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Bonjour and welcome. If you are reading this, there are two things I'd like to know. One, why are you here, of all places? And two, what are you intending to find here? I'm thinking if you're here, you either saw a review of mine or story of mine, I don't know. It might be anything, but I'm going to assume just for one moment. I wonder if that's alright with you?

I don't think I'm very good at writing, and will not argue with you if you beg to differ. Don't try and change my mind, you can't. But that's just what I think. However, the reason I post things here is to get other's opinions on what I need to fix in my writing. So, if you review, would you mind some friendly criticism on your part so I may better myself? If not, oh well. My loss, not your's. And also, if I lose a story, as in, stop updating it for far too long, bug me about it. Send me e-mails telling me to update it. Because if you do that, I would surely update it, and I only give my best, so either way you're getting what you want if a new chapter is what you want. Sound like a plan?

Now that that's all out of the way, please look to my favourites and check out some of those stories. They are marvelous and I would definitely recommend them. Two of my favourites out of all of those are A New Life and The Deliverance of Sirius Black. Great reads and if you love/like either Sirius or Remus, have at 'em! They're great for Sirius and/or Remus fans.

It would appear I've already written too much, so I'll leave it at that with a lovely reminder that I won't get mad at you if you bug me to update. It really does help; gets me motivated. All that snazzy stuff. (I suppose some are also wondering, so I'll add nicely that I'm 14 and reside in the US of A. Have at it, folks.)

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'Beauty and the Beast: A Tale of the Werewolf Marauder' by xromanovx

Summary: Remus Lupin is invited to James Potter and Lily Evans' long expected wedding after not having any contact with James for two years. As Remus reads the invitation, he discovers he must find a date to tag along with him to one of the most important days of his best friend's life...
Reviewer: HopelessDreaming Signed
Date: 06/04/06 Title: Chapter 1: The Invitation

Oh, dear... Is that it? That couldn't possibly be the entire story... It says completed, though. I do hope you'll continue the story. Your writing is marvelous and you definitely appear to have the skills to weave a spectacularly entrancing story! I hope you'll continue with the story; I wish to find out more! Also, when you first introduce Dumbledore, instead of Headmaster, you put Headmast. Thought I'd point that out.

Keep up your wonderful work!

Canis Majoris by trinsy

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Adhara Jocelyn Black has always been torn between her loyalty to James Potter, her cousin Sirius's best mate, and Lily Evans, the sister she has never known. But in her seventh year everything changes. Join Jocelyn, Sirius, Lily, and the rest of the Marauders as they battle for their lives... and loves...
Reviewer: HopelessDreaming Signed
Date: 12/18/05 Title: Chapter 19: Charmed and Charmed Again

Awwwu... That's so... I love it!! I'm sorry I didn't review sooner, but I didn't have an account when I began reading your lovely story. ^^ Very captivating... Astonishingly wonderful writing, if I do so say myself. I love the arguing, how the magic seems to work with their moods, and the way you lead into things. It's pure magic! =3 I shall be reading more, yes. Thank you so much for writing so beautifully and I shall be giving, of course, a 10/10. :D

Reviewer: HopelessDreaming Signed
Date: 12/18/05 Title: Chapter 22: Complications

Positively brilliant. ^^ I love the humor in the beginning, the sorrow in the end, and how it all fits together. You know how to tell a story. You make it all seem so real. =3 Bravo and once again a 10/10!

Reviewer: HopelessDreaming Signed
Date: 12/18/05 Title: Chapter 25: Enough

That was beautiful... I love the Sirius going purple thing... That was magnificent... Made me laugh. Mayhap because it sounded like something I'd say... But yesh. I would say "Yay for Sirius and Jocelyn!" But I don't want to eat my words... ya know? That was wonderful what happened in Charms between Sirius and Remus, then Jocelyn. Moving on to the next chapter!

Reviewer: HopelessDreaming Signed
Date: 12/18/05 Title: Chapter 27: Restless Abandon

Wonderful job, as usual. I love how you keep all of them in character, and don't ever bring them out of it. Very Sirius-like thing to do, right there... I promise I won't kill you. ;D It must be done for the story's sake, right?

Reviewer: HopelessDreaming Signed
Date: 12/18/05 Title: Chapter 29: Inscriptions

You are an absolutely magnificent writer! There are tears in my eyes... It's so... real... I hate, for lack of a better word, you for making me wait, but love you for writing so wonderfully and make me wait. *sobs* It's so wonderful... I shall wait most eagerly for the next chapter! Impossibly high number/10.

Isolated sanctuaries by rupertluvr07

Summary: After the death of her parents, Lily seeks comfort from a certain someone. Will he be willing to give her the comfort that she needs? I know kind of a crappy summary, but its my first fic...
Reviewer: HopelessDreaming Signed
Date: 06/16/06 Title: Chapter 2: Long Conversations

Oh dear me, how intriguing! I think your story has a very nice overall plot and that while some may not be able to carry such a story, you are doing quite well right now. However, I'd just advise not rushing things. You have a whole story to tell something, you don't have to rush it in one chapter. You can always let something carry over through a few chapters. But otherwise, I think you did a spectacular job! And I hope that you'll be updating sometime soon, unless you've posted the rest somewhere else (your DeviantArt account, perhaps?).
Keep up the great work and happy writing!

-- Amanda --

Author's Response: yes, it is up on my deviantart account. i have chapter six posted up there so far, and im currently working on chapter seven..