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Hello. :) I'm eighteen years old, but unfortunately I haven't written fan fiction since I was fifteen or sixteen. I'm usually very much inspired by the events happening in my real life, and sometimes it gets woven into what I write. It amuses me greatly that there are certain things I have somehow predicted in my writing without knowing... I've noticed this while re-reading "Questioning Fate" for the first time in years. I find writing very therapeutic and a great creative outlet for me... however, lately I find myself more likely to draw or paint than write something worth showing others.

I hope you enjoy reading my fan fiction. :)

~ Lainie xox ~

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A Mother's Lullaby by Amarisa

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 64 Reviews
Summary: Ever wonder what happened the night Harry arrived on the Dursleys' front step and the days following? When Harry can't stop crying, how does a mother's lullaby help him through everything, even when he's older and remembering her words... both of the song and quite possibly the advice? A one-shot.
Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 11/06/04 Title: Chapter 1: One

WOW! This is one of the best fan fics I've ever read. I assume that you're used to hearing this but, your writing is absolutely beautiful. It's so sweet how you characterize Harry as such a cute baby with a bright smile, always grinning and happy. I already love Harry so much, and your fan fiction makes me love him so much more. The part where Lilly sings to him made me cry. And that's something because rarely does a something I read makes me cry - I'm very unemotional. And I really loved the part when Harry was grinning the very next day. It's so sad to think how much the Dursleys have changed Harry the way that they've treated him. He could be so much happier without them, he needs love only his family could provide. Anyway, I really love your fan fiction, its not only beautiful, but its everything good that I can't even describe it. Keep up the amazing work!

Requiem of a Lost Dream by Amarisa

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 29 Reviews
Summary: Harry awakes to find things much different than life on Privet Drive. His parents are alive and he's been living with them, Dumbledore defeated Voldemort, Harry was never famous, and things are normal for him. But is it real? A one-shot.
Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 06/02/05 Title: Chapter 1: One

Oh my! That was another absolutely amazing story from you! I love it! Keep up the amazing writing, and hope to see more stories soon! :)


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 06/01/05 Title: None

Wow your story is so amazing so far! I can't wait for an update! Please update real soon!

Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 06/08/05 Title: None

WOOOW!! I loved this chapter the best so far! It just keeps getting better and better! This chapter made me smile, laugh and nearly cry! I loved it! Please update real soon, I really can hardly wait! 10!

Sleeping Hermione by LO1

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 19 Reviews
Summary: A new twist to an old story- Where Ron is having horrible, yet seemingly real nightmares that winds up turning the characters lives upside down and leaving Hermione under curse of everlasting sleep. AIn this adventureous love tale, Harry and Voldemort both dissapear, and it's up to Ron, Hermione and a small group of friends to solve the mystery. Themes from the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" mixed with new plotlines that scream "Potter-Universe!"
Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 04/15/06 Title: Chapter 1: In one dream

Nice start. Just a few little things to work on in the future would be.. what they say. To me, they seem a little out-of-character, jumping all over the place and exclaiming things seems slightly childish for their age. Also, there are a few spelling/grammar errors here and there. Keep writing. :)

The Summer Before 6th Year by Terri

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 109 Reviews
Summary: Summer after losing Sirius, with Voldemort growing stronger, how will Harry cope?
Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 11/11/04 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Wow!! I absolutely love you story so far. It is just too good. I have written a story somewhat simular to this (about Harry, the summer after Sirius dies) but yours is soo much better! Your wording is so fantastic ... I wish I could write as well as you! This chapter is so emotional I love it so much. I love Harry and I'd hate it that he's so upset, and it's so good that his aunt is worried about him (gosh, I wish it were true!) Good job, keep up the awesome work! Now on to the next chapter! Lainie xox

Author's Response: Thank you for your kind words, I try to keep the characters the same as JKR left them! Terri

Dursley Gets Drilled by MsTattersall

Rated:46 Reviews
Summary: Uncle Vernon has a bad toothache, and the only dentist who can see him on a Saturday is a Dr. Granger. What he doesn't know is gonna hurt him. Open wide!
Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 08/18/05 Title: Chapter 1: (Short Story)

Oh goodness, this fan fiction is hillarious. I found your fan fiction on the beta forums, when someone was asking for a Dursley fan fiction. Your whole idea of this fan fiction is really unique, and it works perfectly! I also love how everyone is true to their characters in the book. Plus, you do know a lot about dentistry - that's fabulous. Your protrayal of the Grangers as being very smart is very right. I really don't know what would make this story of yours better. Great job, 10/10 :)

Here at the End of All Things by Ella Norman

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 60 Reviews
Summary: *one-shot* The Final Battle. Ron never thought he would hear those words, nor live to see the days in which it would come. It had come, and he fighting it, his Hermione, his love, alongside him. He loved her more than life, and she was his all. ___________________________________________________________________ I must say, I'm quite proud of this one. Well-worth the time it takes to read. Please R&R. PG-13 for the heaviness of the situation.
Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 07/14/06 Title: Chapter 1: Here at the End of All Things

My gooodd, this was so intense. I can't even describe it. For a second, I felt like I could have been Ron... it's so hard to imagine but the pain I could feel was already so deep and I'm only reading this thing. I love the trio.. it's just so heartbreaking. You really have a talent for writing and making things so real. Awesome job! =)


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 07/29/05 Title: None

Yet another wonderful chapter. I really love reading emotional writing, and this greatly soothes my addiction. I'm probably not the only one who loved it when Harry ate the bug. You make him so so so adorable (not that he isn't already). I wish that he could be happy and with his parents right now, but then it wouldn't be much of a story. How I got to this fan fiction was off the beta forums when I said that I would like to see more of Harry's Babyhood stories, and this was reccommended to me. I really loved what I read so far, and I'm intrigued to find out more. Though I won't be able to read for a while, but I'm sure you will hear from me again. You're on my faves list. :) Awesome story! :)

Author's Response: It's nice to see that people are still reading this story. It's been quite a while since I finished it. I'm glad you like what you've read so far. :)

Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 08/01/05 Title: None

Oh my gosh. That was so dramatic, in a totally good way, but sad at the same time. *Takes deep breaths* I really enjoyed your fan fiction. It had me sitting at the edge of my seat practically clinging to my own face, especially this chapter. The reason must be the fact that it was Halloween, and Harry was one year old, you know that his parents are going to die. It's so sad how Harry was having so much fun the whole time, oblivious to it all... and he is such a cute baby. So happy... and now he's pretty much distraut because his loving parents never made it. Omg, I love him so much. And I love your fan fiction very much as well, because all the funny things you make him do, its just so cute. Your words run so smoothly on the page, you have great writing skills! Keep up the awesome work, and of course I'll read more of your fan fiction. :) 10/10

Author's Response: Thank you, Lainie, for your very nice and sweet review. It gives me glowiness. I've really enjoyed writing this tale about Harry and his parents. Thank you for reading and I'm glad you liked my portrayal of baby and family.

Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 07/29/05 Title: None

I absolutely lovely chapter. I'm about to read as much as can! I absolutely adore stories about Harry's babyhood, and so far this fan fiction is really good! Great job :)

Author's Response: Thank you Lainie! I'm glad you like stories about Baby Harry because this one has quite a bit of him.


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 02/10/05 Title: None

Wow that's very interesting.. can't wait for an update! Keep up the awesome ideas and writing!

Author's Response: thanks :), am working on chapter 4: A muggle in Hogsmeade.

Spirits in the Future by JessicaH

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 587 Reviews
Summary: Voldemort attacks the Potters, James and Lily try to protect their beloved baby boy. Then suddenly they're in a house they do not know. Harry isn't with them and they don't know what happened. Where are they? And who are the redhead children running down the stairs? Why have they been sent? The story is placed in the future, years after Voldemort's death, but danger is still lurking. Features Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione.

Joint winner in the genfic category of the Multifaceted Fanfiction Awards
Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 04/07/06 Title: Chapter 1: Our Grandchildren?

Wow!!! I was soooo hooked right away when I read the summary! Also, I got so excited when they heard the little girl's name. Haha. In the summary, it said "joint" .. is it a joint fic? Anyhow, it's really awesome so far, and I see you have many reviews to reward you! Awesome job!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm so glad you found your way to my story.

Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 04/14/06 Title: Chapter 23: Another Order of the Phoenix

Aww how sad. It's amazing how you got the Tonks/Lupin thing right when it seems like you wrote this before HBP. NIce job, can't wait for more.

Author's Response: I have to admit that the Remus/Tonks part was mostly wishful thinking from my side at this point, not something I thought would actually happen. I was extremely pleased when it did, though :)

Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 04/14/06 Title: Chapter 24: Face to Face

Oooh it's really getting excitng now.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you think so :D

Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 04/07/06 Title: Chapter 12: Hogsmeade

I'm really sorry that I haven't been reviewing more often... but I have been so into reading your story, and mugglenet keeps logging me off, so I continued. I want to let you know how amazing your fiction is. It writes like your own story, and yet it's fan fiction. It's so completely unique.. and everything is amazingly planned out and all the characters are so well developed! I'm dying to know more about Millie! And it's quite late right now for me, and I just read 11 chapters in .. many hours? I'm looking forward for more tomorrow! Thank you very much for writing this fiction. Sorry my critiques are useless, as you have many admirers already.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. And no, your reviews are definitely not useless. I'm thrilled that you like the story so much. And don't worry, you'll know everything in time.

Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 04/13/06 Title: Chapter 22: Sneaking Out

Awww that is toooo cuteee!! It really reminds me of Ronald and Hermione in a sense.. I hope to see more of them soon. Awesome chapters, awesome writing, awesome story yet again.. 10/10 of course. :)

Author's Response: Thank you :) I\'m so glad you think it is a good story.

Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 04/14/06 Title: Chapter 26: After the Battle

What a lovely ending. I'm so happy I read this story, it's been such a pleasure. :)

Author's Response: I\'m happy you decided to read this as well. Thank you for reading and for leaving such lovely reviews.

Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 04/08/06 Title: Chapter 13: Quidditch match

Another amazing chapter yet again. It's hard to imagine how Harry would be when he grows up, because in the books he's still quite teenagerish, but you've done it so well. He's so.. professional, it's quite strange in a way. Again, this story has brought so many laughs... even at the little things. You're a very very talented writer. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. That makes me happy to hear. :)

Out of the Ashes by Stormy

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 28 Reviews
“I won’t pretend I know how you’re feeling Harry – not this time. Too long I have ignored the simple fact that I make mistakes, and I cannot understand every emotion a fellow human can feel. I know that you feel anger, and resentment towards me. If there is nothing else you believe, know only that there are people who love you, and trust you.”

It is two weeks after the final battle and Harry is struggling to come to terms with what has take place. It takes someone special to draw a new life out of the ashes, but what is there to live for when so much has been lost?
(Set at the end of book 7)

Please Read and Review - my first fic!

Reviewer: Lainie xox Signed
Date: 06/26/05 Title: Chapter 1: Out of the Ashes

I must say this is awesome stuff for your very first fan fiction, as it is awesome anyway even if it weren't. And awe, I love Harry so much and it's sad that he's feeling all these dark emotions. I just want to give him such a huge hug... Omg, there are tears in my eyes. And just to let you know, that doesn't happen often while reading. I am an emotional person, but when reading I just can't seem to do that as often. But this fiction is one of the rare ones that's made me cry. It's really really sad. And I must say that it makes it even more amazing because it was a quite short of a fiction as well (not a bad thing at all, you've proved). My tears blurred the typing on my computer screen.... I really have to say it again: this fan fiction of yours is SO amazing! It's so effective in stimulating the emotions of the readers, and for it's shortness too! I really enjoy your writing, and I hope that you will forever post here on MNFF so I can read your writing forever! Great job! And of course, 10/10.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I'm so pleased you liked it. To be honest, I cried when I wrote it and I'm pleased that it made you cry too (sorry if that sounded like I wanted you to be upset; I don't mean it to sound that way!) As for posting here forever, you'll have to put up with me for a good long while yet :)