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It Couldn't Last: I am like supersorry, cos I haven't updated, but I will soon, I swear, 2nd chapter 30%done.:)

Oh, wow, though, that ending - I'll not say anymore, but: wow. I ruined my book crying all over it.

(Slight HBP spoiler - steer clear!)

Tonks/Lupin, Ginny/Harry, and Ron/Hermione, all in the same book? Oh my god, how fabulous is THAT? Seriously, though, it almost makes me forgive J.K. Rowling. :)

Don't you just love pointless online quizzes? They're quite effective at killing time...

Which HP Kid Are You?

...Well, that's interesting. Considering that the last time I took this quiz, I was Neville.

I'm Mrs. Oliver Wood

The HP Boy Marriage Quiz
made by Sapphire.

I'm Mrs. Ronald Weasley

The Weasley Boy Marriage Quiz
made by

Too bad he's a fictional character. We would totally hook up, you know?

i'm in ravenclaw!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

Hey, cool, the online quiz thinks I should be in Ravenclaw! WOOT! (I still kinda think that if I went to Hogwarts, I'd be in Hufflepuff, with the not-particularly-brave-smart-or-evil-people.)


Which Harry Potter Boy Are You Made For?
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Harry Potter
You're Harry Potter! You're willing to do anything
to help your friends, and they'll do anything
for you. You have been known to break a few
rules, but you do it for the greater good.
Brave and loyal, you're well-liked (both on and
off the Quidditch field!)Sometimes, you're
uncomfortable with your popularity, but you try
to be friendly regardless. Now, get on your
broom and get to practice- you've got to help
Gryffindor win the cup this year!

The Harry Potter Personality Quiz
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*cracks up* You've got to be kidding me.

If you review me, I'll review you. Or... I'll probably just review you anyway. I usually do.

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Our Founding Fathers by hfan2002

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: "Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs...Noble men, working tirelessly to help a new generation of lawbreakers." -- The first instalment of the "Complete User Guide to Marauding." Sets down the general beginnings of what was to be an unbreakable friendship among four boys. The marauders in their first year, ah, is as expected to be filled with pranks, detention, full moons, and incidents with a new foe, Snape, as they grow as friends, and come to accept certain differences between them. As said before, all in a days work for the marauders. Please R&R
Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 12/30/04 Title: Chapter 1: Of Trains and Pranks

...So where exactly does it start to get funny?

Author's Response: When you get past the first chapter.

Spattergroit by Rudhampaiel

Summary: Takes place after the visit to St. Mungo’s. Hermione’s dwelling on a certain something one of the wizards said.
Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 04/11/05 Title: Chapter 2: Maybe

Congratulations to you! Your story was so damn funny that it would take me a hundred reviews just to tell you all my favorite parts. I especially liked it when Fred and George came into the room. And I liked how you had Hermione tell it first, then Ron.

Dementors by rock_hard9

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A poem about the eerie dementors.
Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 04/26/05 Title: Chapter 1: -

"...Feel just like a child... Like you want to hide from them... They make your mind go wild" Excellent rhyming - you don't use words just because they rhyme, when there are better choices. (One of the worst mistakes a poet can make, I think.) VERY COOL.

Padfoot Prohibited by Liveley

Rated:Past Featured Story
Summary: Giving high school essays a Marauder twist, this fiction is centered around the idea that some seniors in high school are require to write a letter to incoming freshman before they graduate. At Hogwarts, Seventh Years are given an assignment to write such a letter for the new First Years. Sirius decides to actually take an assignment, well seriously...sort of. He decides to look back on his entire Hogwarts years and write down his list of things not to do at Hogwarts.
Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 03/07/05 Title: Chapter 12: Purple Hazing

"I Heart Muggle Borns," LOL! I like the way you show how the mauraders' personalities are different and how they interact. Awesome. 10

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I try my best!

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 02/21/05 Title: Chapter 11: Ooh, Barracuda

This story wasn't crap at all. Authors are always the harshest critics of their work... dang it, an unanswered question!!!!! Now I have to wait for the next chapter to find out how Raven knows Remus' nickname...oooh...

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 01/31/05 Title: Chapter 10: Blue Moony

Only a few chapters left? Crap. Crap, crap, crap. A SEQUEL IS MOST DEFINITELY A GOOD IDEA.

Author's Response: ...Well a few meaning three or four... Fourteen chapters. Thanks.

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 01/27/05 Title: Chapter 9: Dumbledore Dare

Dumbledore's reaction was perfect! Just like him. More truth or dare, please, it's so funny!!!!

Author's Response: Sure thing. Thanks.

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 12/31/04 Title: Chapter 1: Mum's Assignment

Loved your story! It's SO funny. Keep writing!!!!

Author's Response: Sure thing. Cheesecake is good...

The Three Muggleteers by Maggie

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Everything went absolutely crazy in 6th year as Draco Malfoy and his cronies get sent as foreign exchange students to a muggle high school in America. It's all insane and completely unpredictable: Voldemort gets married to his teddy bear, Lucius & Death Eaters practise Irish-dancing in Azkaban before they break out to join Voldemort in his newest and stupidest yet evil plan to take over the world, Greg turns into a chimp from his brain transplant. Bullies at school, hillbillies, 60's groove dudes and random French Maid costumes will turn their world upside-down. Hopefully, reading this story will convince you that Draco is not pretty. *~*This week's highlights: Draco gets his first driving lesson.
Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 12/31/04 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3 Random Conversations between the Three Muggleteers concerning Vince’s pathetic love life and some other totally random things after Draco’s 1734255th plan to escape fails

I think this chapter is the funniest so far. When I get time I will definitely read the other chapters! Keep writing!

Author's Response: yay

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 12/31/04 Title: Chapter 1: How Draco, Vincent and Gregory found out the bad news in a chapter with an extremely long title

I found your story refreshing. Best fic I have read so far. If the first chapter is any measure, you've got talent! Please keep writing! Now I'm going to read the other chapters--

Author's Response: that means a LOT

Highly Improbable by Vocalion

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: COMPLETE. A woman visits Hogwarts expressly to meet Severus Snape. Her eccentric aunt led her to believe that he was the kindest, handsomest man to ever grace the earth. What will she do when she discovers the awful truth - let a few minor imperfections stand in the way of romance? Highly Improbable has been recognized by the Multifaceted Awards as Winner in the Laughter Category and Runner-Up in the Identity Category (Best Original Character), and also by MNFF's first annual Quicksilver Quills Awards. Thanks, MuggleNet!

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 12/31/04 Title: Chapter 2: Do You Believe In Magic?

OK I reviewed your prologue and you told me I shouldn't judge until after I read more. So I read more. I still don't think it's funny though. Well-written, certainly. Intelligent. Yes. But funny? No. Does it get funny after this? Maybe I'm wrong.

Author's Response: You are allowed to think it's not funny and I understand perfectly if you do not wish to continue reading my story. I would say that the humor is rather subtle up until Chapter 11. Chapters 11-16 are more in the style of a screwball comedy and the humor is a bit broader. I have no idea what your definition of funny is, so those chapters may not appeal to you either. If you decide to read further and still think it is not funny, then I would respectfully request that you don't review again just to tell me that you still don't think it's funny. Other reviewers here and at various other sites seem to find it funny. Not everyone laughs at the same things, so no harm done either way. Feel free to e-mail me and tell me what type of humor appeals to you and perhaps I can recommend the work of another author.

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 12/30/04 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue: Witch In Exile

I don't think it's funny. Sorry. ..Good vocab though.

Author's Response: Did you read all the chapters or just the prologue? Since you reviewed the prologue, I would like to point out that it is not meant to be funny. It is a backstory dealing with exile and death. If you have read ALL of the chapters and still do not consider it funny, then you are certainly free to express your opinion. Humor is subjective.

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 12/31/04 Title: Chapter 11: How to Handle a Woman

As you wish.


Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 12/30/04 Title: None

Not brilliant, but not terrible. In fact, I might even read another chapter, if I have some time to kill one evening.

Author's Response: Thank you.

The Poetry of Severus Snape by Zetera

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A poem which contains revelations of a painful past and present. Short and sweet.
Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 06/18/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Poetry of Severus Snape

Yes, QUITE short, and QUITE sweet. I love the first stanza best, I think. I like that you put a lot of emotions in a very short space, but you didn't try to CRAM too many in. Good job with that, a 10 for you!

Author's Response: Yay, thank you!


Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 04/29/05 Title: None

Ha! Funny! Dumbledore gave them alcohol? *cracks up* I like that part, I don't think it's that OOC because Dumbledore is pretty crazy, you never know what he's gonna do. However, I found more than a couple spelling and punctuation mistakes. I'm kind of picky about that - I understand a few, but I think your fic could be even better if you fixed them! (I feel your pain about chapter length - I've had trouble with that myself! Wish I could help, but uh.... yeah I have the same problem.) I'll check back for your second chapter. :)

Lord Voldemort by Voldemort rocks

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A poem about Lord Voldemort
Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 05/23/05 Title: Chapter 1: A poem

Pretty good, are you writing more poems? I can't wait to read more of your writing! :)

Hang on to by painterchica

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Just a fluffy little Draco/Ginny poem that I wrote while in a particularly romantic mood. Sounds dumb, but give it a try...
Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 05/23/05 Title: Chapter 1: Hang on to

EXCELLENT description. Just fantastic. Very pretty.


Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 01/13/05 Title: None

I totally get Felix's thing about the billy goats. They scare me too. *shiver*

Author's Response: Glad someone else understands it, because I sure don't.

Reviewer: Louisa Chocolatecake Signed
Date: 01/06/05 Title: None

You gotta update soon! WHAT DID FELIX DO TO THE PUNCH??

Author's Response: Mwahahaha! Read on m'dear...that kid makes the best evil villian - he describes me as "Hermione, but with a more 'adult' sense of humor." No, I'm not a messed up person, he is, but after spending so much time around me it kind of spreads.