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Hey all fellow authors, readers, Harry Potter fanatics :P,

My name is Rachel and I'm sixteen in May. I'm quiet, kind of shy, a daydreamer and artsy/creative I guess. I like Art - drawing and painting. Most of my stuff is just doodles and sketches which I just sort of keep in a drawer, but I have sketchbooks too. I like writing, i like reading. I like exploring, I like walking in the countryside and feeding the ducks. If I could go back in time, I'd meet Beatrix Potter for a day and we'd go up a hill and paint and write stories about the animals there; I'd meet Shirley Hughes and ask her to teach me how she draws and writes, and I'd go back to Jane Austen's life and find out who Elizabeth Bennet was and whether Mr Darcy exists for every eligible bachelorette!

I like singing, dancing and acting too, but usually only in my room since my dancing is umm...interesting! I hate Maths and science. I wanna kill algebra one day. I love kids and their imaginations. I love looking after them and I like inventing stories and games for them.

I'm doing English language and literature for the the next year (and hopefully after). Writing is a skill that has to be practised to become anything, so I figured, writing stories is pretty much a way to keep me motivated!. I love harry potter and JK Rowling is pure genius. She's my favourite author, hands down. I don't care about all those people who make digs at her by saying she only writes basic literature for Just look at this site, dedicated to her :)

Since I was little I've always wanted to write professionally. Nowadays I'd still love to write a book, but realistically that's quite a big dream! Whether or not I publish a book, creative writing is a really useful skill to develop. So writing fanfiction is the way forward! It's far more fun and way less stressful than school will ever be - and no one judges you!

I like general fanfiction, but Harry Potter's all I've ever written. I almost started a Lost fanfic once since I'm really into that show and believe that Kate and Jack are made for one another! Lol. Anyway. At some point, I'll get my next fanfic up. I swear, exams and school are almost NOT worth the effort...but once they're over I am going to SIT DOWN with a HUGE cup of tea and write a fanfic :)

PS: Check out my awesome, wicked banner for "The New Surprise". All the credit goes to sayiansirius, who made it for me. Oh and HPobsession helped ;). Thanks guys!!

Here is the bit for all you lot reading "The New Surprise". Chapter 15 got deleted first time round, so that's why there was a wait. I had to completely re-write it, but I think the 2nd draft has improved a lot, so I'm glad really! Again, my apologies for making you wait!!

Anyway here are the quizzes I liked!

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Reviews by rache

Summary: Harry sees Ginny and it`s love at first sight. They are in love and then get married.

Categories: Poetry Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 127 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
09/28/05 Updated: 09/28/05

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/31/05 Title: Chapter 1: Love At First Sight

That sweet!! I've never written a poem fic, but yours was lovely!! 10 definitaly!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing. I am realy glad you like it. Keep a look out for the longer story I am going to submit tomorrow!


Summary: Hermione Granger is not the person everyone thinks… sure, she regards the rules more than most people and tries her best to keep her grades perfect, but a real teenage girl resides. This story is Hermione’s diary, and if you read it, you will read about the girl that is hidden by the bookworm, and we will explore Hermione’s real thoughts. Rated PG-13 for language. Author’s Note: This fic was written BEFORE the publication of HBP, so it will follow through OotP cannon. And, I promise that the story is better than the summary! ;) Chapter Five accepted!! The story is finished now... you know you wanna review!

Categories: Ron/Hermione Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 8393 Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes
10/03/05 Updated: 01/13/06

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 02/01/06 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter Five

Oh wow!!!!!!! That was a perfect ending!!!! I loved Chapter five so much ive added it to my favorites!!!! This was such a sweet story, i'm not just saying that. I loved the bit where hermione was about to kiss ron for the first time and how you built up the tension for that moment, it was really good. And then i laughed wen hermione gave ron a hickey by mistake!! So great!!!

Author's Response: Thanks! :D


Because You Live by Auror81692
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 51]

Summary: Ron and Ginny have lost their family in the war against Voldemort. Most of the Order is also dead. How can Hermione help Ron come out of the seclusion he set himself in?

(*My first fanfic! Please read and review!*)

Thanks to all who reivewed!!

Categories: Ron/Hermione Genre: Warnings: Character Death

Word count: 993 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
10/23/05 Updated: 10/23/05

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/06/05 Title: Chapter 1: Because You Live - One Shot

aww..relly sorry about ur grandma grandpa died bfor i was born, so sometimes i wonder wat he was like....anyway, keep it up! still 10/10!

Author's Response: Awww. It's okay, I was really upset and tried to hide my feelings away from everyone, but it was a little obvious I was sad. (Just like Ron in the story, although a hot red-headed boy didn't come to try and cheer me up :( Oh well, it was a good fanfic idea, right?)

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/07/05 Title: Chapter 1: Because You Live - One Shot

i know i review all the time but oh well...:)

Author's Response: I don't care. We can use my reviews to talk. I was doing that with my friend Matt's reviews.

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/05/05 Title: Chapter 1: Because You Live - One Shot very sweet, very sad... I loved it, u portrayed ron very well...I can't believ they ALL died!!!!! that made me sniff!! 10, lol!! Oh by the way, if u want, chek out my fic (a ginny/harry ship) and plz review if ya do!!! i'll check out ur otha fic and review that....hope its as good as this!!! :)

Author's Response: Well, I made this fic about a year after I saw my grandmother die. (Yeah, I know you're all sorry.) And my school counslers thought it'd be a good way to express how I was feeling.

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/05/05 Title: Chapter 1: Because You Live - One Shot

By the way if ya wana read my fic its called "the new surprise" (under the category harry/ginny. if ya have trouble findin it jst visit my profile and then "stories by rache". thats if ya wana read it, lol:) i would love it if yu did, ur a gr8 author!!!

Author's Response: Naw, I'm only a good fanfic author. I suck at school writing. My dad says it's because I really have a passion for this.


Muggle City Skylines by Auror81692
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 53]

Summary: Before the Horcrux journey, Harry, Ron and Hermione are at the Burrow for Bill and Fluer's wedding. Emotions are running high for everyone, but mostly for a tall red-headed boy and a bushy-haired girl. Will a walk to a Muggle city skyline sort out their feelings?

This is my most popular one-shot story!!!! Thanks for making it so!

Categories: Ron/Hermione Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1959 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
11/01/05 Updated: 11/01/05

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/06/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Cliff

heehee lol...:) please write more fics!!!!

Author's Response: I have two ideas in mind...that I wrote out in math class...but they weren't confiscated, thank GOD! But I do have two great ideas (if I do say so myself, please excuse the lack of modesty) that should be out soon. I won't tell you anything about them now so I don't give away the story!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/08/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Cliff

oh thank yuo!! i have a pretty fulll schedule this week 2 im goin xmas shoppen 2moz wiv a mate and then off laser questing n bowlin and dunno bout next week...i'll check out ur fic!

Author's Response: Lol, you have off from skool?

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/07/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Cliff

ahh tut tut..hehe i do it all the time!! i hate math...well hope its good wen it comes out! By the way, i have a fic comin out (a ron and hermione) and a harry/ginny one called the new surprise. could i advertise them 2 u? plz read and review it if u get the time!! :)

Author's Response: I promise I will read and review your story, but seeing as I have three birhtday party's this week, I might not be able to for a while. Look for my next fanfic, "A Lucky Break"! I just submitted it like 5 minutes ago!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/05/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Cliff

WOOWW!! ReAALLLY GOOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to be honest (can I?) i think i prefered this to ur otha fic (but since ur other fic was BRILL i think this one is off the sclae!! er..i mean scale...bloody hell my typing is crap! nice disclaimer! oh and u kno wat else is funny? I was scrolling thru the ron/hr ff section about 2 weeks ago and i came across this fic, and began 2 read the first few sentences and then my mum called me so i didnt finish it, but then i read ur other fic and cliked on this one (from ur profile) and thought *hang ja vu!!!* it was so cool!! GREATNESS is this fic!!

Author's Response: Wow, thanks! I don't think your typing is crap, it takes me super long to do anything. Lol, yeah, that happens to me, too. My mum interrupts everything, even when I say I'm reading a good fanfic. Thanks again!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/05/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Cliff

PS sorry the other review was so long i probably bored ur socks off with ma *deja vu* tale...:)

Author's Response: No, it didn't bore me. On the contrary, I usually do that to my friends, lol.


Dear Dumby by Oppungo
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 715]

Summary: What happens when Dumbledore has his latest "brilliant" idea, to start an advice column, and call it 'Dear Dumby'? Letters from some of our favourite Hogwarts students, some of our not so favourite Hogwarts students, some not even Hogwarts students at all, and, of course, lots of madness!

Pre-HBP for obvious reasons!
Nominee for the Best Humour Award in the Quicksilver Quill Awards! Many thanks to all who voted for it!

Categories: Humor Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 18182 Chapters: 12 Completed: Yes
11/09/05 Updated: 09/08/06

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/01/06 Title: Chapter 1: The Notice

Cool!! Haha..Hugsy is so cool!! Friends is so cool!! This fic is so cool! It should be a 100000000000/10!!

Author's Response: Yay!!!! (u no how much i love exceeding limits!!!!) Go coolness!!!!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/01/06 Title: Chapter 2: Dear Dumby - Issue 1

LOL!!!*tries to stop laughing in fear of waking the entire neighbourhood up* its so late at night that im trying not to laugh!! keep it up, its really hilarioius!!! Especialy liked Cat Lover!!

Author's Response: Lol, i hope you didnt get in 2 much trouble if you woke everyone up!! But come on, even they must agree that laughter is great!!! I'll try(to keep it up!)!!


Rated: [Reviews - ]


Categories: Orphan Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 0 Chapters: 0 Completed: No
12/31/69 Updated: 12/31/69

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/27/05 Title: None

Cool storyline!! I thought the idea of the chamore or whatever was really imaginative; where did you think of that? Anyway good chapter, you're going realy well with the plot, and good use of vocabulary, keep it up!! 10!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 02/01/06 Title: None

hum, what just happened? I really don't understand!!! But oh well, I'll read chapter 4 and maybe it will make sense. Great story so far though!!!!!


Summary: Ginny is deeply in love with Harry but he is in love with someone else. What can she do to survive each day?

Categories: Harry/Ginny Genre: Warnings: Suicide

Word count: 3049 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
11/23/05 Updated: 11/23/05

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/04/05 Title: Chapter 1: Song Fic

tHis is sooo great..not just sayin was SOOO sad!!!!! write more fics!!!! 10/10 definately...


Wait for Me by AstroFire
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 37]

Summary: Something terrible has happened to Harry in the Last Battle. Memories flow through his mind, as he searches for help. Will he find the strength in the past he needs to do what is required of him? At what price? Please review :D

Categories: Harry/Ginny Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 24922 Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes
11/23/05 Updated: 02/13/06

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/01/06 Title: Chapter 1: Wait for Me

hi, before i state my opinion, i need to say, i saw your note at the beginning, you were discouraged at the lack of reviews people are giving? Well, don't be hard on yuorself, its not cause your a bad writer!! Everyone feels like that at some point, and i read your story, and i must was fantastic. I think you got the moments just right, you flicked back in all the right places, and your use of vocabulary was really good, and descriptive. I haven't read chapter 2 yet, but i will. I'm not just saying this but 10/10!!!!

Author's Response: First of all... Thank you! You don't know how much every review helps me to keep on, and your words were very encouraging. I don't deserve such good reviewers like you all :) Secondly, even though they are few, the reviews have helped me to see that my effort is not in vain, and believe me, that really boosts my spirits. Thanks again for reviewing, and I hope you like the next chapter :)


Rated: [Reviews - ]


Categories: Orphan Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 0 Chapters: 0 Completed: No
12/31/69 Updated: 12/31/69

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/17/06 Title: None

Wow are you really only sixth grade? Is sixth grade, like 11 or what? well I'm not very old either so i can't talk, but I am quite impressed by your writin skills. Do you have a beta, or do you do it all yourself? I must say this story so far is very impressive especially for your age and it's very cute and lighthearted! There are a few things I want to point out (i hope I'm not too harsh, just tell me if i am^^) there are a few punctuation mistakes, eg, you put "said" with a capital "S" and some other things, like not enough commas, but it's very good otherwise, you make the conversation flow nicely (good job, for most authors this can be hard!) and the "lol" was a little OOC for Harry to think. I think it's really good so far and as another reviewer said, you do get better as you go along. My punctuation was really bad in the first chapter of my harry/ginny fic, but then i found i improved later on. I've added it to favourites and I hope I'm not being too critical (i'm sorry if i am!!). Update soon!^_^

Author's Response: yes im really in sixth grade...yes 11. i do all of this by myself...not alot of help except when i need some ideas from my big sister. i'm going to go edit my chapter right now and find some puntuation mistakes if i can...yes the lol was a little OOC. you arnt being too critical at all and im glad to get opinions, i need them to get better....thank you so much for adding me to your favorites as i have added you to mine and i hope that you will update soon as i will do. thaks!!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/18/06 Title: None

kewl!! thank you for adding me to your favorites!! keep up this story its great!

Author's Response: will do! :-)

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/05/06 Title: None

Aww thats soo cute!!!! I liked the end bit especially, when Harry was deciding how he was going to kiss Ginny, and finally he did, which was just oh-so sweet!!! Please write more!!!!!!

Author's Response: i just submitted the second chapter...hopefully it will be accepted!! im crossing my fingers, although i wasnt very satisfied with my second chapter, im hoping all of the readers will enjoy at least some of it! thanks for reviewing!!

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