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This Harry Potter fan is her penname personnified. She enjoys well written, in character fics. Her favorite pairing is Dramione.

She also happens to be a member of the Slytherin house. She does not support Death-Eater-dom, and would like them to stop sending her so many pamphlets.

Her addictions include caffeine, chocolate, good books and old or quirky movies.

Her hobbies include sewing, reading, writing, biking, and knitting. She has trouble sleeping so you may find her posting at odd hours. Also, do not expect much response from her during the school year as she will be embarking into the troubled waters of college applications, senior year memories, balancing High School with her part-time attendance at the near-by University, etc.

Another quirk: She is bi-lingual, therefore has no trouble inventing French dialogue for Fleur and her family.

Off hiatus! Well, sort of.
But Chapter 7 of Beyond Words has made it to queue! Finally!

The Influence of Wolfsbane: Will think about starting Chapter 3
Sequel to Beyond Words: This is my Gauntlet fic. But as I chose Blaise I had done too much character study with him to start over. So it will be a continuation of the story started in Beyond Words, but more Dark/Action. I'm tentatively calling it Beyond Reason.

Due to health issues I have not had internet access for a little while. So if my updating is a bit slow, I apologise.

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Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 07/04/06 Title: None

This an amazing series! "Two Lattes from Hell" is my favorite, but "Isabelle" comes in as a close second. I hope you are planning on adding more to the series. They only seem to improve. You have a great gift for writing.

The Unseemly Proposal by sparx

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: The reign of Voldermort comes to an end, and with it ends the prestige and power Lucius Malfoy once had in the Wizarding World. In order to regain the respect of his fellow wizards and to make them believe that he has turned over a new leaf (which he actually hasn't) and has graciously accepted muggles and Mudbloods, Lucius asks Hermione, a Mudblood, to marry his son, Draco, a pure-blood. Obviously, they both refuse, but Lucius isn't going to give up easily. After all, he wants his status back. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve and is determined to play match-maker. What happens next is a series of events that serve only to bring Hermione and Draco closer, both literally and figuratively speaking. Read to find out how this one unseemly proposal causes absolute chaos in their lives! THIS STORY IS NOT HBP and DH COMPATIBLE! Hey all! Check out my personal info for the expected date of the next update. =)
Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 07/18/06 Title: Chapter 32: Chapter 32- Closer

I can understand that you might be extremely excited with all the action going on at the Dramione awards, but it would be nice if you could focus on the story that has earned all those awards and update.

The Ghost of Godric Gryffindor by GoG

Summary: At the start of Harry’s sixth year, the wizarding world is falling further under Voldemort’s evil control. Fudge has declared a draconian State of Emergency, but he is little more than Lucius Malfoy’s corrupt puppet. But when Malfoy seeks to impose Voldemort’s racist Pureblood ideology upon Hogwarts - the last bastion of the Light - the students rise up in revolt.

The spirits of the great Witches and Wizards of the Light, fearful for the future of the Wizarding world, send Harry and his friends a powerful ally, to help them in the desperate struggle to save Hogwarts and the wizarding world from impending darkness.

An epic struggle of Good against political corruption, racism, elitist ideology ... and Ultimate Evil. The roller-coaster plot twists and turns into the past and future – and Nightmare Realities, where the terrible consequences of failing to stop Voldemort are chillingly revealed.

A story to fascinate the intelligent reader ... philosophy, politics, time-travel, romance, humour ... and a few very cunning ideas.
Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 06/01/06 Title: Chapter 35: Epilogue

Well, this was an interesting story. The beginning was a bit rough and at first Rick came off as sounding too perfect, but you pulled it through. Good job!

Oh, and by the way, New Zealand is nowhere near the Alps. It's an island in the south Pacific near Australia.

Black Chronicles - An Ancient Legacy by the nutty imp

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: 6-year-old Sirius Black just wouldn’t listen; he snuck into the family cellar despite being forbiddened to do so... A broken artifact brought about a chain of events that’ll bring us to a different world. Although most of the events stayed the same, his absence brought about some minor changes - now Sirius is in Harry’s time.

This is a story that will reveal what will happen if the most mischievous of the Marauders joins forces with the ever-creative Weasley Twins. This is an epic tale that will reveal the mysterious myths and history of the Most Noble and Ancient House of Blacks. Be mystified, and roll over with laughter, as Sirius bumbled his way through his 1st year at Hogwarts in this alternate tale of the HP tradition.

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 05/04/06 Title: Chapter 17: Chapter 16 - Detentions, Detentions, and Detentions...

Well, I'm guilty of being a "silent reader". I was planning to comment once I got caught up with the story, but seeing as you pinned me, i figured I'd better comment now. Allow me to commend you on your excellent writing, I love how you manage to fit in rhymes, it looks so cool, though sometimes I wonder if the formatting screwed up because it seems that everytime you start a new line it would be capitalised, but it doesn't work like that on the main screen. Anyway, keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks for telling me. Seems I\'ll have to fix those formating. So happy to hear that you\'re enjoying this one :)

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 06/30/06 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter 17 - Siriusly Wicked Ideas

Please update, I yearn to know the next installment!

Author's Response: I finally am ... I know it\'s almost a year but at least I do listen ... eventually :)

Curse of the Reapers by deanine

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: A different sort of alternate universe... It is a world under the thumb of an ancient emperor. Muggle society has been oppressed beyond recognition. Wizards rule over all, their only laws defined by power. This is the story of a rebellion, a family, a traitor, and the long road that leads home at last.
Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 08/15/06 Title: Chapter 17: Fair Trade

Wait...is Nyt supposed to be this universe's version of our dearly beloved Tonks? I sort of supposed that when you left a hint about her metamorphing, though I may be way off.

As for Lily, what a terrible fate! That can't happen to her! I really hope she'll be cured and pronto.

I'm also looking forward to the return to school and more Malfoy vs Riddle.

As for Isobel, it'll be interesting to see the differences between Class IV and Class I school. I'm guessing Class IV is far less glamourous and doesn't have as many ammenities as Class I.

Author's Response: Nyt, Tonks? Yeah you take Nymphadora and Tonks and make youself an incognito smuggler name and you get Tonks. I sort of have a plan for how Remus will learn her *name*. :)

I know! I\'m too mean to Lily.

And I think I\'m going to disappoint everyone who wanted to check out the other schools as you\'re all probably realizing with the most recent chapters.

:) Many thanks for the review!

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 08/31/06 Title: Chapter 18: Connections

Another great chapter. I really do adore this fic. All the hints seem to be setting Riddle up for picking Harry as his heir. I'm guessing this'll prove to be a complication when Harry's trying to 'die' of plague?

Author's Response: :X
*shifty eyes*
Thanks for the review :D

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 08/12/06 Title: Chapter 16: Withholding

I really did think I'd commented, but it appears I've neglected to do so.

First off, I like to say that this fic is an enormous accomplishment. Fascinating idea, skillful changes of canon characters into their AU places, such an intricate caste system, truly terrifying villains...it's absolutely delicious! I couldn't tear myself away.

Several times I've been urging Lily on, to go into the Group Home and find Isobel, or for Harry to bump into her during an illegal trip to London. Or for Melinda to spot Harry at the Halloween ball. Alas, it wasn't so.

And I love the Draco-Harry friendship. I admit I'm slightly biased as a Draco fan from the start, but I'm very glad he managed to worm his way onto the semi-decent side. I hope that he comes to recognize the potential in Hermione and maybe even Ron. Though I realize it would take something huge to get that to happen. Maybe a Troll-like fight has yet to take place?

The place you have for Tom Riddle in the scheme of things is devilishly intriguing. Wouldn't it be ironic if he were to decide Harry should be his offspring? Or just plain tortuous were Draco to become the ideal candidate, as he can no longer become immortal and is pure-blood, he had potential to father dozens of children. Also, by sharing the same blood, Riddle would have more control over his least favorite pupil.

Author's Response: Yay for comments :) Thanks so much for the kind words and i\'m glad you\'ve enjoyed the fic so far.

Darco-Harry has become one of my favorite relationships of the story, and it wasn\'t even written into the outline. It just happened :) I keep starting to say there\'s lots of the kids in the next chapter, but then I forget that I\'m not writing on the next chapter right now, I\'m writing on the chapter after next.

Riddle is featured chapter after next as well, and he is a fun villian in his current incarnation. I like your logic on whom he should choose. It\'s well thought out. Of course i have a plan for Riddle\'s plot. :X Not that I always follow my outline.

Thanks again for the comments. Peace!

Sins of the Father by TheVault

Rated: Professors •
Summary: There was something about him that made him irresistible to her. Siobhan Murphy will go to any lengths to ascertain her deepest desires - but when the object of those desires is a married man twice her age with secrets darker than she can imagine, she will find herself caught in a scandalous liaison that she can't walk away from. Not Canon-Compliant.
Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 04/30/06 Title: Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Black Marble

This an amazing, luscious, delectable, rich, i-can't-seem-to-find-enough-adjectives-to-describe fic. You have an incredible gift for writing and I enjoy watching Siobhan and Lucius's relationship unfold. The indifference from Draco is rather interesting. I wonder what he would do if he became suspicious of Siobhan and Lucius's relationship? Maybe if he discovered Lucius in her bedroom...or leaving it. And what about the house-elves? Surely they are witnesses to this affair. The suspense of this relationship is intoxicating! Please finish chapter 12 quickly! I'm eager to read more.

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 05/26/06 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Confrontation With Fear

Another excellent installment! I believe I am correct in guessing that Lucius was the Death Eater that saved Siobhan? And will the fic get to the end of Christmas break and the return to Hogwarts, if there is any?

Author's Response: Why would you think that was Lucius? *cough* Absurd, really... *wink* Actually, the fic does go to the end of Christmas break and the return to Hogwarts... and about three years after that, too. *snicker* Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 08/02/06 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 14: Mr Malfoy’s Reputation

Great chapter, but my thirst to read this whole fic has yet to be quenched. What does Draco suppose her ulterior motives are in regards to Christmas vacation? Will he suspect her of stealing anything, or simply trying to get into the Malfoy's social circle? Also, will anyone notice Siobhan and Lucius in their rendez-vous at Hogsmeade? It's far more public than the Manor. What should happen if Draco sees his father in Hogsmeade and tells his mother?

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 09/19/06 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Secrets Revealed

Wonderful chapter, Jenna. (Yes, I fell for the self-advertising). I can just imagine Harry's face at discovering Siobhan's and Lucius's tryst. I was smirking, no, outright laughing at his expression.

Part of me is screaming that Siobhan is in denial. Of course she loves Lucius, how can she not? When will she ever find another man with silky blond hair, a pimp cane, muscled body and experience in bed? Okay, so I was joking that last sentence. But Lucius is falling for Siobhan, he cares for her, the way he is telling her to be careful...keeping her out of danger, etc.

I dont' suppose he overheard her argument with Harry? I think that would hurt him more than he would care to admit...

Author's Response: Hee, Thanks for the review. It\'s good you fell for the self-advertising -- being shameless isn\'t worth it if it doesn\'t get you anywhere ;) [Am I a Slyth, or what?] One clarification, nowhere in this fic does Lucius have a \'pimp cane\' *wink* It\'s a movie thing that was cool enough until it became a fandom cliche x.x

I didn\'t even consider how Lucius would feel if he heard the arguement, since I wasn\'t going to have him overhear it, but, O.O, you\'ve put an idea in my head. *runs*

But yes, he\'d be hurt, which would just make him angry. But Siobhan was telling the truth - as she knows it. She has the potential to love Lucius, but she really doesn\'t see much in him worth loving. Yet. Whereas Lucius is head over heels ;) Not that he\'d admit to that in 15 years.

Take My Heart Away by Hatusu

Rated: 6th-7th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Hermione goes back in time with one mission: to kill Tom Riddle before he ever comes to power. A difficult task, correct? An impossible one, she realizes, as a love between them grows stronger than anything she has ever known. Now Hermione has a choice to make. Will she condemn the Wizarding world to almost certain destruction, or will she take the life of the one boy she has ever loved?
Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 08/12/06 Title: Chapter 10: Sillver Slippers and Peacock... Hats

Poor McGonagall! I couldn't see Dumbledore purposely sabotaging her, but it was rather amusing.

I was half expecting Tom to be doodling on a bit of parchment in History of Magic, playing around with the letters of his name...

I look forward to the ball! Please don't hesitate to update.

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 07/24/06 Title: Chapter 9: Empty Space

Hooray, another installment, things are getting better than ever. I must commend you on your excellent characterization. I hope you don't mind if I point out a minor nit-pick:

"To Helen, his lips were icy and solid" Dont' you mean to Hermione? Or is Hermione becoming more Helen and less herself?

Looking forward to the next update!

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 07/03/06 Title: Chapter 7: Enemies Closer

I really do like this story so far. Though I'm assuming it's pre-HBP? Please update!

Author's Response: YES, it is definitely pre-HBP, and now I\'m mad at myself because I forgot to mention it in my latest author\'s note. Alas, maybe next time. It is very pre-HBP, the whole thing was written before I\'d read a work of the lovely sixth book. :D If you see some startling similarities to this Tom Riddle and the HBP Tom Riddle (and I swear, some of the stuff in this fic is word-for-word what was written in HBP) it\'s just coincidental. I didn\'t copy it, I swear!! (lol) Thanks for your review! :D

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 08/28/06 Title: Chapter 11: Moonlight Masquerade

Alright, well, I was impatient and couldn't wait between updates so I read the entire story on fanfiction.net. Since I don't have an account there though, I figured I'd best leave my reviews here. This is a great story. I especially enjoy the images of the masquerade on the Quidditch pitch. And the set-up for Tom as Christoph was wonderful.

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 07/16/06 Title: Chapter 8: Best For Them

Oh dear, this chapter was over far too soon. I'm gobbling up this fic at an incredible speed. It's really very wonderful. I wonder if Hermione's actions are already having an effect in the future, by planting that one small seed of doubt in him, has she already reversed some of history? I already can see how this will end, Hermione will save the future by teaching Tom Riddle to love, but just because I (think I) can see the ending, doesn't mean I don't want to see how you reach it. You're a wonderful story teller.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, the future question is very interesting, isn\'t it? If you\'re looking for clues as to how this story is going to end, then look back at PoA and I\'m sure it will give you a lot to think about. :D

The Severed Souls by Magical Maeve

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Summary : The sequel to Daughter of Light. Maeve has a very bad end to her honeymoon as things come to light about Severus that astound her. Why is her husband so keen to keep Draco Malfoy alive at all costs and can she really get over her loathing of Narcissa Malfoy to work together to save both Severus and Draco from the fate that Voldemort would like to inflict on them? Why is Harry so furtive and will Neville save the day when Maeve’s necklace is returned to her by her father. Oh, and our favourite bad-boy Auror is back!

There has been rather a long break in the writing of the story due to work commitments, but I'm back on the case and hoping to get it finished - if there's anyone left still reading!! :-)
Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 05/17/06 Title: Chapter 24: The Heir of Gryffindor

I was right! I'm doing my own little dance of happiness at this masterful revelation. Of course, it was al due to you and your cleverly placed clues that I came to that conclusion. This is a fascinating and unexpected plot twist. I wonder if Voldemort knows? If that's why he keeps Severus around? I can't wait to see what happens next. Please tell me you are working on the next chapter!

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 04/30/06 Title: Chapter 1: The Darkest Night

Please update! I can't wait to read more and I feel as though I've been waiting for ages.

Author's Response: Sorry, and thanks for the review! Next chapter is almost ready to be sent to my beta and then it will be up. End of the week at the latest. :-)

Reviewer: anAnachronism Signed
Date: 08/17/06 Title: Chapter 25: A Gathering Storm

Hooray! An update! I'm so relieved that you haven't abandoned this story, and it wasn't short at all. It is indeed the calm before the storm.

I'm curious about Severus and Maeve only being able to have one child, because I read another one of your stories where they both die and you mentioned several children. Then again, I may be misinterpreting.

And I'm glad Neville is around. I missed him. Anywho, I have to go, but I loved this chapter and hope you post another one soon!

Author's Response: You\'re not misinterpreting. The other story wasn\'t meant to be a real indication of what happened to them according to the main stories - if that makes sense. :-) It was just a one-shot that was more of a \'what if...\' Thanks for the review and I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story.