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Hello, I'm Hermione_Rocks, though you may call me Anna, or D.E, or Mrs. Snape . . . whatever flies your kite. I'm a high school student who is hopelessly obsessed with many things, such as Harry Potter, musicals (current favorite is Sweeney Todd), books/reading, various Internet web-sites, and food.

As you can probably tell, I have an incurable love for writing fan-fiction. Would I do better to be working on original fiction? Probably. But at the moment, I just want to have fun with writing. One day I hope to be published, but I'm really not in any rush. Right now, I just want to enjoy all this. :)

I hope you find something you'd like to read while you're here, and please leave a review to let me know your thoughts. I'm always looking for feedback, good or bad.

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Broken by Huskers

Rated:248 Reviews
Summary: Nine years has passed since Harry defeated Voldemort. Nine years that he spent in a coma. He wakes, to find that life has passed him by. How do you go on, and can love be found after it has been destoryed?

This story was written pre HBP and takes none of that new cannon into account. Also, it might be better defined as a series of one shots than an ongoing story.
Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 11/02/05 Title: Chapter 11: June 2019

Really great work. Hermione's response to everything was done extremely well. But it seems you kind of pushed Ron to the side. He was there, but he doesn't seem very close to Harry. But I guess people drift apart. Great chapter!

Author's Response: Ron and Harry are still as close as they ever were, but the relationship with Ron is not all that important to the story, where it is with Hermione. Guys just don't get into this kind of stuff with other guys very much. There just isn't much to write about there.

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 10/26/05 Title: Chapter 10: December 2018

Beautiful...I nearly started to cry, and you know it's a good story when I do that. :) Great, great, great!

Author's Response: Nearly??? Damn, so close, and yet so far. I'll try harder next time. Thanks for the review.

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 11/19/05 Title: Chapter 13: March 2021

Wonderful! You picked a great place to end, and even though I would have liked it to go on, you can't just keep writing a story for the sake of making it longer. Please let us all know when you publish a book!

Author's Response: No, you can't keep writing just so the story doesn't end. That would ruin it. I will try to let you know when I do publish my own writing. It will be a while, at least two years, so we will see how many of you I can still reach at that point in time. Thanks for all your encouragement, it was helpful for when I got stuck.

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 10/20/05 Title: Chapter 8: August 2018

Loved all the Harry/Ginny stuff! :) Stephanie's a very enjoyable character, very well rounded for an OC. Great job!

Author's Response: Thanks, glad you liked it and in particularly that you like Stephanie.

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 11/12/05 Title: Chapter 12: July 2020

Oh my God...that was brilliant. I started to cry. You are really talented at writing. I'm giving you a ten, which I hardly ever do. Great great job!

Author's Response: Thank you.

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 09/27/05 Title: Chapter 4: August 2016

Awesome! Keep it up!

Author's Response: thank you

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 09/27/05 Title: Chapter 4: August 2016

Awesome! Keep it up!

Author's Response: thanks

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 10/09/05 Title: Chapter 6: October 2017

You had to stop there didn't you! lol Write more soon!

Author's Response: Yes, I know it was cruel. I promise to put the next chapter in the queue in the next few days.

Arachneís Curse by Ravensgryff

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 25 Reviews
Summary: HBP Spoilers! Set immediately after the end of HBP, Severus Snape begins to explain exactly whose side he's on and what the stakes are in the coming battle. What is the curse of Arachne and how did it lead him to this point? Obsession, betrayal and a quest for redemption are all part of this historical account of Snape's life since coming to Hogwarts.

Thanks so much to my outstanding Betas: Orlaith, CCCC and Bobin221!
Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 10/27/05 Title: Chapter 3: Death Eater

Wow. That was really great. Really sad, but really great. Poor Snape...:(

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 11/16/05 Title: Chapter 4: Professor Snape

Great job. I think Snape might've lost control a little too much, but other than that, it was really well written. Keep it up!

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 12/05/05 Title: Chapter 5: The Last Ingredient

Nice work. The part with Talier was a bit stiff, but other than that it was good.

Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 12/05/05 Title: Chapter 6: Saved

Great chapter! Lots of action, and Talier is much more developed in this chapter. Can't wait for more!


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 10/15/05 Title: None

This is really great! Write more soon!

Grey by shadow_of_fire

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 4 Reviews
Summary: They say time is a great healer.

Theyíre wrong.

There are so many wounds that donít heal.

A submission for the October monthly challenge, on the theme time - submitted by shadows_in_fire (Gryfindor house)

Now I understand why everyone puts 'R+R' on their fics. Some comments would be helpful!
Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 11/16/05 Title: Chapter 1: Grey

Good work. It was short, but it got the point across nicely. Keep writing stories - it may be your first, but you did a really great job.

Ten Years by orange_balloon

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 15 Reviews
Summary: When 30-year-old Hermione Granger runs into an old Hogwarts classmate on the street she finds that time doesn't always change things. . .
Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 11/19/05 Title: Chapter 1: (one-shot)

That was really good. It's nice to see a story where Malfoy ends up on the good side, but that doesn't make him a good person. Great work!

Author's Response: Thanks, Hermione_Rocks! I adore Draco's character mostly because he is so nasty. Even when I consider that he might go over to the good side, I have a difficult time believing that it would change his character. I'm glad to see you feel the same!

Resolution by Vindictus Viridian

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 31 Reviews
Summary: "You did not come here to play chess."
On New Year's Eve, Minerva McGonagall finds herself without the usual distractions of students and staff. She decides there is only one way to solve the puzzle before her, and that she will have to take a rather large chance.
This was a submission for the Redemption Challenge and contains huge howling unavoidable HBP spoilers.
Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 12/04/05 Title: Chapter 1: Resolution

Your writing style is brilliant. The pairing was different, but still very believable and accurate. Excellent job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I had been wanting to write a SS/MM interaction, when Harry isn't looking, for quite some time; the Challenge just gave a particularly large and energetic bunny.

The Twelve Days of Christmas . . . from Hermione by orange_balloon

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 24 Reviews
Summary: The classic Christmas carol done up Hermione Granger style!
Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 12/04/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Twelve Days of Christmas . . . from Hermione

Really funny. Great work!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it, Hermione_Rocks!

Redemption at the Shrieking Shack by Phoenix5225

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 12 Reviews
Summary: She was lonely, and needed to get away. She thought Hogsmeade would make a good destination. As she entered the Shrieking Shack, she found the very last person she expected to see. She wanted to kill him, but just may end up saving him instead. For Hufflepuff.
Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 12/07/05 Title: Chapter 1: One Shot

Nice job! Snape was portrayed well; he lost control but didn't get out of character. Although Hermione did seem to trust him rather quickly, considering she had just run into him. Other than that, great story!

A Moment Like This by Wise Owl

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 55 Reviews

The prequel to this story Hear Me is officially up.

This a one-shot song fic based on Kelly Clarksonís rendition of ďA Moment Like This!" Ginny has gone back to Hogwarts for her sixth year...but should she really be there at all? As she travels in the Knight Bus she thinks back on every thing thats happened. The question is, what's her final destination? This is a story about her finding her true love and where she belongs.


Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 12/09/05 Title: Chapter 1: A Moment Like This

Great story! You had a nice style of writing. The song fit in perfectly, how you dispersed it. Again, really nice!

Author's Response: Ahhh! Another reviewer...Woohoo! Thanks for taking the time to review!!! Hmm, I really liked the song and the story fit very naturally.

I Do Believe by suckr4romance

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 21 Reviews
Summary: Written in response to Winter Snows Challenge Three: A Kiss for the Ages.

HBP SPOILERS! A tale of Hufflepuff romance, one concerning Susan Bones and Justin Finch-Fletchley. Itís witty, itís romantic, and itís Hufflepuff! What more could you ever seek (plus a little bit of fluff)? If you watch Chamber of Secrets, you'll notice that Susan and Justin are standing NEXT TO each other in the Dueling Club scene! Coincidence? I think not.

Challenge Finalist.
Reviewer: Hermione_Rocks Signed
Date: 12/25/05 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

Nice little fluffy story for the holidays! It was really cute, nice job!