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Innocence Found by Accio_Brain

Rated: Professors • 498 Reviews
Summary: What happens when the Order's most valuable spy loses his memory? Severus Snape fights to survive in a world he can no longer remember and in the process rediscovers the love of his life.

Severus Snape/Original Character.


Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 08/20/06 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter 16

Does Narcissa know he's married now? Why is Camilla acting so distant and why is she showing Severus nothing but anger? In the last chapter she demanded that he start giving her some attention and spemd some time with her. He has been doing that and all he gets is the cold shoulder.
I don't see why he would go to meet Narcissa, he doesn't remember who she is and if he can't remember her he certainly won't remember the meeting place in the Forbidden Forest.
And last of all, what about the letters Camilla is getting, who are they from and what is in them that has upset her so?

Author's Response: You\'ll find out more about in the next chapter, but yes, Narcissa knows he\'s married. It really isn\'t a secret. Severus could hardly keep something like that a secret, seeing as she lives at Hogwarts with him. Camilla is acting distant for a very specific reason. You\'ll find out why later. It has to do with the letters, I can tell you that much. She\'s not really trying to give him the cold shoulder; she just has a lot on her mind. He\'s going to go meet her because of curiosity, basically. He\'s still searching for answers and I\'ll tell you that he will get some after that encounter. I would love to tell you about the letters, but I can\'t just yet. You will find out, I promise. Thanks for reviewing and keeping me on my toes! : )

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 09/24/06 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter 18

I went back and read Ch. 17 to be clear on the time line and the facts and then I checked my review for that chapter so that I could bring myself upto date.
I think he has every right to be upset with Camilla and Dumbledore, it's not her life that's on the line with the Unbreakable Vow, it's Snape's life that will be forfeit if he fails to keep the Vow.
Dumbledore is another thing altogether, he already knows that he will die by summer regardless of the Vow, whatever Draco is called upon to do, or whatever Severus will have to do to keep the Vow. What was he thinking to keep that knowledge from him? How could Severus take measures to protect his life and to protect Camilla if he didn't know that he had such a big threat hanging over his head?
I've always wondered why Severus didn't just chuck it all, go far from the wizarding world, and find a muggle plastic surgeon (not Michael Jackson's though) who could remove the mark. He could cut his hair and change the color and go into hiding as a muggle.
Nobody in the Order respects him or cares what happens to him. Dumbledore certainly doesn't show it, if he cares about Severus and what happens to him he would have made sure that Severus knew about the vow and it's consequences.
Poor Severus, the only one who is possibly on his side is Camilla, and I'm not really sure about her.

Author's Response: I completely agree with you. I know Dumbledore has good intentions, but he can be very manipulative at times and uses people to get what he wants. Let\'s think about how he used Harry to get Slughorn to accept the Potions position. Harry was just a little pawn in his game. In the same way, he uses Snape. He is Dumbledore\'s spy and I often wonder if he cares more that Snape\'s doing his job or that he is safe. I know it\'s for the greater good, blah blah, but he doesn\'t seem to give a lot of thought to the danger he puts people in. And he seems to care much more about protecting their feelings than protecting their lives. Maybe he thinks if he is the bearer of bad news then people won\'t like him anymore. I think that if Severus hadn\'t made that stupid Unbreakable Vow that at some point, he may have just decided to leave it all behind. Dumbledore asks an awful lot of him and he is forced to lie to Voldemort on a daily basis. And for what? I agree with you that poor Severus is caught in the middle and he is just royally screwed right now. And Camilla does care about him very much, but again she is like Dumbledore in that she wants to protect him so badly that she often doesn\'t make the wisest choices concerning him. Thanks for the input. I\'m glad you\'re still reading! : )

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 03/29/07 Title: Chapter 27: Chapter 27

Her father and Ruby were certainly happy to see her, now I'm waiting to see what her mother is like to cause her such dread. Her father was strong enough to keep her room waiting for her and with nothing changed in it, so he can't be completly powerless in that house.

I checked to see if I had reviewed the previous chapter and I like your idea about an AU story that answers the questions I raised. Unfortunately, I can't write fiction to save my life so I hope someone will pick up the idea and run with it.

Author's Response: You will get to meet Camilla\'s mother in the next chapter, I believe. Her father picks his battles for sure. And he wins very very few of them. I do need a new plot bunny. I might write that story some time, but I make no promises. : )

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 07/08/07 Title: Chapter 39: Chapter 39

A very nice reunion scene, sweet and satisfying. I thought for a while they there that were going to need a marriage counselor to work things out and get back together if the wizarding world has such a thing. But you managed to get them to see how stubbornly they were behaving and to rise above that because their love for each other and their marriage was far more important than their pride.

Do you plan another chapter or a prologue to clear up the one big loose end, has he been vindicated and redeemed? What will their future be like? The answer to that lies in the answer to my big question, has he been vindicated & redeemed and has he been given the respect and honor he deserves.?

We have 12 days left before JKR answers all our questions. I want to know what you think will happen to Severus and Camilla. Will they be fully accepted back into the wizarding world, or will they have to change their identities and leave that world to have a future?

I'm sure that when Deathly Hallows is published that by the end of the book Severus will be revealed as one of , strike that, as THE main factor in the defeat of 'He Who I Find Most Tiresome'. Harry won't be able to fulfill his destiny without Severus Snape there to both goad and guide him.

I think Severus will survive, but I'm not sure about Harry. The wording of the prophecy seems to say that both 'HW' and Harry must die. JKR might have some other meaning as to what the wording of the prophecy means, but that is how I read it.

BTW when my book comes on July 21st (I ordered it from Amazon the day the publication date was announced) I am immediately going to the last few chapters to find out what happens to everyone.

I might be a mature late middle aged woman, but I won' be able to wait and read it all the way through to the end to find that out. In spite of my maturity, I still have the impatient. impetuous, and impulsive side I had as a child. I found out that I'm not the only one who will do that and I am in some good company.

I've got one more question for you. Did you do the fab art work and those hilarious comments that I found when I used the link in LW's profile?

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked their reunion. It was a long time coming and I hope it was worth the wait. I can tell you that most of your questions will be answered when the story is concluded. I don\'t want to give anything away just yet. I can\'t believe we only have a few days left before we find out Snape\'s fate! Oh yeah, and Harry too. But he\'s not as important. LOL. I\'m really not sure what art work and comments you\'re referring to...

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 07/04/07 Title: Chapter 38: Chapter 38

I tried to write a review last night and I wanted to check something so I stupidly used the page I was on to do it and when I came back the review was gone. I know better than that, I know I should bring up another window with my browser, but I forgot. Why do all the archives do that, I wonder? I wish they would fix it so you can go to another page to check something and still have your review there when you come back and not have to open a whole new browser window to keep your review.

Anyway, here's approximately what I said: I was beginning to get upset about all the violence when all of a sudden Severus found he had the power of wandless magic. I don't like violence unless it's the good guy inflicting it on the bad and the evil, then I'm all for it and the more gruesome, the better I like it.

Bella has had her chance to wreak havoc on Snape and Camilla, I hope Severus will return the favor tenfold in the next chapter. I hate angst, but I love happy endings, and for me that would be a happy ending .

Author's Response: Thank you! I don\'t really like violence either, but Bella is a violent person and she\'s crazy. She\'ll get what she deserves!

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 03/19/07 Title: Chapter 25: Chapter 25

I'm glad to finally get to the gist of things and have explanations for what's going on and why. I can accept everything except for her logic for giving him the amnesia potion. From everything we know about 'He Who I Find Most Tiresome' it wouldn't matter if he couldn't remember the vow and what he had to do if Draco failed, Severus would have to step in and kill Dumbledore. If he didn't do it because he had no memory of the unbroken vow he would still die, either automatically because he broke the vow or if 'HW' AK'ed him. He would literally be a dead man walking.

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. I know it was a long time coming, but yes, you finally got some answers. And I think you will see in the next chapter about why she gave him the potion.

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 09/07/06 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 17

My question is where does Camilla fit in with this? Where was she the night Narcissa & Bellatrix came to Spinner's End? How and why does she know about it? I doubt that he was actively having an affair with Narcissa after he fell in love with Camilla, but when did that affair start and when was the last time he shagged Narcissa? I think it was probably quite a while before he became involved with Camilla. Does that have anything to do with the title?

Author's Response: Ok, for the most part, Severus does not fill Camilla in on what he does for the Order and when he goes to see Voldemort. He doesn\'t want her involved in that, so he keeps it to himself. You\'ll find out later on in the story where she was, but basically she knew he was gone on Order business. That\'s pretty much all. You\'ll find out more about what she does and doesn\'t know as the story progresses. I promise, loose ends will be tied up and questions answered. Just not all right away. You\'ll also find out more about the affair with Narcissa. I can\'t tell you the last time they were together because it\'s a spoiler, but I can tell you that the affair started long before he ever met Camilla. Be patient, answers will come, I promise! I\'ve already written the chapters that deal with all this, so it\'s there. : ) Thanks for reading and for all the reviews you\'ve given me! : D

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 03/19/07 Title: Chapter 26: Chapter 26

Now I see that she actually used no logic at all when she asked Eileen to make that potion, she just closed her mind to what she didn't want to hear or acknowledge.
I wonder what would have happened if Dumbledore had died of the curse (or whatever it was) that blackened his hand before that night. Would Severus be absolved of the vow? Would Draco be absolved of his task because the supposed victim was already dead?

Author's Response: You\'re right. Camilla was extremely distraught and irrational when she gave him the potion. She was desperate and had to try something to try to save him. Those are interesting thoughts. I\'m guessing if Dumbledore had died of natural causes, Snape would have no longer been bound by the vow. There\'s an idea for an AU fic! Thanks for the review! : )

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 05/07/07 Title: Chapter 31: Chapter 31

I didn't think she would have sex with him. She was lonely and starved for affection, she didn't come over as a horny bitch in heat to me. I'm still fully confident that she and Severus will be reconciled by the end of the story.

I thought that Jon calling it your little reunion' showed that he held her feelings for her husband in contempt.
That means her subconscious probably registered that comment and that could have played a big part in her rejection of his sexual overtures. That's really ratherFreudian of me, and I a supporter of Jung's theory.

Author's Response: You\'re exactly right. She was lonely and depressed and needing someone. And yeah, Jon doesn\'t really understand why she loves Severus and doesn\'t think he deserves her. Thanks for the review! : )

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 10/05/06 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter 19

Alright,is she pregnant? When will we find out? I got morning sickness within a week of conception and by the end of 6 weeks it was 24/7 for almost 5 months.
How much time has elapsed between the end of the last chapter and the beginning of this one? I'm having trouble with continuity, the flashbacks are easier for me to follow that the present day.

Author's Response: I can\'t say if she\'s pregnant or not. You\'ll just have to keep reading! About a month has passed since the last chapter. The last chapter was set in November.

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 06/24/07 Title: Chapter 36: Chapter 36

Well at least it was a jet of red and not green, so it couldn't have been an AK. I figure it must be Pttigrew or Bella, they want to use her as bait to trap Severus.

I hope you kill them off, they are nothing but evil terrorists and, like all terrorists, they don't deserve to live. All the faithful Death Eaters are terrorists so they deserve to die too. 'He Who I Find Most Tiresome' is their Bin Laden. He should be killed in some way that he would feel defiled and humiliated him, that would be the most painful death he could suffer. To do that for Bin Laden the best way would be to smother him in pork products or have an enraged sow sit on him and crush him to death. For 'HW' I'd import a Muggle to do the honors, namely, Ash from Army of Darkness. He could use his chainsaw, or his gun, or his Olds. Whichever one he used it would be a Muggle killing him with something from Muggle technology, a humiliating. Once all the Horcruxes are destroyed that would work because 'HW' would have nothing left to use to come back to, what he calls 'life'.

My husband has had Fox News on all day and when the police announced that they had found Jesse Davis's body it triggered blood lust in me. I'm trying to channel it to those I feel most deserve to have blood lust used against them.

Author's Response: That\'s a very good guess on who came for Camilla. I saw that on the news, too. It\'s so sad.

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 06/30/07 Title: Chapter 37: Chapter 37

I'm confused,why would Sverus be hiding from 'He Who I Find Most Tiresome' and the DE's if he is going to remain a spy and get info to the Order somehow? I checked back a few chapters and the only thing I found was at the beginning of Ch.34 when she used the stone to try to warn him that his cover might be blown. Did he get that message? Was his cover blown? The chapter doesn't make sense to me unless his cover was blown, I can see no other reason for him to be hiding from 'HW' and the DE's. That sounds like a rock group from the early '70s, doesn't it.

Author's Response: He wasn\'t spying on Voldemort anymore. His cover was indeed blown. You\'ll see what he was doing.

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 06/10/06 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

Please update soon, you've gotten me hooked on the story. It's intriguing to see Severus so totally vulnerable. I hope he gives in that that attraction soon, it will help him to recover his memory and in the meantime he could fall in love with her all over again. Does Camilla have a job at Hogwarts? If she doesn't what does she do all day while he is teaching? They don't have any children yet as far as I can tell and all the housekeeping tasks are done by the House Elves, so how does she stay occupied?

Author's Response: I\'m really glad you\'re liking it. I definitely wanted to show Snape in a different light. He is, after all, human and there\'s more to him than what Harry can see. You will find out soon what Camilla does with her days. I\'ll tell you that she\'s not the type to sit around and wait for her hubby to get home. She does have a job. : D Thank you very much for reviewing!

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 06/19/06 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7

OK, you have him bending a little bit now i want to see him getting closer to her in the next chapter. I enjoyed the flashback, I hope future flashbacks also have him getting closer to her. Update soon, please!

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed the flashback! Things may start to change soon for Camilla and Severus. : ) Stay tuned... Thanks so much for reviewing! : D

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 07/30/06 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 14

I think it's Severus who was watching her when he returned to Hogwarts after he was summoned.
I have a question for you, when she says she will see him at home where exactly is home? I can't seem to figure that out, do they live in his quarters in Hogwarts' dungeons or do they have a house outside of Hogwarts altogether? If he lives away from the school can he still be head of Slytherin House? Is he still head of Slytherin House? I'm sure that his quarters could have been magically expanded to any size he needed after they were married and he couldl remain head of Slytherin. Please clear this up for me and update as soon as you can.

Author's Response: They live at Hogwarts. They do live in his quarters in the dungeons. Yes, he\'s still head of Slytherin House. Sorry if that was unclear. Thanks for reading. I will update soon. : )

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 06/20/07 Title: Chapter 35: Chapter 35

I'm puzzled about whats going on. The flashback with Bellatrix and Pettigrew. I can't figure out how that fits in, I'll be waiting for the next chapter so I can figure out things a little better.

I do have a question though, why didn't she just use a drying charm on her clothes after she took her shower? It would have made her feel a lot less awkward.

Author's Response: Well, the flashback with Bella and Wormtail will become clear later on. And yes, she could have used a drying charm, but then she wouldn\'t have been able to walk around in his robe. *wink*

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 06/15/07 Title: Chapter 34: Chapter 34

I'm happy to hear that the story is completed, but why the apology to the Admins? I hope that all the last few chapters manage to get checked and posted before July 21st.

At last she confronted Narcissa, and she used Cissy's Achille's Heel to get control of her, vanity. But as a fashion designer she must understand women's vanity very well, so she was well able to use it to her own advantage. It's about time she took control and did something positive to secure his safety and to fight to get him back. I hope to see another chapter in a few days.

Author's Response: I didn\'t mean for anyone to see my note to the admins. Oops! I figured Narcissa was about due for something nasty to come her way. Camilla\'s going to do whatever it takes to find him. :D

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 04/12/07 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 28

I certainly don't see Jon as a romantic rival for Severus, they know each other too well as friends; and since it's a Snape/OC romance I anticipate a happy ending. But Jon could certainly help antagonize Camilla's mother, especially if she now doesn't approve of their friendship. I'm sure he would cooperate with Camilla's plans to get back at her mother.

Author's Response: Oh yeah. Jon enjoys tormenting Catherine just as much as Camilla does. :P

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 07/23/06 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter 13

So my first guess was right, it was Narcissa. Since Severus and Camilla are not a couple at this time and she is seeing somebody else I don't think any contact, sexual or otherwise, with other women could be called cheating. If that were so, then Camilla is cheating too. She told him in the last chapter that he was no longer a part of his life and to leave. Therefore he is free to be with whatever woman stikes his fancy, and she is free to be with any man she wants. Although, I think she was being a total fool when she turned him away.
Now I want to know what her secret is. I don't know how long they were apart before they reconciled, is it possible that she got pregnant and had a baby during that time? Since she seems to be deeply in love with him now, that seems to be the most logical explanation to me. I'm making this whole scenario into a soap opera. I don't like or watch soap opers, so where in the world did that come from?
Update soon so I can find out what her secret is.

Author's Response: Well, this goes back to the whole \"we were on a break\" thing from Friends. Just because they were broken up, does that mean Camilla wouldn\'t care he had sex with someone else? I think not. Still, they were broken up, so it\'s not technically \'cheating.\' Murky waters there... She was a complete fool for turning him away. It wasn\'t easy for someone like him to swallow his pride and go to her and she totally shot him down. Not nice, Camilla! Interesting theories... It\'s funny it reminds you of a soap opera. Sometimes when I write I have the Days of Our Lives theme in my head. Hee hee! Thanks for reviewing! : )

Reviewer: Trickie Woo Signed
Date: 07/05/06 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10

I see I missed reviewing Chapters 8 & 9, I did read them and I enjoyed them, especiall the flashback where things came to a head and they both ended up in her bed.
I know this is supposed to be a more serious story, but when she told him she loved him just the way he was she was a female Mark Darcy. That moment in the movie Bridget Jones's Diary came a very close second to the kiss at the end. I find your story does something similar, even though I know it's going to happen you make me anticipate both in present time and in the glashbacks their first kiss, the first time they made love and in this chapter when they finally made love the first time after he was struck with amnesia. The anticipation is the big draw for me and the payoff is the warm feeling I get when what I've been anticipating finally happens. Keep updating and I'll be waiting for your updates.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love Bridget Jones\'s Diary and I guess that line is pretty similar, isn\'t it? I\'m really glad you\'re enjoying it, even the slow buildup to the times when they finally do get together. I\'m so glad you like it. What a nice review! : D