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Welcome to my author page!

I am a teacher, musician, reader, and avid Harry Potter fan. I am originally from the Midwest and now live a bit farther south. I am thrilled to be a proud member of RAVENCLAW House and enjoyed being a site moderator for a time as well.

I hope you enjoy the many stories and poems I have written. I am proud of them all and appreciate any feedback you might care to leave (in other words, reviews are love!) I've listed them below with a short description since I know trolling through summaries can be tedious. Thanks for reading!

EDIT: Someday I will categorize my stories by genre. Today is not that day. ;)
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Reviews by Gmariam

Mere Wisps of Light by Equinox Chick
Rated: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 29]

Summary: It is Christmas Eve 1998, and the Magical World is shakily celebrating the first Christmas since Voldemort’s defeat.

For one, though, there is no reason to celebrate. Draco Malfoy sits alone in his room refusing to join his parents as they try to regain their social standing.

He does not want to see another Christmas, but he reckons without a redoubtable figure from his past.

My name is Equinox Chick from Hufflepuff, and this story has been written for prompt four of the Great Hall Christmas Challenge over at the MNFF Beta Boards.

Thank you to Natalie for a quick beta job on this – anything to get her away from Rabelais, I guess.

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling. Her lawyers agree, so please don’t confuse us.

Categories: Post-Hogwarts Genre: Warnings: Sexual Situations

Word count: 15034 Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes
11/26/10 Updated: 12/18/10

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 12/04/10 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 2 - Connections

I really liked the last scene with Draco's parents at the end. It was very touching to see the Malfoys that way. As is often the case in so many of your stories, I feel like you are hinting at something there, something with his mother. I wonder what the future will hold for them. I'm also curious to see if you'll stick to canon or take Draco/Hermione to another level. ;) Nice chapter, good luck as you continue! ~Gina :)

Author's Response: One of these days, I shall finish my Dean story and that will explain the whole Draco and his mum situation. Actually, I do have a story up about Narcissa that explains my own personal canon surrounding her. That's not really in this story, though. Hmmm, Dramione ... perhaps. Thanks so much, Gina. ~Carole~

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 12/17/10 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 3 - Unspoilt Snow

Very interesting line at the end! I really liked the two versions of the future Charity showed Draco. And I'm really digging her character. The dialogue between her and Draco is great. One question: what was the kiss about? Does it come back later?
Looking forward to the end!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: I think Draco just likes snogging -LOL. In his mind, sex is the way to comfort someone, and she was upset at the time. Thanks for the review, Gina. The end is nigh ... ~Carole~


You Are by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 5]


Alone, disgusting, adrift between life and death...

This is Tom Riddle's penance for his lack of remorse.

Categories: Poetry Genre: Warnings: Character Death

Word count: 114 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/09/10 Updated: 12/09/10

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/14/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I saw your banner for this and naturally came to read it. How did I miss it? It's lovely. Well, lovely in the darkest way possible. ;) Really, it's a great poem. Everything about it - the style, the sentence structure, the word choice - all contributes to a perfectly dark and desperate mood and feel. There are some wonderful lines, but I particularly like the "For you are vile"/ "For you are unnameble"/"For you are Death" conclusions. So simple, yet so profound. The whole thing really conveys the scene in King's Cross brilliantly, but from a totally different perspective than JKRs. Great job, twin!
~Gina :)

Author's Response:


Along with my Christmas songs, this is probably my most ignored poem, hence the desire for a Bella!banner. I'm really happy with how this came out, especially since this is the product of my borderline QSQ snub neuroticism. Amazing the leaps the mind can make. :D

I suppose this is one of those 'be careful what you wish for' type things. Voldemort wanted to be feared. He wanted people to be afraid to say his name. He wanted to beat death. Well, he got what he wanted, but it certainly wasn't what he had expected. Muahahahaha. 

Thanks for the visit, Twin o' Mine!



Holiday Mischief by Liandrin
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 5]

Summary: No chestnuts roasting on an open fire; no mistletoe hanging from a doorway, inviting a warm Christmas kiss. Instead, Draco and Ginny’s Christmas Eve is spent sitting on a dirty floor tied to one another - and not in the fun kinky way.

Categories: Draco/Ginny Genre: Warnings: Alternate Universe, Mild Profanity

Word count: 1816 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/10/10 Updated: 12/11/10

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 12/11/10 Title: Chapter 1: Holiday Mischief

You do have a way with these two! I loved it. The dialogue was fantastic - just so fun and snappy, with nice little bits of humour and flirting. Great stuff. Good scene, too - I could see them working as Aurors together. I assume you have a whole alternate history worked out for them? Great ending, although I was almost rooting for them to kiss - it seems you like to tease. Lovely story, Lia - Merry Christmas to you as well!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Me, a tease? Hehe. Thanks, Gina. I love it when you review. I know it's unlike me to not have them kiss at the end, so I might have to add a sequel - maybe a New Years Kiss? ^_~ I'm glad you liked the dialogue too - it was a fun, quick write. And a Merry Christmas to you, love. ^_^


Christmas in Oz by abovelevel
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 5]

Hermione deals with the past and learns to move forward during the unforgettable Christmas of 1999 in Australia.

Written for the 'Of Christmases' Past, Present and Future Challenge' in the Great Hall on the Forums, Prompt #3. Thanks!

Thanks also to my very helpful beta-reader, Bookworm!

Categories: Post-Hogwarts Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 2306 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/14/10 Updated: 12/20/10

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 12/22/10 Title: Chapter 1: Christmas in Oz

Lovely story! You've done quite a bit of research and it showed. Your story flowed very naturally through all the Quidditch talk, which can be hard to do. ;) It lends a nice depth to a story, though.
I liked the idea of Hermione going to her parents at Christmas, and of Ron going with her. I did have a question, though: why did she wait so long? The final battle was in May, 1998, so I'm just curious why she waited over a year and a half to go to them. You did mention her trepidation about their new life being better, but addressing the lag in time might be worth adding as well.
I wasn't sure about Ron and Hermione being recognized all the way down in Australia, but it did set up a nice moment for Ron to remind Hermione of her real name - not the name (Wilkins, I assume?) that she had created for her parents. That was a good line.
Their reunion was nicely done - I just would have enjoyed a bit more! It was sweet and very much like I would picture it. I'm hoping her parents will be just as happy with their old life back as they were with their new life.
Nice job!
~Gina via The Order of the Ravenclaw House Elves

Author's Response: Thanks for reading and reviewing, Gina!! Yes, I know there is a huge tine lag, but I kind of thought that initially she would have been very eager to find them, and then it would have taken some time to do so and once she did, that's when she would have been more hesitant about actually approaching them. As in, she sees that they're in fact safe and happy, and she starts to question whether she should break em out of the little happy bubble she's created. I sort of see Hermione as someone who can be secretive when she's unsure of herself, instead of asking for a lot of advice, so she's keep finding excuses not to approach them until she realizes she has to eventually...does that make sense at all?? Anyways, I'm so glad you liked the story and I definitely believe te Grangers will be very happy to get their memories back!! :) -Claire


In The Back of The Shack by hestiajones
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 10]

Summary: He thought he would get a fling, but ended up with a bit more than that.

DISCLAIMER: I am not J.K.Rowling. Thank you, Kara, for your help and encouragement, and the title as well.

Nominated for a QSQ in the Same Sex Pairing category.

Categories: Next Generation Genre: Warnings: Sexual Situations, Slash, Strong Profanity

Word count: 2015 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/15/10 Updated: 12/15/10

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 12/17/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Natalie! Once again you quickly flesh out minor characters in a lovely way. I particularly like Hugo in this story. The dialogue was just so quick and snappy, it really leant him a nice personality. And what a neat pairing - you once again make a rarepair very believable. Nice story, Natalie - I really enjoyed it. :)
~Gina via The Order of the Ravenclaw House Elves :)

Author's Response: GinGin!

Yay! It's great to hear that you liked it. :D I think I might write more of it because I really enjoyed writing them.

Thanks for reading and reviewing!



Master Barty Regrets by Equinox Chick
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 3]

Summary: At the Yule ball in 1994, Harry watches Mad-Eye Moody clump across the floor with a long-suffering Professor Sinistra. What no one knows, however, is that the dancer is Barty Crouch.

This poem was for a challenge in Poetry Anyone. We had to use music from the films as inspiration for a poem. I chose two pieces from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire - the waltz and 'Do the Hippogryff' by The Weird Sisters.

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling, Jarvis Cocker or any type of musician.

Categories: Poetry Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 109 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/21/10 Updated: 12/21/10

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 12/22/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I like the different feel between the two parts of this poem and how they contrast each other so well. I liked the second part in particular because I could really feel where that one came from. I liked the first part as well, it was nice and flowy. The idea of Barty Crouch having a hard time as Moody for these reasons is really fascinating. You're so creative! ~Gina :)

Author's Response: Thanks Gina. There's a story behind this poem which will get written some day. Thanks for reviewing. ~Carole~


Trick... or Treat? by kehribar
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 3]

Summary: On Halloween evening, ten-year-old Teddy Lupin discovers that Muggles know more about the Wizarding folk than he would have suspected. The answers to his questions, however, will come from a very unlikely source.

Won second place in Halloween Drabble Challenge at the beta forums; expanded into a one-shot.

Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1721 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/21/10 Updated: 12/27/10

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 12/28/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This was very sweet, and I very much wanted to read more! Knowing what we know about ghosts, it's unlikely Remus or Tonks would have stayed around, even for Teddy, but the idea of setting this on Halloween, when the veil is thin and souls can pass between the two world is very believable and a great premise. I only wanted to know *why* Tonks appeared on this Halloween, and not another. It would seem that for something like that to happen, there would need to be a good reason, and I'd be curious what you were thinking about Tonks' visit to Teddy.
I really liked your characterization of Teddy, especially the parts about him struggling to control his powers. And his reactions to the Muggles were great. ;) This was a very cute and well-written story - happy writing as you continue! :)
~Gina :)
via The Order of the Ravenclaw House Elves

Author's Response: What a lovely review! I'm thrilled to 'hear' that you liked this little story. That is a very good question; why indeed did Tonks choose to come at that particular Halloween? Somehow, I doubt that 'because I needed to write a ghost drabble for a challenge' is a good answer ;) Thanks so much for the review, Gina.


Teenage Witch by Equinox Chick
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 5]

Summary: The Yule Ball of 1994 is a hugely exciting time for all the teenage witches at Hogwarts, but for the Muggle Studies teacher, Charity Burbage, it looks to be a depressing time. With the only available wizard the sour Severus Snape, she has no chance of finding a partner. And when Septima Vector informs her that The Weird Sisters are booked to play, Charity's mind becomes a blur. It had been six years since she last saw Myron. And in those six years, he's become a star.

Will Myron Wagtail remember Charity?

And does she want him to?

I am Equinox Chick from Hufflepuff and this is my entry in the Great Hall Christmas Challenge (prompt 2)

If you've read Mere Wisps of Light, then you'll know that Charity Burbage was very reticent about her Yule Ball romance when talking to Draco. This is why. The stories are linked, but it is not essential to read one to understand the other.

Disclaimer: All the characters mentioned in this fic are the creation of JK Rowling, with the exception of Gerard Bonbon who is my own creation.

The song, Teenage Witch, isn't real, but I'm guessing that Simon Cowell would like me to join his songwriting team.

Finally, thank you very much to Natalie (hestiajones) for beta'ing this story. I owe you so much!

Categories: Other Pairing Genre: Warnings: Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations

Word count: 4932 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/24/10 Updated: 12/24/10

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 12/28/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I loved this! Having read your other story, I felt like Charity was familiar and that she certainly had a story to tell. This was a wonderful story. It was such a great insight into a character we know nothing about, except for her death. It's so original! And so fun, especially the bits with the other professors. I want more. :)

What really makes this piece so good is how perfectly it fits into canon. Not only have you worked in a later generation, but the casual references to Harry, Ron, and Hermione just reinforce the feeling of being in the Potterverse perfectly.

Myron sounds like he was great fun to write. I'm glad he and Charity had one more night together. Any thoughts on their future? Right now I'm thinking of how sad he would be to learn of her death. :(

I really, really enjoyed this. It's fantastic, and your Charity deserves more stories. Good luck in the challenge!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Oh, thank you Gina. I do have this evil plot attacking my brain about The Weird Sisters. I really should be updating my chaptered fics, but Myron and Charity are rather addictive, so I shall see what the NY brings story-wise. Myron was great to write because he is a cocky git and I don't want him to become all sweet and fluffy. Thanks again and I'm seriously thinking about a follow up. (Or a series, so I get to that 2%) ~Carole~


Of Weasleys and Malfoys by hestiajones
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 10]

Summary: Four moments from their life that brought them together.

This is Dinny's Christmas present for the 2010 Gryffindor Swap. And this is not what J.K.Rowling has been working on, no.

Categories: Next Generation Genre: Warnings: Mild Profanity, Substance Abuse

Word count: 3824 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/25/10 Updated: 12/27/10

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 12/28/10 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I like your story, Natalie! In particular, I like your characterization of both Rose and Scorpius, but especially Scorpius: you've made them your own in small, subtle ways, like their unspoken academic competition or his smoking.

The other thing I really liked was the last scene when they finally come together. I really liked how hesitant they were, and when they admitted their feelings it was just something soft and simple - two friends finally coming together. As always with your writing, I believed it completely.

My only concrit would be that I wanted a bit more from each scene, to really build up to the end. But wanting more is a good thing, isn't it? :)

Nice job, Natalie! I will try to read your other new stories soon!!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Gina!

I always look forward to your reviews. I donít think Iíve ever told you that. :)

This is the story I was panicking about in my AIM statuses. I knew it wasnít enough, whatever Iíd written Ė something was missing, wasnít it? Although the bare essentials were there, it definitely needed a bit of expansion, a bit of elaboration. But time constraint, exhaustion, and panic got to me; I really couldnít tell where I should add, or even what I should add in the one-shot. I still feel this idea could have been executed more properly as a chaptered fic.

I am, however, super glad that my characterisation of Scorpius has been appreciated. I think my Rose was under-developed compared to him. Itís something I need to work on if I ever think of doing something about this pairing, and about this version of their story (because Iíve done at least three versions till date.)

Thank you for reading and reviewing, Gina. I canít wait to read what you and Jess have been publishing. :D



Glass Ginny by WeasleyMom
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 20]

Summary: Ginny Weasley has a strong spirit, and is not given to weepy emotional displays. But when her friend is taken from the Hogwarts Express during her sixth year, her fears begin to rumble and rage... at least for a moment.

This is WeasleyMom of Hufflepuff writing for the final of the Hogwarts Missing Moments class.

I am delighted that this fic has been added to the SBBC Hall of Fame on the Beta Boards. Thanks to my fellow SBBC-ers!

What? This story won the 2011 QSQ Award in the category Best General Story! Thanks so much!

Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1625 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/25/10 Updated: 01/01/11

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/01/11 Title: Chapter 1: Glass Ginny

Aw, that was very sad! First, I loved Neville's support here.It shows what a strong character he became in DH. And it immediately made me wonder if anything else might have happened to them during this time. ;) I also really liked McGonagall's appearance. But I really thought that Ginny's bottled-up fear was brought out nicely...and then put away very characteristically. The memory of Ron really brought it home for her, which was sweet and even more heartbreaking. I never really thought about how hard this time must have been for the DA at Hogwarts, and now I do. Lovely job! ~Gina :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it Gina. I've struggled a bit with this one, and am not sure I'm still entirely pleased. But it's all right. I like thinking of Ginny really losing it at some point. I dont' care how tough she is, everyone breaks at some point, and I wanted to imagine that it was NOT technically related to Harry. I think sometimes the thing that breaks the camel's back is not what you expect it to be... hence, Luna being the instigator. I adore Neville. I have wondered about that relationship, too, but I imagine them both being too focused (particularly Neville) on the DA. Hmmm.... ;) McGonagal's appearance and that of a Slytherin were requirements for the assignment. I'm glad they didn't feel too forced. Thanks as always for reading and taking the time to review, Gina. I always appreciate your thoughts!


Dark Requiem by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
Rated: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 7]


The irony does not escape Severus Snape as he seeks to gain the favour of the Dark Lord on, of all nights, Christmas. The spectres of days dead and gone spur him on to complete his mission, but can the fond memories stop him from committing an unspeakable act?


This story has been nominated for a 2011 Quicksilver Quill Award: Best Marauder Era Story.

Categories: Marauder Era Genre: Warnings: Abuse, Character Death, Violence

Word count: 3423 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/25/10 Updated: 12/25/10

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/11/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Wow, Jess - you wrote Snape! In first person! Present tense! And you really nailed it, too. :)

Using first person and present tense really conveyed his character well, and I couldn't imagine it any other way. You totally captured his darkness and the obsessive side of him that must have been present to have driven him all those years. Plus you touched on the reasons he joined Voldemort. I find it interesting that you don't see Snape as waffling in his beliefs for Lily - meaning, he didn't compromise his inner self in order to win her. In fact, it was very interesting to see him thinking that she would approve and forgive him, since she clearly would not. It shows a rather delusional side of him that I would suspect a lot of Voldemort's followers shared.

I agree that it's much more interesting for Lily's parents to have died in a suspicious way. I don't know if I buy that Snape was the one who did it, and with enthusiasm. I personally think a more canon Snape would have been far more reluctant and remorseful. However, you justify your Snape's actions perfectly - it's something he has to do, it doesn't bother him, and since LIly will forgive him, it's no big deal. Fascinating, really, because I wonder what your Denial!Snape would be like in the books.

Great use of Occlumency/Legilimency, and I really liked Voldemort here. It's a wonderfully dark and twisted story, Jess. Nice job and good luck in the challenge! ~Gina :)

Author's Response:

Yay to a visit from Twin!

This story was strangely easy for me to contemplate. Whether that makes me slightly screwed up or not remains to be seen, but I didn't feel at all incongruous with its relative darkness and obsessive undertones. I suppose I just wanted to pick teh character that less people would write, since J/L fluff would probably dominate this particular catEgory. :D

Heart always,


Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/12/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I suppose I just wanted to pick teh character that less people would write, since J/L fluff would probably dominate this particular catEgory.

Nice spelling. ;)
And what's wrong with J/L fluff?!?!! You do realize I wrote a J/L fluff for this very same challenge, do you not? Are you poking fun at me? Hm? Because that sort of makes me want to torture my favorite pairing a bit, you know. ;)
I jest. I'm incapable of that, I think.
As to being able to write something like this easily - I don't think it means you are dark or obsessive or crushing on Snape. After all, I've written a few darker pieces, and I'm nothing like 'Shattered' or 'Blood on my Hands.' And I've written a lot of fluff but I am certainly not a romantic sop. I think it means that first of all, JKR developed Snape enough for you to be able to extrapolate something like this. And it means you are a damn fine writer who can put herself into a separate frame of mind and just go there. And when I write something easily, it means the story was already out there and I merely discovered and transcribed it.
This is why I wish we could respond to review responses. Ah well. I will say again this was very cool because it's not a very sympathetic Snape. In fact, it makes him even more of an enigma, to think he could do this while still doing all that he does for Harry. Fascinating character. Have you ever thought of shipping him with Harry or Hermione?
Just kidding. Don't.
~Gina :)

Author's Response:

I think the only way I could write a sympathetic Snape is if it was an early childhood, pre-Hogwarts story. But otherwise, by this point in his life, he's pretty much the sum of his influences. He simply wasn't capable of understanding why Lily turned on him, since he had no basis of comparison for a healthy relationship. That makes me think that his mind couldn't rationalise family dynamics and their inherent value to someone like Lily, so hence he thinks that she would actually understand the idea that he was compelled to kill her parents. Also, he didn't care about them in the first place outside of their deaths' effect on Lily. He just doesn't, you know... get it, lol.


Merry Christmas, James by Sapphire at Dawn
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 5]

Summary: James Potter's 'aquaintance' with Lily Evans has been somewhat turbulent, but as things get a little smoother between the pair during their seventh year, James looks back at their beginnings.

This is for the Gryffindor Christmas Craziness swap. Merry Christmas, Andi!

Categories: Marauder Era Genre: Warnings: Mild Profanity

Word count: 2514 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
12/28/10 Updated: 01/08/11

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/08/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I, for one, really appreciate the idea that James wasn't in love with Lily from first year. I especially liked how your James gradually realized he liked her. That seems far more realistic. I also liked how the others teased him when they found out who he had a crush on, especially Peter. And lovely little kiss at the end!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much, Gina! I'm really glad you liked it. Sarah x


How He Became Their Hero by keara96
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 2]

Summary: A free-verse poem depicting the final battle of the Last Battle.

Categories: Poetry Genre: Warnings: Character Death

Word count: 129 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
01/05/11 Updated: 01/06/11

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/08/11 Title: Chapter 1: How He Became Their Hero

I like this! I like the structure and repetition you've used, and it builds to a nice ending. I do, however, wonder if using Voldemort's name at the end might take away from the poem centering on Harry as the hero, since that's the last thing the reader is left with. Just something to think about. :) Nice job!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! You made a really good point about the use of Voldemort's name. I wanted a powerful ending, but while Voldemort plays a vital role in the poem, it is supposed to be mainly about Harry. Hmmm...I will have to think about that, and maybe mess around with the poem a bit. Thanks much for reading and reviewing. I appreciate your feedback:)


Three by the opaleye
Rated: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 7]

Summary: They move in a circle. She goes one way, he the other. It is a punishment neither deserves nor wants, and yet she holds the power to stop it.

Nominated for a 2011 Quicksilver Quill Award in Best Non-Canon Romance.

Categories: Hermione/Draco Genre: Warnings: Alternate Universe, Sexual Situations, Substance Abuse

Word count: 1214 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
01/06/11 Updated: 01/11/11

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/16/11 Title: Chapter 1: Three.

Ah Julia - I've already given you many of my thoughts about your story, but I did want to come by and publicly tell you how much I liked your story and enjoyed working with you and your writing. Forgive me if I repeat myself, but it's just so amazingly evocative. It's hard to even pinpoint what and how, but from your word choice to your sentence structure, your style is all your own and its really beautiful to read.
I admitted I knew nothing about the GG pairing, but as far as I'm concerned, this works on its own. Draco is done particularly well. And like many of your other fics, it leaves the reader wanting to know more about these characters you've developed as your own. What happened to the people in that photograph? How did Draco and Hermione first hook up? And of course - what happens next?? That's one thing you do so well, is give the reader just enough to want more.
Really wonderful story, Julia! I hope you get more reviews. Thanks for allowing me to work with you on it!
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Awww Gina, thank you so much! For your review, your patience, and everything else! It was such a pleasure to work with you :)


Eyes That Know Me by Equinox Chick
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 6]

Summary: Having just been dumped by his girlfriend, Hugo Weasley is not in the mood for his cousin's party, even when James assures him that he'll soon snap up a 'wicked-looking witch'. And with Lily hell-bent on fixing him up with the boring Eliza Finch-Fletchley, the evening looks to be taking a sharp turn for the worse.

But on the other side of the room, one guest is watching him closely. Will Hugo be able to resist?

The Sexual situations are mild and the strong profanity is fleeting (but necessary) hence the rating.

This story was originally written for a Musical drabble exchange in the SBBC. The song that inspired me was 'Falling Slowly' by Glen Hansard. Thanks must go to Lia (Liandrin) for introducing me to the song, Jess (ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor) for beta'ing the original drabble, and Elene (CoolCatElly) for beta'ing the extended version.

Finally, thank you Natalie (hestiajones) for introducing me to the whole concept of Scugo.

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling or Glen Hansard. I just nick bits of their work and mould it into something else.

Nomintated for a 2011 QSQ in the Best Same Sex Category. Thank you.

Categories: Same-Sex Pairings Genre: Warnings: Mild Profanity, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity

Word count: 1794 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
01/06/11 Updated: 01/06/11

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/08/11 Title: Chapter 1: Eyes That Know Me

Oh, I really loved the snowball fight. That was well played. Once again, you write the next generation so effortlessly I am envious. And between you and Natalie, I rather like Hugo/Scorpius. It's a nice twist on what Ron tells Rose at the end of DH. And I like how Gryffindor bravery doesn't always extend to relationships - I wrote the same idea into a J/L fic (what else?) because I think it's an interesting way to see Gryffindor. Two questions: who was Rose's ex, and what does Hugo do?
I liked it! Do you have more stories? Keep writing! (haha, don't you love it when reviews ask/say that?)
~Gina :)

Author's Response: Oh, hmm, I can't think of anything else about Scugo at the moment and I have to say I haven't really thought about Hugo's career. I can't see him at the joke shop - well not in this incarnation - so maybe he works at the Ministry. I like the Gryff bravery thing when applied to relationships because we don;'t see them being that brave, do we? It took Hermione seven years to kiss Ron, after all, and they were rubbish at asking girls to the Ball. Rose's ex is just some random Ravenclaw - probably a prefect. In High she's with a Hufflepuff called Benedict MacMillan - I like him. This isn't compliant though. Thank you for the review ~Carole~


The Run of the Mill by kehribar
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 4]

Summary: During their third year at Hogwarts, Harry and his friends came to know Remus Lupin as a sickly, poor man; a wonderful Defense Against the Dark Arts professor with a sense of humour; a former friend of James Potter; a werewolf, and a redeemed friend of the infamous Sirius Black.

He was a man that everyone had been sad to see leave.

What was this man up to before coming to teach at Hogwarts? How had he become such a good teacher? Why was he looking ill at health all the time? Had he been all alone in life since that fateful night on 1981?

This is his story, beginning six months prior to his coming to Hogwarts, and following him as he strains to make ends meet.

Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: Mild Profanity, Violence

Word count: 2639 Chapters: 1 Completed: No
01/07/11 Updated: 01/07/11

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/08/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

I think this is a lovely start! You touched on so many things that should be touched on when exploring Lupin's life, from his job issues to his lycanthropy to the loss of his friends. I notice there was no mention of Peter and am curious how your Lupin feels about that.

I really liked him using the name John for some reason. Such a nice detail.

While I noticed an occasional awkward turn of phrase - for example: "would not ever be washed away" might be "would never be washed away" - it's really a matter of preference and I thought your writing was very smooth and natural and easy to read.

I think you did a wonderful job with Lupin and have already, in one short chapter, set up a good cliffhanger! I look forward to more, so good luck as you continue!
~Gina :)


Sing a Song of Mischief by clabbert2101
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 5]

Summary: A fun little poem about the day Fred and George "graduated" from Hogwarts. Inspired by "Sing a Song of Sixpence".

Categories: Poetry Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 103 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
01/08/11 Updated: 01/10/11

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/10/11 Title: Chapter 1: Throw in a Little Fun...

Very cute! You picked the right little song to set for the twins. 'Mischief' is the perfect word for them as well. I would have loved more verses! Nice job! ~Gina :)


In Silence by hogwartsbookworm
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 5]

Summary: A tribute to Harry and Hermione's friendship.

Nominated for the 2011 Best Poetry QSQ! Thanks, Gina/Gmariam!

Categories: Poetry Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 147 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
01/09/11 Updated: 01/10/11

Reviewer: Gmariam Signed
Date: 01/10/11 Title: Chapter 1: Silence

Oooh, I like this! What a lovely look at Harry/Hermione's relationship. I love poems that use repetition like this, and the 'in silence' was a great phrase to use. And the way it changed at the end was a subtle, nice touch.

The rhyme and rhythm was well done. My only issue was with the second to last stanza, where bond/strong/Ron don't exactly rhyme, and the rhythm is off a bit as well as I read it. Really, you probably could leave it out and not even mention Ron's name, since we know that's what's going on and sometimes leaving it unsaid makes it more powerful. But, I like how the stanza talks about their bond and what they do for each other. Any awkwardness of that one part doesn't take away from the overall feel and flow of the poem. I thought it really captured Harry and Hermione's relationship in a wonderful way. Really nice job!

~Gina :)

Author's Response: I didn't like the bond/strong/Ron thing as much as the other lines either, but... I didn't know what else to do with it. =/

Thanks for the great review, Gina!

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