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Padfoot Prohibited by Liveley

Rated:Past Featured Story
Summary: Giving high school essays a Marauder twist, this fiction is centered around the idea that some seniors in high school are require to write a letter to incoming freshman before they graduate. At Hogwarts, Seventh Years are given an assignment to write such a letter for the new First Years. Sirius decides to actually take an assignment, well seriously...sort of. He decides to look back on his entire Hogwarts years and write down his list of things not to do at Hogwarts.
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 03/06/06 Title: Chapter 14: A Legacy Left Behind

wow, i loved it! just like to point out that "sirius" is pronouned with a short "i" sound (both of them) si ri us. Otherwise it was really good. The ending was really good, (and quite unexpected) ;)

Mirror by Lishkish

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: I fixed the "Family Reunion" chapter! Harry deals with another year at Hogwarts, and the death of Sirius. He is knocked backward by the arrival of the new DADA teacher(youll never geuss!). What he doesnt know is that Voldemort is ready to go, and has a new spy at Hogwarts. And finally, to find out the secret of that veil. Mild languge. Please R&R!!! THANKS! !!!!!!!!!COMPLETED!!!!!!!!! CHECK OUT THE SEQUEL 'SCAR'!
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/24/06 Title: Chapter 5: DADA Teacher

Aaaahh! Petunia?!

A Muggle's Encounter with Platform 9 and 3/4 by VoldemortsPatronus

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Trains, crazy old janitors, Fred and George mooning someone, this fic has it all. With Wizards all around them, Muggles are bound to see something weird everyonce in a while. This short story is taken from the beginning of Goblet of Fire.
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/25/06 Title: Chapter 1: Waiting for Jovie

Aaah...that was hillarious!

The Second War Begins by OhISee

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Post-OOTP Harry and his friends have much more to worry about than classes and homework. They face the constant threat of Death Eaters and Lord Voldemort as the Second War takes hold. As teenagers, their roles in the war are expected to be minimal. However, Harry soon finds he and his friends must play a larger role than they ever imagined. The story will also involve the beginnings of H/G and R/Hr. Chapter 28 submitted! :)
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 08/26/06 Title: Chapter 28: Chapter 28 - A Closed Door and an Opened Window

Aah, I've just read all 28 chapters...you better update soon, otherwise I think I might explode. I really enjoyed reading this, you've written it very well! This is definitly going on my favourites!

Ahh! Home at last. by nolimit

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Its over ! The final battle has finished, although a lot of deaths were involved, none too close to Harry were hurt. Harry had won of course, but he seemed unusually happy at his final meal at Hogwarts. A Oneshot and a deathfic.
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/24/06 Title: Chapter 1: No more pain

I took your advice and listened to the final song from the soundtrack of gladiator, but I didn't notice the A/N until I was at the end, so I read it twice, but it did give it a little something more. This really is a beautiful fic...Harry didn't give up, he went home.

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing ! Haha yea, the song doesn\'t add too much to the story =) I\'m glad you saw the bright side of the story (didn\'t give up, but made it home), which makes you the first one lol !!

Harry Potter and the Power of Emotion by Melindaleo

Summary: Harry is struggling to come to terms with the events of his fifth year. Can he learn to depend on those he considers family and become what he needs to be in order to survive?
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/17/06 Title: Chapter 37: Back Into Hell

Aaah, no it ended...but I immencely enjoyed reading this fic, though.
Sometimes I cried, at other times I laughed out loud...my family kept giving me dodgy looks ;)
So, I raise my glass to you -and well done!

The Unseemly Proposal by sparx

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: The reign of Voldermort comes to an end, and with it ends the prestige and power Lucius Malfoy once had in the Wizarding World. In order to regain the respect of his fellow wizards and to make them believe that he has turned over a new leaf (which he actually hasn't) and has graciously accepted muggles and Mudbloods, Lucius asks Hermione, a Mudblood, to marry his son, Draco, a pure-blood. Obviously, they both refuse, but Lucius isn't going to give up easily. After all, he wants his status back. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve and is determined to play match-maker. What happens next is a series of events that serve only to bring Hermione and Draco closer, both literally and figuratively speaking. Read to find out how this one unseemly proposal causes absolute chaos in their lives! THIS STORY IS NOT HBP and DH COMPATIBLE! Hey all! Check out my personal info for the expected date of the next update. =)
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/12/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1- The Unexpected Visit

Dude, where are you?

Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 03/12/06 Title: Chapter 30: Chapter 30- Tension

fantastic chapter...it's really good! well worth the wait ;) update soon! p.s congrats on recieving the awards!!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you thought it was worth the wait… I will try to update sooner this time. And thanks again!

Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 05/07/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1- The Unexpected Visit

urgh...torture!... pure torture!! I simply can't wait for the next chapter...groan...

Author's Response: I know, I know, and I\'m sorry! I\'m sure the mods will be done with it soon enough... =D

Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 02/28/06 Title: Chapter 29: Chapter 29- Overcoming the Fear

really lovin it! update soooooon! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you and the next chapter is already in queue!

Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 04/08/06 Title: Chapter 31: Chapter 31- The Big Game

Oooh, I can't wait for the next chapter!! update soon! =)

Author's Response: Soon, I assure you! Especially now that I\'m back!

Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 06/22/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1- The Unexpected Visit

aaah, update soon, you're killin' me!

Harry Potter and the Legacy of the Founders by VoldemortsPatronus

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: The war is on and the only person with the power to stop Voldemort's second reign of terror is sulking alone in a cold, dark room. The unexpected arrival of an old school chum in Privet Drive jolts him to action, however, as Harry begins his most exciting year at Hogwarts. Year 6 will include a visit to the ancient village of Godric's Hollow; a first hand account of the 1000 year old quarrel that ripped Hogwarts apart; a Fred and George-style farewell to a certain ex-Minister of Magic; and the discovery of the Half-Blood Prince, a mysterious figure who holds the key to winning the war...

(And, as J.K. says, what's life without a little romance?)
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/08/06 Title: Chapter 27: Prophecy Revealed

Ooh, you've got me hooked, hurry up with the next chapter!!

Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/07/06 Title: Chapter 2: A Muggle-Style Beating

This just gets better and better!

Whispered Thoughts: A Tribute to Sirius Black by SiriuslyPadfoot12

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: One-shot. What exactly went through Sirius Black's mind as he fell behind the veil? Was he happy to die? Who did he think of? Written to the song "Whisper" by Evanescence.
"Seconds turn into eons. Will I fall for eternity? How long can my precious last moments last?"
"My fall has at last come to an end. I am sliding through the veil. I can hear the indistinct murmurs of the dead fill my ears. I’m staring my fate, my death, in the eyes. Unseen hands tug on me, bringing me down..."
Please read and review!
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 06/30/06 Title: Chapter 1: (one-shot)

I nearly cried...well, here's to sirius! (raise glases)

Mirror Mirror by lycanthropy

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Memories of growing up both haunt and shape our destinies… One person is the “being”, while the other is the “shadow”. As always, your thoughts are welcome and appreciated :-)
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/24/06 Title: Chapter 1: Mirror Mirror

Eh? Who's the boy??

In the Dim Light of Candles by pathetic_pettigrew

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: The eve of the day Harry will once again confront Voldemort, and he is sitting at the bedside of a dear friend who is injured. He speaks of fears and dreams and hopes and grief.
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/24/06 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

I was a sad twist at the end to learn that Ron was dead, and not asleep...good job though.
p.s And Death Shall Have No Dominion is one of my favourite poems...imagine that.

Author's Response: I\'m glad you liked it - and that the twist worked. I love that poem too, and it just seemed to fit the story. Thank you for reviewing.

Tears of a Shadow by Eponine

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: After falling behind the veil, Sirius travels through a world of nightmares...

~ ~ ~

”Sirius…” Sirius blinks. He cranes his neck to look behind him.


A shiver runs up his spine as if a cold, dead finger is stroking it

"Who’s there?!” he calls out to the voice, spinning clockwise to try and catch a glimpse of whatever it is.

“Sirius Black…”

Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/10/06 Title: Chapter 1: One-shot

That was a very...erm...depressing view of death. But well done all the same.

Author's Response: Haha yes, it is a bit depressing, isn\'t it? Thanks! Ponine

"Mum, Dad, It's Me... Harry." by Mudblood428

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Harry, Ron, and Hermione make a trip to Godric's Hollow to visit the Potters' graves. There, Harry speaks to his parents for the first time, and in so doing, discovers that the dead are never truly lost. (One-shot. Bring your kleenex.)
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/22/06 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

Well done...a tip of the hat to you.

Where Laughter Dies by Noldo

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: In the beginning of the Christmas holidays, Sirius Black runs away from home and will not return for twenty years. A warning for mild language.
Reviewer: doorknobs Signed
Date: 07/21/06 Title: Chapter 1: Where Laughter Dies

That was very well written! Poor sirius...he's one of my favourite characters, and he just rips your heart out, doesn't he? You are a very talented writer, so don't give up on it.