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My name is Emily, and I love to write stories.

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Harry Potter and the World Reborn by andelyn kinsey

Rated: Professors •
Summary: The Second War has ended, but there is still so much work to be done. Death Eaters are still at large, the Ministry and its laws are in disarray, families have been torn apart, and love that has laid quiet in the hearts of four teenagers for a year or more is now ready to burst into the open. Watch as the foundations of the Wizarding world are rebuilt and Harry Potter and his friends find their places in a world without Voldemort.

All characters, settings, places, spells, creatures, and what ever else you can think of belong to JK Rowling or were inspired by the same.
Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 11/11/09 Title: Chapter 1: Waking Up

I love it

Author's Response: More is coming soon!!!

I'm a Muggle for Halloween by Soccer_rocks_likeHP

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Harry and his daughter Lily make a run to the store one Halloween night, and Lily witnesses a Muggle Halloween for the first time. Many questions arise, but in the end, Lily desides that she, too, is part of this magical night.

This is Harry_Rulz of Hufflepuff writing for the Halloween Challenge, Halloween Explained prompt.

I'm excited/proud to say that this fic won third place in the Halloween Explained Challenge!

Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 11/20/09 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Awe I like it.

Author's Response: :] Thank you. ~Lexi~

Soldiers by dominiqueweasley

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: "There are many stories between the lines." - Jo Rowling, about the Black Family Tree.

Cedrella's goal all her life has been to be the perfect Black. She has impeccable manners, commands respect, is always composed, and has never had a friend in her life. But Cedrella has a secret that is about to get a lot more complicated…

Septimus is the youngest of seven Weasley brothers. His dearest wish for his seventh year at Hogwarts is to meet the mystery girl he once saw dancing in the Owlery in the dead of night…

This story is a romance, but it is also a story about family, owls, and what it feels like to know you are worth something.
Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 05/04/11 Title: Chapter 19: Epilogue

Wow I loved it!!

Home by ron lover

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: After the Battle, Harry finds Ginny by the Black Lake.
Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 01/11/10 Title: Chapter 1: After the Battle

Soooo cute.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. :)

Forests of Connection by Albus Bumblebee

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: The Grey Lady and the Bloody Baron have a past that neither can forget. However, a new year has brought hope for a new future and will the two lost souls place their differences aside and finally have a conversation? Is there hope for a future?
Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 06/17/11 Title: Chapter 2: According to Him

So beautiful

Our Little Secret: Lost by Kerichi

Rated: 6th-7th Years •


Scorpius had never looked forward to anything the way he looked forward to leaving Hogwarts with Rose. He planned a holiday with no friends, no family, and nothing to do but be together‚Ä”until a tampered Portkey changed their destination.



Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 04/03/10 Title: Chapter 1: Plans

Write more

Author's Response: I will, very soon! :)

Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 04/04/10 Title: Chapter 1: Plans

Write more

Author's Response: I'm glad you pressed the submit button hard so I could add what I forgot to say in the first reply. Thank you! :)

The Dragon Does the Tickling by jenniferes

Rated: Professors •
Summary: After the war, Hermione returns to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year of studies as Head Girl, only to find Draco Malfoy has been appointed Head Boy. Her life is further complicated by the fact that Headmistress McGonagall is strongly encouraging Malfoy and her to attend one of the three wizarding universities in Europe after they graduate from Hogwarts. The story starts HG/RW, but the focus is on the development of HG/DM.
Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 12/23/10 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 12: Visit to the University of Wizardry in London

lol funny

Author's Response: I'm so happy you find the story to be funny. One never knows what the response will be! -- Jenny

A Moment, A Love by jenny b

Rated: Professors • Past Featured Story
A dream, aloud, a kiss, a cry …

Pregnant at seventeen. I was not that kind of girl. My final year at Hogwarts was supposed to be the best yet – filled with Quidditch matches, parties with my best friends and Outstandings in all my NEWTs. But now I was facing morning sickness, young mothers’ group and irate teachers, all whilst trying to hold my relationship with Lysander together.

What on earth was I going to do?
Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 09/13/10 Title: Chapter 9: In Which Lily Meets a Bunch of Crazy Pregnant Women


Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 09/20/10 Title: Chapter 10: In Which Lily is Smothered by Weasleys


Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 09/08/10 Title: Chapter 8: In Which Lily Encounters an Australian Sex Bomb

awesome!! I'm pretty sure Rose and Lily know about the pound. still love it.

Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 12/04/10 Title: Chapter 13: In Which Lily Faces the Facts

I love it

Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 09/19/11 Title: Chapter 16: In Which Lily Angsts Over a Quidditch Match

It was ok I guess

Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 08/05/10 Title: Chapter 5: In Which Lily gets to Wear the Lucky Duck Pyjamas

love it!

Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 10/23/10 Title: Chapter 12: In Which Lily has Some Untimely Encounters with Various Hufflepuffs

write more! good she should stand her ground. i think she beak up with him, if he's questioned her about the babies then he doesn't deserve her and the babies. She needs to be strong for her kids.

Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 09/28/10 Title: Chapter 11: In Which Lily Attempts to Be a Normal Teenager


Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 06/21/10 Title: Chapter 2: In Which Lily Beats a Few Bludgers

Write more and more often

Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 06/30/10 Title: Chapter 3: In Which Lily gets Horrendously Drunk, and then has a Horrendous Thought

Love it

Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 09/05/10 Title: Chapter 7: In Which Lily Considers Hexing her Brothers

Please write back asap

A Different Kind of Magic by unjellify

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: James Potter is Head Boy and Gryffindor Quidditch captain in his seventh year at Hogwarts. He has three best friends and his life seems perfect--except that Lily Evans, the only girl he's ever loved, can't stand him.

Lily Evans is Head Girl and top of their class. She's always been disgusted by James' arrogance, yet she can't seem to stop blushing when he's around.

As their Head Boy and Girl duties bring them together, can James find a way to win Lily's love?

A Different Kind of Magic has been nominated for the 2011 Quicksilver Quills: Best Canon Romance. Thank you!

Reviewer: locanena Signed
Date: 06/13/11 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8-Flying Lessons

aww write more!!!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! And I will! :)