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I love to write.

Yes, I have a passion for writing and I adore Harry Potter.

I have been writing a series of five stories - The Tear-Stained Memoirs - for nearly three years now and these stories are my like children.

Tear-Stained Series

1)Alone (The main story and most important... a must-read if you want to understand the rest of them properly) - POSTED AND COMPLETE
1.5) Someone Help Me - POSTED AND COMPLETE
2) The Pain of Passion - POSTED WIP
3) A Heart's Confession (A short two-chaptered story)
4) When I Go Down (The main sequel to Alone. You can probably read this without reading any of the other stories...)
5) In the Dark (May also be read without reading the rest)

Four noninations for Alone as best Dark/Angsty
One nomination for Beauty from Pain for best romance-canon
Two nominations for Someone Help Me for best poem

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Ariel and The Triwizard Cup by Purplemage

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 255 Reviews
Summary: Get inside Ariel Sachs' head as he tries to survive his last year at Hogwarts. The Triwizard Tournament is going to be hosted once again after twenty-three years and Ariel is going to find himself in the middle of it. He soon learns that in love and war anything goes and that things are not always what they appear. A story of jealousy, gossip, teenage hormones and first love. (Rated for later chapters)

QSQ Award for Best Male OC, Ariel Sachs

QSQ Nomination for best Same-Sex Pairing Fic

I can't thank enough my wonderful beta Lys. Without her this fic wouldn't be posible.
Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 08/22/06 Title: Chapter 7: The Champions

I only have one thing to comment on in this chapter because it makes me feel so bad for Ariel.

That night I went to bed thinking I had lost my best friend.

The WORST feeling in the whole world.

I guess I should add that the chapter was great... just because it's a reaview and because it's true, but I'm starting to feel like I'm being a bit redundant saying that in every review.

Author's Response: You can say that you like the story in every review, I don\'t mind! Really... It kind of id the worst feeling in the world when you feel you\'re loosing your best friend/ Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 08/22/06 Title: Chapter 8: Jacqueline Duchamps

AHA way to go Jaqueline! I mean... aww Poor Nessa *smirk* shouldn't choose sides... Lovely chapter. I can't wait until the next one is up! Oh wait! It already is! *goes to read*

Author's Response: Lol! You\'re the first one to side with Jacqueline, the rest of the people side with Nessa.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 08/22/06 Title: Chapter 9: An Article and a Revenge

OOOHH!! I think Ariel is in Luuuurve!! Yay for Ariel! Pshh...y'all know it was love at first dream. I have an issue with the fact that I can't read the next chapter yet!! Why is that?! This story makes me smile. And laugh. And feel bad for Ariel. And ...and... I adore this story. hurry up and update! I NEED to read more.

Author's Response: He\'s in Luuuuuurve, Lol I loved that! Love at first dream, I should make a banner with that line or something. I\'m so happy you like my story :) I hope the next chapter gets validated soon! *crosses fingers* Thanks you so much for the reviews! You\'re too much really!

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 10/27/06 Title: Chapter 12: Spider Hunt

EEEEEE!!! It's been updated!!!! YAY!!! :( Georgia ruined the end of the chapter for me AND stole first review from me... see if I ever tell her when this story is updated again... AatTC is like Christmas for me... and G opened all the presents for me... thanks...

Ahem... anyway. I LOOOOOOOVVEEE! This chapter. A lot... Like a serious amount of serious love for this chapter. Aww Poor Ornella... trying to make things better and makes things worse accidentally. The note was a good idea though. I love it. I

Author's Response: The beginning og it was really good! Don\'t do <3 because that breaks the review for some reason.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 10/27/06 Title: Chapter 12: Spider Hunt

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I typed an amazingly good and long review and since I put a little heart with an arrow it all got deleted!!! *cries* I'll retype it later when it's not 11:04 at night. : ( *cries again* I spent an hour typing that review... *le sigh*

Author's Response: *hugs gabby* I\'ve been there. I know it\'s very furstrating, but hang in there. I\'ll wait for your review :)

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 11/23/06 Title: Chapter 13: Between Girls, Boys, and Boys

*hem hem* OMG!!!! UPDATED!!!!!! I literally shoved my brother out of the computer chair when I saw that amazing little e-mail that said that AatTC was updated... We had no printer paper left, so I printed it out onto notebook paper just so I could read it. My family started at me, but I don't give a darn. :D

Well, as usual, I shall start by saying that this is frickin' phenomonal and I don't think I've read anything that I like more. This story is absolutely fantastic. AatTC = MAJOR LOVE. I think it should have its own fansite because its that amazing. *considers making one* Overall this was a really grood chapter. Not that any of the chapters weren't amazing. Now I shall go through and comment on the coolest lines in the story, as it has become custom and I simply can't resist.

“Borislav asked me to be his date to the Yule Ball!” My jaw dropped. “And I said yes!” Way to be Hermione, Ornella... Though I'm pretty sure she was happy when she said it... not super-bitch-squad-out-to-make-Ron-feel-bad. I don't really like Borislav too much... though I'm happy for Ornella because she LERRRVES him.

I was getting tired of listening about him, but I couldn’t dare to tell Ornella to stop; she was much too exited. Oh no... not me... I have to tell Becky to shut up all the time. :D I'm so nice like that. That's the part where, if Ariel isn't going to tell Ornella to shuddup, he should completely tune her out, as Nik does to me... constantly.

Yet again, I could ask Bahir. If he says yes, we’ll be the sensation of the Ball, and I wouldn’t care what people say because I’d be with Bahir. I love Ariel and Bahir *arrowthreethreethreethree* I love reading Ariel's thoughts about Bahir. It makes me squee inside.

what am I going to wear? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Perfect. That's one of those lines that makes me smile. Clothes do always seem more important in these situations...

interrupted by a vomit of words LOL when I first read that, I completely skipped the 'of words' part and I was like, gee, that's great Harald... thanks for sharing that someone barfed. Then I reread it and was like, oooooohhh.... :D

*gaspshockdies!!!* Nessa and Christian!??!?!!!!!! Awww man... I was really looking forward to that WWF smackdown too... Darn you, Nessa... Oooh... I have this weird feeling that he's using her for some reason... We'll just have to weait and see... :D

Hate you? I could never hate you, Nessa.

I just want to slice your throat open, spill your blood all over the Gryffindor table and throw what remains of your body into the lake so the Giant Squid can eat it for dinner!

But, no, I don’t hate you…
YESYESYESYESYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! PERFECT-NESS! I love this bit. I actually read it outloud to whoever was in the kitchen because I liked it so much. :D

Poor Ariel!!!! He needs a really big hug. *searches* Where's Bahir when you need him?

I definately get the whole 'angry for liking a guy that you should be over' thing. Ariel and I should start a club. Awww, poor guy... *hugs Ariel*

Boris????? Teehee... Yay for finally shortening his name because it's long to type out in a review. I think it's cute that Ornella calls him Boris. :D

Well there's Bahir!!!! Why the heck doesn't Ariel stick around??!!! I bet you anything that Bahir was about to say something along the lines of, 'I'm going with her, but I could go with you too if you want, I'll totally ditch my date because I have mad love for you and when I'm around you all I can think about is being with you, so as a result, my face goes completely blank... that's why my expression is unreadable. I love you and in your presence, the only thing running through my head is elevator music and the thought of you with me.' Ya, that sounds about right...

FINALLY Nessa appologized!!! I was really sad that she and Ariel were fighting. BFFE!!!

you owe me a new jumper YES. That's another one of those good lines that you're really good at putting in the middle of the story.

There's a good guy, Ariel... Letting Nessa go to the ball with Christian. Nessa isn't lying when she said he's a really good friend.

POOR JOHN!!!!!!! He needs a hug too. I think that everyone should just have a group hug... centered around Ariel and Bahir... who obviously would start the hugging, of course. *smirk*

The ending is brilliant, Harald. I love it. Ornella is just as clueless as I am... that sounds like something I would say without realizing that it sounds really bad... Yay for Ornella!!! I'm so happy for her :D

Awww... The chapter is over... That's dumb. I hope that Ariel gets a date... I hope it nds up being Bahir even though he already has one... anything can happen in Harry Potter... It's like... whoa! How'd that happen? Oh right! It's magic! :)

LOVEEEEE IT!!!! Just saying.

~This has been a review by Gabby~

PS... My lovely and amaaaaaazing cousin Meg says that the character's names sound like the names of cereals. :D

Meg: werd to ya motha, Harald.

*she only thinks she's as gangsta as me * lol

Author's Response: *hugs gabby* I\'ve become an oficial fan of your reviews! *Squeeeeee* ok, enough of that. I laughed so much when I read that you shoved your brother from the computer. Hehe, poor guy, he never saw it coming. arielandthetriwizardcup.com *dreams*... Where were we? Oh right, I think it\'s funny that you have to tell Becky to shut up all the time, I know what it\'s like being friends with someone and have them be completely in love with someone you can\'t stand. \"thanks for sharing that someone barfed.\" LOL I was very hesitant about using the word vomit because of that. I thought that maybe it was a bit too graphic. Christian is using Nessa? I really cen\'t comment on that one. You\'ll understand more about that pairing in the next chapter. \"the only thing running through my head is elevator music and the thought of you with me.\'\" I love this way to describe when someone is in love. Is very sweet and honest at the same time. I really like it. *smiles* I think so too that the world would be a better place if we all had group hugs all the time. :D Big AatTC group hug!! And you\'re cousin has put a big worry on my shoulders. Cereals????? WTF???? Oh well.... Thank you so much for the wonderful review, Gabby!!!!

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 08/25/06 Title: Chapter 10: Isaac

Well, what a date that was... Shall I start with a crazy fangirl-ish comment... OMG!!! SQUEE! AMAZING!! WHAT A CHAPTER! I LOVE IT! AHH! DID I MENTION AMAZING??!! *ahem* Now...

At the end I chose not to smoke. Yay for Ariel!!! way to make your life longer! How can he live happily ever after with Bahir if that cigarette killed him before their date??

It was then when I noticed the hole in my right sock that showed one of my toes.

*gasps* It wasn't his pinkey toe, was it??!!! Sorry, I couldn't resist that one... it's an inside joke between my friends and I... I realize you don't get it, but that line made me laugh for like ten minutes. I'll explain it in a PM if you want. Pshh... I live with holes in my socks... most of the time I have like... two different socks on and there's most likely a hole in them somewhere... I've gotta stop dancing with socks on.

Outside the tent I didn’t think twice before I lit a cigarette. *sigh* and he was doing so well without it... smoke-aholic, much?

Anyway... I found a mistake!! *gasps* dun dun dun!!!! somewhere in the middle, it says, "That’s something that sounds more fun that it actually is," Shouldn't 'that' be changed to 'than'? just thought I'd point that out.

Oh, and just so you know, I still ship Ariel/Bahir~dreamy man of mystery who lacks a last name even though he has creepy 'transport you to the desert and show you my burning tree' talents.

As a last note, you best be updating this story soon. I'm not a very patient person *smirk* oh yes, back to the fangirl-ish squee-ing. OMG!! IT WAS FABULOUS!!!1!!one!!!1!!!11111

Author's Response: My 100th REVIEW!!!!!! *SQUEEEEEEE* You have no idea how much I laughed reading your review. You crack me up! It wasn\'t his pinky toe the one that showed up, it was actually his big toe and you\'re right I don\'t get the joke, you\'ll have to explain me later. *gasps* le mistake! I have to go and change it. Thanks for pointing it out. \"I still ship Ariel/Bahir~dreamy man of mystery who lacks a last name even though he has creepy \'transport you to the desert and show you my burning tree\' talents.\" I almost cry laughing!!!! HAHAHA, that\'s so funny. I\'ll try and update as soon as posible!

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 10/28/06 Title: Chapter 12: Spider Hunt

*sigh* Shall we try this again?

EEEEEE!!! It's been updated!!!! YAY!!! :( Georgia ruined the end of the chapter for me AND stole first review from me... see if I ever tell her when this story is updated again... AatTC is like Christmas for me... and G opened all the presents for me... thanks...

Ahem... anyway. I LOOOOOOOVVEEE! This chapter. A lot... Like a serious amount of serious love for this chapter. Aww Poor Ornella... trying to make things better and makes things worse accidentally. The note was a good idea though. I love it. I Love John. He's my hero. It's so perfect, his one line in there : ) Poor Nessa, with a name litke that... No wonder she turns into Enraged Bitch : D.

*le gasp!!* How could anyone hate Ariel? I never liked Ivy anyway. Whonder why she hates him! Oh, I hope it's something cool like Christian finally realized that he likes Ariel too. Oh! Then there'd be a Christian/Bahir WWF smackdown over who gets Ariel!!!! *squee!* *now who do I want to win?* I am sooooooooo happy that Christian and Ivy broke up. They were rocky from the beginning... it was never going to last. The only reason Christian started dating Ivy was to cover up his mad love for Ariel. Y'all know it.

*this is the part of the story where I took a short break from reading to check out the hot grocery delivery guy *arrowthree* just thought I'd mention that : )*

*facepalm* Nessa, How in the world do you forget your wand when going into the forest?!?!?!? I would be checking to make sure I had it ALL the way down to the forest. Forgetting your wand is something only a girl with a name like Esther could do.

She was on the right track when she gave Borislav attitude when he asked Ariel why he was there... bnut then lost it all when she gave him attitude too... *sigh* give it up, Nessa.

'Stay close to me... it's too dangerous!' Psssh... ya right... what he really means is, ' stay close to me... I want you and the closer we stand, the better my chances of snoging you are!' *teehee* Ariel/Bahir for life : ) It's cute... Bahir being the hero and all. : ) *le sigh* I love this story... did I mention that already? I don't recall...

Borislav, you dumb-butt!!! What the heck!! Are you trying to get killed?!?!?! Go be drunk and/or insane somewhere where Ariel and Bahir AREN't standing close together!

Thank goodness Bahir kows how to kick some spider ass. He saved Ariel's life!!! Ariel owes him... : )

Awww... they're holding hands : ) That's cute. Sure, it's because they're running from spiders, but it's still cute. *arrowthree*

lol... 'ow, my leg... are you gay?' : ) Way to be blunt, Ariel. ARIEL/BAHIR!!! WOOTWOOT! *sigh* I love this chapter... This chapter is better than his date!!! Near-death experiences are always a good place to start a romance : D

'for no reason'?!?!?!??!!! *facepalm* Geeze, Ariel... why not just write 'I love you' all over your face in pen...

'way to ruin the moment' AHAHA... that line is perfect. You have a talent for putting in the perfect lines in the middle of your chapters. And it makes the whole story more amazing.

OOH! Nessa has a secret! How could she do that to Ariel!! Sure, I don't know what she did, but if Ariel is going to hate her, then it's something bad... Maybe she's dating Christian? No... that's not how it sounds... I think she's snogged Bahir. Or maybe she's just snogged Christian... and that's why Ivy is all pissed...? Gah!! Way to leave it as a cliffie!!! Cliffies stink... you seriously need to post the next chapter like... tonight... just because now I need to know what happened.

I love love love this chapter. Like a lot. I think I've said that. This is like Ariel/Bahir chapter to the max... or maybe it just seems that way because Ariel/Bahir is my ship. Can I be their official cheer leader?!?!?! PLEEEAAASE!!!

I hope I didn't forget to put anything that I had last night... I think I have it all though. : D Update soon please, so I don't die of lack-of AatTC.

*prints out* *puts in school bag* *can't wait to read it during Algebra* What better way to tune out the teacher than reading some good Ariel and the Triwizard Cup?

-This has been a review by Gabby-

Author's Response: *hugs gabby* This is such a wonderful review! I think that you and Kiara have started a \"who writes the longest review competition\" and I love it. *chuckles* *hits Georgia for ruining the ending to Gabby* John is someone hero! I\'ll let him know that, his selfesteem has been pretty low these days. \"I never liked Ivy anyway.\" geez, I wonder why? She\'s so nice. \"Then there\'d be a Christian/Bahir WWF smackdown over who gets Ariel!!!!\" ROTFL. I really can\'t make any comments on that. \"Forgetting your wand is something only a girl with a name like Esther could do.\" *dies laughing* I\'m loving this review!!! It was the fact that she was reminded she had an ugly second name that made her forget her wand. Ariel does owe Bahir after that. That\'s going to play a role later. Everyone keeps asking me about Nessa, but I really can\'t say anything >.> You can be Ariel/Bahir\'s ofitial cheerleader. I give you permission :D Thank you so much for the MAGNIFICENT review! *hugs*

Death Rose by Purplemage

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 31 Reviews
Summary: “True Love” Two little words. One big concept. A belief that someone, somewhere is holding the key to your heart. The only thing you have to do is find them. So where is this person? And how do you find them?

Some people do, some people think they do, and some people never do. Sirius didn’t know if Remus was his true love, but he didn’t care. He would follow the werewolf to the end of the world if he had to.

Winner of challenge #1 In defence of love; of the February Valentine's Day challenge

QSQ Nomination for best Same-Sex Pairing Fic
Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 08/21/06 Title: Chapter 1: Death Rose

That was absolutely amazing! I would list all of the mistakes I found through the story, but there's one problem... I didn't find any! That's because I was waaayy too into the story to care about spelling and junk.

This was a beautiful story. The little myth at the beginning and end was an amazing touch. You have so much writing talent. I could totally see the whole story as if I was watching it on a TV. Though it was better than TV because with a TV, it's harder to picture the emotions. You wrote the emotions fabulously. Now I realize I'm running out of adjectives to use to describe for your story. To sum it all up...

Amazing x2


Author's Response: Gabby!!!! *huggles* \"I would list all of the mistakes I found through the story\" i gt so scared when i read that! I was like, noooo. I didn\'t know I had that many! lol You could see it on the tv? Wow, maybe I should seel the idea to some network :P I\'m so happy you liked the story! *huggles again* thanks for the wonderful review!

Go the Distance by Ham

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 10 Reviews
Summary: Years of battle, years of pain, immense losses, and the burden of the world on his shoulders. But now he has reached the end of his task, the end of his journey. It is time for him to go home. SONGFIC
Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 09/02/06 Title: Chapter 1: Go the Distance

Wow. This story was written so beautifully. It was truly amazing. The only thing I kept thinking though was that it would probably be better suited if it was not Harry Potter. *now I sound like a loony* The end is so beautiful. Such description of Harry entering Heaven. Speaking with God. Him praying. Being carried by angels. All of it together is so amazing and I think that it would be better if it was a non-HP related story because God is not once mentioned in the series. Do you get what I'm saying? I am guilty of incorporating God into my stories, so that's not what the problem is. It's the fact that such a wonderful and beautiful peice of writing, such a beautiful image and description is wasted on a Harry Potter story. I hope you understand what i'm trying to say.... To put it bluntly... this story is too good to be about Harry Potter. I say change the names, change the beginning plot to make it non-magical and be proud. This is true writing.

Staring at The Wall by ProfPosky

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 19 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: A Gryffindor entry for the Spring Challenge, challenge number one. How did Hagrid survive his time in Azkaban during CoS? Read and find out!

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 02/25/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This was a wonderfully written story. It was truly interesting and I couldn't stop reading it. It's such a new way of thinking. You never really see stories about Hagrid, much less a story that is about his time in Azkaban. I love the lists, which is basically saying that I love the whole story because it was mostly lists. It's so creative. There's not much more I can say other than that I loved the story and it was wonderfully written and I'm glad to have read it. And that I'm adding to my favourites.

Author's Response: So glad you liked it! I was inspired by a challenge and a story about soldiers in Vietnam and what they carried in their packs. I worked very hard on this, it was my first story on MNFF and I think it might be my best. There might be another one or two with him coming...I won a drabble challenge and I am trying to figure out if it I can make it into a fic. That one is over in the Three Broomsticks Scrapbook challenge thread. Thank you so much for the review!

Between a Chinese Fireball and an Amaryllis by Purplemage

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 17 Reviews
Summary: "Sometimes, just sometimes the right decision is not always the one that makes the most sense."

Heather hadn’t wanted to see Charlie Weasley because she knew it would awaken many memories and feelings she had put to sleep a long time ago, but once she saw him she couldn’t help, wanting to know what he had been up to. Where had her lost love gone?

This story was the first price winner for the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes one-shot challenge .
Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 09/06/06 Title: Chapter 1: Between a Chinese Fireball and an Amaryllis

Well, harald goes away, so what do I do?? Read a story, of course!!! New reviews for Harald!! No, I am NOT using this review as an excuse to get you to read Alone!! Anywho... *sigh* Love your story... yadda yadda yadda... and all that other stuff I feel obligated to say in every reveiw. : D Now for the fun stuff. Okay, So my first thought when I read this story was a very short summary of it... "Fred and Gerorge: OMG! It's Heather! *hugs Heather* Buy our stuff!!! Heather: Will do! Oh! A chess set! Oh! My ex-boyfriend! Wanna play chess?! *Charlie kisses* *end of story*" I was like.... trying to figure out the point of the story. Then I realized it's cool enough not to really have one. C'mon... a story with the twins, Ginny, an OC and Charle... the only thing that couls make it better is an Ariel/Bahir (dreamy man of mystery who lacks a last name) snog fest! And then to make things even better, I read Emily's review and realized that this and HLRiaM are connected. Clever. I like it. It explains both stories better. You have a knack for writing OCs. You make them seem so real. I'm muy jealous. *glares at Harald and his OC writing talents* Oh right... review the story... *ahem* LOVE IT AS USUAL! Writea new one, quick! Before I run out of stories by you to read!!

Author's Response: I\'m offended, the story sooo does have a point! It\'s about the choices you make in life, is about following your heart. Charlie followed his and turned out happy while Heather didn\'t and was unhappy. You haven\'t learned your lesson Gabby! You need to read this again! lol, I\'m kidding. (about the reading thing, not the rest) Thanks for the review! It was nice to come back and see lovely reviews waiting for me.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 09/13/06 Title: Chapter 1: Between a Chinese Fireball and an Amaryllis

Je suis désolé... I didn't mean to offend you... I guess I did just miss the point... By the way, I have read the story over... When I first read it, I printed it out becuase I was in the middle of it when my bus came, and it's been sitting in my school bag (along with various other stories I've printed out to read on the bus) and I whip a story out to read in a boring class... I think I've read this story.... three times? Don't get me wrong, Harald. I loved the story. I guess I just missed the point... *is ashamed* I can see it now that you've explained it...

*Schuffles out...*

Author's Response: Don\'t worry I wasn\'t that mad. Is just that sometimes I get a little defemsive with my writing. Specially when i try that it has a mesage and then people don\'t see it. I\'m honored that you read the fic in class. lol

Sakura by Purplemage

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 9 Reviews
Summary: “Life is short, and yet it's beautiful.”

Sometimes two people that have nothing in common find each other and even if it is for a little while, they lighten each other’s lives. Sirius had no idea of what he was going to find in Japan. Kasumi had no idea how much that foreigner was going to change her life.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 08/23/06 Title: Chapter 3: The First Blossom

Whoa... way to jump off a cliff, Kasumi... This was a wonderful story. I feel bad for Remus... Even though he doesn't know it, he has to share Sirius' heart with another person. Awww... All in all, this story had a good plot line. it amused me that Sirius knew nothing about Japan. I even knew what sake and sushi were. Gosh, Sirius, don't you read? The end was so sad! Kasumi could have started over and had a good life! Darn flower... reminding her life is short... The quote at the end of the story finishes it so nicely.

So, I'll say once again... You have so much writing talent... I love your stories. (Which is probably why I'm reading all of them and leaving these reviews, huh?)

Author's Response: \"Whoa... way to jump off a cliff, Kasumi\" hahaha, that made me laugh out loud. I wouldn\'t feel bad for Remus, Sirius is in love with him. Sure, he kissed Kasumi but he\'s not in love with her. he just has really strong feelings towards her. \"Gosh, Sirius, don\'t you read?\" LOL, I thought that making Sirius completely ignorant would add a little humour to the fic and apparently it did. Thanks you so much for the compliments *flushes* I love your reviews!

Broken Glass by Morwen

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 15 Reviews
Summary: There were twelve years in which Remus Lupin lived alone, after he lost everything. How does one survive that?
Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 01/01/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This is a very well-written story. I like the present ttense. You don't see stories written in the present tense very often, so this story was a special treat for me. I loved it. I'm always very drawn to stories about Remus after that Halloween. I think people forget how much he went through. He did lose everything. He lost more than even Harry did. *hugs Remus* Very good story. I liked it a lot. It has aided me in procrastinating eve more on my schoolwork. Thanks for that :) Oh, by the way, the banner for this story that you have on the forums. The reason I read it was because I liked the banner and just had to click it. Great story, my dear.

Voices That Linger In Dusty Old Photographs by The Half Blood Prince

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 13 Reviews
Summary: A short character-study exploring Remus' feelings in the days after Hallowe'en 1981.

(The world is strange; strange and old and sometimes dead, but mostly, it is living.)

Story discussed in the DADA class on mugglenet's fan fiction forums.
Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 08/15/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This is an awesome story! I love it! It is written in such an intersting way. I admire your writing talent, expecially for writing it in present tense. I have tense problems, so I give you props for that. I have not much else to say other than I loved it, but I've already said that anyway. I've added it to my favorites. : D

Author's Response: I\'m flattered, Gabby. Thank you very much! (As for present tense, it\'s surprisingly easy to write after doing it a few weeks.) =)

The Raconteur by The Half Blood Prince

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 15 Reviews
Summary: Sirius has always wondered what fear really is like. Told in second person, this is a non-rhyming poem exploring Sirius's feelings of fear.

QSQ Poetry Award Winner.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 09/07/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I loved it. It is so amazing. Those are the most constructive words I can think of right now. You really know how to write poetry! I've not talked to many people who can. This was fabulous. The bits inside brackets add so much to the poem. I've never seen that before. I really love it. *I think I said that already* Anyway. It was fabulous. :)


Author's Response: Thank you: I am very much flattered! Hopefully I will post more poems up soon. (School is stealing my life.) <3s Gabby! =)

The Delicate Scent of a Flower by guiding ray of sunlight

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 3 Reviews
Summary: Iris Decor has had a sad life. And when she finally finds council- more grief attacks. This is her life story.

My name is guiding ray of sunlight and I am entering the June/July challenge - Challenge One and I am in Gryffindor House.

Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 08/03/06 Title: Chapter 1: The Delicate Scent of a Flower

This is a beautiful story. I truly loved it. Her father's last words were so true and peaceful and wonderful and amazing and all those other good words. I love how the story flows and how she has a changing moment where she's a new person ecause of her father's last words. I loved it.

Author's Response: Thanks Gabby! her father\'s last words actually came from a proverb that was said by someone that learned in the same school as I learn in. She wrote all these trully amazing things, and she was taken from this world by Cancer. Her words changed a lot of people\'s lives, and that is how the plot bunny came to be. Thanks for the review (and banner) Gabby! <3 Sunray

Harry Potter and The Process of writing Fan Fiction by Purplemage

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 110 Reviews
Summary: A hilarious ride inside an author's head as he tries to write the best fic ever written by a fan. Unfortunatley, things don't go as planned and the author must get himself out of a sticky situation before he ruins the joy of writing Fan Fiction forever.

WARNING: Random and Bizarre humor ahead.
Reviewer: BeautyInTheBreakdown Signed
Date: 08/21/06 Title: Chapter 1: Harry Potter and The Process of Writing Fan Fiction

Oh My Goodness. Pshhh... I read the whole story... just staring at the screen reading it... and then I read the last line, stared at the screen a bit more... and then just strated laughing histerically. It was like... so random it caused a delayed reaction. It's a work of brilliance! I would go through and pick my favorite parts and quote them and laugh again, but it's late and I'd wake the whole house up laughing and I could never pick my favorite line. Though I have to say, I love the italicized thoughts. Brilliant... Loved it... yet another story by Harald... added to my favorites.

Author's Response: Gabby!!!! I think that\'s the weirdest behaiviour I\'ve seen inflicted on someone because of this fic and believe me I\'ve seen some strange behaiviours. I always think those things while I\'m writing fics, it made only sense that I put them here! Thanks for the review and adding to favorites!!!

Her Life reflected in a Mirror by Purplemage

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 13 Reviews
Summary: One day in the life of Katherine Waters. After washing her face, she looked at her reflection in the mirror.When she was young, Katherine loved mirrors. She spent hours studying every angle and every pore in her face, but now she hated them. They were a constant reminder that her life was drifting away.

This story was the runner up for challenge #2 conflict of the June/July monthly challenge.
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Date: 08/22/06 Title: Chapter 1: Her Life reflected in a Mirror

Don't you just hate three word reviews? So this one has fourteen: This was amazing.

Author's Response: You silly!