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:Coming soon: A Ginny/Draco story. Be prepared for the best.

:Mwa: Hey-lo! Well, I am 17 years old (turning 18 on May 31!) and am a senior! Yes, I will be graduating this year, so go '06! I like to write but I can never seem to finish what I start, so sorry for that. :S
Well, lets see what there is also about me...

:Favorite Ships: 1. Harry and Hermione
2. James and Lily
3. Draco and Ginny/Hermione

:Favorite Character: Harry Potter and Sirius Black.

:Misc: Well, my favorite color is purple and green and I have four dogs, 1 cat and three birds (eew). I lurve dogs though so... yup!

:Ending: Well, that is all I can really think of myself. I am tired because I just came from school after a week of spring break so I think I am ready to.... Zzzzz...

:Just so you know: If you are going to review, I just thought you should know that I really do appreciate critism as long as it is helpful. I do not appreciate, however, when your review is disrespectful and has no point. So please, make it worthy. Thanks! :)

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Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/12/05 Title: None

*Raises eyebrows* Interesting. Billy Goats is different. Tell me, is the real Fellix like that? Is goats really his weakness? Lol, that would be cool and funny if so. Well --my usual saying-- Can't wait for the next chapter! :D

Author's Response: Hey, I don't make this stuff up. Last year he declared that billy goats were his weakness, don't ask (because I don't have an answer) The next chapter is coming...eventually!

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/06/05 Title: None

Lol, this story is so funny. :D I love it! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks!

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/29/05 Title: None

Lol, for now one when someone cuts me off I will say "You do not cut off the Dark Lord!" Lol, that would be so funny, even if I do get the weird looks at me. Oh, this is such a funky story. Keep it up! :D

Author's Response: Hahahahaha.....that's hilarious! I am SO doing that to my sister...

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/24/05 Title: None

:D monkeys? Interesting choice... 10

Author's Response: Why not?

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 02/10/05 Title: None

Good ending. :D I love how you are always up with new stories. Never keep is hanging around, bored. Yea!!!

Author's Response: I'd never keep you guys hanging around - glad you enjoyed it!

Oh the Insanity - The Thoughts of Hermione Granger by Hermiones_Revenge

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 723 Reviews
Summary: A series of hilarious journal entries and lists from Hermione, describing the insane "war" she has gotten herself into with Parvati. Insanity, and hilarity, ensue... A sequel to "The Secret Thoughts of Hermione Granger" (though it'll make sense if you haven't read it)

Note: Another story from "back in the day."
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 12/31/04 Title: Chapter 4: Parvati's Revenge...Again

lol.. Can't wait for next chapter! :D

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/09/05 Title: Chapter 7: Stuck to a shelf in a pink dress

I think I know who Harry is with! :S This should be good if I am correct. Anyways, I love it! Can't wait for next chapter!

Author's Response: You think you know, do you? Well you're probably right...unless you're wrong...

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/18/05 Title: Chapter 8: Trouble in the Dragon's Lair

I was right! I liked it, can't wait for the next chapter!

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/16/05 Title: Chapter 1: Crazy Partys and Evil Plots

When are you going to update this story? And your other one! Writers block, busy? Give us a signal you are still there or something.

Author's Response: I'm still here! Had computer issues AND I"m reeeeeeeally busy (science-y club thing, school show, tap dancing, choir, community service corps., national spanish exam study sessions, homework, my birthday, etc etc) So an update is coming eventually!

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/24/05 Title: Chapter 10: The Truth Revealed

:D Over already? Bummer. Sigh, all the stories are ending now.. I liked this story. Hope you write another one.

Author's Response: oh...I will...(laughs maniacally)

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 01/29/05 Title: Chapter 11: Epilogue - Learn Your Lessons

Good ending. Poor Harry getting yelled at. Oh well. It happens. :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the reviews!

Cry Lily, God Just Cry by Lilysdancin

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 45 Reviews
Summary: This fic takes place the 1`st year Lily and James get out of Hogwarts and the couple you love to love are not together!! Find out what went wrong when they were going out 7th yr. through flashbacks Lily, James and the gang have of Hogwarts. Also, Portrays the lives Lily, James and all their friends had while young and on their own in the wizarding world. Story w/ lots of twists, humor, drama, suspense, romance. READ AND REVIEW Its different from most Lily James stories but in a good believable way with lotz of flashbacks!!
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 04/08/05 Title: Chapter 3: Freaking Idiot!

Ooooh, now I understand how everything is going on. Haha, i was like, weren't Lily and James supposed to be together during year 7? Well, this chapter answered my question. This is another good story of yours (I read your other one) and I really can't wait for another chapter of this fab story. Dani. Oh, and here is a nice 10 for ya'!

Indefinite Imprisonment by Botti_C

Rated: Professors • 27 Reviews
Summary: Ginny is the victim of a stupid joke, and when Draco tries to save her, they end up stuck together. Even after they're released, for some reason Ginny still feels imprisoned.
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 12/03/04 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter the first

Write more please!

James and Lily: Hate and Love: Life and Death by immortal_evil

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 537 Reviews

It is ambitious Lily Evans' 7th and final year at Hogwarts. She is very excited about being one step closer to becoming an Auror and thrilled about being back to school altogether.

But there is one little annoyance: the Marauders. Specificially arrogant James Potter. He has been pestering her to go out with him, but she has coldly denied his wishes. She thinks this year will be no different to the past six school years.

But life is full of mistakes.


"Just one minute.” Lily noticed footsteps heading in her direction. She saw a hand reach from between the screens and drop a flower onto her bedside table.

“Mr. Potter! Return to your dormitory immediately!”

“Alright, alright…” The hand disappeared.

Once Lily was sure that no one was in the wing, he lifted her head and saw what flower Potter had dropped.

Lily stuffed her head in her pillow and screamed a muffled scream that no one could hear.

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 04/16/05 Title: Chapter 23: Griffindor Troubles

Is she saying she should be careful of James??? Hmm.

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 05/22/05 Title: Chapter 24: Unspoken Wisdom

Oh, bad griffin...

Well, it was a bad griffin.

No idea what novel. And I have one mistake in your chapter. The italics. Sorry, you were obviously done with the 'mind chats' and you just kept with italics.. Thats all. Carry on, Dani

Author's Response: oh... that's a bad thing... very bad thing! thank you for pointing that out!

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 03/21/05 Title: Chapter 22: Never forget, never forgive?

Aww. This is such a cute story. It is so cute that it makes my heart pang. Lol, and its hilarious.. Poor ants *sobs* lol. Well, I am totally diggin' this story. Really. I love Sirius. OMG, I love that guy so much. Lets see, how many times has James asked out Lily? Lol, only Sirius was know. Well, I really can't wait for the next chapter only because this story is so awesome! :~) }):({ J&L4eva! }):({ 10


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 12/15/04 Title: None

Can't wait! :D

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 12/06/04 Title: None

I like it very much! Can't wait!


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 05/15/05 Title: None

I'm just wondering. Are you still working on this story? Or are you just busy?
Just wondering... Dani

Reviewer: Dan_D_Lion Signed
Date: 04/14/05 Title: None

whoa. A blow by blow fight. Interesting. Wow. Strong. Mind blowing. I can go on and on. My mouth is literally hanging open, well not any more but it was. Good job. Loved it. Fabulous! You're on fire baby! lol, well, can't wait for the next chapter. (Uh oh, Voldemort is still going to come back... duhn duhn duhn!)