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Hey all fellow authors, readers, Harry Potter fanatics :P,

My name is Rachel and I'm sixteen in May. I'm quiet, kind of shy, a daydreamer and artsy/creative I guess. I like Art - drawing and painting. Most of my stuff is just doodles and sketches which I just sort of keep in a drawer, but I have sketchbooks too. I like writing, i like reading. I like exploring, I like walking in the countryside and feeding the ducks. If I could go back in time, I'd meet Beatrix Potter for a day and we'd go up a hill and paint and write stories about the animals there; I'd meet Shirley Hughes and ask her to teach me how she draws and writes, and I'd go back to Jane Austen's life and find out who Elizabeth Bennet was and whether Mr Darcy exists for every eligible bachelorette!

I like singing, dancing and acting too, but usually only in my room since my dancing is umm...interesting! I hate Maths and science. I wanna kill algebra one day. I love kids and their imaginations. I love looking after them and I like inventing stories and games for them.

I'm doing English language and literature for the the next year (and hopefully after). Writing is a skill that has to be practised to become anything, so I figured, writing stories is pretty much a way to keep me motivated!. I love harry potter and JK Rowling is pure genius. She's my favourite author, hands down. I don't care about all those people who make digs at her by saying she only writes basic literature for kids...so? Just look at this site, dedicated to her :)

Since I was little I've always wanted to write professionally. Nowadays I'd still love to write a book, but realistically that's quite a big dream! Whether or not I publish a book, creative writing is a really useful skill to develop. So writing fanfiction is the way forward! It's far more fun and way less stressful than school will ever be - and no one judges you!

I like general fanfiction, but Harry Potter's all I've ever written. I almost started a Lost fanfic once since I'm really into that show and believe that Kate and Jack are made for one another! Lol. Anyway. At some point, I'll get my next fanfic up. I swear, exams and school are almost NOT worth the effort...but once they're over I am going to SIT DOWN with a HUGE cup of tea and write a fanfic :)

PS: Check out my awesome, wicked banner for "The New Surprise". All the credit goes to sayiansirius, who made it for me. Oh and HPobsession helped ;). Thanks guys!!

Here is the bit for all you lot reading "The New Surprise". Chapter 15 got deleted first time round, so that's why there was a wait. I had to completely re-write it, but I think the 2nd draft has improved a lot, so I'm glad really! Again, my apologies for making you wait!!

Anyway here are the quizzes I liked!

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Which Harry Potter Marauder Are You?

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Reviews by rache

Wedding Bells by hpgirl951

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Ron and Hermione finally get together at Bill and Fleurs wedding. a little H/G as well. one-shot. my first fic.. please read and review
Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/04/06 Title: Chapter 1: ch.1

Good - but a bit rushed at the end. I didn't really get the ending - does it just end when he kisses her? The kiss was a bit too sudden and there wasn't much dialogue. But other than that it was cute ^^

A Lucky Break by Auror81692

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Remember when Harry went down to Hagrid's to get Slughorn's memory? The only mention of Ron and Hermione is Lavender demanding to know why Ron was up in the boys' dormatories with Hermione. I, myself, would have rather seen how that played out, and joined Harry later. But, sorrowfully, we didn't, and, thus, a fanfic was born.

Slightly OOC on the part of some characters, but not too much!

Thanks to all who reivewed!!
Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/12/05 Title: Chapter 1: After the Breakup

cool story, short n sweet!!

Author's Response: Ah, now that's what I love to hear! Thanks! you really made my day, and I got a dentention!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/15/05 Title: Chapter 1: After the Breakup

oh no...not detention...lol, thanks 4 reviewing my fic :) that made my day 2!

Author's Response: Yuo're fic rocked! The Yule Ball part was awesome!

The Heart Doesn't Lie by Hedwig_17

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Ron finally confesses his feelings of love and adoration to Hermione, much to her (and his) surprise. (ONE-SHOT) Special thanks to my Beta, wishiwereaweasley :-)
Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/02/06 Title: Chapter 1: The Heart Doesn't Lie

WoW!! This story rocks!! It was a really nice, short read and it was sOOOOOO sweet!! Yay for fred and george!! they brought hrmione and ron closer!!!!!

As Long as You Love Me by livingbreathingdream

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Dedicated to SecretKeeper, my role model, a writing angel sent from a world where everything is beautiful. Harry must leave for the Final Battle- but there's something... someone holding him back. How can he fight this? His greatest need, his strongest weakness? ďÖAs long as Iím with you, I donít care about breaking rules or stepping outside boundaries. As long as youíre close to me, whatever comes my way, I know Iíll be fineÖ just because youíre there with me. Iíve looked death in the face with you at my side, HarryÖ as long as Iím alive, Iíll be with you.Ē One-shot. *Wow- 800 reads! ...but only a few reviews... can you leave me something to go on before you leave? Thanks to everyone who gave this a chance!*
Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/26/05 Title: Chapter 1: Greatest Need, Strongest Weakness

Wow great story!! Like the othr reviewr said, it was intense! Generally speaking, i'm a r/hr shipper, but i've re-read book six and i'm beginning to notice all the harry and hermione moments, and hermione really seems to like harry, i think!!! 10/10 definately!!

Author's Response: Thanks! Finally, someone sees the light!

The Wedding by DayDreamingMuggle

Summary: This fic picks up right where HBP leaves off. Will Ron and Hermione FINALLY act on their feelings? Harry regrets his decision to dump Ginny, but will he do anything about it? Bill and Fluer's wedding is a hotbed of chaos and romance.
Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/02/06 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter One

I loved it!! Especially when they were saying "goodbye" to Gryffindor tower. I'm really sad for harry and ginny though!!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/02/06 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter Two

Yay chapter 2!! That whole dudley thing was kind of funny!! Go Ron!!!

Letter to Draco by wizard girl

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Hermione writes her thoughts and feelings down, and sends them to the one she loves. this is taken from an original poem I wrote, and made HP style.... *note- not meant to rhyme, and this is OOC*
Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 04/10/06 Title: Chapter 1: This is for you, Draco

Oh - wow!! I'm normally a Ron/hermione shipper when reading regular HP but for fanfiction i read anything. So I loved this!!!!! It was one of the best HP poems i've read, because it's not too angsty or too fluffy and you feel really sorry for Hermione. I think you should sooo do a sequel but Draco's letter back to Hermione instead! That would be widely appreciated (by me!) But if you don't then it doesn't matter, it's still a great fic! :)

Author's Response: thank you so much. im glad you enjoyed it. im working on dracos letter. that was my intention from the start. i appreciate you taking the time to read this. <3


Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/07/06 Title: None

What bit was gross? All they did was kiss (right?) ...well it was a good pre-quel!! Everything's going to change now is in my favorites!! I toatlly loved this story, but are you going to carry it on? (please!) 10/10

In the End by WiCkEdWoRkInGs

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Chapter Six is finally up and ready to read! Sorry for the long wait.

Harry Potter has turned his back on Hogwarts to travel with Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger to complete the fateful task that Dumbledore left for him: to rid the Wizarding world of Lord Voldemort. Their world is collapsing into darkness. But in the midst of turmoil and danger, Harry finds love, loyalty, and friendship beyond his imagination.
Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/23/05 Title: Chapter 1: Liberation

Cool!! aww thats sweet about aunt petunia...i knew she had in her somewhere to be at least civil to harry..update!!! yay, im the first reviewer! (that never happens to me)

Author's Response: Thanks for being my first reviewer! It's so cool to have someone respond...it's like an early Christmas gift! Anyway, don't worry, I will respond. I already have a couple chapters up my sleeve....Please try and get other people to R&R!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/07/06 Title: Chapter 1: Liberation

lol, i will recommend this to others, so that you can have more reviews ;)

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/07/06 Title: Chapter 3: Reconsideration

OoOh great chapter!! i'm so happy that harry and ginny are back together, except i'm not sure if they would be so sudden? i mean harry does want to protect her...oh well, i guess its hard if your in lurrve!! im still adding 2 favorites...PS sorry i double reviewd, i was checking out yor fic, and dint realise it was updated so i had to review again....

Author's Response: Love does make you do crazy things...let's hope that whatever crazy things it does to the couple, they'll be for the best.

The Twelve Days of Christmas: Draco Malfoy by Eskimo Child

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: This is for Challenge 4, The Twelve Days of Christmas. This one is Draco Malfoy style. BEWARE OF HBP SPOILERS! *This is also my VERY FIRST fan fic, so please review and tell me if it's any good!
Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 04/10/06 Title: Chapter 1: one-shot story

Ooh that was original and clever I'd have never thought of that myself! I really thought it was good especially for a first fanfic!!!

My Amortentia by Auror81692

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: The night after Ron was poisoned, Hermione must have felt awful. I mean, she hadn't spoken to him in months. So, what if she went to see him? And what do their Amortentia smells have to do with it all?
Reviews are greatly appreciated, good or bad!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/31/05 Title: Chapter 1: My Amortentia

Awww!!!! So sweet and cute..again!!! Ur a brilliant author, you keep writin the best fics!!! oh and by the way, hello again! thank you for reviewing my fic!! Urs should desevre 1000000000000000000/10!!!!

Author's Response: I was wondering when I'd get a review from you, lol. Thanks. I had this idea for a while, but never got aro.und to putting it on.

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 12/31/05 Title: Chapter 1: My Amortentia

oh and the cormac krum thing was really funny!!!! it reminded me of the dream harry had when cho chang turned inot hermione and threw the chocolate frog cards everywhere! *silence fills the room* no? er...is that totally random?!!

Author's Response: I love being random! *Into the silence of my house* PIE!!!!!!!! See? I'm glad you like Cormac Krum, I thought people would think he was stupid.

A Cold Christmas Warmed. by Magical Maeve

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Severus Snape has a heart of ice. But a certain female OC has melted it. This is about my OTP of Severus/Maeve. Aww the Christmas lurve. :-) I have no idea why Christmas has driven me to poetry. T'is scary indeed.
Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 04/10/06 Title: Chapter 1: A Cold Christmas Warmed.

Intense, very emotional. Good job. :)

Author's Response: Thank you.

Not Another Mary Sue Fic! by Air Elemental

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: A Mary Sue Parody fic! Infinity Babe has moved from New York to Hogwarts with her 'oh-so-evil' parents. Can Harry and the gang stop her from warping canon? Not to be taken seriously. Rated PG-13 for a reason. Scriptfic.
Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/03/06 Title: Chapter 1: Act One

hahaahaa!!!I laughed so hard when the hat melted!! and then when Infinity sobbed "I'm so misunderstood"

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 02/24/06 Title: Chapter 1: Act One

THIS I soOO Funny!!! There should be more fanfiction like this! Oh please update!! Infinity Babe is the the mary-sue of all time!!

Puzzled Silence by Caren H

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: As the kiss grew deeper she didnít analyze what was happening to her, why she was kissing him back, and why he was kissing her. For once she didnít think at all. And she was okay with not knowing all the answers.

This piece is a seventh year, One-shot concerning Hermione and Draco that will either puzzle you, or intrigue you. I might warn you of slight AU, it depends on your take on this piece. We already know that this couple wouldn't exist in canon anyway, so please bare with. This was my very first HG/DM pairing and I did my best to avoid any...cliche's with this complex couple. And really, let my know your opinions. Criticism, flames, well hopefully not, or kind words are deeply appreciated.

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/13/06 Title: Chapter 1: Puzzled Silence

yur'e welcome, ^^ I cant wait for a sequel as this story relly interested me, and its a good start for a story! Keep up the work, you're doing well.

Reviewer: rache Signed
Date: 01/12/06 Title: Chapter 1: Puzzled Silence

Wow, I have to say this was a worthwhile read, except that it was a little short. This isn't supposed to sound harsh or anything!! I think you detailed and described their feelings well and I liked it when Hermione woke up 'snuggled' against draco. All in all this was good, but there was very little dialogue. oh well, it still deserves a 10, because your ideas and description are good. ^^

Author's Response: And I have to say that you have given me the nicest reviews so far and I feel sincerely grateful and honoured by it. This was only meant to be a little teaser before I submitted the sequel. Unfortunately, it's still in waiting.