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Hello, this is Dragontamer1. I have one story up right now, described below, although I'm not finished yet!

The Beast and The War (One Shot)
"A little story to whom it may concern- which is probably very few people, but it is an interesting (though exhausting to tell) story, indeed. I'll go against my better judgment and tell you about it anyways. This story is about The Sphinx Science War. (I hope you’ve heard of it, supposing they still teach a history of magic at Hogwarts) It is about how my immature little brother started the Sphinx Science War and how yours truly put an end to it."
This was submitted for A One-Shot Challenge, and is now just out there, so if I've grabbed your interest then please read and review it!

I am in the planning process of several stories right now; once I can chose one to really dedicate my time to and write it will hopefully show up here on these boards!

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A Different Road II: Influence of a Diary by black_ink

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: [Year 2: Complete] Its Harry’s second year as a Slytherin, and the Chamber of Secrets has been opened. The Heir of Slytherin is out there somewhere, having students petrified left and right, and by the end of the year someone will die from Slytherin’s horrible beast. But this time, Harry's the one with Riddle's diary.

How will Harry’s years at Hogwarts turn out, now that he's a Slytherin? Will he turn to the Dark Arts and be a follower of Voldemort? Or will he kill Voldemort, or die trying, after he learns of the prophecy? Will Harry's choices lead him down a different road? Follow and you will see...

“What is a diary as a rule? A document useful to the person who keeps it, dull to the contemporary who reads it, invaluable to the student, centuries afterwards, who treasures it.” –Ellen Terry

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 03/08/07 Title: Chapter 14: The Old Diary

Hi! First Review!
Good chapter. I really want to know what will happen next. For some strange reason, I don't want harry to be the only one 'worthy' of another house, but if you have something bigger planned, Then it might be time to put that subplot to rest for a while.
Sinc it hasn't been brought up for a while, i wanted to ask for just a tiny hint on the character that will die? *puppy dog face*

Author's Response: Thanks! Harry\'s not the only one worth of another House. Are people are too, but they don\'t know because no one knows about it. Hermione would be worthy of Ravenclaw (she\'s very smart), Ron would be worthy of Hufflepuff (he\'s very loyal), and Snape would be worthy of Ravenclaw (he\'s very smart). I don\'t have anything planned for the whole worthy thing, its more of a symbolic thing. But if you have any ideas, I would love to know them!

So far there\'s already been a clue as to who it is, but you wouldn\'t really see it. Sorry, not telling. ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 08/15/07 Title: Chapter 29: The Malfoy Circle of Friends

I loved that chapter! (And every other chapter)
I liked the Polyjuice bit. I'm just wondering how/if he'll figure out it was them. AS for the Circle of Friends... It seems a tad egotistical on the Malfoy's part, but I like the idea and the fact that HArry is a part of it Who else is?
Harry getting smarter... and Amybe Draco too. I'll wait to see how that turns out before saying anything.
Also like the_wind, I have a smallish theory as for the death. MAybe >-------< that big a theory.

Author's Response: Thanks! I know the Malfoy Circle is not really necessary, but I wanted some sort of equivalent to the Weasley sweater. I would say the other Death Eaters and some people in the Ministry would be in the Malfoy Circle of Friends.

Yep, Harry and Draco are getting smarter. Well, you\'ll see who dies later! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 11/20/07 Title: Chapter 39: Eyes That Kill

I'm torn... I thought it would be PArish, but I'm still sad that I'm right.
It was a good chapter! The Death was written well. I wonder what Dumbledore will say, though. What if he closes the school?

Author's Response: It\'s okay to be torn because he was such a nice character. I feel bad for killing him. Oh no! I\'m a virtual murderer! lol!

Thank you! I\'m glad you think it was written well. I re-read it and edited it numerous times!! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 04/20/07 Title: Chapter 18: Restricted Section

Awsome! I'm excited! although I'm kind of remembering a survey, or something like that, so I should have seen this coming.
As soon as he found the book, I was hoping he'd tell Ron and Hermione, too so then ther'd be four, like the marauders. But how did the marauders find that book? (Way back when)
Is Draco gonna be a ferret. That seemed appropriate in the real books, but not as much, now that you've shed new light on him. hmmm.

Author's Response: Thanks!! Yep, I asked you and the others to take a survey about Animagi in the middle of the last story. Now you can see why.

No, Harry won\'t be telling Ron and Hermione. There will only be two people becoming Animagi. Sorry to disappoint you.

lol!! No, Draco\'s not a ferret. Draco\'s going to be a white-ish fox and Harry\'s going to be a black wolf.

Thanks again! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 06/24/07 Title: Chapter 23: Duel of Revenge, Duel of Dismay

Yay! I really liked that chapter. I was saddened by the cliffhanger ending. At frirst I didn't want it to be the end of the chapter. I was like 'hey, where did the chapter go?'
I liked the bit where Harry and Draco were fighting. twelve year olds, so offended just because another twelve year old calls him a 'git.' It's funny.

Author's Response: hahaha!! twelve-year-olds. sorry about the cliffhanger! hopefuly, the chapter will be validated soon!! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 09/03/07 Title: Chapter 31: Murmurs

heheheh... I'm liking this story.
I like the scenes with Ron and Hermione, just because they are so few. Think, Harry has a horcrux in his ownership right now. I wonder if Dumbledore realizes how Voldemort discreetly got in the school. And if/when will Hermione be petrified? How interesting...

Author's Response: Thanks!!! Dumbledore\'s nervous about the Chamber of Secrets because he knows that Tom opened it last time, and he\'s sure that Tom is opening it again, but he isn\'t sure how. I wouldn\'t know what to do if I were him. Hermione will be Petrified, you just have to wait. I hope you continue enjoying my story!! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 04/17/07 Title: Chapter 17: One And The Same

Chapter 19, eh? Can't wait. (For that or chapter eighteen, or chapter forty-four for that matter)
It was an interesting chapter, I liked it. The plot wasn't really furthered, but like I said, it was interesting. Is the Marcus Flint/Quidditch storyline going to be re-occuring (for at least a time) or is that only for this chapter?

Author's Response: Yep, chapter 19. Something concerning the main plot will happen in that chapter. There should be a bit more Quidditch, but not much. Sorry if you like Quidditch. Thanks!! I\'m glad you\'re looking forward to the rest! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 03/02/07 Title: Chapter 13: Dirty Plans

Oh, I can’t wait until the next chapter! I’m liking this whole ‘worthy’ business. I noticed that Harry didn’t mention that he was ‘worthy’ of The Gryffindor Common Room to Draco, but maybe I’m reading to deep. I think that for someone to be worthy of Slytherin, they’d have to be Pure-blood, but not “blood-traitors” like the Weasleys.
As for relationships, don’t rush to set them up too fast. Set up the basis for them first. We (or I, maybe) can wait. The fact that Harry has Slytherin and Gryffindor friends sets up possibilities between the two houses as they are bridged by Harry. It would be interesting, but nearly impossible. ^_^

Author's Response: *curtsies* thank you!!

I\'m glad you noticed that Harry didn\'t tell anyone, especially not Draco. But no one would because that would mean they had qualities of another, which most do, but to Slytherins, being like a Gryffindor is just plain bad.

What I picture of being worthy for Slytherin is the ability to be cunning and the person should be sightly egotistical. There would be other factors as well, but that\'s what I think the main points are. I don\'t think one would have to be Pureblood necessarily, because we know not all Slytherins are. But blood might be a part of it. Someone who\'s Muggle-born might hate that they are, and therefore they could be a Sly. And a Pureblood would already be proud of who they are, and could definitely be a Sly.

I know what you mean about relationships. But everyone kept asking, so I decided to say something about it. I think you\'re one of the only people that can wait. lol!

This is a major clue, but: that bridge may soon break. Hmm...

Thanks for the great review!! I love the long ones!! Keep on reviewing and I\'ll keep on writing! ~Sara

Author's Response: **qualities of another House.

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 07/09/07 Title: Chapter 25: Severe Sickness

SO the change of cups, I'm assuming, was the cup being switched and a potion or poison added. But what was the pop? And if you can't appparate then who switched out the cups? I have an idea, but it is very foggy and has a lot of holes...
As for book three, I'm assuming there won't be a timeturner, since Hermione plays a small part now, not being in Harry's house.
Also, in book three I'm expecting you to make it very interesting if Harry finds out about the marauder's animagus plan, because he is planning on doing that himself. What will Sirius' and Lupin's response be? But that's a while away. Approximately how long will book three be?

Author's Response: Yep, a poison was added and it was also a \"pop\" that you heard. And whoever it was did appear and then disappear, but not by Apparation. If you don\'t know, then I won\'t say.

Well, Hermione will still have her Time-Turner, but Harry won\'t need it since--well, i\'m not going to tell you now. You\'ll have to wait for the story. Harry will find out abou them being Animagus, but not until the end, like in the story. I don\'t think Harry will tell Sirius or Lupin. But he might only tell Sirius. I\'m not sure yet.

I haven\'t finished it yet, so I don\'t know how long it\'s going to be yet. The summer is really, really long though. You\'ll see why later. ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 11/05/07 Title: Chapter 36: Blackout

I'm almost certain of my death theory now... But a slytherin? being petrified? Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle are all pureblood. I think blaise is a pureblood. The only Slytherin I canthink of... I won't say it.

Author's Response: The character that\'s going to be Petrified isn\'t one of the main characters. But you have heard of this person; I didn\'t just choose this person randomly either. Yes, Draco, Crabbe, Goyle, and Blaise are all Pureblood. I wonder who you think will be killed. Thanks for the review! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 11/11/06 Title: Chapter 2: Second Home

Excellent Chapter!
also- is he going to put Malfoy Manor in his conglamerate stone? I think he should.
And all this 'Who's gonna die' stuff will only worsen as the story progresses. it's going to be ard not to try to bribe it out of Black_Ink.
As I said before, excellent. Please write with speed but not blind haste.

Author's Response: Yeah, Malfoy Manor will be on his Conglomerate Stone. He\'ll put it on in a couple chapters. lol!! I\'m not telling anyone, but I know people will constantly be asking! And thank you very much!!! I appreciate your compliments!! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 07/16/07 Title: Chapter 26: The Stiffened Body

That seemed quick. Didn't the last chapter just come out? Or maybe I only read it recently.
Good chap all the same. I can't believe that Harry's not trying to figure out who tried to kill him. if he yet realizes it was to be murder.
I was torn. I've been cheering for Gryffindor all this time, and now Slytherins are the ones to cheer for. Oh well, Harry's team won. Yay.

Author's Response: Harry isn\'t really sure he was poisoned or not. He was curious at first, but then focused mainly on the pain and his want to get better. But I understand.

I know!! Even I get confused sometimes!! Plenty of times, I\'ve written Gryffindor instead of Slytherin, or that Hary was wearing red robes. Thanks!! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 04/03/07 Title: Chapter 16: Tom Riddle the Memory

It's a good thing that Ron isn't mad at Harry anymore, though you could have held that arc longer.
I'm eager for something to do with the main plot to happen. Lots of little subplots are forming, but they don't (yet) appear to have anything to do with the central story. But since it's a long fic, it's bound to advance slowly, which works for me.
As for the Mr. Malfoy story... not much new to say there yet, but I hope there will be soon.
Also, let Hermione be her own entity. Give her a scene where Ron isn't there, or talking through her. We need to see how her character changes in this fic, so let her be... her.

Author's Response: Well, Ron was angry with Harry for two weeks, but he can\'t stay angry forever, so I thought it was time to move on with that.

I know there are lots of little plots. I just want to make it as interesting as possible. But we will definitely be getting to the main plot of Riddle\'s diary. Don\'t worry. And yes, it will be going a bit slower since its so long. I\'m glad you\'re ready for it!

The Hermione idea is very good. I just haven\'t put too much thought on Hermione because I\'ve been working so much on the main plot and having it turn out right and turn out well. But I will definitely try to let her spread her wings.

Thanks!!!! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 11/14/07 Title: Chapter 38: Crumpled Paper

So close... my theory will either be proven or squashed in this next chapter. ..
It was a really good chapter.
But- I don't remember, did we ever see Ron's reaction to Hermione being petrified?

Author's Response: Thanks!!! No, we never did. Someone else asked that. I just couldn\'t find a place to put it. I hope you like the next chapter!! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 11/06/07 Title: Chapter 37: Hostile Conversation

Ooooh, I liked that chapter. When Harry had that conversation with Flint, I thought Flint would be petrifified. But I was wrong. What's Ron's reacion to hermione's petrification?

Author's Response: Thanks!! I actually tried to find a place where Harry would meet Ron in the corridor and see that he was upset, but I couldn\'t see anywhere to do it. Sorry about that. I thought of making the Petrified Slytherin as Flint, but I pretty sure he\'s a Pureblood. ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 11/26/06 Title: Chapter 4: Trust

I like getting a closer look at the Malfoy's in this story. They are vey interesting characters, and you portray them well. It was a fantastic chapter. You could really use Draco and Harry's character development as a superb writing element, so be sure to do that.

Author's Response: I\'m so glad you told me I portray the Malfoy\'s well!! Thank you so much!!! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 01/16/08 Title: Chapter 44: A Due Paid Back

I kept on getting false alarm e-mails that this was being updated, and following them. I almost didn't follow it this time!
It was a good chapter, a satisfying ending to this portion of the series. Reading the review for Friend or Foe, I really hope it updates soon.

Author's Response: I know!! I was getting so pissed off! I kept bugging people about how I got a validation email but nothing was happening! But finally it\'s up and I\'ve already put the first chapter into the queue. I hope its up really soon! ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 11/19/06 Title: Chapter 3: Old Photographs

I really like where this second one is going. And the description is superb.
So Dark mystery begins to cloud Harry's happy summer.
Question- Is there a lot of Blaise in this one? I like his character in your stories.
Comment- Harry referred to Voldemort as The Dark Lord.(?) Hmmm... perhaps I am just paranoid...

Author's Response: Thank you very much!! Blaise is a friend of Harry\'s, so he\'ll be seen often. Harry refered to Voldemort as that? Hmmm.... ~Sara

Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 12/06/06 Title: Chapter 5: Unexpected Offering

The Malfy characters are coming along nicely. I wish we could see more of Mrs. Malfoy though, since she's not big in the books. The next chapter looks exciting. Can't wait!

Author's Response: Thanks!!! She\'ll be shown more later on, but I\'m still formulating how I think her character is. She acts mean, but she always seems motherly, in a way, to Draco. She\'s confusing. But she will definitely be shown more later on. ~Sara

An Ordinary Man by msmoocow

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Suddenly, a broken wand seems inconsequential compared to other things.
Reviewer: Dragontamer1 Signed
Date: 04/11/07 Title: Chapter 1: An Ordinary Man

That was actually a really enlightening look at Neville. He seems so simple, but his character seems very complex, and you seem to respect and show that.

Author's Response: Eek, thanks so much! That is exactly what I wanted to convey! I\'m glad it came across for you. :)