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Name: Sarah Kavanagh

Age: 18

D.O.B: 28TH February 1988

Starsign: Pisces (Water signs rock!!)

Chinese Sign: Dragon (Rawrr!)

Homeland: Ireland, land of drunk people, pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, lepruchans, cabbage, bacon and potatoes... NOT (Well, except the drunk people, we have a few of them)

Height: 5ft 5 (and a bit)

Hair: Red (Like Lily!)

Eyes: Green (Like Lily!)

Gorgeous, Black haired, Quidditch playing, Marauding boyfriends named James Potter: None, sadly (Not like Lily, SOB!)

Dream of: Becoming an actress, and if not, a writer

Proudest moment: My lead role in the Musical Calamity Jane last month (Feb 2006)

Famous people I want to meet: Susan Sarandon (My idol), J.K. Rowling, Marilyn Monroe (although she's dead, that might cause a problem, James and Lily (as they are both a] dead and b] fictional, that might cause an even bigger problem), Johnny Depp (who wouldn't?), Dan Radcliffe (he's just wicked), David Hyde Pierce


Books (besides HP):
Little Women (one of the best books of all time), Adrian Mole series, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series, Any Shakespeare, Anne of the Green Gables series, Bridget Jones' Diary 1&2, Matilda, A Child called It, Fan Fiction (even though that can't be counted as a book), Eavan Boland's poetry, Goodnight Mr. Tom, Biographies, so many, I love books....

The Shawshank Redemption, The Usual Suspects, As Good as it Gets, Bandits, Batman Begins, Happy Gilmore, Stepmom, Love Actually, Bridget Jones' Diary, Analyze this, Rainman (Dustin Hoffman, you GENIUS!), Dumb and Dumber, Casper, The Little Mermaid, Thelma and Louise, The Producers, Chicago!, Pirates of the Carribbean, Bend it like Beckham, Home Alone, One Flew Over the Cuckoos nest, Inside I'm Dancing, Spongebob Squarepants the movie (Im serious), Driving Lessons (I went to the Dublin Film Festival and saw it), 10 Things I hate about you, Finding Neverland, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Princesss Diaries, The Others, The Hours and Sweet November

I like everything really, except dance. Ok, so my faves are:
Franz Ferdinand, Greenday, Blink 182, KT Tunstall, Anything from the musical Chicago, Eva Cassidy, Queen, Billy Joel, The guys who sing that 'start wearing purple' song, Coldplay, Dandy Warhols, Goo Goo Dolls (for that one song they did), Madness, No Doubt, Maroon 5, Blur (although they're gone now), etc, etc...

Frasier, Men Behaving Badly, Scrubs, Coronation street, Any stand up comedy, especially by Lee Evans, Father Ted, Cheers, Roseanne, and Family Guy!!!!!!!!!!!

Harry Potter

Fave HP book: The Half-Blood Prince

Fave HP movie: The Goblet of Fire

Fave HP characters: Ron, Luna, Harry, Draco, Sirius, James, Lily, Remus, Snape, and McGonnagall

I ship: James/Lily, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny

The affection in your eyes is


You are always happy,

you are full of light, and beautiful! You

could make someone smile by just looking at

them! You absolutely love the earth you live

in and you wouldn't change a thing in your

life! You probably have lots of friends who

really care about you, and listen to what you

say! You are well liked, and always see the

beauty in things, you are a energetic person,

who always speaks their mind!

~What type of affection do your eyes hold?(Gorgeous ANIME pictures!!!)~
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Beautiful Love
You want a Beautiful love, soft

but passionate. You are probably very old

fashioned and polite. You can't stand rude

people, wolf whistles are to you only

dis-respective and immature. You love nature

and everything beautiful in life. You will

fall for a guy that makes you forget about

the rest of the world.

Please rate aaaaand... eat chocolate bars?

*cough*rate*cough* ^^

What Love are you Fated for? ~AWESOME anime pics!~
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You are a brilliant redhead.

What is your haircolor (on the INSIDE)?
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Red hair rox! Especially like the one above, coz that's my own hair colour...

Beauty lies behind your eyes. You are probably

already beautiful on the outside, but deep

inside you posess a beauty more radiant than

any outer beauty could be.

What lies behind your eyes?
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Reviews by Sarah Kavanagh

Meant To Be by chloish

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 679 Reviews
Summary: "What can I say?" James shrugged his shoulders. "We are just obviously,"






James laughed, "Meant to be."

Lily Evans and James Potter share absolutely nothing in common, not even their feelings for each other. Lily, perceived as a ‘model student,’ detests the handsome, popular, Quidditch star James, who she thinks to be something of a git. James, on the contrary, has been infatuated with Lily for years, and has let her and the whole school know it.

As time progresses into Voldemort’s ‘reign of terror,’ the two have to learn to trust, tolerate, and love each other.

Please note, this story is incomplete, and will likely remain so for a long time. I apologize!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 02/05/06 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 14 - Time to Waste

I loved your other story, Dear Lily, but this one is wonderful. I am completely hooked on it. I know it's been ages, and you've probably abandoned the whole story, but please update it! One more chapter? I love this story, I'll have withdrawal symptoms, aaahh!!

Author's Response: I haven't abandoned it, I promise! I'm glad you liked it, and I'm working on more! :)

Too Sweet to Remember by Canadian Confessional

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 986 Reviews
Summary: Meet James Potter, a clever, somewhat mischievous, popular student at Hogwarts. He takes every situation in stride and has everything under control, except one: Lily Evans, an amazingly beautiful and intelligent individual. He loves her more than anything, but she despises him more than anything, and a not-so-impressive run-in late at night with her leaves James thinking that chasing after Lily might be hopeless. Then, a series of events happen in James' life, which is topped off by an unexpected visitor that makes his sixth year too sweet to remember.
Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 02/07/06 Title: Chapter 14: Failing for the First Time

Hey, I know I already reviewed, but I just also had to say, poor James!! Love does weird things to a person, I mean, he must have known that he's get in trouble for catching the snitch but.... you see.. love is dangerous! Also this is the first James and Lily fic I've ever read and I like it so much that I am EXTREMELY critical of other ones, so go you!!

Author's Response: Yeah, love does do weird things. Makes you stop thinking, mostly. LOL! Wow! I'm really glad I set the bar for you. I'm very flattered! Thanks so much!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 05/21/06 Title: Chapter 23: Silent Night

Ah now come on! Three days! Approve it already!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 02/26/06 Title: Chapter 17: Poetry

Shakespeare.. just when I thought you couldn't get any better.. you give us Shakespeare.. you have my undying admiration and respect... great chapter... where's Lily??? I'm eaten up with anticipation now...

Author's Response: Ooh, wow! This review is so flattering. Thank-you so much! it's greatly appreciated. I'm glad you really like the Shakespeare part. Lily? Well, she'll crop up sooner or later, lol! Thanks a bunch once again!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 02/05/06 Title: Chapter 14: Failing for the First Time

Hey, I am so sddicted to this fic now, another great addition. Another 10/10, I feel bad for James, but I'm just dying for the chapter when we finally see that excerpt you gave us, involving the ahem, marble wall.... Great fic, love it, keep it up!! Sarah xx

Author's Response: *Cough* Marble wall *cough* , eh? Heheh, I'm looking forward to posting that chapter, believe me. I'm really glad you like the fic, and I'll try to update soon! Thanks a bunch!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 02/14/06 Title: Chapter 15: The End of the Beginning

Ok, I'm really sad now... poor James, he loves her! Her told her he loves her, and she was all cold... I feel so bad for him.... Beautifully written, as always, I just hope the next chapter comes quickly!!

Author's Response: Awww, I feel for James too. James seems to always be pushed down when he is already down, heheh. I'll try to post sixteen as soon as I possibly can! Thanks!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 01/30/06 Title: Chapter 13: Second Semester Begins

Het Canadian Cnfessional, I just read your fic, and I am totally in love with it... the little teaser that you have at the very start of the story is so cool, please, please, for the love of god, update soon!!! Please? Sarah

Author's Response: Hi there! Heheh, really glad you are eagerly awaiting the next chapter. I'll try to update soon. The part in the summary will come...eventually...

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 04/14/06 Title: Chapter 21: Wine Tasting


Holy mother of all thing, well, fantastic, Huzzah!!

That was brilliant, and not just because of the kiss, because of the whole chapter. Miss author extraordinaire, I salute you for what was undoubtedly your best chapter yet! Is it finished, or are you going to continue it on another chapter? Either way, I loved it.

You overflow with talent, my dear!!!!!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 04/03/06 Title: Chapter 20: Eternally Bound

Yes! Finally we have chapter 20, as brilliantly brilliant as ever, I loved it!!

Author's Response: Brilliantly brilliant? Heheh, why thank-you! I'm really glad you liked this chapter! Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 05/08/06 Title: Chapter 22: Promise to Remember

Gah! You didn't lose me! I loved it! How... dramatic! I can't make a long comment as I have to run off to work, but I adored it, as always..

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 02/27/06 Title: Chapter 17: Poetry

Oh no, do you see what you've done... I only noticed that the walls to the bathroom are marble, and now I'm getting unneccessarily excited, damn you!

Author's Response: Hi! Wow, you are very observant with the marble wall. I'm afraid to say though that there are many marble walls, LOL! Thanks for the sweet review, and I'll try to update a.s.a.p!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 03/19/06 Title: Chapter 19: Saving Snape

I just came home from the most horrible weekend ever to be greeted with this wonderful chapter, and now my faith in the world has been fully restored. I love James. I love the way he just abandoned everything to run out and save Snape like that, and that part in itself was so intense and exciting, I was gripped reading it. And then Lily came along!!!! "Yay!" I found myself shouting when I read it (of course, then my mum came into the room and told me to shut up, but meh). Brendan's a smart bloke, isn't he? I wonder how Lily would react if she knew exactly what James had been doing, because that would shoot her 'Potter cares for noone but himself' theory to pieces. I can't wait to see what happenes next.. Apart from the rather thrilling storyline, it was as beautifully written (I always try to look for a different way to describe your writing, but beautiful is the only way I can express exactly how exquisite- ooh, there's another word for it- it is) Congratulations, sweetie, you are a writer, an amazing one. You deserve heaps of praise... if you were a published author, I would line up outside bookshops to buy your stories... wonderful, exciting, fantasitc, stunning..... I could go on, but I fear I would bore you.

Author's Response: A horrible weekend? Awww, I hope everything turned out alright. I'm very flattered I was able to help "restore your world", hehe! Yes, Brendan is indeed a msart guy. Very nice, actually. I'm also very flattered that you like my writing style. A published author? Oh, I'm not so sure about that, though I would love to be. Heheh, if it ever happens, I'll make sure you are one of the first to know. Thanks for the amazing review once again!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 03/11/06 Title: Chapter 18: Victory Talk

I love you.... wonderful!!!!

Author's Response: Hi there! Heheh, awww, that is very flattering of you! Thank you for reviewing!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 03/11/06 Title: Chapter 18: Victory Talk

But umm, where's Lily???? Tell me it was her that slowed his broom down... pleaseeee???!!!! Amazingly written.. as always!

Author's Response: Hey! I would absolutely LOVE to tell you who slowed his broom down, but... I don't want to spoil it. I'm really glad you like the story and chapter! Thanks!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 03/27/06 Title: Chapter 19: Saving Snape

Urm... I thought that it said he was a Seeker in the first movie... has J.K. Rowling even confirmed what he was??

Author's Response: Hey there! Wow, the above review has created some debate, lol! It did say taht in the first movie, that James was a Seeker, but JKR herself has said that he was a Chaser. Whatever JKR says, goes. For some more information and reassurance go to these two websites:




Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 02/23/06 Title: Chapter 16: Cold Fog

Oooh, what happened?? But more importantly.... what about Lily?? I thought you said she was distancing from Brendan, who I don't like, just because he isn't James.... Great chapter, once again, written perfectly.... desperate for an update....

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for reviewing! it's greatly appreciated! Alright, for the summary, it says that Lily is losing her distance from Brendan, thus, it means she is getting closer to him. Sorry if it was a bit confusing, heheh! I'll try to update soon, and thanks again!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 03/10/06 Title: Chapter 17: Poetry

I love this fic so much that I check it obsessively 5 times a day to see if there has been an update.. I await with baited breath the day when I will see the number '18' beside the chapter count. You have yourself a loyal and devoted fan here.. In fact, if you actually check my profile, I gave you this weird special mention....

Author's Response: WOW! I'm speechless. Thank-you so much for your little mention in your profile, and also for such nice comments! I'm very flattered that you like the story so far! Thanks once again!

Dear Lily by chloish

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 219 Reviews

Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs -- These names are known by every person in Hogwarts. These names, and an envelope with a scarlet wax seal bearing the letters: MWPP.

The teachers dread it, the students revel in it...but who are these 'Marauders,' as they are called? That's just it. Nobody knows. Most every prank Hogwarts sees is at the hands of these mysterious Marauders, and the perpetrators always walk free. They could never be caught. You can’t catch phantoms.

Lily Evans is just as curious as the next student as to who these Marauders are, but her curiosity is transformed into a hungry need, when she receives a letter herself from a certain Mr. Prongs. [This story is slightly AU, but more on that in the author's note at the end.]

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 02/01/06 Title: Chapter 4: Gregory the Smarmy

Really? Youre next chapter is on another website????/ Aaahh! Where?? I must read it, I must, I must!!! Amazing stuff!

Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 03/01/06 Title: Chapter 5: I do.

Beautiful story, Im jealous, why can' that kind of thing happen in real life... to me? I dont mean the magic, but the lovely letters would do.... so beautifully written, I love it...

Author's Response: Hehe, thank you! And I feel the same way...thus writing this was a little depressing at times. I kept thinking, \"Why don\'t I have a Mr. Prongs??\" And then I pouted and continued writing. x)


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Sarah Kavanagh Signed
Date: 02/13/06 Title: None

After the glowing review I got from you, I went looking for your fics, and I found this. I have to say, I really like it so far, original... that's always. Im adding it to my favourites, so guess that means hug for me!! Can't wait to read more, I love James in this (although I always love James, makes me jealous of Lily) Keep it up! Sarah xx

Author's Response: Thanks for returning to review :D We're glad you like the story, and we try to be original so people won't accuse us of stealing their ideas (happend once...), Yeah. I love Jamsie too... Lily should die! Oh wait, she already is! *cough* Sorry, Valentine's day reflex