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Since I was in about second grade, I have been an obsessive reader and writer. I have spent many hours reading books late into the night because I just couldn't put them down, and the same can be said about my writing. However, I haven't been able to spend as much time reading or writing stuff for myself lately because I've had to spend more time reading and writing the stuff required in my courses for my Master's degree in English Literature. But, I'm still able to make a little time each day to relax and take a break from studying to enjoy reading something different.

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Last Chance by PheonixAnimagus

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 80 Reviews
Summary: As Lily and James head into their final year at Hogwarts, some of Lily's feelings for James change. And will Voldemort, becoming ever stronger, change the fates of Lily and her friends? He will kill whoever gets in his way in his rise to power, and Lily and James could be their only hope for stopping him. Alternates POV of Lily/James. Has been edited a lot recently from its original posting.
Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 10/25/05 Title: Chapter 2: Lily's Dicovery

So far, your story is progressing nicely. This chapter definitely advances the movement of the relationships, but I was a little suprised by some of the reactions. I thought that the squealing of the seventh year girls about Cassie and Sirius might have been a bit overdone because they are seventh years. To me it almost seemed like the reactions of the first years to James were more mature than the reactions of the seventh years to the budding romance between Cassie and Sirius. However, I really like the way you have Lily reacting to James and how she is really the only one to pick up on his slightly odd behavior. You definitely highlight her quick mind with the connection she makes about the obituary being for James' dad. I look forward to seeing how her "discovery," as you titled the chapter, will affect the way she acts towards James. Keep up the good writing.

Author's Response: thank you for reviewing again!!!! i can understand what you mean about sirius/cassie and the squealing, but you have to think about sirius- he is hot and he has his own fanclub. he's kind of like a mini celebrity. also, Vega is more mature than most seventh years because of her older sister. (andy was not one of the squealers, she just really likes to gossip. hopefully she wouldn't be squealing about her own cousin, cuz that's just wrong.) anyhoo, I really appriciate your reviewing and I like to hear ways I can improve. I see what you mean on that stuff, and I will keep it in mind in later chapters. THANKS!!

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 02/01/06 Title: Chapter 3: Confrontation

This chapter was very interesting to read because of how much it focuses on James. I really like the way you started this chapter with James’ dream of the night his father died; it really shows how horrible the experience was for James. Another thing I liked was how compassionate Lily was to James when she confronted him about knowing what happened. She wasn’t overly sweet but she was just there for him so he could get it out. The only thing that really bothered me happened at the very end when James and Lily pulled themselves together and walked into the Great Hall. You don’t really explain why her friends and his are suddenly good friends and sitting together for breakfast when they hadn’t sat anywhere near each other the night before. Don’t get me wrong, I like the fact that they are all friends now, but it seemed really sudden and there wasn’t much of an explanation for it. Other than that spot, I thought this chapter was really good. The writing flowed very nicely and made this chapter that much more fun to read. I am looking forward to the next chapter to see what new surprises are in store for everyone.

Author's Response: thanks very much for the compliments! i definately know what you mean about the last bit... i didn't really spend a lot of time ending it, which i guess is pretty important! i think, in the nearish future, I'll probably rework that! so thanks for alerting me! ~mk

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 02/01/06 Title: Chapter 4: Sectumsempra

Another great chapter to read. I like the way this chapter followed right on the heels of the last one so we, the readers, got to see the immediate aftermath of James and Lily’s little interlude before breakfast. Of course, there wasn’t really much going on that had to do with that, but it was good to see that anyway because it showed that their moment together didn’t really change everything immediately. What I really liked about this chapter, though, was the fact that you show them in class. I felt bad for James in Transfiguration, but I think you did a great job of portraying a compassionate McGonagall without having her slip out of character.

However, there were a few things I noticed in this chapter in regard to the writing. The first thing is that you should be careful when you use dashes because there should be a space before and after a dash, and you forgot the space before the dash twice at the beginning of the chapter. Also, something which is probably just a typo, you forgot the opening quotation marks in this line: ’ Frank Longbottom, Lucius Malfoy.” The boys glared at each other evilly.’ There should be a double quotation mark right before ‘Frank’ as that appears to be a direct quotation and you use a double quotation mark right after the period after ‘Malfoy.’ Another spot that is probably just a typo is the bolded area in this sentence: ‘Hatred had been mutual as soon as they had laid eyes oneachother’ I think that should actually be three words and read ‘on each other’ instead. These three little things didn’t really detract from the chapter itself, but I thought I should mention them so you could keep a look out for stuff like it in the future.

All in all, I found this chapter to be as pleasant to read as the three preceding it. I like the way you have the Defense Against The Dark Arts Professor pairing up the students and putting Sirius and Remus with the girls they like while putting James with Severus. That was quite a nice touch to that scene. Of course, the fact that Lily followed Sirius and Remus out of class as they took James to the Hospital Wing was a great touch as well, especially when James woke up and was completely surprised to hear her voice. Ending the chapter with his dream was very interesting because it shows how alone he was feeling at the point when he lost consciousness. It will be interesting to see what happens next. I can’t help wondering whether or not Snape got in trouble for using Sectumsempra the way Harry got in trouble for it. Very nice chapter.

Author's Response: again, thanks so much for the super in depth review! (are you a beta? you should be if u aren't!) yes, you definately have an eagle eye. I will be sure to fix those mistakes. i am really glad for the review, as most of them just say something like "oh my god i love your story update soon" etc. (but i definately like those too!) so anyway thanks soooo much!

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 02/01/06 Title: Chapter 5: Not Falling

This chapter definitely kept me guessing but is a great addition to the story. I like the fact that you have switched back to Lily’s point of view for this chapter because it opens up the whole story to see the events through her eyes as well as through James’ eyes. Also, I think it was a great idea to put the flashback into this chapter so that we know what actually happened the night Lily figured out that it was James’ dad who died over the summer and that was why he was acting so strangely. I wondered about whether or not she said anything to Cassie and Andy since James hadn’t said anything to his friends at that point. It does make me wonder, though, whether or not Lily’s friends filled James’ friends in on it while Lily and James were having their little chat in that empty classroom. But it was also during the flashback that I noticed something that appeared odd to me in this line: ‘ “Lily,” Cassie asked cautiously, “Are you feeling alright?” ‘ In accordance to the rules about dialogue, either the comma after ‘cautiously’ should be a period or the ‘A’ in ‘Are’ should be ‘a’ instead. Other than that one spot, though, the writing in this chapter was superb and very much up to what I have come to expect from your writing. I really enjoyed reading this chapter because it gave some insight into what is going on in Lily’s head in regard to events occurring outside Hogwarts and how they may affect her life. Of course, my favorite part of the whole chapter is Lily’s outburst about not falling for James. Everyone but Lily has realized the person she is really trying to convince is herself as they have all recognized her actions for what they really are – the actions of someone in love with someone else. It is a very funny scene, especially since we all know they end up together.

As for your questions, here are my answers. I think my favorite character so far has been Andy because she’s a little more outspoken than Cassie and seems to have a little more to add to the story than Cassie does. Also, Andy seems to be the very logical one in the face of Lily’s emotional turmoil and able to calm her down. I prefer the stories where Lily and James get together toward the end of the middle of the story. If they get together in the beginning of the story, there usually isn’t enough of a build up to explain why she finally relented and decided to go out with him. If they get together too close to the end, there really isn’t enough time to show that they had a real relationship and not just a happily-ever-after relationship cut short by Voldemort. So, towards the end of the middle of the story gives enough time for build up and enough time to show that they didn’t turn into the perfect couple who lived happily ever after until they were murdered. I don’t really have a favorite quote since I would have to go back through all five chapters to find it, but I think there are quite a few great lines in your story. My favorite chapter title so far has to be ‘Not Falling’ because it just sounds really interesting and made me curious to see what or who was not falling. Like the favorite quote, I don’t have a favorite chapter either because I think they are all good and make a great story when put together. Okay, I think that is all and I will stop now that I’ve finished typing an extremely long review. I hope you don’t mind.

Author's Response: I DEFINATELY don't mind long reviews! I'm glad you think my story is worthy of them, actually. The way it is in my head, Cassie and Andy did not tell Sirius and Remus about his dad, because they didn't want to rat him out i guess. althought that wouldn't really be ratting, but you know what I mean! yeah, so i think that james told them later, like the end of the day, after lily confronted him. (i actually know this, not just think, as i imagined the whole thing up in the first place! lol.) I also really like the chapter title Not Faling, which is pretty funny as it was something else just a little while ago (a week or so). it wasn't a good chapter title, so i had the idea to change it to that! glad you like it, and as always, glad for the review!


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 11/04/05 Title: None

Hmmm, very interesting beginning. I can definitely see Lavender wanting revenge on Ron and Hermione. The way you make her out is really funny. I especially like the part at breakfast where Lavender turns to Harry and all of sudden she can't stop herself from saying all that stuff. It's brilliant. The only thing that confused me was this line: 'If Lavender was old moldy-shorts, she would be laughing evilly until the cows…. Erm make that Crumpled Horned Snorkacks….' Who is Lavendear refering to when you write 'old moldy-shorts'? Am I completely missing something or is that something that will be divulged in later chapters? Anyway, I definitely enjoyed reading this and can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Oh... Woops! Moldy-Shorts, is a name some people use to refer to Voldemort , when kind of poking fun at him. It sounds kind of alike and has the same number of syllables. Luffles your reveiw by the way.... Thank You! (anyone notice how I respod to every single reveiw??)

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 11/04/05 Title: None

Lavender is fantastically funny. She is so self-absorbed and sure Harry will say yes to her, that when he says no, she completely overreacts. Of course, it's really only so funny because you allow the readers insight to Lavender's egotistical behavior by sharing her thoughts. She has truly become a woman scorned now, by both Ron and Harry; however, her behavior has taken on new childish dimensions. I can't help but laugh at her little tantrums when she doesn't get her way. The only things that distracted me from the humor in the story were a couple of errors in dialogue formatting and a spelling error. The spelling error happened in the first sentence of the sixth paragraph, 'Sevral students walked by Lavender….' 'Sevral' should probably be 'Several' instead. The dialogue errors happened throughout your story and were basically all periods being used instead of commas. For example: 1.“Ehem, why hello, Harry.” Lavender said pleasantly... (the period after 'Harry' should be a comma); 2.“Um, hello… ,Lavender.” Harry said... (the period after 'Lavender' should be a comma); 3.“Great then.” She said... (the period after 'then' should be a comma and the 's' in 'she' should not be capitalized); 4.“Let’s go find out if Lavender is okay.” Harry said... (the period after 'okay' should be a comma). I hope this doesn't seem too nit-picky, but it just looked weird to me to see all those misplaced periods and I kept getting stuck on them. Anyway, I love the way the story is shaping up and can't wait to find out what Lavender is going to do next, or try to do anyway. I would add an evil laugh, but I think Lavender has taken them all! :)

Author's Response: Ahhhhhhh! Typos! SAVE ME!!! If you haven't read my responses to other reveiws, you'd notice I have a lot of those. I love it when you guys are nitpicky! It helps! We just had a quiz on dialouge with all those commas and stuff too ... -fears for grade- EEp! I'll fix it right away! Thank you. -tries to insert evil laugh, but comes up short, finding that songbook99 is indeed right, and Lavender seems to have stolen them all...-

Notorious Temptations by Tashskies

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 14 Reviews
Summary: With magic finding its way into the Muggle community more and more each day, along with the mounting number of deaths in both worlds, Lily Evans knows without a doubt that foul influences are spreading and darker times are nearing. Little does she know, however, that there is yet another force at work--one that she would personally view as being able to cause equally ghastly effects. What is this great and ever evil force? James Potter has matured into the most incredible sight Lily Evans has ever beheld. This is, obviously, a terrible thing for she already had the tendency to think that maybe she had misjudged Potter--and that maybe she was indeed interested in him. Never yet, however, had she found herself incapable of resisting Potter‘s charms. This alteration might, unfortunately, have the most undesired result of leaving Lily fuddled enough to succumb to Potter’s charm. With the prospects of having to spend an increased amount of time with him (due to the fact that they were both made the Head Students of the year), she could already foresee how difficult this task of refusal would be to continue. This minor development, or colossal one (if you think along the lines of Lily Evans), could possibly cause her to rethink her loathing of the boy, and even possibly (*gasp!*) persuade her to try to get to know him better?! Not that Lily Evans was vain by any means, only that this might cause her to ponder James a little more, and possibly come to the conclusion that she was wrong. And this, above all else, was the worst possible result--admitting that for once she wasn’t right.
Feedback would be lovely--read and review please!! It's my first fic and I'd much appreciate your views on it...
Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 10/25/05 Title: Chapter 1: Humdrums and Developments

I think you have a great beginning for your story. Your prose is absolutely fantastic and really makes me see the surroundings. Adding Vernon in to push Lily out of the house was a fantastic little detail. Lily does seem awfully melancholy, but is slightly jarred out of it with the unexpected appearance of James and Sirius. I loved that fact that his house elf was following her, and I wonder if there's more to that. Anyway, I hope your second chapter gets posted soon as you've already submitted it. I will be interested to see where you take your story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!!! I have the biggest obsession with imagery, and thus I was "all of a flutter!" (*hehehe*) to hear that you can really see the setting--ah, how lovely is life? Quite lovely!! Yeppy!! I must thank you profusely for such a superb review--hearing (or--well--reading to be more accurate) all those wonderful things was absolutely splendid, and has officially made my day--thank you for that!!!

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 10/28/05 Title: Chapter 2: Trouble, Trouble, and More Trouble

Wow, this chapter is fantastic. I really like the interaction between James and Lily, especially the morning after the prank involving Peeves. Their awkwardness towards each other that quickly gives way to friendly banter is very similar to the way their whole relationship seems to be developing. However, I'm still slightly confused by what exactly happened with the prank. All you mention is that it somehow involved Peeves doing something to Snape because James and Sirius told him to? You really don't give any concrete details about what happened and that left me slightly confused as to why they were in so much trouble if Peeves is the one who actually did it. But, besides that I think the chapter is fantastic and can't wait to see what happens in the next one since this one ends with Lily fading into unconsciousness. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Well, I thank you--thank you a lot--a lot indeed!! Ahaha, anyhoo, you aren't supposed to know what the prank was--it's all a part of my plot, dear songbook99! That, and the little house-elf detail in the chapter before--any detail that only hints to something is generally something that will be worked out in the long run--gotta build the tension and get you asking questions a bit!!!! I'm just starting the next chapter, and I have to say that my mind is simply bubbling!!! There will probably be some answers in the next couple of chapters--but of course some more questions--so that in the long run, it's not just a simple fic, but a complicated story--I always find it much more fun to have to think and work out a problem, and to be kept guessing to some degree--keeps the element of surprise, and just makes a more interesting read. Thank you for your review!!! (PS, the part in this chapter where James throws out random words--these are words you generally wouldn’t associate with the magical society--just a hint, but a hint to keep you guessing. It’s not an important detail, but it relates to some of the questions that have already arisen. Hehehe, what fun!!!)


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 10/26/05 Title: None

I like the way your first chapter focuses on Lily, but you add a little bit of James in with his phone call. Of course, the little comical bit with Sirius in the background was a fantastic touch. The one thing I would say is that you probably meant to write Mrs. Evans when you wrote Mrs. Potter during the kitchen scene where Lily was presumably talking to her mother about James' phone call. Anyway, I'm on to read the next chapter! Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for pointing out that mistake, its corrected now.. And thanks for the review.. you really are too kind.

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 10/26/05 Title: None

Wow. I really, really like this chapter. The part with James' mom basically mimicking the same type of cutsie language used by Lily's mom in the first chapter is a great connection. Plus, it's fantastic that she does in front of his friends, especially since they're all seventeen. Another part of this chapter I really liked was the whole scene with Allison, especially the appearance of anymosity between her and Sirius...is it perhaps masking an attraction that she is as reluctant to acknowledge as Lily is for James??? I hope you post the next chapter soon as I can't wait to read it!

Author's Response: Again thanks for the beautiful review, you really are going onmy favorite list. Thanks again!

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 12/21/05 Title: None

This chapter, although long in coming, was definitely worth the wait. The opening sequence where everyone is eatcing is really funny, especially Twinky's comments to Sirius. It only gets better after dinner with the two different groups are in their own rooms. I like how you slip Twinky in at this point of your story and really show her obsession with Sirius by listing all of the ways she has tried getting into the boys' room; I was laughing while I read that. I also enjoyed the Rapunzel part. Having the Marauders standing outside in the storm was pretty funny, especially when Lily shoots James down. My favorite part, though, is the end when Lily and Valerie get into an argument. It may seem odd that that is my favorite part, but I think that argument might force both girls to really examine the cause for it and lead to some revelations for each of them. I can definitely see how that part of the story might be the driving force behind some other things that happen later on. It will be insteresting to find out.

However, what kind of review would it be if I didn't make some kind of nit-picky comment? So, here are a few comments. One of the biggest things I noticed throughout your chapter was the missing commas around the name of a character who is being directly addressed by another character. You don't forget it all of the time, but you did forget it ten times in this chapter. So, you may want to keep an eye on that. Also, at the very end of this chapter, I think you have two typos. The first one seems to be in this sentence: 'How COULD Valerie's say such mean things?' I think 'Valerie's' should only be 'Valerie' instead. The second place I noticed a typo was in this sentence: 'Valerie's cheek were bright red and tear threatened to spill down her cheeks.' I think 'cheek' should be 'cheeks' and that 'tear' should be 'tears.' Now, I'm not sure about the 'tear' one, but I'm very sure about the 'cheek' being 'cheeks' because 'were' is plural.

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, I can go back to more pleasant things. Overall, this whole chapter was written very well and kept me riveted to the screen. It really moves your story right along and leaves me wanting more. I am anxious to see the way the argument between Lily and Valerie affects the atmosphere instead Allison's house. There are so many possibilities of what could happen that my mind is on overload trying to figure out the most likely one. I'm sure I won't guess it as this is your story, but I will have fun speculating. Very nicely written! Happy Holidays!

Author's Response: Haha, I know we say this a lot but we really love your reviews. You had me blushing in the first paragraph, thanks for all the nice comments. I'll be sure to fix the typos. Wow, we feel like actual writers... people speculate over our plot. Its an amazing feeling to know that you have fans... Thanks a lot. Merry Christmas :)

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 12/21/05 Title: None

I would like to apologize for all of my typos in my review. I was trying to get it done before leaving work for my lunch break. There were two in the first paragraph where ‘eatcing’ should be eating and ‘insteresting’ should be interesting. Plus, there was a third typo in my last paragraph where ‘instead’ should be inside which makes that line ‘the atmosphere inside Allison’s house.’ Once again, sorry for that. I do try and read through my reviews to catch those, but they slipped through this time.

Author's Response: It amazes me how much of a perfectionist you are. Its great! I really hope you'll take a stab at writing, BETA-ing or MoD-ing. You'd be fantastic! We don't mind typos... we make so much its a wonder our story got accepted.

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 11/10/05 Title: None

Great chapter. I love the way you start the chapter by giving a little explanation of how James actually went about calling Lily, including the little bit about what he said when her dad answered the phone which was hilarious. The whole part about the dinner party is fantastic since it forces the boys and girls to be around each other. I like the little twist you add about Valerie liking James when you give your descriptions of the girls. You are setting the story up for an interesting scene between Lily and Valerie when Lily finally recognizes her own attraction to James, unless Valerie has moved on by that point of your story. Also, I noticed a couple of places throughout your story where your dialogue formatting could use a little tweaking. There were a few places where you ended a line of dialogue, or leading up to some dialogue, with a comma but started the next part of the sentence with a capitalized letter when it should not be capitalized. Other than those few dialogue formatting errors, your whole story was amazing. I am anxious to find out what the boys end up doing to the girls since they are staying the night in the same house, not to mention how the parents react to it. Your whole story is fantastic and I can't wait to see where you take it from here.

Author's Response: We absaloutly LOVE your reviews, we will fix those mistakes. Thanks again for the review(s).

Holding Back the Tears by hersilhouette

Rated:4 Reviews
Summary: James and Lily return to Hogwarts, James' mind set on making her realise his feelings. However, he doesn't get off to the best start... My first fanfic...please R&R! Hope you enjoy it.
Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 10/25/05 Title: Chapter 1: The Return

The beginning of this story builds a frame for the whole story. We know we'll get James and Lily, but their friends are important to the progression of the story as well. I really enjoyed Lily's shock when she saw James as the Head Boy. Maybe she's just a little worried she doesn't dislike as much as she thinks she should. I can't wait to see where you take it. Nice writing.

The Prongs Complex by Cherry and Phoenix Feather

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 97 Reviews
Summary: James finally asks Lily out. The problem is, he chose a roundabout way of getting to her. Plus, he stands a high risk of breaking his neck in the process. Told from Remus Lupin's POV. Rated 3rd-5th years for slight language and mild innuendo on James's part. One-shot.

A/N: Quick note to all: I am sorry, but there are no plans for a sequel for PC. I hate to disappoint you all, but I feel that the story is better standing alone, leaving the rest to your imaginations.
Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 06/26/06 Title: Chapter 1: The Prongs Complex

The fact that you started this story off with James failing a few times is really interesting. I mean, most people portray as the type of person who can never lose, which ends up being the case, but it's great to see him having to try more than once to succeed. Another thing I really enjoyed about the beginning of this story is the way you don't actually say exactly why James is trying to climb the wall, aside from Sirius talking him into doing it. That bit of mystery really piqued my interest because I wanted to know why James was trying to climb the wall. Of course, when I found out that it was because he was trying to find a way to get to Lily, I totally understood his rather idiotic, though romantic, behavior.

What did seem slightly odd to me was the idea that he would've even been able to climb up there. It is just odd that the founders wouldn't have thought of that type of thing when they created the other obstacles, such as the stairs turning to slides, that kept the boys from entering the girls' dormitory. Of course, maybe they never considered that a wizard would use a Muggle means of climbing up the wall and that's why James succeeded. Either way, it's such a great idea that I'm really glad it worked.

Once he actually made it to the window, I loved what James did. The banter between him and Lily was really great, and I love the fact that she caught him before he actually fell the first time when he lost his hold. I mean, you don't make James an utterly charming person that Lily can't refuse but, instead, do a wonderful job of keeping him in character by making him sound fairly full of himself. The fact that Lily was ready to shut the window on him is nicely done as well because it keeps her in character as well. My favorite line of the whole story came during their exchange, and it was when Lily said:
"I’ll wait while you go get it. Go on. Down, boy.”
That just fit Lily so perfectly that I couldn't help laughing just as much as Sirius and Remus did when they heard it from their spots at the base of the tower.

That was another part of this story that I really liked. The fact that it was told from Remus' point of view so that it encompassed more than just the exchange between Lily and James. Getting to see the reactions of the rest of the Marauders who were waiting for James was just brilliant. It made me relate to the story so much more because I could put myself in their shoes and enjoy James' wooing that much more.

Finally, your ending was such a great way to wrap up the story. What better way to end it than to have Lily mimic James' actions just to have a chat. I mean, she could've just as easily gone up to his room using the stairs from the common room, but the fact that she chooses to do what he did is a nice way of showing that she really was equal to him in ability. I thoroughly enjoyed this story and love that fact that the closing line was given to Lily in a story that showed more of the Marauders than it really showed her. Nicely done!

Harry Potter -- This Is Your Life! by Trucker

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 48 Reviews
Summary: When I was a kid, I loved a TV show called This is Your Life. According to www.museum.tv, “Ralph Edwards... developed the formula for a separate radio program called This is Your Life. It began airing on radio in 1948, and became a live television program in 1952, running on the NBC network until 1961, and reappearing in syndicated versions briefly in the early 1970s and 1980s.”

So, I got to thinking about someone in the wizarding world deciding to do the same concept on the Wizarding Wireless Network. Of course someone would insist on doing an episode with Harry, right?

Note: This is Version 2, with more guests on the show!
Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 03/08/06 Title: Chapter 2: The Show Continues

Wow, I just stumbled across your story and have not stopped laughing since I started reading it. I love the way you introduce each new guest by making Harry identify them before they can come out on the stage. Your choice of mystery guests is also great - I love the diversity of who they turn out to be. Of course, starting with Dobby is really great. I don't know that many people would've thought to bring a house-elf onto a wizarding program. However, my favorite guest has to be Neville because of the memory Harry shares about him. I mean, who wouldn't get a good laugh about the boggart Snape in Neville's gran's clothes, except for his gran that is. What a great idea to have her in the audience hearing about this so that her reaction makes Neville nervous enough that you describe him as getting ready to run. That whole part was hysterical. Even with how great this chapter was, I noticed a few misspellings that might be typos but might also be misspellings that you should watch out for. For example, in Ginny's speech about what the twins did during Bill and Fleur's wedding, you wrote Extendible Ears , when Extendible should be Extendable, or at least that's the way it's spelled in the US versions and on the HP Lexicon. Overall, though, this chapter was marvelously well written and the whole idea is hysterical. I really enjoyed reading this and am on my way to the next chapter.

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 03/08/06 Title: Chapter 3: The Show Ends

Marvelous! Simply marvelous! I could never envision a better way for the last battle to go. The Defendo Familia spell is brilliant. I love your explanation about how Harry went to the professors and, between them all, they figured out a way to protect everyone all at once. Also, the way you have Madam Pomfrey and Professors Lupin and Slughorn creating a potion to minimize the effects of the pain in Harry's scar is genius. Of course, the reason I really love this story is the way you weave the comic and the serious together, especially here at the end. I was a little shocked when the Death Eaters and Voldemort showed up, but I loved the fact that it was a trap set up by Harry and all of his loved ones. My only qualms with this chapter were some canon errors, such as the missing capitalization of 'p' in Patronus and the misspelling of Ollivander, which has two 'L's. Howeve, aside from that, this has been the best last battle fic I have read. Everything about this story was enjoyable because of the way you set everything up. This was definitely a job very well done!

Author's Response: Thanks for the kind words and the corrections. I'll be updating those spellings and capitalizations. I'm at a slight disadvantage since I only have the tapes with me on the road, where I do most of my writing, but I certainly will be using the lexicon to check on how to spell character names (and other things) from now on.

No One Can Save You From Yourself by Slian Martreb

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 21 Reviews Past Featured Story
Summary: Entered for the Redemption Challenge by Slian Martreb of Ravenclaw. Set on New Year's of Harry's fourth year, this is the tale of what happens to two men who loved too much.
(SSP warning, and one character gets roaring drunk)

Edit 1/17: Oh. And it won. The challenge. *smug*
Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 12/20/05 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter Four

Brilliant! That is one amazing emotional roller-coaster ride. Having Remus storm back into the room to open the chapter is fantastic; it made me laugh. Of course, the laughter didn't last long once I started reading those poems. They were both wonderful! Which leads to the scene in the kitchen. Just at the point where I thought there couldn't be any more emotional upheaval, you throw in the argument between Remus and Sirius. It is during their argument that I noticed what seemed to be some missing punctuation in this line by Remus: ' “Love was never a question for you Since the day I met you, you either loved someone or you hated them. There was never any middle ground And so you went off to kill Peter as soon as you knew And I did–I did nothing!” he choked out.' I have bolded the two words, in three separate places, between which it seems there is a period missing. Aside from that one piece of dialogue with the missing punctuation, the argument between the two is heart-wrenching. I felt bad for both men. It was such a relief to me when I read your ending; both of them really deserve some peace, which is what you give them in the end. Bravo!

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 12/20/05 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter Four

Brilliant! That is one amazing emotional roller-coaster ride. Having Remus storm back into the room to open the chapter is fantastic; it made me laugh. Of course, the laughter didn't last long once I started reading those poems. They were both wonderful! Which leads to the scene in the kitchen. Just at the point where I thought there couldn't be any more emotional upheaval, you throw in the argument between Remus and Sirius. It is during their argument that I noticed what seemed to be some missing punctuation in this line by Remus: ' “Love was never a question for you Since the day I met you, you either loved someone or you hated them. There was never any middle ground And so you went off to kill Peter as soon as you knew And I did–I did nothing!” he choked out.' I have bolded the two words, in three separate places, between which it seems there is a period missing. Aside from that one piece of dialogue with the missing punctuation, the argument between the two is heart-wrenching. I felt bad for both men. It was such a relief to me when I read your ending; both of them really deserve some peace, which is what you give them in the end. Bravo!

Sorry for posting my review twice, but I noticed I seemed to have forgotten to close one of my bolds. So, here is the corrected version of my review. Sorry again.

Author's Response: *squeelove for ever patient reviewer* I shall make all corrections a)when I remember and b)I have the patience. The chances of both these thigns happening at the same time are quite slim, but you should watch out for them. *tease*

Reviewer: songbook99 Signed
Date: 12/16/05 Title: Chapter 1: Drinking and Drowning

What a great way to lighten up such a sad, lamentable beginning. You turn Sirius' wretchedness into hilarity, but only be giving him someone to lean on. I thought it was great the way you brought Remus into the story and had Sirius confuse him for a ghost from his memory; that reaction really speaks volumes about the frame of mind Sirius is in. Of course, putting Remus in the story also allows Sirius to break out of his misery by forcing him back to reality, which is humourous for the readers because of his level of drunkenness. The only thing I noticed is probably a typo in this sentence: ' “Yes Sirius, five is a lot.” ' I believe there should be a comma between 'Yes' and 'Sirius.' Other than that this chapter was a very smooth and entertaining read.

Author's Response: *dances* So glad you found this one and reviewed; especially in such detail. I've never gotten the hang of leaving one myself. I hope you stick with it to the end because it really is about to get very complicated between them (as Vindictus Viridian can attest to. *sticks out tongue again*) But what is this love affair that everyone seems to have with commas. I seem to have missed out on that one. Oh well. Same to you as V V on the comma. Lol.