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Categories: Orphan Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 0 Chapters: 0 Completed: No
12/31/69 Updated: 12/31/69

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 01/07/06 Title: None

hee hee harry and draco are gay! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!


The Deepest, Most-Desired Wish by Obliviate
Rated: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 339]

Summary: Harry Potter has many secret dreams. He wants to be a normal teenage wizard. He wants to attend school without his life being in danger. And he would like to someday marry Ginny Weasley. But he has locked away some of his desires so deeply that he will rarely admit them to himself. He has never shared them with anyone. But one late night trip to the Room of Requirement may change things forever. The second of three stories in this series. Sequel: "A New Childhood"

Categories: Dark/Angsty Fics Genre: Warnings: Abuse, Alternate Universe, Character Death, Sexual Situations, Violence

Word count: 55061 Chapters: 26 Completed: Yes
05/27/05 Updated: 05/23/06

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 05/30/06 Title: Chapter 26: Lavender and Chamomile

Keep it going but keep it going smoothly...the idea of snapshots doesn't really appeal to me. I like it running fluently, maybe you should make something bad happen that's nothing related to voldemort...something bad that harry didn't wish not to happen. Whaddya think?

Author's Response: Thank you for voting. I think the \"something bad\" is a good idea. Unfortunately, I would have to do snapshots, unless you want to wait thirty chapters just for Harry to turn two. Thanks for the review and suggestions.

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 12/10/05 Title: Chapter 5: ‘Tis the Season

This is a very interesting story. Does he go back to normal? I guess I will have to wait and find out! Also, I am wondering how he is with Ron and hermione. Is he friends with them? Does he have other friends? He might get muddled up a bit when he gets back to school, he does after all, have to relearn everything about his past and what's to happen in the future. Also, what happens to Voldemort? Does he still exist? Is he in full power? Or is he dead? Or did he, perhaps, choose Neville Longbottom instead? Yes, lots of questions, I know! I know that you probably won't answer some of them, and I will probably have to wait to find out. I'm loving it so far! Keep updating! 10000/10!

Author's Response: I am glad you like the story. You're right, I won't answer all your questions. Sorry. But I do have a question for you. Why can't this new life be "normal"? Yes, he is friends with Ron and Hermione still. I think I'd be linched if I broke up the trio. Yes, he has other friends, but he did in the old life too. As for all the questions concerning Voldemort, I want to remain silent, but this causes so many rumors if I do. but I will say, no he did not choose Neville.

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 04/06/06 Title: Chapter 20: The End of the Dream

Owwwwwwwwww, Harry lost his mother all over again! Boo hoo. Great story! I'm enjoying this. Keep it up and update soon. 10/10

Author's Response: I might be wrong, but that "boo hoo" seems sarcastic. Is it? I'm glad you like it and thanks for the ten.

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 11/08/05 Title: Chapter 4: Reunions 2

i hate cliffhangers...but I guess they give you something to look forward to, though! It's amazing so far and I loved the 1st one too! 10/10!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 01/04/06 Title: Chapter 6: A Christmas With Family

Awwww! Such lovely childhood memories of a human-sized fluffy brown bear that I've had for my life and still have! Lovely chappie!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 02/26/06 Title: Chapter 14: Confrontation

This is probably just about the most annoying chapter yet!!! I don't know why it's just getting on my nerves! But it's a great chapter, keep updating! 1000/10

Author's Response: I apologize for annoying you. But, to be honest, I was hoping to annoy somebody with this story. Glad you still like it.

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 10/08/05 Title: Chapter 3: The Hill

great story, I loved the first one too! You're amazing - are you an author?


A Road of Shattered Glass by Ennalee
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 144]

Summary: Three years after Voldemort’s first fall, Tonks and Ninette, a metamorphmagus and a dancer, each struggle to find their own identities apart from the deceptions of mirrors. Meanwhile, in the caves underneath Hogwarts, someone may be searching for things better left lost.

Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 37788 Chapters: 10 Completed: No
06/06/05 Updated: 06/29/07

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 09/30/05 Title: Chapter 6: Dreams of Spun Sugar

Wow, excellent story! HURRY UP AND WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER! I'm dying to find out what happens next! 10/10 for being original and creative!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. The next chapter is currently digesting at the back of my computer. It's been written for a while, but I know there is a problem withit that involves quite a lot of rewriting, so it will still be a while. I'll try and get it up soon, though. Thanks for your enthusiasm.


Love Behind A Scarlet Veil by Sectumsempra
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 474]


Ginny Weasley wakes up in The Burrow, her seventh year at Hogwarts is not far away. As she dwells on going to school without Ron, Hermione and Harry her heart lurches as she thinks of what she could have had if she'd given Harry a different answer.

Chapter 20 - A Question Without An Answer - has been validated! That marks the end of this story! Enjoy!

Categories: Harry/Ginny Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 63434 Chapters: 20 Completed: Yes
07/26/05 Updated: 04/17/06

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 11/15/05 Title: Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen - Godric's Hollow

So...the ring...I'm guessing that there's something V. special about the ring (Ginny's future wedding ring? I might be wrong!) I love the idea of it coming out of his parent's graves. And I love the Hermione/Draco bit too. That would've had me in stitches if I wasn't in the middle of an IT lesson. 1000000000/10!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 12/06/05 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen - Seeking More Than the Snitch

How did Harry get a broom? good story though!!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 01/26/06 Title: Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen - Meeting of the Marauders

Oh, my god, like, you finally updated! I'm hooked! I love the battle scenes and the story of Lupin finding pettigrew worked very well. Well done and 11/10.

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 03/26/06 Title: Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen - Amor Vigoratus

NO CLIFFIES YOU EVIL CODWALLOPER!!! Please let Harry and Ginny be okay! PLEEEEZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great chapter!!! I LOVE this story! Let them be okay, please, please, please,please, please! 1000/10!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 02/26/06 Title: Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen - A Rat’s Tale

Great story! I love it to bits! It's been in my favourites right from the very beginning! Keep updating, I'm enjoying this!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 01/09/06 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen - Explanations and Aggravations

Ha! I knew they'd get back together again. It wouldn't work if they didn't! Keep updating, this story is amazing!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 11/05/05 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve - A Christmas Wish

Whew, thank god, Ginny wakes up! yay! great story so far, full marks for creativity!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 05/30/06 Title: Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty - A Question Without An Answer

hehe, great story, I love the ending! ^_^


Rated: [Reviews - ]


Categories: Orphan Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 0 Chapters: 0 Completed: No
12/31/69 Updated: 12/31/69

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 01/02/06 Title: None

I love your fic but can I say 1 thing? I hate the way you won't submit until you've had 5 reviews. It's sort of annoying because we might have to wait for ages for your next chapter. If I were you, I wouldn't bother waiting. People would be more attracted if there were more chapters. I don't know about you, but I'm one of those people who prefers stories with LOTS of chapters, because it's got a developed story and doesn't cut off after each chapter and leave us to wait. It would be easier if the chapters came quicker because I have so many in my faves that I sometimes forget what the story's about if the author takes too long.

Author's Response: Thanks for that. yh i am like you i like developed stories too. my next chapter has been submitted and you'll see when it comes on that it doesn't say for 5 reviews. i sort of realised that to. but thanks for pointing it. thanks for your review im so glas you love it :)


Rated: [Reviews - ]


Categories: Orphan Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 0 Chapters: 0 Completed: No
12/31/69 Updated: 12/31/69

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 11/10/05 Title: None

great story! I love how you came up with the idea that the tiara was a horcrux, I could never have come up with that. 10 for being original, 10 for an amazing story, a godzillion bonus marks for being amazing - altogether - a godzillion and twenty/10! Keep it up!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 12/10/05 Title: None

Oomph!! I wonder where harry has ended up this time? First, Knockturn Alley, and now some square room where he has a metre to move around! What next, a paddling pool?

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