not be continuing it in the future. I've already kind of forgotten where I was going with it, and I just don't have that kind of time on my hands any more. Thanks so much for taking the time to tell me what you thought of it!


Loved and Lost by coolh5000
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 16]

Summary: Past Featured StorySitting in his History of Magic lesson in mid-June, Sixth-year Teddy Lupin has a sudden feeling of unease. Unable to explain it, he pushes the feeling aside, but can't seem to shake the idea that something has gone seriously wrong. Only later that evening does he finally find out what, and then his world changes forever.

This was written for SPEW 007 with the prompt, 'ache' This is quite an angsty one-shot - you have been warned!

Categories: Next Generation Genre: Warnings: Character Death

Word count: 3028 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
05/23/09 Updated: 05/23/09

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 12/24/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I think you wrote this story well and quite deserve that blue ribbon!


When Moody's Eyeball Popped Out by DragonDi
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 14]

Summary: Remus tries to make sense of a mission gone wrong by asking Sirius about it. Bad idea. Very, very bad idea.

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: Mild Profanity

Word count: 1714 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
08/22/09 Updated: 08/26/09

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/16/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

LOL I like, I like =]

Author's Response: Sorry It's taken me so long to respond! I don't know how I missed this! I'm glad you liked my story--and thank you so much for letting me know you liked it!


The Trials of Severus Snape by KarasAunty
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 17]


PoA era: Severus Snape takes a thoughtful stroll down Diagon Alley at the start of the Christmas holidays, but it soon turns into a quite a harrowing ordeal for our favourite Potions Master... UK English. Contains some dark humour. You have been warned!

Characters: Severus Snape, Fred Weasley, George Weasley, Ginny Weasley, Molly Weasley, Percy Weasley and (very) minor OC's.

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: Mild Profanity

Word count: 4703 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
08/29/09 Updated: 09/01/09

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 06/16/10 Title: Chapter 1: The Trials of Severus Snape

Ahahaha, this is brilliant! you do Snape excellently, by the way. Very funny, I enjoyed it a lot. I liked how you expressed Snape's thoughts on all the different people in his life. The "Professor...' "Snape.." thing was also epic =D

Author's Response:

Hello thesmart1,

so sorry it's taken so long to reply, but I've been having technical problems with my computer, then trying to access the site (nightmare).

I'm thrilled you liked Snape's internal monologue so much! I'd never written him before, though I'd read a lot of fanfics with him featured. But I'd never read a humorous one from his pov, and the thought of crawling inside his mind and getting his opinions on his peers (and students) was too irrisistible! Of course, adding the Diseasley twins was a must. I imagine they really got up his (enormous) nose in class, what with their pranking and smart mouths!

Thanks very much for R & R-ing,

Kara's Aunty :)



I Will Survive by KarasAunty
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 9]

Summary: CoS era: Ron meets Aragog and his charming family when Harry drags him along for a visit - and he is afraid. Very afraid... A hopefully humorous songfic from Ron's PoV, inspired by the Gloria Gaynor song of the same name.

Categories: Poetry Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 361 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
09/07/09 Updated: 09/15/09

Reviewer: thesmart1 Signed
Date: 10/11/10 Title: Chapter 1: I Will Survive

The mental images this brought to mind made me laugh hysterically :D I'm impressed, lol I was singing the lyrics in my head as I read, and they are quite good. Good job!!

Author's Response: Hello the smart1, brilliant pen-name, btw! I'm chuffed to bits you like my version of Ms Gaynor's classic tune - or should I say RONs version? For me, his encounter with the Acromuntulae is one of the best parts of CoS, and I simply couldn't resist dedicating a little ode to the spider scene (and especially Ron's reaction to said spiders). So glad you enjoyed, and thanks for R & R-ing, Kara's Aunty ;)

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