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Ok, my bio is boring and since i've got some time on my hands, i'm going to update it.
Another update--quiz over-load, jeez. I must have been jacked up on caffiene.

Name: boring
Age: 15
looks: of the average 10 year old.
Height: to short to go on any big rides at theme parks
Hobbies: reading, writing, surfing the internet, sleeping, driving people crazy
random favorite song: One Man Wrecking Machine-Guster

I'm just your average 15 year old. Who happens to be home-schooled. And marginally insane. And spends most of her time reading and dreaming up angsty, yet inane, stories. But other than that i'm completely normal.
Oh yeah, and I happen to prefer Marauder fanfiction.
SPELL CHECK ROCKS!!!!--see i'm nutz.

i now have a story in que. I hope they like it.
They liked it!!!!!!! yayayayay!!!!!!!! *bounces up and down in a demented state of bliss* I"m in the process of writing a fic set in the Marauder time period, but i'm still working on it. so it might be a while before i submit it.
10/8: The prologue has been submitted (for the second time) hope they like it.
10/sometime after the 8th: rejection hurts. oh well, this time i really worked on it and changed it. i've just got to submit it to my beta and then off to the mods!
12/16 I had given up submitting The Ice Princess for a while. But i completely re-wrote the prologue, so maybe 3rd time's the charm.

If you need a beta this is the site for you: http://fanfiction.mugglenet.com/forum/index.php?referrerid=2083

[i'm parvati patil!]

...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

I always knew there was a reason i liked the color green.


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

Find out your color at QuizMeme.com!

This makes up the other quizzes saying that I was Barbosa (fomr Pirates of the Carribean) and Dudley Dursley. (ewwww!)

Which Harry Potter Marauder Are You?

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The Snake and the Eagle by Alessandra_C

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It's Harry Potter’s sixth school year and the world is under the impending menace of Lord Voldemort and his pitiless Death Eaters. A new teacher arrives to Hogwarts. Will it be another candidate for the DADA post? New friendships and love affairs sprang up under Albus Dumbledore’s benevolent gaze. A private Yule Ball. More bloody writing on the wall and a Muggle-born involved. Snape’s life is in great danger. The Second War begins. Who will be the winner?

Ship: Snape/OC
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/22/06 Title: Chapter 28: Epilogue

This is one of the first fan fics I've ever read and I loved it. (one of the reasons I got an account was to review)

Author's Response: Many thanks for reviewing! I\'m glad you liked it, and I must say that it\'s really an honour for me to be your first reading. I hope you\'ll like my other fic as well, it\'s called A Night To Forget.ù Love Alessandra

And Fate Be.... by Seren

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: "No one stops to consider for a moment why I'm so dependent on those books of mine, why I have so many. I am different. I do not prattle, I do not gossip, I do not twirl my hair and flutter my lashes. Clothing is meant to cover my nakedness, not flaunt my body. I am not covered in cosmetics, nor do I read the silly rags that the girls in my dorm read. I seek knowledge, and truth. I want permission to be myself. I want to walk down the halls of my school, of my world, without hearing the half-whispered remarks about me. I want to sit with my friends, and know that they appreciate my company, and not the fact that I can revise their homework. I want to live." A moment in Hermione's life, where she contemplates her past, present, and future.
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/30/06 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

Wow, I loved this. It showed a different side of hermoine. anyways, great work.

No Inhibitions by GringottsVault711

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Ron accidentally takes a potion to free him from his every inhibition - with 'interesting' results. Will this finally be the push that makes him reveal to Hermione his true feelings? Not so much fluffy as funny.
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 08/03/06 Title: Chapter 1: No Inhibitions

Wow! I loved it. love the concept and the way you wrote it. one of my fav bits: “It’s Harry you belong with anyway — everyone knows you still fancy him…” 10/10

Interviews with Rita Skeeter by LO1

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Rita Skeeter has 7 minutes to quickly interview staff and Students of Hogwarts school of W&W! See what Hilarious antics that Skeeter woman will dish out as she hounds Harry, Ron, hermione, macgonagall, Snape, Moody, Trelawney, Draco, Dumbledore, hagrid, luna and lastly a special guest. Hopefully witty! Read and Review! please review! I beg of you! lol!
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 09/13/06 Title: Chapter 1: Quibbler Exclusive!!!!

HAHAHA that was so funy, I esp. loved:
"Sybil: My balls are in perfect order if you must know!"
"Snape: No. I am really songstress, ‘Bridget Nute.”
thatnks for the laughs

The Unseemly Proposal by sparx

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: The reign of Voldermort comes to an end, and with it ends the prestige and power Lucius Malfoy once had in the Wizarding World. In order to regain the respect of his fellow wizards and to make them believe that he has turned over a new leaf (which he actually hasn't) and has graciously accepted muggles and Mudbloods, Lucius asks Hermione, a Mudblood, to marry his son, Draco, a pure-blood. Obviously, they both refuse, but Lucius isn't going to give up easily. After all, he wants his status back. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve and is determined to play match-maker. What happens next is a series of events that serve only to bring Hermione and Draco closer, both literally and figuratively speaking. Read to find out how this one unseemly proposal causes absolute chaos in their lives! THIS STORY IS NOT HBP and DH COMPATIBLE! Hey all! Check out my personal info for the expected date of the next update. =)
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/22/06 Title: Chapter 31: Chapter 31- The Big Game

I just starting reading this fic when there was 31 chapters posted and so I just read it all in one sitting and now I'm like "what do you mean there's no more" so please update. It's a really good story. (and I don't usually like H/D stories)

Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much for reading this whole fic in one sitting! But it must kinda suck that it stopped after chapter 31, right? But the good news is I did update and the mods finally did validate, so it’s up! Thanks for the review and giving TUP a chance despite not liking H/D stories! =D

Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/23/06 Title: Chapter 32: Chapter 32- Closer

WOW, great chapter. Definitly worth the wait.

Next Game! by Liisa

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: The Marauders and Company get their hands and some muggle board games. Hilarity ensues.
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 09/13/06 Title: Chapter 1: That's impossible...

I love this, all the witches and wizards trying to figure out muggle games. it's really funny (without being bizarrly random like most of the humor fics i've read) anyways, loved the story and your style of writing

Marked To Find Your Way Back by GringottsVault711

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Two part ficlet. Ron has found himself in love with Hermione, but is now convinced that she 'detests' him. A simple gesture on his part could reveal the truth between the two friends. Includes references to Pride & Prejudice and 'The Ruined Puzzle' by Dashboard Confessional, because they both rock.
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 08/03/06 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter the Second: Hermione

oooh, me loved it. liked to see a more caring side of ron. 10/10!

Unequal Balance by On Angels Wings

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •

Excerpt from Chapter 13:

"To be quite frank with you all, I have come to you to see for myself that you're all still alive."

That was a transfer of all your knowledge, memories, emotions, and a lot more than that, into my mind."

"Don't worry- with this stuff you don't have to answer, but if you do, you won't be able to lie."

She's awakened, and her power is growing...There is no turning back from here.
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/23/06 Title: Chapter 8: Lurking in the Shadows

Yeah CR's what my friend calls me. Of course i'll keep reading. (I'm always checking the "most recent" section to see if it's been updated) There's a lot of maurader (did I spell that right?) fanfiction i can't get into. (I think it's cuz it's not believable enough. or the characters aren't that well written. But yours really isn't like that)

Author's Response: Awesome! I\'m very glad that you like my story so much....I wasn\'t sure about how I was portraying the characters even with Hormiga and notabanana still reading after so long. But hey...I\'m still learning the trade around here. Thanks! ~Angel

Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/22/06 Title: Chapter 8: Lurking in the Shadows

Wow, this is one of the best fics i've ever read. (and I've read quite a few) I know you've prbably got scads of people saying this, but, please review!

Author's Response: Thank you! Oh, before I forget to tell you, I like your name CR! *laughs* Yeah, I like Marauder fiction too...but there\'s a lot of them that I just can\'t seem to stick to. Maybe something\'s wrong with me. Oh well. I hope you keep reading! Sincerely, On Angels Wings

Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 06/20/06 Title: Chapter 8: Lurking in the Shadows

no actualy, they just said something like that it had been rejected. But they did like a different one I submitted. :-)

Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/30/06 Title: Chapter 8: Lurking in the Shadows

Sorry to bug you, but I just have a quick question. Umm, so I just submitted a story and I have like no idea what's going onwith it. It shows up in my account, but not anywhere else. Are they like reading it over or something?

Author's Response: Yeah, right now it\'s in queue but it takes about a week give or take some for them to post it. But if it\'s rejected (like mine often are...) they\'ll e-mail you and erase it from their database until you re-submit it (after you fix what they asked you to of course). But don\'t worry! Let me know when it\'s available to read!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Angel

Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 06/14/06 Title: Chapter 8: Lurking in the Shadows

unfortunatley they rejected it and since i'm not sure what was wrong with it, i don't know how to fix it. thanks tho for letting me know :-)

Author's Response: didn\'t they tell you what was wrong in the e-mail?

Canis Majoris by trinsy

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Adhara Jocelyn Black has always been torn between her loyalty to James Potter, her cousin Sirius's best mate, and Lily Evans, the sister she has never known. But in her seventh year everything changes. Join Jocelyn, Sirius, Lily, and the rest of the Marauders as they battle for their lives... and loves...
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/23/06 Title: Chapter 34: Beautiful

Yay!!!!!!!! I understand about the school thing. (It's like they want to pile on as much stuff as they can while they've still got you captive)

Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/22/06 Title: Chapter 34: Beautiful

I was so sad when I saw how it ended. i've been following it for a while and I really expected them to end up together. Oh well, it was really well written.
p.s. you probably don't remeber me, but i'm that crazy girl who reviewed (or whatever you call it) on your live journal. (you told me about "que".

Author's Response: Thanks! And I totally remember you! :D

Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/23/06 Title: Chapter 34: Beautiful

Really? wow. sorry if i was was wacked. (my brain's fried that lte at night) so are you going to write more about Sirius and ---I can't spell her name? (Please do!!!!)

Author's Response: yes, but not until school gets out ;)

Tragedies by TTOOMMYY11

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Seventh year has begun and Hermione Granger has found herself in great danger. What is the secret behind Voldemort's sudden change in targets, and what dangers lie in store for the trio? Riddled with plot twists and cliffhangers--the Potter Universe is in for a surprise. (This story is Pre-HBP)
The Final Chapter of Tragedies is up!

Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 09/13/06 Title: Chapter 14: A Letter and a Lockout

All these chapters seem to end in cliff-hangers (good tactic, but mean to those of us who have to wait for the next chapter). Sorry i didn't review every chapter but i don't really have time. Schoolwork calls. Anyways, cool story very interesting and action-packed. I've only read a few 'dark/angsty' fics--so i'm not really an expert--but yours seems pretty good. It's a little confusing, and most of the time i'm not really sure if what's happening is a dream or reality, but it seems like you intend for it to be that way. I like the idea of the stones… anyways, please update soon.

Author's Response: Ahaha ;D Thank you for your chapter! =D! And also, I\'m sorry, but I don\'t think I will update for like 5 days :P Even though it\'s all done and stuff, I don\'t want to update and then have a long wait for chapter 16 which isn\'t even written yet, but it\'s in my head. ANd I don\'t want to update as fast as possible, I want to evenly update :) And, thats ok that you didn\'t review for every chapter :D I still like reviews, and you still left one :) Thank you for your review again! =D

MOMENTS OF BLISS by moonymaniac

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Remus Lupin is a man with a tragic past, filled with pain, suffering and sorrow. But it is also a past filled with great adventure, true friendship and…love? Even though the odds were against him, Remus found happiness at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He had the Marauders, he was a prefect and his transformations were less horrible, thanks to his Animagi friends. What more could a teenage werewolf want? And how long could his happiness last? Remus and the Marauders prove that in the saddest of lives and darkest of times, there can still be moments of bliss.

Remus centric but with a lot of the other Marauders. This story is a romance, but has almost as much general Marauder era background and side story as romance.
Pre-HBP and DH, so some things from DH will be disregarded, as the warning indicates, but some Spoilers will be incorporated.
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 05/22/06 Title: Chapter 28: Halloween

I LOVE YOUR STORY!!! It's got all the right elements and I love how you are evolvoing the characters. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Crazy Rat. I\'m really glad you are enjoying it. Thank you for commenting on the characters. Since they are the reason JKR has me so hooked that I wanted to write all about them, it is nice to know when someone enjoys how I write them (and filling in my own characters is fun, too). Thanks for the lovely review.

Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 06/23/06 Title: Chapter 30: You Just Never Know

I love this chapter!!! I'm so glad that Remus and Lindi are at least starting to get together. please Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you, Crazy Rat. I\'m so glad you liked it. *senses her readers have been waiting for some progress on the Remus/Lindi front* Duh! *giggles* I\'m going to write, right now! :)

Apples by mnemosyne23

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Ron feels like he's drowning in Real Life, but a conversation with a strange old woman gives him hope for the future, before conjuring more questions about the present.
Reviewer: Crazy Rat Signed
Date: 09/13/06 Title: Chapter 1: none

wow, this is really good. The plot is so original and the characters are developed more than i've seen in other stroys. loved it, 10/10!