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Hello everyone who decided to grace this boring page!

I am a native Floridian, recent college graduate, happily married (even though the hubby doesn't understand the obession...)! I have been reading for years, but only recently taken a dive into writing. I'm a proud Hufflepuff and have recently taken to drabbling as well, so some of those might turn into stories as well.

Stories (click for banner on all):

Independent Stories:

A Life From the Ashes:
Third Task challenge fic, centered on Ron.
Banner by whomovedmyquill.

A True Weasley
Why Percy Weasley was sorted into Gryffindor. For the Hufflepuff Back to Hogwarts Challenge.

Wicked Witches
A one-shot about Luna as a child.
For the Halloween Challenge - Halloween Explained.


Moments Series:

This series highlights important, pivotal moments in a characters' life.

It did not start as a series, but has taken flight in my mind, and you can't really tell those things "no", can you?

Each summary is purposefully vague, for telling you the moment ahead of time is anticlimatic, in my opinion.

Series banner by psijupiter.

A Harry/Ginny story, a missing moment from the HBP.
Banner by lilykinslove.

Twilit Confessions:
A Ron/Hermione story, Post-Hogwarts.
Banner by Bine/luinrina.

All reviews are appreciated and cherished.

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Torn Between Ice and Emeralds by CrystalM

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: COMPLETED -- A broken-hearted Ginny Weasley lets go of Harry Potter to let him fight the good fight and starts her sixth year at Hogwarts. Draco Malfoy follows Snape back to Death Eater headquarters after Dumbledore's death to even more danger than he had just left, realising too late that he has made his greatest mistake yet. Is anyone likely to forgive him? Finding himself a refugee within the walls he had conspired against, he witnesses a scene that alters his perception of a concept he had previously found to be a waste of time: Love. This change allows him to grow away from the model Death Eater his father had been sculpting him into in an effort to find out what he really believes in with the help of his new friendship found in the youngest Weasley. Meanwhile, Ginny struggles with her harboured feelings for the man destined to save the Wizarding world, unknowingly losing her affections with every passing day to his childhood enemy.

Compliant with HBP and below.

25,000 reads!!! ::claps for readers:: Please, please leave me a review!!
Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 08/11/08 Title: Chapter 17: Neither Can Live While the Other Survives

Oh man that was so sad!! Poor Harry! I almost cried...

Author's Response: Aw, I'm sorry you almost cried! Hope you liked it, thank you for the review!

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 11/03/08 Title: Chapter 20: A New Start

Great story, I liked the ending...even though I wished Harry could have found more happiness, it is probably more realistic this way, for him to be heartbroken.

Author's Response: I know, poor Harry. I'll try to make it up to him, but it's so easy to make everything go wrong for him! Plus, I love writing the heartbreak, I don't know why. Thank you for your review! :-)

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 08/17/08 Title: Chapter 18: As Seen Through Greasy Curtains

Yes!! Harry's alive!!! Not quite happy endings for all, but much much happier than it seemed!

Author's Response: It was looking very gloomy for a minute there. Thank you for reading! :-)

Hogwarts Houses Divided by Inverarity

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story

Teddy Lupin's first year at Hogwarts. Canon-compliant. Nominated for a 2008 QSQ for best Post-Hogwarts story.

The war is over, and all is well, they say, but the wounds remain unhealed. Bitterness divides the Houses of Hogwarts. Can the first children born since the war's end begin a new era, or will the enmities of their parents be their permanent legacy?

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 11/26/08 Title: Chapter 34: Where We Belong

Great story!! I emphatically vote for a sequel; it was so bittersweet to see it end. I am awaiting Alexandra's sequel as well, which sounds like its going to be coming soon!! :)

I really like Ophelia's flashback. Her character became a very intriguing person, and I liked how one reviewer said she would "turn Harry's hair gray" - that summed it up nicely, lol.

I am super impressed by your writing, your story lines, your characters...basically, everything. Don't stop writing or posting on here for people who suck at writing, like me. :) Thanks for giving us your stories, and I hope sincerely to read more of them in the future!!

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 07/05/08 Title: Chapter 13: The Zero Toleration Policy

This story has taken such a sad turn! I hope things turn out alright for him! I think you are a really great write, and I like both of your stories posted on this website...as well as how fast they update. :) Teddy and Violet's relationship is really sweet, too. Keep up the awesomeness! ;)

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 11/03/08 Title: Chapter 28: This Doesn't Sound Like a Very Good Plan

Oh MAN this story is so intense!! Teddy is so brave and wonderful...all of them are! I can't wait for the next update!

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 08/11/08 Title: Chapter 20: It's All Fun and Games Until Someone Gets Hurt

OH MY GOSH what a cliffie!! I can't believe they managed to catch him, even for a short time! Oh, I hope the teachers catch him, and that Teddy's okay. And Violet checking on Kai was cute...

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 11/17/08 Title: Chapter 30: Better Late Than Never

Oh man, when Harry yelled out Teddy's name and descended on his broom, there was a little person inside my head going "Yes!" and jumping up yelling "Harry's come to save the day!"

I wrote that before I made it to the end. And then I cried.

There have only been a few stories I have been so religiously waiting for an update.

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 11/17/08 Title: Chapter 31: Child of a Death Eater

Wow, quick update!

I'm so sad this story seems to be coming to its conclusion...what a blessing and curse for Chloe but I'm glad she's still alive! Do we get to see her at some point before the end of the story? Are you planning on writing a sequel? I should probably wait to ask that question until I see how this ends...

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 11/12/08 Title: Chapter 29: Things Blow Up

Oh my goodness, each chapter is better than the last!! I love that they are so long...that's kind of a random comment, but there you go.

I really enjoy reading the scenes with the adults, and this chapter featured them a lot. I loved the part where Ron told Ophelia to watch out for Ginny...

Poor Alduin! I can't believe he choose to be a ghost! But I'm so glad he's helping! And I'm SO glad Teddy finally got out...I doubt he's going to rest, though, until the rest of the students are out. Harry would have to physically restrain him. And I hope Chloe and the others are okay...

This is the story I am most looking forward to the update...keep up the excellent terrific work!!

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 07/16/08 Title: Chapter 16: The Secret Meeting

Oh what a cliffie!! I can't wait for the next chapter and to see how this meeting goes! Great work as usual, I absolutely love your stories!

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 11/24/08 Title: Chapter 33: Heroes

Another great chapter! It's not just wizarding Britain who is awaiting the sorting hat's decision...

Okay, that was cheesy. :) I almost cried for Teddy when Alduin told him about is parents. I thought that was sweet.

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 11/18/08 Title: Chapter 1: Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

You know you write a good story when your readers are thinking about it long after they've read it...I've been thinking about this story and the most recent chapter since I read it, most particularly about the revelation about Alduin. I am therefore leaving a second review to continue my thoughts. I am very interested to see how Teddy reacts to this news. The unveiling of his last name fits the entire theme of this story: don't judge someone by their house or their name or their parents. He befriended Alduin simply because of who he was, and their friendship wouldn't have happened if he knew who his parents had been from the beginning. I think it is a great tie-in to the sorting hat's original song, and I hope if he doesn't realize this, someone points it out to him. I picture Violet doing this. :)

That made me thing about the original premise of the story, and the idea that old prejudices (I think I totally misspelled that word) still remained, and therefore some firsties were sorted into the wrong house on purpose. Will we find out who those were? Will they get to choose which house they want to belong in? Or has all of that become irrelevant?

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 09/07/08 Title: Chapter 24: Hostages

Oh. My. Gosh. What an intense chapter. I was stunned when he shot Alduin...wow. Great story, can't wait for the next update!

Snape Speed-Dating by Bethywoo

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: After losing a bet, Professor Severus Snape is forced to accompany Professor Filius Flitwick on a speed-dating event. Will he manage to survive the witless witches and the maddening MC? Or will he leaved with more than he bargained for?
Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 06/25/08 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4

Hahahaha, this story is great!

Author's Response: Thank ye kindly :)

Before the Sunrise by Roxy Black

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: On the night before her wedding to James, Lily wakes up with icy feet. So when a ghost from her past shows up out of the blue, what can she do but wait for the sun to rise?
Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 06/16/09 Title: Chapter 1: Before the Sunrise

Wow. That was...really really good. I think it is completely plausible to believe that Lily might have loved Snape has a young boy, her first link to the wizarding world...it is evident from DH that they were good friends at least through fifth year, and that Snape was deeply in love with her. How much she knew of his feelings for her or how much she returned them is completely unknown, and this was a wonderful interpretation of what might have been. The moment she lifts his sleeve and sees the dark mark...very moving and heart wretching (spelling?). The imagery, especially the last paragraph, is very vivid. Great, great story!

Pride and Pre-Juiced Plums: A Potter's Pentagon Love Story by Schmerg_The_Impaler

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: A companion piece to the Potter's Pentagon trilogy... it's better if you've read the Potter's Pentagon trilogy, but you don't necessarily have to.

It's five years after Emma Weasley and her chums graduated from Hogwarts. Ted and Ivy are married, Haley is working at Madame Puddifoot's while trying desperately to break into show business, Jordan's doing whatever it is he does, and Emma is an Auror trainee working as a guard at the Chudley Cannons' stadium. The Cannons have actually been doing much better lately, due to their new star Beater, Tyrone Thomas. Unfortunately, Tyrone is Emma's ex-boyfriend. OH, THE AWKWARDNESS.

Follow Emma through her awkward adventures told in her usual insane way, as she experiences angst, hilarity, obnoxiously strange people, misadventures involving a deceptively dashing cad, Haley's wedding, the birth of Ted and Ivy's baby, and her own eventual descent into LURRRVE.

Written for the marvellous Vindictus Viridian's Pride and Prejudice NEWTs class on the Fanfiction Beta Boards, based on Jane Austen's fantastic novel, "Pride and Prejudice.".

Nominated in the 2008 Quicksilver Quills Awards for Best Non-Canon Romance Story! And its lovely (haha) heroine, Emma Weasley, received two nominations for Best Female Original Character, while Haley Potter and Ivy Potter each received one! Thanks so much, guys!
Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 01/08/09 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5: Abandoning Pregnant Wives-- A Fun Lupin Family Tradition

Oh my gosh. Your reviews of Pride and Prejudice are HILARIOUS. And I love all of your stories. They are fabulous. I am catching up on this one.

Author's Response: Awww! Well, thank you very much. I've just updated this story for the first time in far too long, and I'm beginning to wonder why I took so long. It's so much fun to write.

Who Am I? by mudbloodproud

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •

What happens when you find out your whole life has been a lie? How do you react when the people you trusted, believed in confess to hiding a secret that changes everything you believed about yourself?

Hermione Granger is about to face that situation.

The war is over and life should be simple. She should be planning her future with the man she has loved since she was 11. But now, she doesn’t know who she really is. As she struggles with the grief of lost friends, she also deals with the grief of the loss of everything she believed about herself. Can she open her heart enough to let Ron help her deal with this, or will this secret drive them apart?

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 12/09/08 Title: Chapter 12: A Plan Between Friends

I have been wanting to read this story for a while now, but have been too busy with school to start a new story. I'm done with finals, so I sat down and read your story this morning, from start until now. I'm definitely going to keep reading it...the idea is very interesting and there is drama and character development.

Harry Potter and the Hero's Lament by L A Moody

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: With McGonagall firmly entrenched as Hogwarts’ new headmistress, Harry is enticed to return for his seventh year under unique conditions. Aided by Ron and Hermione, he embarks upon a Horcrux search-and-destroy mission using the school as the base of operations. Recognizing that saving the wizarding world from the ultimate evil is a rather daunting task for a seventeen-year old wizard, the Order of the Phoenix steps in to assist Harry on his journey. It soon becomes clear, however, that not everyone has the same lesson plan in mind for our hero. As the headmistress attempts to lay a clever trap to reveal hidden agendas, Voldemort waits in ambush at the one site that Harry is sure to visit.

But before Harry can face his nemesis, he must face down the inner demons that plague his own life and truly grow into adulthood. His activities are punctuated with school pranks, Quidditch, parties, and the requisite amount of rule-breaking that readers have come to expect from the trio.
Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 08/31/08 Title: Chapter 25: Chapter 25 The Victory Party

Man, I love the quick updates. And the romance...even if Harry is being dumb, in my humble opinion of course. :) Keep up the great work!

Author's Response: You'll be glad to hear that the next chapter is already in queue. I agree that Harry's attitude towards Ginny is dumb, but I had to start with his mindset from the end of Book 6. This is something that he will have to work out for himself as a necessary part of growing up. Thanks for the encouragement!

Reviewer: ahattab33 Signed
Date: 11/16/08 Title: Chapter 35: Chapter 35 The Greenhouse

Poor Harry and Ginny! Oh, it was great and intense and thankfully Hermione witnessed it because maybe she can sort some sense into them...

Sorry, I'm a sucker for the romance. :)

Author's Response: There's more Harry/Ginny sparks in the upcoming chapters. Glad to know you're staying with the tale.