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Hmm...a "Bio". Bio is something living...so what if I'm really a zombie? And I'm here to take over the world? Eh?
...Alright, alright. I'll cut the cheesy jokes. But be warned.

My penname is Scotty Strudel. I am a 14 year old girl (yus, a girl, despite the fact it says "Scotty"). I *obviously* LOVE Harry Potter!

Hmm. What else?

Harry Potter related stuff: I love Lily/James fic's. I'm also a Harry/Hermione shipper. I also think Ron/Luna and Neville/Ginny would make cute couples....and I admit to reading a couple of Sirius/Lupin fic's.

In other words- I am a dork who has no life and lives for Harry Potter. Hey, we all have that inner geek.

Desclamair: I do not own Harry Potter at all. It is all the brilliant work of JK Rowlings! ;)

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