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Well, I'm turning 19 on December 10th and its been a pretty sweet life so far. I am an aspiring singer in the feild of opera and musical theater! Yes thats right..opera. I am also obsessed with HP, but who isnt on this site! I have lots of stories in progess and three on MNFF at the moment! :]

Also...Edward Cullen and Ron Weasley are my fictional boyfriends! :p....and Bella better not leave him for Jacob...or there is going to be one VERY angry fan! ;)

I would like to give a shout out to my two good friends that I have aquired becasue of Mugglenet Fanfiction! Thanks for being awesome Kritchy and Nikki! (Kritchen and fg_weasley) You Rock!

My OTP is Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny so I have a few stories that revolve around our favorite cannon couples!! :]

However, I have recently fallen in love with the Marauder era, having two new stories that will take place in that era. MoM and AIR, you see more information on these below!

Stories on MNFF!

"Those Deep Blue Need You Eyes" (Needs to be edited, has mistakes in it! :/)

"Christmas Wishes"

"A Ripple in Time" (Gauntlet entry featuring Ronald Weasley! :] )

In the Queue:
"Always In Red" ((This one will have a sequel that will be titled "Frost on Roses" when this one is finished...it will be a series! I hope you enjoy!))

We all know that growing up isn't as easy as it aways seems. Well, what happens when you mix that with a twisted love life, an overzealous mother, and a group of Marauding boys? That's right, chaos! Follow Roseanna Marie Parker in her adventure in her sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and how she learn more about herself and the world around her. Rio Parker is no average girl, struggling with her strict mother and her urge to rebell. It is bound to be an eventful year at Hogwarts with the four Marauders and their accomplices!

Co-Author works:
Moments of Madness!

Insane, topsy turvy, upside down and right side up. How else can one explain teenage love?

A wondrous Hufflepuff trio of best mates spends their sixth year at Hogwarts trying to figure out this very concept. What better way to do that than with each other, a few choice Hufflepuff mates, and the famous Marauders? More twisted than a spider’s web, the trio, their two housemates, and the famous Gryffindor quartet stir up a world of trouble when all the wrong people fall for each other.

This could only lead to one thing, of course: moments of madness.

"The Life Trials of Teddy Lupin"

Well I hope you enjoy my works! I heart MNFF!

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The Time is Now by Hermione816

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: The most succinct summary ever!! My "Book 7" told with revolving POVs from Hermione, Ron and Harry's perspectives. It's got it all! Romance, mystery, intrigue, Horcruxes, humor, international travel, house-elves, new characters, Voldy, the Burrow, and at least one wedding...

Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 11/11/06 Title: Chapter 36: Hanging On...and Letting Go

Genius! I love this fict. You write so much like JKR. You are a brilliant writer!

Author's Response: oh, thank you very very much. That\'s a lovely compliment, and I am very glad you are enjoying reading this story. If you can believe it, when I started writing it nearly a year ago, I expected it to be three or four very short, very fluffy chatpers. Look what happened!

Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 11/11/06 Title: Chapter 35: Dream a Little Dream

awwww! I love Ron/Hermione ships!

Author's Response: Teehehehhe...me too!

The Knights of Gryffindor by Regulus Arcturus Caesar

Rated: Professors •
Summary: With the death of Albus Dumbledore, the protection around Harry Potter crumbled simultaneously and Harry was forced into a confrontation with Voldemort upon the very doorstep in which the majority of his childhood was spent. Having survived the encounter, Harry, Ron and Hermione set out on their perilous quest, facing inummerable Dark wizards and creatures and curses in an attempt to destroy Tom Riddle's Horcrux collection and expose his greatest weakness: fear of death. Along the way, Ron and Hermione struggle to come to terms with their fragmented relationship, trying valiantly to fit what they have into the context of a war, while Harry fights a never-ending battle with himself and with Ginny to keep her out of the quest and out of his heart.
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 02/17/07 Title: Chapter 3: The Whispering Locket

I love your story. I cannot wait until you update. You are a fantastic writer! Please update soon!

Harry Potter and Hope for the End by Julybug

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Starts where HBP leaves off.

Will Harry and his friends get to live happily ever after? Or will the Prophecy and You-Know-Who be too much to overcome?

This one has it all, folks! Love and lust! Money and power! Hob Nobs and Fairy Liquid! The Beatles and U2! C'mon! You know you want to read it...

Oh, yeah - it's got H/G and Hr/R romantic stuff, plus, you know, that war they're having.

BIG THANKS to my beta, Tabletop Joe (now, go read his brilliant fic!).
Next chapter is IN THE QUEUE. Thank you for the reviews, emails, and continued support of this story!
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 06/15/06 Title: Chapter 11: Everybody Knows Something but Nobody Knows Everything

I love this fanfic! Its one of my favorites and always will be. I cannot wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you - I\'m glad you like it.

Harry Potter and the Last Chance by MinSev

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Harry faces his final and most difficult year at Hogwarts, will he come through the year with his NEWTs or more importantly, with his life?

All reviews will be replied to so please review us
Chapter 11, The Meeting should have been Chapter 10 and Chapter 10, Confession Confection should have been 10 so I have swapped them
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 11/11/06 Title: Chapter 11: Confession Confection

OMG! What a great chapter! Funny, funny funny! I love the twins...excellent job writing them and all the other characters! I want more!

Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 10/23/06 Title: Chapter 9: Gentle Persuasion

I love it! I want more. Excellent chapter. I love the poetry! Very cute

Senses by Gryffinpuff

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Sense: a word of so many meanings. This is a story about senses. The common sense notion of self preservation that is lost when friends are in need, the senses of the body that can be damaged so easily, and the intuitive senses of the heart that tell you when things have changed. R/Hr focused with a little bit of H/G, not a lot of fluff, with rotating views between the characters on a truly horrific day.

Quicksilver Quills Runner-Up - Best Romance, Canon
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 02/18/07 Title: Chapter 14: Darkness Clouds the Senses

I love your fict! You are an amazing writer and I cannot wait to find out what happens next. You have a similar writing style to JKR and I applaud you. Excellent writing. Please update soon.

Author's Response: Hmm, I hear mixed thoughts of that, the similar vs very different vs comparable opinions of my style. Either way I\'m glad you are enjoying the story =)

You Love Her, Don't You? by PheonixFeathers

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny at the Burrow, all needing comfort after the death of Dumbledore. But what will happen with a wedding coming up...?

Rated 3rd-5th yrs for use of mild language in later chapters.

Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 09/07/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1 - Harry's POV

awww....I like it, a lot!

You Tell Her by SnorkackCatcher

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: As the Trio begin their quest, Hermione has an uneasy feeling that there's something very important Harry and Ron aren't telling her. And as it happens, she's absolutely right. But some things just aren't easy to tell when you're sure your friend won't want to hear them ... [Set shortly post-HBP. Gen + the canon ships.]
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 07/17/06 Title: Chapter 1: Story Text

i liked it! How cute!

Author's Response: Thank you!

Friendship, Love, and Pranks: The Story of the Marauders by Padfoot is MINE

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Chapter Thirty-Eight in Queue!

They say someday your life will flash before your eyes...

The Marauders. The name alone strikes fear into the hearts of teachers and makes girls swoon. Watch as Sirius, who has always kept his emotions locked up in a box, finally finds the girl that has its key; as James masterminds everything, except how to win over the girl of his dreams; as Remus finds love, but learns it's just as hard to keep it going, and as Peter tries to prove he's just as good as the other four, no matter what he has to do. They're unstoppable, and it's safe to say that once they're gone, Hogwarts will never be the same again.

...let's make ours worth watching.
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 11/04/06 Title: Chapter 13: Hostile Suits of Armor: The Ultimate Antidepressant

Awww....poor padfoot! I cannot wait to read more! Its brillant!!

Author's Response: Thank ya!

Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 11/21/06 Title: Chapter 15: Sirius: On Why Patience Isn't a Very Fun Virtue

Awww...I feel soo bad for Padfoot! Excellent chapter again. I love your fict!!!

Author's Response: Somehow I passed this one when I was responding to all of these....Sorry! I agree, poor thing *hugs Sirius* and also...um...*hugs Sirius more*...um...bye!*fade to black*

Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 11/11/06 Title: Chapter 14: Stage 2: Anger (Why Lily and Amnesia Don't Mix)

Brilliant! I love this fict. I cannot wait until you update agian!

Author's Response: Thanks, I\'m glad. I\'ll update soon, within the next few days, I hope.

Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 11/11/06 Title: Chapter 14: Stage 2: Anger (Why Lily and Amnesia Don't Mix)

Brilliant! I love this fict. I cannot wait until you update agian!

Author's Response: Thanks again =)

Realizing It's Never Too Late by Gryffindor Girl

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: After taking different paths a couple of years ago, Ron and Hermione find each other again, both of them wondering if their separation was a mistake. This applies especially to Hermione, who is leading an empty, unhappy life next to her fiance.

UPDATE (12/7/11): Newest chapter posted. Let us hope next one doesn't take me a year.
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 11/24/06 Title: Chapter 4: Regrets

Aww....poor Ron! Excellent chapter! I want and update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!


Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 10/29/06 Title: None

I love it!! MORE....MORE!!!

Author's Response: Yaaaaaay!!!!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much! I\'m trying to go faster, I just have SO many reports due soon!!!!!

Harry Potter and the Phoenix Sister by xPhoenix_Tearsx

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: After his sixth year, Harry is expecting to face the biggest struggle of his life, Voldemort. But the tables are turned when Harry receives news that Voldemort has already been defeated by the "infamous" Phoenix Sister. But is it true? Will Harry ever find the answers he's looking for? And most importantly, will he and Ginny EVER get a moment alone? Or, after one thing leads to another, will Ginny even want to? Also includes Ron/Hermione.
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 10/16/06 Title: Chapter 1: Reunion

I love it! I want more!

Author's Response: thanks! a new chapter will be posted shortly. =]]

The Way Home by RoxyMarie

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Three months have passed since the last time Harry Potter was seen. This is the story of a young man trying to find his way home.
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 11/11/06 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4: Moving On

I love this story! Please update sooon!!!!

Author's Response: Very soon. 5 is in queue

Her Other Half by Khrys

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Sequel to Harry Potter, The Boy Who Lived.

Follow our favorite heroes continue their lives after the defeat of Voldemort. Someone wants revenge and will stop at nothing to get it. Is this a battle they can win or will they lose what is most precious to them?
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 10/24/06 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter Three: Twin Troubles

I love this story! I cannot wait to read more! It is genious!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you. I have been pushed to finish chapter four tonight. It\'s written, mind you, I just have to type it. And, here I am, typing away (letting myself be temporarily distracted...)

Worst Valentines Day Ever by Nundu

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: The challenge was Valentine’s Gone Wrong. I got to thinking that we already had a wonderful story of a Valentines Day that went as wrong as it could. But what was happening while Harry was blindly pursuing Cho?
Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 10/25/06 Title: Chapter 1: Worst Valentines Day Ever

OMG it is sooo cute! I love it! I think you should write more even thought it says you are done! It is excellent!

Internal Battles by EmilyJayne

Rated: Professors •
Summary: This story follows the time the trio will be spending at the Dursley’s home on Privet Drive. As the trio prepares to take on the biggest mission of their lives, Ron and Hermione 'fight' their own “Internal Battles” to determine if a romantic relationship will be a new beginning for them, or doom their friendship, and along with it, any hope of success against "He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named”. Are Hermione and Ron finally going to give in to their feelings for each other?

I elaborated very much upon this short period of time, but I had a lot of fun writing about it.

This story is complete...but there is a continuation! See the final A/N: for details!

Reviewer: Weasleyboyfreak Signed
Date: 11/11/06 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 2

I love it! I want more!

Author's Response: Chapter 3 is in the que...it is hard to be patient...isn\'t it!