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Name: Cassie or Cass or Kiwi

House: Slytherin hissss....

Birthday: September 20, 1991

Screen name of the forum: POTCgirl1337

Sex: Female

Color: Green

Animal: Wolfs

Books: Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Inheriteace trilogy, The Midnighters, The Uglies trilogy, the quartet of Pellinor, The Merlin series by T.A. Baron, The Immortals quartet, Protector of the Small quartet, The Allana quartet and finally: Hitcher's Guide to the Galaxy.

Harry Potter Book: PoA
Harry Potter Movie: GoF

Ships: Remus/Lily, George/Angelina, Merope/Tom Riddle senior

Authors: J.K. Rowling, Tamora Pierce, T.A. Baron, Scott Westerfield, Stephen King, Bill Watterson, Douglas Adams, J.R.R. Tolkien and Christpher Paolini

Movies: POTC!! LotR, Harry Potter, all Starwars, Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, I (Still) Know What You Did Last Summer, Idiana Jones, Elizabeth Town

Tv Shows: Lost, Prison Break, Ghost Whisperer, Desperate Housewives and House, MythBusters, That 70s Show, Friends, Gilmore Girls

Cartoons: (I watch them from time-to-time) Scooby Doo, Spongebob and The Avatar

Actors: Wentworth Miller, Johnny Depp, Matthew J. Fox, Evangiline Lilly, Viggo Mortensen, all the cast of Harry Potter, Ewan McGregor, Liam Nesson, Burce Willis, Natalie Portman

RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS, David Bowie, 3 Doors Down, The All-American Rejects, Boston, Green Day, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Queen, Van Halen, Weird Al Yankovic, Aerosmith, Jimmi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, AC/DC, Fall Out Boy, Chicago, Styx, AFI, Billy Joel, Boston, Kansas, oh and, red hot chili peppers!

Extra Note: I am in fact married to Anthony Kiedis. If you don't know who that is, I feel terribly sorry for you, as he is the hottest specimen of the male species. He is the lead singer for the amazing band of the Red Hot Chili Peppers!


A little more about me: I'm 1y , a senior(!) in high school and I live in Michigan. I have loved to write ever since I was very little and fell in love with books since the day I could read. Most of my time is spent either reading fanfic or writting stories.

I haven't writtin nearly as much as I have read but I'm still working on it!

Most of the stuff that I will be writting will be humor, it's what flows most easily for me. If you asked me to write a Romance fic I think I would drop dead from a heart attack. I am completly hopeless at creating romance it all ends up jagged and rough instead of flowing and smooth.

I picked up the Harry Potter series in the begingin of 4th grade but just couldn't get into them. So I put them aside and got them out again at the end of 4th grade and fell in love! Ever since I have benn completly and totally obsessed, constantly check for news updates, creating my own theories and listen to MuggleCast, amoung other things. I've never stood in line at midnight for the books but I think I might for book 7. Movie six is only TWO YEARS AWAY! *screams and jumps for joy*

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The Moon Divides by Potter

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: COMPLETE!

(AU Fic) Two twins named Remus and Rachael Lupin have been inseperable for the eight years they've been on this Earth. But one fateful trip into the forest has changed all of that.

Excerpt from Chapter Twenty Three - A Second Chance

Professor Lupin walked over and sat down at the foot of his daughter’s bed.

“How are you?” he asked, watching his daughter carefully.

“Fine,” she answered, although she could have been better.

“How could you-,”

“Please dad,” Rachael cut him off. “Sirius already gave me the ‘how could you’ lecture.” Professor Lupin smiled.

“Did he now?”

“Yes and he got through to me pretty well.”

“Good, I just hope you know never to do something like that again.”

“I’m not going to, Mum’s not worth it.” Professor Lupin clicked his tongue.

“You can’t say that,” he said quietly, getting up and heading for the door. “Everyone deserves a chance to change. Just as you tried to prove that to your mother, one day she’s going to prove it to you. Everyone deserves a second chance.”

*Warning, some mental abuse and later a little physical, nothing terribly bad, just a warning*

Nominated for 2006, 2008, 2009 Quicksilver Quill Award - Best Dark/Angsty Fic
Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 07/06/06 Title: Chapter 25: Abuse of a Different Kind

HAHA!! ROCKS!!! Big ones, Boulders! Or maybe bowling balls... Anyway, Great chapter, i loved it You should have her get attacked by a hord of owls, like Hermione did to Ron! Can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Bowling balls sounds good, nice heavy ones.

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 03/29/07 Title: Chapter 33: My Daughter

AARG! I hate you! This story made me cry again! I love it so much! Chapter 32 I found really confusing, only because the girl shared the same name as Lily, and I kept forgetting which time period they were in. I've really enjoyed reading this story, I had started it a long time ago, but I hadn't read the final 3 untill tonight, and I'm soooo thankful for my unending boredom. Otherwise, I wouldn't have stumbled acorss your story again!

I'm really excited to hear that you made a sequal. Even though I should be sleeping right now (it's 1:30), I think i'll go read some more! Thanks for changing my countless hours of boredom into excitment!

Author's Response: I\'m sorry I made you cry again! You\'re right, chapter 32 is pretty confusing with the names being the same. I\'m glad this story took you out of your boredom. Thanks for reading!

Padfoot Prohibited by Liveley

Rated:Past Featured Story
Summary: Giving high school essays a Marauder twist, this fiction is centered around the idea that some seniors in high school are require to write a letter to incoming freshman before they graduate. At Hogwarts, Seventh Years are given an assignment to write such a letter for the new First Years. Sirius decides to actually take an assignment, well seriously...sort of. He decides to look back on his entire Hogwarts years and write down his list of things not to do at Hogwarts.
Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 09/04/06 Title: Chapter 8: Diarrhea of the Mouth

LOL, great chapter. I really love Sirius's name!!! Sirius-Lee Black! THat had me laughing for five minutes! Well, onto the next chapter!

The Ghost of Godric Gryffindor by GoG

Summary: At the start of Harry’s sixth year, the wizarding world is falling further under Voldemort’s evil control. Fudge has declared a draconian State of Emergency, but he is little more than Lucius Malfoy’s corrupt puppet. But when Malfoy seeks to impose Voldemort’s racist Pureblood ideology upon Hogwarts - the last bastion of the Light - the students rise up in revolt.

The spirits of the great Witches and Wizards of the Light, fearful for the future of the Wizarding world, send Harry and his friends a powerful ally, to help them in the desperate struggle to save Hogwarts and the wizarding world from impending darkness.

An epic struggle of Good against political corruption, racism, elitist ideology ... and Ultimate Evil. The roller-coaster plot twists and turns into the past and future – and Nightmare Realities, where the terrible consequences of failing to stop Voldemort are chillingly revealed.

A story to fascinate the intelligent reader ... philosophy, politics, time-travel, romance, humour ... and a few very cunning ideas.
Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 06/13/06 Title: Chapter 35: Epilogue

WOW! Simply amazing! For the past day that i have been reading it, i have been able to do hardly anything else! i couldn't pull myself away without finishing it! please write more stories!

The Founding of Hogwarts by d3pr3ss3dNhappy

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: During their third year at Hogwarts, Harry plays with Hermione's time turner and accidentally brings him, Hermione and Ron back to when Hogwarts was founded. The newly founded Hogwarts is even more confusing than present day Hogwarts. Includes some very intense betting and a highly competitive eating contest.
Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 05/11/06 Title: Chapter 4: Why you shouldn't give in to seduction

I LOVED the potterpuppitpals reference!!!! HILARIOUS!!!!!!

Loathing or Love? by Miss Radcliffe

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Lily Evans loathes James Potter. She loathes him with a passion everyone in Hogwarts knows about. But during her 7th year, Lily begins to ask herself, is it loathing, or is it something else? Read as feelings and the lives of Lily, James, and their friends unfold.

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 07/10/06 Title: Chapter 13: And Girls Will Be Girls

Really great chapter! I can't wait to find out what the prank the marauders have cooked up. And what James had to check on in the store! update soon please!

Author's Response: you\'lllll see! i hope you like it! I\'ll update as soon as i can!

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 07/10/06 Title: Chapter 13: And Girls Will Be Girls

YAY! I'm the first reviewer!
Really great chapter! I can't wait to find out what the prank the marauders have cooked up. And what James had to check on in the store! update soon please!

Harry Potter and the Girl Who Lived by mrsgeorgeweasley

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It’s Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and once again there is a new Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher, and Snape likes her almost as much as he likes The Boy Who Lived, but why is the new professor so interested in Harry? What dark secrets is she hiding? Is Harry the only survivor of Lord Voldemort’s wrath? Will things ever be simple for our beloved Trio? It’s going to be another interesting year for Harry and his friends, and he’s going to realise that he might not be as alone as he thought and in more ways than one..

This story is newly edited as of 25/3/2009!!

The sequel to this fic has been posted, it is titled Harry Potter and the Unspeakable Power. The spin off stories One Life Owed and The Night That Started It All are also available.

This was written in the aftermath of OOTP. Events of HBP and DH not included.

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 04/22/06 Title: Chapter 39: The Unknown Feeling

You are BY FAR the most talented fan-fic writer i have EVER read a story from! You should searously consider a career in writting! The way you bring things alive is just like Rowling herslef!! If you ever did publish anything i would SO buy one! Keep writting more EXCELLENT fan-fics!
(I have added you to my list of favorite authors)

Life Happens by ColorOfAngels

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Life Is What Happens When You Are Busy Making Plans.

This is the story of Harry J. Potter and Ginny M. Weasley, their lives, friendships, realtionships and everything in between. Life doesn't always take the road they expect or want, but they soon learn that no matter what they do or how hard they try, the world stops for no man and that simply put, Life Happens.

Primarily Harry/Ginny but with Ron/Hermione background. Picks up after the end of book 5 and continues into Post-Hogwarts.

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 07/15/06 Title: Chapter 17: Unveilings

I absolutly LOVE this story! Unfortunatly though, I am going to have to stop reading it for now. It is already 2:30 in the morning and i've been reading it non-stop. Even though I'm not tired *sigh* I should ay least try to get some sleep. WONDERFUL CHAPTER BY THE WAY!

Author's Response: i know the feeling...

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 07/15/06 Title: Chapter 17: Unveilings

I absolutly LOVE this story! Unfortunatly though, I am going to have to stop reading it for now. It is already 2:30 in the morning and i've been reading it non-stop. Even though I'm not tired *sigh* I should ay least try to get some sleep. WONDERFUL CHAPTER BY THE WAY!

Curse of the Reapers by deanine

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: A different sort of alternate universe... It is a world under the thumb of an ancient emperor. Muggle society has been oppressed beyond recognition. Wizards rule over all, their only laws defined by power. This is the story of a rebellion, a family, a traitor, and the long road that leads home at last.
Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 11/11/07 Title: Chapter 5: Loosing the Battle

I love it so far!
For some reason, I found the first couple chapters a little difficult to read, but now that I've read more, I went back to re-read them, and I found they make perfect sense!
I really love just how far off the plot line is from normal HP, but the character are still more or less the same. (I like Hermione's attitude =D).
There was one thing I couldn't help but notice, when Draco was saying the last for latin words, he said Ustulo twice.
Can't wait to read more!!

Author's Response: The first few chapters, getting settled into an AU are often the hardest to settle into. Some AUs aren't readable for everyone, for sure.

The Salem Witch Trials by FullofLife

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Harry, Ron and Hermione are spending a day in the small wizarding village of Hogsmeade when they happen to come upon a strange amulet lying in the snow. This amulet has amazing powers and transports the three friends to Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1692 when Muggles lived in fear of witches and wizards and the penalty for being able to perform magic was death.
Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 12/10/06 Title: Chapter 14: February 14th, 1692

oh my god... that is soo well written!!!!! I can't wait for an update!

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 05/13/06 Title: Chapter 12: February 10th, 1692 - Later

i COPMLETLY agree sara_Wood, when i first read about douglas, the first thing that popped into my head was that he is one of dumbledor's relatives!

Author's Response: Okay, to those readers who think Douglas is Dumbledore... read on. :) I think your theories will be answered soon. Also, about Hermione visiting in Harry or Ron\'s dreams. Good idea, but if she\'s dead... or maybe... she could... hmmm.... LOL, keep the ideas coming! I\'ll see what I can do!

Author's Response: Okay, to those readers who think Douglas is Dumbledore... read on. :) I think your theories will be answered soon. Also, about Hermione visiting in Harry or Ron\'s dreams. Good idea, but if she\'s dead... or maybe... she could... hmmm.... LOL, keep the ideas coming! I\'ll see what I can do!

Forever Yours by harry_potter_star

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Okay. Okay Okay Okay Okay Okay Okay

For all of you who wanted an update, I have a proposition. You may or may not like it, but it's all I can offer.
Check review challenge for the last chapter. details there!

James and Lily Potter were possibly the most famous parents in wizarding history. We know alot about their adult life, but what do we really know about their childhood? Even Harry never knew about the Drama, jealousy, danger, friendships, happiness, sadness, resentment,confusion and love that his parents went through as children. Here, their lives, from when the two of them were eleven to when they were brutally murdered at only 21, is recorded. Lily and James Potter were unsung heros. This is their story.

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 11/25/06 Title: Chapter 15: Emotions

You know what that kiss reminded me of? Jack and Kate from the show Lost. I don't know why but it does!
Really great chapter by the way! I LOVE the confusion and worry going on with Lily, and how you express it.

Author's Response: lol i dont watch that show, but im assuming its a good thing! thanks heaps for the review, i love it/them!! lol thanks again!

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 11/25/06 Title: Chapter 20: Playing into Hands


Author's Response: lol thanks for the compliment/guilt trip :P:P i feel bad for not updating but this story is honestly boring me i like my new series soooo much better!

A Few Detentions and A Story by LaneTechFreshie

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: James Potter: Marauder. Lily Evans: Prefect. They're both seventh years at Hogwarts. They're also about to have a pretty interesting year--complete with a few detentions, pranks, confusion, and laughter--in which they get through school, make some trouble and maybe, just maybe, sort out their feelings for each other.

Thanks to all you who have made it possible for this story to be in the Top Tens. It was a very happy moment when I first saw my story on the list, and I love being able to go back and see it there now. Still. Yay!

Throughout the latter half of 2010, and the first half of 2011, I re-edited this story. The changes were mostly to fix stray (and annoying) grammar and spelling errors, but also to rework some plot points in an effort to stay truer to canon. I also updated the style; having written this story so long ago, my writing has definitely developed (and I would say gotten better), so I edited to reflect that. (I apologize for the errors that were in the story before all this editing. I found them immensely distressing when I reread my chapters. Heartbreaking, really.)

Big “thank yous” go to the three people who helped edit/nitpick the first edition of this novel: violagirl, fairiesandcream, and Omagus.
And yes, this story is up on Fanficition.net under the penname: Io.Sono.Emilia.
Of course, as a disclaimer, I’m not JK Rowling. The Potterverse does not belong to me, but I am in it and love it.
Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 06/28/07 Title: Chapter 43: Even More Detentions

Oh no, I SIRIUSLY think you shoudn't change it!!!! (LOL!) I love it!!! It shows just how in love she is with James, so in love, that simple walking can't express her utter jubilation.

Author's Response: HEhehe. Fine. You know what... I\'m going to add that in... that \"simple walking can\'t express her utter jubilation\" line. Very nice.... X\'D

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 06/28/07 Title: Chapter 43: Even More Detentions

AHHH!!! PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN!!! I love that line, I repeat it to my friends (which annoys them greatly) whenever I get the chance. *ahem* Anyways, I really liked this chapter, so much different than the other ones. It's nice to have just a fun chapter to read once in a while!

I really liked how much Lily skipped, it shows her younger, fun loveing side. A lot of times, sotries have Lilys that don't seem like the fun type, which is the opposite of how I've always imagined her. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Haha. I\'m glad you love the story, and POTC. Great things. :-D Wiat... when did Lily skip? *confused* I like Lily\'s fun side too.

Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 06/28/07 Title: Chapter 43: Even More Detentions

"Lily giggled happily and skipped out of the library. James always found new names to call her, and she loved every single one of them. "
"She sighed... ...Lily was happy that she had found hers. She smiled, and started skipping. "

Author's Response: Ah... I see.. ... *GASP* I think that might\'ve been a typo when I edited... EEEK! TOO fluffy! Must change! I seriously don\'t think she was supposed to be skipping twice.... Should I change it?

Author's Response: Whoops...I mean, \'siriusly\'. How stupid of me to mispell it. :-)

The Awakening by hearyoume

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: My own shocking ending to the Harry Potter series (last chapter). Harry wakes up from a deep sleep and what he learns turns his world upside down...
Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 08/27/06 Title: Chapter 1: The Awakening

Ohh, really great story! I loved the whole coma thing. But to be honest, if JK does that I might just have to send her hate mail, lol! Just wondering, who was that boy that died in the crash? Was it anyone we would know?

Author's Response: Hm actually, I didn\'t think too much about the other boy that died in the crash. I mostly just focused on Harry\'s experience, so I left details like that up to my readers to interpret. But thank you for reviewing! I\'ll gladly help you write any hate mail if she does end it this way, lol. (:

Harry Potter and the Unspeakable Power by mrsgeorgeweasley

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: After the trauma of his sixth year Harry and his friends enter into their last year of magical education at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The trio try to balance passing their exams with fighting Voldemort and planning their futures. Despite all that, romance will fill the air with wedding bells ringing out. This year Harry is in more danger than ever when his enemy finds new ways to try and get the Boy Who Lived. Voldemort’s presence will be felt more than ever as he steals more lives; can Harry find himself before its too late? And what adventures will he have along the way?

If you haven’t read Harry Potter and The Girl Who Lived then I would strongly urge you to do so because if you don’t then this story probably won’t make any sense to you. Be helpful to writers by Reading and Reviewing!

The very last chapter of this fic has been reworked. Please re-read there's more about the kids in there! Also my author's notes on the final chapter have also been added. Ten part fic related to this going up shortly!!
Reviewer: POTCgirl1337 Signed
Date: 06/03/06 Title: Chapter 37: When We Grew Up

Wow... trully amazing.... if you do make that 10-chap thing i would SO read it! Such a great ending! I LOVED IT! Of couse, i was sad to have reached the end. But finishing this fic has been the only thing on my mind for the past few days! keep writting!!!!