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Age: Old enough

Sex: No thanks

Location: Right here

Height: Kinda tall

Weight: That's none of your business

Hair: Fabulous as always

Eyes: In my head, and also fabulous

Favorite Harry Potter Character: Snape all the way. Yes, I have read Half-Blood Prince.

Personal info: I'm crazy, I like the Harry Potter books and writing. How perfect that I'm here. ;)

No, really I am quite bizarre. How else do I come up with all the stuff for my stories? Why, by asking my brother for help! He's a tad bizarre, too. If ever you want to give him props for his ideas, just say so in a review, he reads them too.

So, personal interests: I like reading, writing, listening to music, hanging with friends. I'm also a big fan of letting my imagination run wild. There's always the risk it won't come back, but it always has, and ususally with an odd scent attached.

Random thought, aka Behind-The-Scenes, aka Why This Chappie Is SOOO Late: Sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry. I've been writing a novel, you see. (Seriously.) I've also got this thing called "work" where I am paid to stand around, smile, and take people's money, though it's not nearly as fun as it sounds. Add to that my helping finish the house I live in, and the OTHER computer, the one with the wireless internet that lets me effortlessly (usually) play World of Warcraft yet has no working word document programs....So yes, I've been a tad distracted lately. And I apologize profusely for making you, my dearest readers, wait for my neurosis to abate. Thank YOU for sticking with me. :D

CURRENT QUOTE: "Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."

-Groucho Marx

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Late-Night Antics by FlooCrookshanks

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Snape chasing Fawkes, drunken parties in Gryffindor Tower, marigolds, cats, phoenix poo, floo powder, Dumbledore's false teeth, and eyeballs. Discover the bizarre events you never knew happened at Hogwarts!
Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 02/28/05 Title: Chapter 1: Who Let the Fawkes Out?

Oh man, so funny. I'm sitting in a library, so I've gotta be quiet, but your story is making me almost explode with silent laughter. "My peef, my peef!" Hilarious. We MUST have more late night antics!

Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 03/01/05 Title: Chapter 1: Who Let the Fawkes Out?

ALSO: can I borrow the different adventure every chapter thing for my story? The polt is a little thin and I wouldn't be able to fit in my brother's suggestions otherwise. In return, you may use my name for more late-night antics, like you did with yours. I'm so generous.

Author's Response: Hey there! You're welcome to use the Different Adventure For Every Chapter thing for your story; I highly doubt I'm the first or last person to do it, but you're very sweet for asking. I'm glad you're enjoying the series so far! Let me know when you get your first instalment up and I'll be sure to check it out. :D P.S. I'll see what I can do about the Title Thing. ;)

Magorian by The Savant

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Lowbrow. High-concept. Medium rare. Magorian's back, and he's here to stay! A/N: All right, who stole all my exclamation points!?
Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 03/07/05 Title: Chapter 10: O She of Shadows

I must say that this has got to be one of the funniest things I've read. I particularly liked "The Swamp" being on between "Survivor: Idaho" and "Survivor: Hell." May randomness live on! And always remember: It's not a good story unless something catches fire.

Author's Response: Words to live by. Or to burn by. Your choice.

Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 02/23/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chicken Feast

And here I was thinking that this story had ended. The battle of the swamp was over, there seemdd to be a somewhat reasonable (for this story anyway) conclusion, and then THERE'S ANOTHER CHAPPIE!!!!!!!!! Oh, massive funnies, and cheese. Always cheese.

Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 04/04/05 Title: Chapter 1: Chicken Feast

First of all, funny story. I thouroughly enjoy. It's great conversation material, if you wish to confuse the audience. Second: I noticed in a response to one of your reviews you said "burination." This is good, should you wish to read my new story (and you should, everyone should, tell all your friends). The second chapter, just submitted, has a kerrek in it. I'm hoping you know what I'm talking about. I also like burninating. But you knew that. I'm also rambling. But you knew that also. But I like your story and am reviewing, so it's okay. But I will stop now. 1, 2, 3, now!

Author's Response: Of course I know what a Kerrek is. I even downloaded Peasant's Quest onto my computer. Finding your new story would require my knowing its name.


Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 02/10/06 Title: None

Being a fan of both the Harry Potter and LOTR serieses (I don't think that's a word), I rather thought this was funny. Particularly how Hermione isn't that smart and how you're always trying to kill her, or at least maim. My only suggestion: more stabbings and fire. Fire is our friend. *Cackles Maniacly*

Author's Response: Fire is my friend as well. Stabbing is good too *Laughs along with you evilly* Thanks for reviewing!!!

Tom Riddle and the Half Blood Prince by Zetera

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Parody of the Harry Potter series written and completed before the release of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. It looks at the lives of some of the major characters as they wait impatiently for book six to arrive. Naturally, chaos ensues. Suitable for all.

Winner of the first annual Quicksilver Quills Award 2006 for best humor fiction. Thank you!

Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 02/25/05 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter One: Unfair!!!

Man, funny stuff. The strict diet of sugar, how great. And Snape is as snide as ever "I'm not the one with the addiction, why should I have to suffer?" Loved that. I loved that pic too, but I do have a question: Where are Harry's glasses?

Author's Response: Aww, thank you. About the picture, well....it was drawn by Voldemort...

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Az-No-Fans! by hal_01

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Holy cream-filled cadaver! Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Az-No-Fans! is what God meant to create when he slipped, took a nosedive and accidentally created what we call earth. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Az-No-Fans is the perfect world in which we were all meant to live. It is perfection. READ IT OR FOREVER REMAIN IMPERFECT.
Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 01/21/06 Title: Chapter 12: Part 12: Continued Chuntering

I decided to read this story all the way through before I reviewed. As such, it will be hard for me to remember all of the various pieces of insanity that had me in fits of stifled laughter, threatening to blow my brain out of my ears. Just know that I was GREATLY amused.

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I'm really happy. Your review is precious to me, like i didn't waste my time. No, it was way too fun to be a waste of time. Thankyouuuuuuu! You have earnt my eternal gratitude.


Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 03/01/05 Title: None

I always knew there was something wrong with blue cheese. And vomitpoop: that's a great description. But always remember: It's not a good story unless something catches fire.

Author's Response: fire............hmmmmmmmmmm........*GASP!!!* I HAVE A HUGE GREAT ENORMOUS IDEA WITH FIRE!!!!!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

The Founding of Hogwarts by d3pr3ss3dNhappy

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: During their third year at Hogwarts, Harry plays with Hermione's time turner and accidentally brings him, Hermione and Ron back to when Hogwarts was founded. The newly founded Hogwarts is even more confusing than present day Hogwarts. Includes some very intense betting and a highly competitive eating contest.
Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 03/21/05 Title: Chapter 8: Why you shouldn't leave potassium lying around

I'd just like to say that this story is so random that I can't wipe the stupid grin off my face. Very funny, as usual. And with the potassium, I once had a teacher tell of how his friend got arrested for tossing potassium in a pond and killing all the fish by throwing off the pH balance. Just a fun tidbit.

Author's Response: Haha, yeah I've heard about that one. I think it's one of those urban legends.


Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 05/03/05 Title: None

Oh man. Once again, I am sitting in a library fighting the overwhelming urge to chuckle evilly at your story. It's actually quite unhealthy to stifle so much laughter. You could explode. ALSO: While we're doing the shameless self-promotion bit, feel free to read and review my story.

Author's Response: I shall try to, but I'm a bit crunched on time so I don't know exactly when I'll get to it. And as for the urges, don't stife them, embrace them.

Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 04/01/05 Title: None

Funny, funny stuff. While the severs were on hiatus and nothing was updated for three days, I ended up reading all of your previously finished stories for some reason. I don't mean to sound like a suck up, but I liked them. You've got a humor style somewhat like mine. In a good way. Also: I have a story out now (bout frickin' time), so feel free to read it.

Author's Response: I'll read yours *drumroll* eventually! I don't have much time now - answering reviews takes twice as long as usual because every 4 minutes I have to re-log in. But anyhoo, glad you liked this, and my other stories.

Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 11/11/05 Title: None

“Because at the end of Half Blood Prince, everyone - THIS PARAGRAPH HAS BEEN EDITED FOR HBP SPOILERS - bananas!” Oddly enough, this could happen! My goodness, funnies. And we're so glad you're not dead.

Author's Response: We're so glad I'm not dead either.


Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 08/10/05 Title: None

Funny, very funny. Weddings are deranged, by the way. At first I thought it was Snape storming in the room, but then the scarf made me change my mind. ALSO: Shameless plug for my story, which everyone should read.

Author's Response: Random, but I think I did read your story, but never reviewed because the infamous log in problems prevented me...but anyway, thanks for reviewing!

Harry Potter, Lord Voldemort and the Writer's Block by LilmissBrit

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It’s Harry Potter’s Seventh Year in Hogwarts, and Lord Voldemort is close to overthrowing good once and for all. He’s got it all: a goblin desk, Albus Dumbledore’s quill, one billion, two thousand, six hundred and ninety-eight slaves and a secretary…not to mention the entire world. It’s time to put himself into the history books properly - as the evil genius he is. Unfortunately, Lord Voldemort has a bad case of writer’s block…with hilarious consequences.
Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 02/22/05 Title: Chapter 1: Don't try to run before you can walk

Wow, funny stuff. Being a writer, I know exactly how Voldy feels.

Author's Response: You have no idea how random I am...but, I gues that everybody is so obsessed with Voldy being so evil, I wanted to do it from the hilarious perspective...

Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 02/25/05 Title: Chapter 1: Don't try to run before you can walk

Second chappie: Not quite as funny as the first, but still good. I liked Dumbledore curteously interrogating the secretary. Curteously, of course. And his chess excuse. Very amusing.

Author's Response: Dumbledore make excuses? No way...teehee, it sounds the sort of thing Dumbledore would say, kind of random yet wise...only a dude with a very long beard can do that, you know...

What's In A Name? by Musegaarid

Summary: Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny invent a new name for Lord Voldemort. He doesn't care for it, though, so he comes up with a new identity of his own. (One-shot)
Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 03/08/05 Title: Chapter 1: What's In A Name?

Funny stuff. I just about lost it entirely at Immortal Love Rodd.

Mary Sue and Cal Pue by Picko

Summary: A satirical look at the "Mary Sue" including how authors use such characters in their stories. As well as a satirical look at a character who likes to think he's a "Mary Sue" type.
Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 04/22/05 Title: Chapter 1: Part I

How very cynical yet humorous. I like it. Mary Sues are so very annoying, but I guess if we're poking fun at them, this'll be good.


Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 09/09/05 Title: None

Oh, funny. Reminds me of a spoof called "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban in 15 minutes" which was also hilarious. But this is muchly funny too.


Reviewer: FriendsOfSnape Signed
Date: 04/19/06 Title: None

This is hysterical! Really, truly, funny. Except I'm a Snape/Bellatrix shipper (long story, read my fic for an explanation). But still, massive funnies!

Author's Response: Snape/Bella? Hmm, has merit... Naah. I like Lucius better with her. But thatks for the feedback!