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Soap is my dog's name. Don't ask - he just looks like a Soap!

I'm a huge fan of almost anything involving Sirius and almost anything involving Remus, and when it involves both of them together, well . . . that's just ideal, isn't it? However, I do mean "almost anything", because I'm not very fond of Remus/Tonks. I know that it's popular and that it's, you know, allegedly in the "actual books" and all that nonsense, but I just really prefer seeing good old Remus with someone else.

In writing, I'm not at all an equal opportunity shipper. I started with Draco/Hermione, but in my old age (coming up on 28 now... positively ancient!) and after marrying a guy who is several years older than I, I've come to appreciate that men, like fine wines, get better with age. Thus, I've become very Sirius- and Remus-centered, as I've mentioned already, and most of what I write these days involves them together, or one of them with Hermione (she is quite the fanfiction slut, is she not?).

Reviews are always welcome, and suggestions are absolutely taken into consideration. Thanks for stopping by!

Allow me a moment of frivolous self-promotion: OMG I am in the top ten favorite authors! Wow!! I can't believe it!! Well, I hope I keep getting plenty of readers to click that "Add to Favorites" button, because it really is an honor to be on that list!

Has anyone figured out that the Hermione/Sirius series stories are all titled with Nirvana songs? Just wondering.

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Preludes by Pendraegona

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 13 Reviews
Summary: Fenrir Greyback's werewolves live in haphazard communities throughout the metropolitan city of Wolverhampton, stealing and surviving on the margins of an oblivious society. Remus Lupin plunges headfirst into a lifestyle more brutal and vicious than he has ever known, hoping to save the world from his own kind--and from himself.
Reviewer: Soap Signed
Date: 10/29/07 Title: Chapter 1:
Lighting of the Lamps

Very nice so far, I'm quite interested to see where it goes. Just fix the neverending italics at the end and you're golden. =)

Author's Response: AGH! You\'re right. I must have deleted the when I went back to fix another little detail. Thanks for pointing that out, I\'ll go put it right.

Author's Response: Blah. Now it put that in italics when I put it the end italics symbol after the \'the\'. I give up--I\'m html illiterate and not learning fast.

He Loves Him by Celestial Melody

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 34 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: When you love someone, the last thing you expect them to do is break your heart ... but it frequently happens. Salt-tears cannot express the pain that a heart crying blood feels. Yet, even though our torn and tattered hearts are in pieces, rattling sonorously around in the emptiness of our chests, we still love that 'someone' because no one and nothing can predict love ... It just happens.

For Rose Weasley, her impressions of her own “love” were shattered when she found out something she shouldn't have, something that made her wish for revenge ... something that made her unable to take it.

Reviewer: Soap Signed
Date: 11/01/07 Title: Chapter 1: He Loves Him

Very lovely. I loved the perspective.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Kristina. I really appreciate that you took the time to leave a review. *hugs* Reviews definitely make my day. =)

And I\'m thrilled that you loved the method of perspective. I think that this is something all people feel at one time or another, so telling it in a rather \"preachy\" style contributed, rather than detracted from the story.


Werewolf Among Wizards by shewolf2000

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 92 Reviews
Summary: Glimpses into Remus Lupin's life at Hogwarts, all trying to answer the question: Is Remus a normal wizard who just has a “furry little problem”, or is he a werewolf among wizards, trying to fit in where he may never truly belong?

Now with more Snape down the Whomping Willow! Check out Chapter 10: A Highly Amusing Joke and Chapter 11: Skyfall

Reviewer: Soap Signed
Date: 05/06/08 Title: Chapter 1: His Worst Fear

Your first, huh? Great job! Your writing style emulates JKR's well. Remus is one of my favorite characters, so watching the whole story from his point of view will be fantastic.

Only one small constructive criticism: Watch viewpoint changes. It sometimes gets confusing when we can know what everyone is thinking at once. Even if you shift every couple of paragraphs that's fine, but try and have some kind of delineation. It's a tough thing to do, I know!!

Great story! I should be heading off to work now, but the next couple of chapters are calling my name...

Author's Response: JKR!?! Really?! That\'s so cool! And I\'ll look out for the view point thing. In this chapter, it\'s meant to be just James in the first part and just Remus in the second. But maybe it is confusing, it\'s so hard to tell with your own writing. Thanks for the review!

Reviewer: Soap Signed
Date: 05/06/08 Title: Chapter 2: Stupid Ideas

“You’re always so tetchy after full moon,” James observed. - nice line. And I liked the stupid ideas tangent.

Fabulous chapter! Now I really DO have to get off to work, but I'll certainly be reading the rest later! Excellent job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I love knowing which lines people liked best. Stupid work! Doesn\'t your boss understand that fan fiction is so much more important? Ug. My teachers don\'t understand that either.

Reviewer: Soap Signed
Date: 05/06/08 Title: Chapter 3: Potential Death by Spherical Snow

Good chapter, but the dialogue gets kind of hard to read after a while. Try putting some in description; it's sometimes hard to follow when an entire chapter is people speaking!

Looking forward to the next.

Author's Response: Yeah, that is kind of a challenge for me in my writing. I just love the dialogue so much that sometimes I get a little carried away... But I\'m trying to work on that. Maybe I should think about playwriting. :) Thanks again for all of your reviews!

I Don't Feel Nothing by Potter

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 3 Reviews
Summary: (Songfic) The war has been fought, lives have been lost, and people have been left behind. These people must learn to accept that those who had once always been there will never be again, until they meet on the other side. These people must learn to feel again, no matter what the feeling.

At the end of the first war against Voldemort, Remus Lupin finds himself completely alone. His friends are gone, yet he doesn't feel sad. He doesn't feel anything... and he doesn't know why.
Reviewer: Soap Signed
Date: 12/13/07 Title: Chapter 1: I Don't Feel Nothing

That was absolutely beautiful. Well done. I really don't care for song fics ... the song that's playing in the author's head is rarely the one playing in the reader's. This was no exception to that.

However, the writing was brilliant. A lot of catharsis in reading Remus's feelings. Lovely!

Author's Response: It is hard to find songfics that are good. Sometimes the message the reader gets is different from the one the writer has when they\'re writing it. Glad you liked it, despite of not really caring for songfics. Thanks for reading!

Laugh by Padfoot11333

Rated: 6th-7th Years • 4 Reviews

I know I love Lily, but we want a baby. And it’s driving us apart. I think we might have to accept that we might not get one.

So Sarah laughed to herself and thought, “After I am worn out and my master is old, will I now have the pleasure?

Sarah was afraid, so she lied and said, “I did not laugh.” But he said, “Yes, you did laugh.”

Genesis 18:12-15

This is Padfoot11333 of Pufflefluff writing for the Great Hall Cotillion.

Reviewer: Soap Signed
Date: 02/23/12 Title: Chapter 1: oneshot

Good story. Loved the line about how James still can't believe it when Lily says she loves him, that one really stuck out to me. I did feel like you kind of lost your train of thought a little at the end, but I understand that it's a one shot and you didn't have time to get into a lot of depth. Well done!

Author's Response: Oh my Salazar. You are one of my favorite authors EVER and it's such an honor to be a review-ee, lol. No. Really. Thank you a lot for teh compliments and crit, and sorry for such an inadequate response. Lily xxx