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Hiya Gang!

I'm happy to say that after an 8-month break, I'm back to writing. I had an idea for a one-shot when I was writing Freeze and I've finally started it. Problem is, my one-shot has turned into a chapter story. While some folks write and submit one chapter at a time, I'm afraid I'm not that good. I have to have the whole thing written before I submit the first chap because I often have to go back and change things as the story progresses.

As of now, it's an H/G R/H romance but that could change. There are a lot of characters involved. My goal is to have chapter one submitted by February. So please keep an eye out. ;)

~ MBoM

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From Across the Great Divide by Ashwinder

Rated: Professors •
Summary: A post-Hogwarts H/G fic. Strange circumstances draw Harry and Ginny closer together. But are they in danger? Romance, adventure, Monty Python, and tartan boxer shorts abound. Written pre-OOP.
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 05/15/06 Title: Chapter 11: Better Than Chocolate

H O L Y C R A P. *fanning self* That was freakin' AWESOME. Wow...

Legacy by arus_knight

Summary: Harry suffers through another horrible day at the Dursleys'. Little does he know that this day will start him on a road of discovery and renewal.
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 04/26/06 Title: Chapter 2: Old enemies and older friends

Wow, this is good stuff. I've been wanting to read a good story. Was having a hard time finding one until I found this listed under the favorites of one of MY favorites - er... can't remember which one right now. Anyhoo, you actually made me read (with interest) a battle/duel scene. I don't usually dig those, but the way you wrote it - with the mystery man and the fact that he's an American - kept my interest. Will mark this as one of my favs, read it through and review at the end. Good job so far! 10/10

Finally by The Marauder

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It had taken a troll to bring Ron and Hermione together as friends in their first year…now as sixth years, what was it going to take to bring them together as lovers?!
CH 3 IS 'FINALLY' UP (get it? finally...sry couldnt resist...)

Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/19/06 Title: Chapter 3: Discovered

You wrote this over a year ago, so I'm not sure if you're still checking for reviews, but just in case: I thought it was really well written. Your portrayal of the characters was very good - I could see Rupert and Emma acting this out, it was so "on form." Don't know if you meant to do that or not. I really liked the way you reiterated the last paragraph of the previous chapter to remind readers what had happened previously. Wish more authors would do that! It was a cute story - although it was so short, I wonder why you didn't just do a one-shot and be done with it. Still, I'm giving it a 10/10.

Author's Response: I read every email/review you guys send me. Life is pretty hectic for me at the moment so I can't always respond but I appreciate when readers take the time to let me know what they thought. Thanks for the kind words :)

All I ever wanted was you... by The Marauder

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: One night Lily discovers a side of James shes never seen before...could this really be the same guy?!
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 05/29/06 Title: Chapter 1: one-shot

I didn't catch the publication date on this fic before I started reading, but you're one of my fav authors for your H/G work - and I was curious - so I thought I'd give a James/Lily fic a shot. So 1) you should be happy that you're one of my fav authors of all time, and 2) your's is the first James/Lilly fic I ever thought to read. Having said those nice things, I think I can ease into the crap review I have to leave for this story. There were a lot of grammatical errors. And the way the point of view changed around and stuff - sometimes I had a hard time understanding who was doing what. The dialogue was good but poorly written with lots of errors. C'mon now... you're a really good writer with fantastic ideas. Don't let simple writing errors bog your story down. You're too good for that.

Ginny's Love by The Marauder

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: After Sirius' death Harry is in his own private world of misery, but with Ginny's love and a plan to bring together his best friends, he is brought back to reality with much more than he expected...
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/19/06 Title: Chapter 12: Written in the Stars

That was EXCELLENT. WOW. I started to tear up there at the end! I loved the whole thing... the R/H chapters you did - what an awesome idea. Must have been a lot of work - and so creative to have come up with it. I was totally swept away - I'm a total R/H nut. The stars and the links at the end - also very creative. The POV's - reminded me of that movie "Momento" - LOVED IT. DAMN good idea, girl. Thumbs way up. Your creativite writing made this more than just a story - it was almost a game and a super fun read. Thank you. 10/10

Daddy by blondebouncingferret

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Post Hogwarts: Ron and Harry are sent to America for Auror training. Ron spends his last night in England with Hermione, and after returning two years later, he finds Hermione with a fifteen-month-old baby ...
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/14/06 Title: Chapter 12: The Only One He Ever Loved

Yay!!! Loved it. I like how the last word was "daddy." Good job. :)

Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/03/06 Title: Chapter 11: September Nineteenth

Damn girl, you're a pretty good writer for 19... By the way, when I was shuffling through the fics wondering which one to read and stumbled upon "Ron learns he's a dad" my first thought was "eh, zzz" but for some reason I checked out chapter one. After that I was hooked. I say enough of this nonsense. You have to get published. ;) I really like how you describe Ron... wow... I LOVE a sexy Ron, and it's not every day when Ron comes across as sexy. I could picture everything in my head as I read your chapters. Everything but Harry. He was pretty strange. Maybe its because he wasn't in it at all. I was kind of hoping you would do a little more with that. Although that might stray from the main topic of R/H I guess... Anyway, sad to find out that 1) you don't update often, and 2) you recently added this chapter which means 3) I'm going to have to wait a long time for the ending. But hey, I realize that writing as good as this isn't a quick process. So I'll add you to my favs, waitwaitwait, and in the meantime give you the big, fat 10 that you deserve. Good job.

Ginny's Birthday Wish by The Marauder

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: It's Ginny's birthday and as she blows out her candles there's only thing she's wishing for...the next morning when she wakes up she finds her wish is now her reality...how will she handle it?
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/19/06 Title: Chapter 1: one-shot

OH my gosh! What an awesome concept! Loved it!! Very well done... wow...

Like Magic by The Marauder

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Two friends owl each other anonymously, and begin to fall in love. When they meet at the dance and discover each other's true identities, will it ruin all, or will everything they've ever wished for come true?
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/21/06 Title: Chapter 1: one-shot

Love it. Love all your stuff!

Right Under His Nose by CathCarl

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Harry comes back from serving detention with Ron and finds Ginny and Dean in a rather compromising position. A strange and confusing set of new feelings erupts... like wanting to punch Dean Thomas senseless. But what's confusing Harry most of all is that Ginny no longer seems to be just Ron's little sister... she's a beautiful girl, standing right under his nose-- exactly where he hadn't been looking.

Edited by Moderator: Summaries should be concise and minimally formatted. They should not contain any form of author's note or pleas for reviews.
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 04/23/06 Title: Chapter 16: A Very Familiar Statue

Okay, I just spent the last few days reading the last 16 chapters and thought - you wouldn't begrudge me for saving my review until I was done since you have something close to nine million reviews already. First off, I'm really impressed with your writing as you are so young. Heck, when I was your age, I did good to finish an essay, let alone 16 chapters of well-written dialogue. So kudos to you! One thing that really struck me was the fact that you do the italicized inner voice of Harry in-between his dialogue with whomever he's speaking to. I've read enough of these short stories to realize that it's very rare. I don't know if you got the idea from someone else or not (you're really good about giving credit where credit is due and deserve yet another kudos for that) - or if you came up with it on your own. Either way, it's really a neat accent to the story line. Harry talks so little that it's nice to be able to hear what's really going on in his head. (Ah, if only we could hear what's going on inside of boys' heads all the time...) I also like that even though this is an H/G story, you've got touches of R/H here and there. I'm a big R/H shipper and appreciate the tenderness you bring out in Ron toward Hermione. It's really come out in the last couple of chapters. Nice touch. I'm not sure how long this story will last but I did want to give some of what I hope is constructive criticism. In my opinion, you can only go so far with "I love you Ginny" and "I love you too Harry." So I'm hoping you either A) end it soon with everyone happy, or B) get some other kind of action going on soon. I'm talking rated X stuff, but something other than fluff. I like fluff as much as the next girl, but 10+ chapters of it and I'm ready to skip on to the next story to get away from it for awhile. Hope that didn't come off as totally harsh. Not trying to be. You're a fantastic writer and one of the best at getting inside the brain of the actual Harry Potter. Your age probably aids you there. As a 37 year-old, it's hard for me as a writer to remember what I was thinking when I was 16 years old! Keep up the good work!

Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 04/23/06 Title: Chapter 16: A Very Familiar Statue

Ack! regarding my previous review (the book-long one) LOL!!!! I meant I'm NOT talking rated X stuff - - not the other way around. Heck... was that a Freudian slip or WHAT? (eek)

Ancient Magic by kjpzak

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Harry and Ginny are destined to have a love that endures. He Who Must Not be Named certainly thinks so. Could their love be the key to fulfilling one of his greatest wishes?
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/14/06 Title: Chapter 5: Ch 4 - Hope, Love and Late Night Misunderstandings

Why oh why do I always read part 2 before I read part 1? Gah. Didn't realize there was a story prior to "Blood of the Heart." So I started reading Blood first, THEN decided to see what else you had written, and I just finished ch 37 and then I started reading this and I'm like, DUH... LOL So now I'm kind of going backwards. I WONDERED why you had never described what Borgin looked like and here you had all along. *grumbling* Anyway, I loved this chapter. I'm kind of skipping through (since I already know how the story ends!) but the whole thing with the cloak and the misunderstanding - sheds a little more light on the fact that there's not much heavy petting in Blood of the Heart! Well written, by the way and perfect 10 as always.

Author's Response: lol - yes, part I might have helped. :) But I\'m glad to know you were able to follow part two anyway! Thanks!

Love Blossoms Once More by mysteriousnight

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Hermione has been an Auror for three years. An almost usual mission forces her to dwell upon her painful past, and rethink her future. Takes place about six years after the trio leaves Hogwarts. Read and Review Please!

Note: Rated "Third to Fifth Year" just in case.
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 02/26/06 Title: Chapter 10: Divulgence

I have to give you credit for your unique ideas about the trio's future and their careers - especially Ron's. I found myself saying things like, "Huh. Would have never thought of that one" OUT LOUD. Like everyone else, I'm anxious to read ch 11. In fact, I'm so frustrated, that from now on, I'm only going to read completed stories. LOL So thanks a lot. ;)

Author's Response: When I was starting to write the story, I aimed for those unique ideas, and I'm glad they are appreciated. Thanks for your review, and just like in every other review, "I hope to have Chapter Eleven up soon."

Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/17/06 Title: Chapter 11: Repercussion

Yay! Another chapter. It's a cute story - interesting concept. Looking forward to finding out how it all wraps up. :)

Author's Response: The next chapter will almost wrap it up...I hope I did an okay job...But I'm sure you'll let me know when I put it up =) Thanks for your review!!

Blood of the Heart by kjpzak

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: 7th Yr Sequel to Ancient Magic. It is now known the power of immortality resides inside Harry and Ginny. Will their combined powers be enough to protect them from the Dark Lord?
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/04/06 Title: Chapter 13: Mother's Love

The comment you made about your husband's "May the force be with you" wish made me laugh out loud. Sounds like something my husband might say. What a good story. My husband thinks I'm nuts for reading fan fiction. I told him about your story and how you've introduced totally new characters that somehow still flow and weave throughout the regular ones, the concept, how awesome your writing is. He might be chaning his mind about fan fiction soon. Maybe someday I'll get him to read this. Afterall, he's the one that got me hooked on HP in the first place.

Author's Response: lol - yes, and my husband thinks I'm nuts for writing it. Maybe we should start a club? :)

Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 04/19/06 Title: Chapter 38: Balance

Wow - well done! Have to say, regarding this chapter specifically, my fav part was the tentacle that came out of the lake to grab the bread. LOL Overall, it was a really interesting story. Hope you get bored with those "other pursuits" and get back to writing. You owe us an R/H next! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I think you\'re the first to like the tentacle. Cool!

Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/06/06 Title: Chapter 24: Simple

Whoo hooooo! Finally! A little HARRY/GINNY ACTION. Was very pleased to see this. I remember having some pretty hot make-out sessions back in the day. And even though Harry (and maybe Brits in general) are pretty reserved (am I way off base here? no offense meant) I still think by the age of 17 he'd be going nutso with wanting a piece of the action, if you know what I mean. I was surprised that it took over 20 chapters to get to it. Now on the other side of the coin, we teach our kids that they should wait wait wait. But at the same time, their not "bound" as this couple is. At this point I find myself wanting you to fast forward two years so that Ginny is 18. LOL Thanks for the teaser anyway. ;) And as always, a perfect 10.

Author's Response: lol - you know, you are more than welcome to imagine whatever you like that goes on between chapters... ;) Yes, the snogging sessions are few in my story but love is there! Thanks!

Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/04/06 Title: Chapter 8: Revelations

I'm not reviewing every chapter, I mean c'mon. I think you're above reviews at each turn. You're a fantastic writer. When I first started reading, ch 1, I thought to myself, "where's the romance part?" I'm still kind of wondering... I mean yeah, it's a blood bond idea between Harry and Ginny and that's romantic but there's no mushy, gushy love going on here and there - no sex - no heavy make-out sessions, etc. (Still waiting for that, btw, LOL) But after I read ch 3, it dawned on me that you're getting there, slowly and surely. And on the way, you've managed to tie every character in the story, bring in new ones, and create a concept that is so interesting and fresh - that I've been sitting in front of my computer now for the past 4 hours reading. I think my eyes are going to explode and I really have to pee. That being said, I'm going to take a break (as much as I don't want to) and will come back and read the rest later. I'm giving you a 10 for this and the previous chapters. You deserve a 20. Good job.

Author's Response: Ah...yes, you know, with the first story (Ancient Magic), I knew it was more romance. This one perhaps deserves to be put more in Action Adventure if you're wanting H/G. But there is lots of other romance involved with other characters, plus the strenghtening of Harry and Ginny's relationship so I've left it where it was. As far as mushy make out sessions...I'm not very good at writing them! :) I'm thrilled you're enjoying it despite the lack of snogging - just imagine them doing it outside the words. I'm sure they are. ;)

All I Need by kjpzak

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Dragons, piece of Cake. Dementors, no problem. Valentine's Day? Oh Boy! FLUFF TO THE EXTREME The third in a series - The Deal, Harry Loves Ginny,All I Need.
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 03/11/06 Title: Chapter 1: N/A

Awww... ya gotta love sweet fluff. :) After reading all three, I think I would have liked it had you stopped at the first chapter. I guess because, after the initial BAM of love - it more or less turns to a marriage of sorts (and we both know what that's like) - where you're ironing and he's taking out the trash. (zzz) Regardless, I love your writing. I'm reading "Blood of the Heart" right now - I think I'm at chapter 30. And I actually printed chapters 1-20 off (at work! shhh) for my husband for his birthday. Had to stop at chapter 20 because it was 295 pages long!! (Have you printed that sucker yet? I was shocked!) [Ironically, husband just walked in, your chapters in hand, and told me to get off the computer, he has some reading to do! LOL - HOOKED - way to go!] Anyway, crap, I went off on a tangent and forgot my initial train of thought. What I wanted to ask is, would you ever consider writing a R/H one shot? Although I love, love, love Harry and Ginny - Ron and Hermione will always be my favs. You've hinted around in your stories about them, but they're already hooked up. I wonder if you've ever thought about it. And if you hadn't, PLEASE DO. (10/10 by the way)

Author's Response: LOL - no way?! Too funny! Woohoo! That has made me smile. Yes, you know, after all the fluff...well, it was my first effort. So, forgive me for that. I\'ve learned a lot. Like when to stop. :)

Dusty Feelings by Marianne Dashwood

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: While Ron and Hermione clean a room in Grimmauld Place during the summer before fifth year, Ron comes to terms with the pending love for his best friend...well, sort of.
Reviewer: Monster Book of Monsters Signed
Date: 04/24/06 Title: Chapter 1: Dusty Feelings

It's going on a year since you've posted but I must say, I love your stories and I love your pen name. ;) Wish you would come back.