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I've loved HP since the second grade and am still obessed with it. So basically I've been at this for like 7 years... wow.

okay heres a poem, i totally DID NOT write it, im not sure who did i got it in an email.
As I was walking
down life's highway
many years ago

I came upon a
sign that read
Heavens Grocery Store.

When I got a
little closer

the doors swung
open wide

And when I came
to myself
I was standing

I saw a host
of angels.
They were
standing everywhere

One handed me a
and said "My
child shop with care."

Everything a
human needed
was in that
grocery store

And what you
could not carry

you could come
back for more

First I got some

Love was in that
same row.

Further down was
you need that
everywhere you go.
> >
> > I got a box or
> > two of Wisdom
> >
> > and Faith a bag
> > or two.
> >
> > And Charity of
> > course
> >
> > I would need some
> > of that too.
> >
> > I couldn't miss
> > the Holy Ghost
> >
> > It was all over
> > the place.
> >
> > And then some
> > Strength
> >
> > and Courage to
> > help me run this race.
> >
> > My basket was
> > getting full
> >
> > but I remembered
> > I needed Grace,
> >
> > And then I chose
> > Salvation for
> >
> > Salvation was for
> > free
> >
> > I tried to get
> > enough of that to do
> >
> > for you and me.
> >
> > Then I started to
> > the counter
> >
> > to pay my grocery
> > bill,
> >
> > For I thought I
> > had everything
> >
> > to do the Masters
> > will.
> >
> > As I went up the
> > aisle
> >
> > I saw Prayer and
> > put that in,
> >
> > For I knew when I
> > stepped outside
> >
> > I would run into
> > sin.
> >
> > Peace and Joy
> > were plentiful,
> >
> > the last things
> > on the shelf.
> >
> > Song and Praise
> > were hanging near
> >
> > so I just helped
> > myself.
> >
> > Then I said to
> > the angel
> >
> > "Now how much do
> > I owe?"
> >
> > He smiled and
> > said
> >
> > "Just take them
> > everywhere you go."
> >
> > Again I asked
> > "Really now,
> >
> > How much do I
> > owe?"
> >
> > "My child" he
> > said, "God paid your bill
> >
> > a long long time
> > ago."

as you can see im a devoted christian... and heres some info on my favorite stories

My TOP 5 (its actually 6 because i couldnt decide) are:
Too Sweet to Remember by Canadian Confessional (lily/James)
Canis Majoris by Trinsy (lily/james with other character lovers)
Just the Girl by pdft_n_prngs (lily/James)
Catch My Fall by Secret Lily (lil/James)
The Time is Now by Hermione816 (harry/ginny and ron/ hermione with a lot of plot which makes it a terrific tale)
Peacemaker, The rebellion by Fraulein Weisenheimer (a future story with harry/ginnys kids and ron/hermionie's and lupin/tonks's too and many people you will recognize in there. It also has much plot to it because its not a love story.)

so thats my top 6, check it out y'all.

thank you everyone who reads and reviews my stories, i love you guys so much. i just love writing and i love getting feedback on my writing (even negative) thank y'all so much for everything!

so thats pretty much it!

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Categories: Orphan Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 0 Chapters: 0 Completed: No
12/31/69 Updated: 12/31/69

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 02/12/06 Title: None

awww i feel so good yet so bad for ginny...i mean the whole school hates her...i would be like soooo embarassed, and i think id hit malfoy so hard hed cry. I really want harry and ginny together, theyre so perfect...but the way you write it makes me say wait for the rest of the story to break loose first...soooo keep up the great work! 12/10 -Marissa-

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 03/06/06 Title: None

ohh i liked it a lot!!! update soon

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 02/09/06 Title: None

really, really good! update soon! 10/10


Canis Majoris by trinsy
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 645]

Summary: Adhara Jocelyn Black has always been torn between her loyalty to James Potter, her cousin Sirius's best mate, and Lily Evans, the sister she has never known. But in her seventh year everything changes. Join Jocelyn, Sirius, Lily, and the rest of the Marauders as they battle for their lives... and loves...

Categories: Other Pairing Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 56522 Chapters: 34 Completed: Yes
04/27/05 Updated: 04/04/06

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 03/12/06 Title: Chapter 32: The Summary

wow... this story is AMAZING.... im like awestruck i love it!!! update soon!!! -Marissa-

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 06/01/06 Title: Chapter 34: Beautiful

wow... its so.... heart-wrentching. is it over? it cant be over... -Missi-

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 06/01/06 Title: Chapter 34: Beautiful

wow... its so.... heart-wrentching. is it over? it cant be over... -Missi-

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 03/13/06 Title: Chapter 33: You and Me

awww! its like... terribly mean to sirius! its totally had my heart somewhere in my stomach, i love it, i read like 20 chapters of it yesterday b/c i couldnt stop reading it! update soon! -Marissa-

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 04/11/06 Title: Chapter 34: Beautiful

its over already?!?!?! now im definately going to have to read your one shot. by the way, great way to close the story. that was enought to make anyone say awww! but i was pretty upset that they didnt get together...well, ill just have to read your oneshot! -Marissa-


Reign of Love and Evil by Tyran
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 11]

Summary: We all know the ending...Lily and James fall in love. But what happened in between that. This story is their seventh year...what pain they went through...betrayl and death. And what happens after they graduate...and lets not forget the threat of Voldemort...will their soon-to-be love triumph against evil or will friendships and love fall at evil's hands?

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: Abuse

Word count: 5583 Chapters: 3 Completed: No
06/24/05 Updated: 03/17/06

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 02/02/06 Title: Chapter 3: Denial

wow! this story is sooo good! maybe the second best lily/james story ive ever read! please update soon! 10/10 -Marissa-

Author's Response: Thanks...I'll try...I just sent in Chapter Four


Summary: Meet James Potter, a clever, somewhat mischievous, popular student at Hogwarts. He takes every situation in stride and has everything under control, except one: Lily Evans, an amazingly beautiful and intelligent individual. He loves her more than anything, but she despises him more than anything, and a not-so-impressive run-in late at night with her leaves James thinking that chasing after Lily might be hopeless. Then, a series of events happen in James' life, which is topped off by an unexpected visitor that makes his sixth year too sweet to remember.

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 78521 Chapters: 25 Completed: Yes
08/17/05 Updated: 07/21/06

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 02/05/06 Title: Chapter 14: Failing for the First Time

awwww james didnt catch it?!?!??!? poor guy, hes so confused about lily and all...i love yow you portray his point of view and i liked how you explained how sisius met audrey last chapter, 10/10 -Marissa-

Author's Response: Sirius and Audrey? Ooh, really glad you liked them as a couple. Heheh. I'm also glad you like how I write James's point of view. Thanks!

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 05/06/06 Title: Chapter 22: Promise to Remember

I CANT SEE IT!!!!!! ahh! -Marissa-

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 02/26/06 Title: Chapter 17: Poetry

really great. this is one of the best fics ive ever read. and im not just trying to be flattering, im being honest. i was wondering why james wasnt a seeker before, but figured it was just slightly AU, however, i never asked about it. oh does audrey come back into his life again? guess ill find out!

Author's Response: Really? Ooh, why thank-you, that is very flattering! James is a Chaser, JKR says so, lol. You'll find out more about Audrey in due time. Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 07/09/06 Title: Chapter 24: From You Have I Been Absent in the Spring

wow. you've done it again! -Missi-

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 07/09/06 Title: Chapter 24: From You Have I Been Absent in the Spring

wow. you've done it again! -Missi-

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 02/14/06 Title: Chapter 15: The End of the Beginning

awww this is like soo sad! james is all mad with lily and he did sorta like audrey am i right? well now everythings even more messed up with lily because of the quidditch match and everything he just said and i think lily is going to realize she likes him sooner or later and he wont see it! wow i just confused myself...guess ill just have to wait till the next chapter! 10/10 -Marissa-

Author's Response: Heheh, hey there! Yes, James is in a bit of a... mess? I understand your perspective about everything, but yeah, you'll just have to wait. LOL! Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 06/01/06 Title: Chapter 23: Silent Night

omgosh. its so sad... aw man these poor kids. poor james... i love how you show his anger and sadness, this is byfar in my top 5. -Missi-

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 03/19/06 Title: Chapter 19: Saving Snape

OMG this is officialy one of my top THREE stories. out of like hundreds out there, you're on my top THREE. youre actually #2. so tell the whole world!!! -Marissa-

Author's Response: Top three, really? Ooh, thank-you so much! I'll be sure to tell the world. ;) Thanks for reviewing!

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 02/23/06 Title: Chapter 16: Cold Fog

ohhh this is one of my favorite stories! you're so good at this... i sure do hope Jen's okay...but assuming that shes oliver wood's mom, i take it she doesnt die. i love how remus is all popular now, i was always a softie for him. 10/10 loved it! -Marissa-

Author's Response: Hi! One of your favourite stories? Oh, I'm flattered! Jen doesn't die, no. Actually, Jennifer is Oliver's (crazy, Quidditch obsessed) Aunt. Aww, you're a Remus fan? Me too, he's just too nice. Thanks!

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 05/08/06 Title: Chapter 22: Promise to Remember

OMG THAT WAS AMAZING i actually started tearing at the end?? why did you do that!!! its terrible, yet has to happen to make it more interesting... ohh will she remember?? aww this reminds me of the notebook... have you seen that movie? its sad. well overall 2000/10 :) -Marissa-

Reviewer: MissPriss86 Signed
Date: 04/11/06 Title: Chapter 20: Eternally Bound

Well i decided to go in depth in my review.. everytime i go through my favorites list to see if people have updated, i get ready to click on your and think "oh its the good one!!" I love this and its really kinda inspired me to write a lily/james, but not post it yet. i like it a lot, i hope you never ever get writers block and make every chapter better than the next! -Marissa- (again)

Author's Response: In-depth? Aww, thanks! "It's the good one!!" LOL! I'm glad you like the story so far! I've inspirired you? Oh, wow, I feel so honored. I wish you luck in your J/L fiction! I hope it get's posted. Writer's block, eh? Yes, that is a nasty little thing, but don't worry, I'll try to avoid it. Heheh, thanks for the review!

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