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Ginger Hair, that's me. Well what can I say about myself, besides the fact that I love red hair, which you probably already knew from my username? Now to get on with my description. I am a slightly crazy author from the US who has been known to make some wild stories, although I am very good at Genaral and Romance fics as well.

As for the wonderful world of Harry Potter, I do NOT own any of it. JKR does. I am just a humble fanfic writer following in her footsteps.

Every once in a while my stories may become random at odd times. Don't mind it, it's my personality.

I am a HUGE Hr/R shipper all the way. Do NOT try to convince me otherwise. I will not budge on this subject at all.

A big thanks to all my Family and Friends, who, without their ideas my stories would not be nearly as good as they are now.

Heh. Just to let you all know my favorites in the HP world. Book 3rd. Movie 3rd. Character-female Hermione, she's so like me it's scary. Character-male Ron, he's so adorable and funny.Being so much like Hermione you all know Ron is my HP Romeo.

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rupert is doomed
Rupert Grint/Ron Weasley! *whootwhoot* Go Rupert
Grint Fans. I'm one my self ^_^

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As said above, Ron is awesome as is Rupert Grint. I am huge Rupert fan.

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Reviewer: Ginger Hair Signed
Date: 01/03/05 Title: None

update please? *gives puppydog pout* or else!

Author's Response: Chapter seven at www.livejournal.com/users/hermioneiswho

Reviewer: Ginger Hair Signed
Date: 12/30/04 Title: None

Hilarious all around story with good plotline and such...that was my author voice talking .*shakes author voice out of head* Yay my! regular voice! anyway in other words to my ahem alter ego, this story is Bloody Brilliant and wicked funny!update soon! please?


Reviewer: Ginger Hair Signed
Date: 01/03/05 Title: None

Awesome job. It's always good to throw a made-up person in there to spice thigns up. Sounds really good so far. *claps*

Author's Response: Yeah! I really have always liked that...I usually make made-ups for every fanfic I write, be it Harry Potter or some Japanaese Anime! :) Ron: (indignant) We're not Japanese! And only he's Harry! Harry: (sighing) Ron, it's the title of our book series. Ron: Oh....(blush blush)

The Secret Room of Salazar Slytherin by MoonyPadfootProngs

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Hermione has somehow found a secret room inside the Slytherin common room. A place where the Slytherins can, shall I say, let loose and get a little crazy...and get crazy it shall. (A/N: All characters and settings in my story belong to JK Rowling. No profit or copyright infringement is intended)
Reviewer: Ginger Hair Signed
Date: 01/08/05 Title: Chapter 6: The Pink Bunny Incident

Great story. I love the randomness, much likes ome of my stories. Anyway, the pink bunny snape is hilarious. I put him in a pink nightgown in my story. But anyway, it was brilliant.

Author's Response: Yeah, I would personally love to see Snape as a pink bunny. I'd probably die from laughing so hard. Pink nightgowns are hilarious also. I think it's just the color pink that gets me though. Thanx for your review. :)