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:Coming soon: A Ginny/Draco story. Be prepared for the best.

:Mwa: Hey-lo! Well, I am 17 years old (turning 18 on May 31!) and am a senior! Yes, I will be graduating this year, so go '06! I like to write but I can never seem to finish what I start, so sorry for that. :S
Well, lets see what there is also about me...

:Favorite Ships: 1. Harry and Hermione
2. James and Lily
3. Draco and Ginny/Hermione

:Favorite Character: Harry Potter and Sirius Black.

:Misc: Well, my favorite color is purple and green and I have four dogs, 1 cat and three birds (eew). I lurve dogs though so... yup!

:Ending: Well, that is all I can really think of myself. I am tired because I just came from school after a week of spring break so I think I am ready to.... Zzzzz...

:Just so you know: If you are going to review, I just thought you should know that I really do appreciate critism as long as it is helpful. I do not appreciate, however, when your review is disrespectful and has no point. So please, make it worthy. Thanks! :)

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No Inhibitions by GringottsVault711

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 82 Reviews
Summary: Ron accidentally takes a potion to free him from his every inhibition - with 'interesting' results. Will this finally be the push that makes him reveal to Hermione his true feelings? Not so much fluffy as funny.
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 12/31/04 Title: Chapter 1: No Inhibitions

That was so funny! Lol and cute. :D


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/01/05 Title: None

Aww.. That was so cute!


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/16/05 Title: None

>.< uh oh. Lol, I have a feeling that a certain someone is going to be in trouble! Smoke out of his ears, lol. So many people will do anything for money. Well, I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Really? Someone is going to get in trouble? Who? Lol, just kidding. I'm glad you like it. :) Merci beaucoup


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 03/23/05 Title: None

Yea! It's weird to see Ginny so... just out of it. :~)

Author's Response: Yeah....well....read the response above you.....you'll see yeah......

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 03/09/05 Title: None

Hmm. This story gets you thinking. I mean, as I read this story I have to kind of like, decipher what you mean at some points. ANYWAYS, I really like your poems. I am not that much of a poem reader only because they are usually about flower life or such and such but yours is totally different. Grabbes my attention. I feel like its one of those poems where you snap instead just closing the book *Snap snap snap snap* Thats a compliment just to let you know. Well, I am diggin' this story so keep it up! You got talent on the poems! Can't wait for the next chapter! :D 10

Author's Response: Wow, thanx for the extra long review. I'm glad you read it. And yes I'd have to say my poetry is of a....um....different sort.....And thanx for the snaps....I re-submitted my chappie recently, so I hope it will be up soon.

Do You Believe in Love at First Kiss...? by The_Heir_of Gryffindor

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 149 Reviews
Summary: Every story written about the Marauders has always been the same. Pranks, love, mischeif...But, what if there was another side to all of it? Another side to the fun? James Potter finds out sooner then expected that reality isn't just a bedtime story. It's real. And it's haunting him. How can he live out his days in Hogwarts as a regualar teenager when things start happeing that are beyond his control? Not to mention, the love he possess is slowly being taken from him...

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 05/09/05 Title: Chapter 7: A Secret Told

This is a cute story but Lily and James’ relation moved a little too fast. Slow down a little. :) Ok, well I have to do this. I hope you don’t mind but I love leaving long reviews. Here goes *cracks fingers*.

Didn't Dumbledore here of what happened last night? ‘Here’ should be ‘hear’. James smiled and set the bowl aside. "You fainted so I brought you up here." After ‘aside’ you should have a comma. Same with this sentence, She glared at him. "And I had a right to faint! What were you doing on the grounds with a werewolf?!" she asked sharply. Get rid of the period and change that to a comma. You have a lot more of those, but I didn’t want to put them all down into this review. So, basically every time you have someone talk, add a comma. [Ex: She said, “Bla bla bla.” “Blabity blab,” he answered.] You get my drift?

"Yes, James Potter. I have. Ok, here is my opinion. It would honestly sound better if you had a comma after ‘Potter’ and before ‘I’. But that is my opinion.

Now, before that little… eh, momentary kissing part, Lily seemed a little OOC. You do a really good job, what with all of the characters you have to include, but watch out on those parts. Afterwards, I really liked the part where she was beating James, "James Potter, put me down! I have two legs! Don't make me jinx you!" Cute.

You have a really good story going on, you just need to watch your grammar. You seem to cut your sentences short. Don’t be afraid of a little comma here or there. Otherwise, this story is so cute! I love Lily and James. This is a cute story, very interesting with James and Lily having to share a same room (what was Dumbledore thinking?). Hmm… Well, carry on. Dani

With you by Kaily_Kiss

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 53 Reviews
Summary: I'm finished with this story! Hermione yells at Harry for never spending time with her. And she is pregnant. But shortly after Harry gets injured in a battle and Hermione fears she will lose him forever.
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/24/05 Title: Chapter 5: The blushing bride

:D I love Harry Potter. He is just da' bomb! Good story!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! At first I thought no one would like the ending!


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/16/05 Title: None

Hmm. So someone was spying on them? I really do like your writing style, it flows so well. Well, I can't wait for your next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! It's so great to see people who are enjoying my story! you'll find out more later! They're LOADS of surprises comming up!

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 02/17/05 Title: None

Hmmm... Who I happen to think it is, is either You-Know-Who or else a dementor. That is what I think. Well, I am happy that Malfoy is down. Interesting way on knowing him though, kind of get the feeling that he likes her? Wonder who is spying on them (most likely because of ... Heh, forgot her name. Oops). Well, that is just something I will have to wait for. Keep it up! Can't wait for the next chapter. :D

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 02/17/05 Title: None

Delete what I just said on that. Wrong chapter... Heh

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 02/17/05 Title: None

Hmmm... Who I happen to think it is, is either You-Know-Who or else a dementor. That is what I think. Well, I am happy that Malfoy is down. Interesting way on knowing him though, kind of get the feeling that he likes her? Wonder who is spying on them (most likely because of ... Heh, forgot her name. Oops). Well, that is just something I will have to wait for. Keep it up! Can't wait for the next chapter. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for your input and lovely comment. A lot of questions you have, eh? Well, as much as I just want to tell you everything that happens to save me the time of writing all this, I shall strongly refrain myself. Thanks a lot for droping by, and I hope you continue reading and (of course) enjoying!

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/20/05 Title: None

Ooh, Malfoy knows her? This should be interesting. I wonder who was spying on them... Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: :):):)!!! Yes, it starts to get interesting! I submitted chapter five, so look for it at a fiction site near you! Random Info: Chapter four's ending is my favorite ending that I've came up with so far! I usually try to end all chapters in a cliffhanger (no matter how small it is) and that one, I'm proud to say, I am quite fond of! More chapters to come! Thanx for reading, and I always love your reviews! You guys are the best! :)!

Author's Response: EDIT: It's chapter FIVE'S ending that I like the best! Sorry, I got a little mixed up! It's up, you may all go read at your risk!

From the Notebooks of Hermione by SpellBound05

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 330 Reviews
Summary: This story is written from Hermione's notebooks, her point of view. Bare feet, Hogsmeade trips, quidditch games, and broken hearts.
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 07/29/05 Title: Chapter 17: As Fate Would Have It

0.0 Wow. This story is awesome! Even though HBP is totally a different story, along with a different ship, that still doesn't change the fact that I am a H/Hr shipper. And I just love this story! It's so cute, even with Ginny/Draco. I like that ship too, somewhat. :)

Well, keep it going! Dani!

Author's Response: I'm glad you still support my story! Thanks!

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/27/06 Title: Chapter 20: Sugar and Spice

Awww. It was cute, real cute. But Malfoy seemed a little too nice then. I know that he really likes Ginny but I always kind of figured that he would still have that... edge to him, you know?

Oh, I think I found something wrong. “How we can either fight about it, or treat the matter like civilized human beings,” he said, extending his hand. I'm guessing you meant for it to say "Now we can... instead of the 'how'. Unless that is how you wanted it to be.

Good job, Dani.

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 07/15/05 Title: Chapter 16: Messing Up

Lol. This is such a good story. I am glad that you are not going to stop updating (or are going to relate this to the HBP) because of the... HBP- I seem to be replaying myself. *Cough* Anyways, I love this story. Harry is so cute. I wish I met a boy like him.
Well, can't wait until you are able to update again. Which will be in a few days. Enjoy the book! Dani 10/10

Author's Response: If you're glad, I'm glad. :)

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 10/06/05 Title: Chapter 18: Falling

Awww, it. is. so. cute! Oh, I just love Harry/Hermione. Make Hermione harder to get, thats my favorite part, lol. :) And of course I love them together but ya' know. *Sigh* well, as soon as you are done taking a break and check this out, always remember this:
I am waiting for the next installment because there aren't much H/HR I like. :D
DAni (10!)

Lacrima Serpentis by Insecurity

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 311 Reviews
Summary: This story is set in the dystopian society of Wizarding England under the control of Voldemort. Fifteen years after leaving Hogwarts, Harry Potter is in hiding; he fears the words of the Prophecy and has lost the will to fight. This story tells the tale of an adult Hermione who sacrifices everything: her family, her moral beliefs and eventually her dignity, in order to save the Wizarding world. She becomes a Death Eater under the recommendation of someone she barely trusts. She struggles to find the courage and strength, but with every choice she makes she gets deeper and deeper into danger.

Chapter 33 is finally up. Thank you for your support and patience..
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 03/17/05 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8

oh no... Wow. Poor Hermione. Grrrrr. He makes me so mad. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 02/23/05 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

Ron... Oh, I feel so sorry for Ron. Now Harry has his friends back. Hopefully that will put him back in shape. This story is so dark. I mean I can picture everything that you are saying. It is also a little scary, nerve racking that is. Poor Hermione. That is horrible because she is now permanently scarred with scar. Well, I am now hooked to this story. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Arwwww thank you so much. I can see your on my wavelength. I am in a pissed mood because chapter 7 has been "queued" for the past 2 weeks! If you want me to jsut send it (and 8 and 9) then just message me personally, otherwise jsut keep checking back.

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 03/09/05 Title: Chapter 7: Chapter 7

Oh dear. I hope things don't get screwwed up. Well, I will just wait for the next chapter... 10

Our Year by Ella Norman

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 20 Reviews
Summary: *one-shot* James has just been made Head Boy, and Lily can't believe it. His new position, however, makes her realize that he's something more than she had thought. Please R&R.
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 04/07/05 Title: Chapter 1: Our Year

This was a really good story. I love it how James love Lily's stubborness. It's just perfect. Oh, and I thought you should know that James eyes are hazel, not blue. Just to fill you in, ok? Well, good one-shot! Hope you make others! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I specialize in one-shots. Yes, I know his eyes are hazel, but I didn't bother to check before I wrote this. 'Bout time I changed it, eh? :)