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Studying Isn't Everything by smokeline

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 238 Reviews
Summary: A view into Hermione's diary shows the human that resides behind the bookworm. PG-13 for language. Note: This fic was completed before the release of HBP, so it will only follow through OOTP canon.
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 07/31/06 Title: Chapter 9: The Plan

Please update quickly!!!!!

And Fate Be.... by Seren

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 22 Reviews
Summary: "No one stops to consider for a moment why I'm so dependent on those books of mine, why I have so many. I am different. I do not prattle, I do not gossip, I do not twirl my hair and flutter my lashes. Clothing is meant to cover my nakedness, not flaunt my body. I am not covered in cosmetics, nor do I read the silly rags that the girls in my dorm read. I seek knowledge, and truth. I want permission to be myself. I want to walk down the halls of my school, of my world, without hearing the half-whispered remarks about me. I want to sit with my friends, and know that they appreciate my company, and not the fact that I can revise their homework. I want to live." A moment in Hermione's life, where she contemplates her past, present, and future.
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 05/29/06 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

I love this. All your stories are so powerful with a lot of meaning. It really shows what's behind the surface. I mean, I agree with hermione: I've always been the clever one of the group, I'm not afraid to say it. My friends always call me a 'boff' and one even gave me a mug that said 'smarty pants' on it, I think she thought it would be funny (it was!). But I, too, have a friend who is loyal and kind and is not afraid to be herself too. Fate be damned, I don't give a damn if they call me a boffin, I have true friends too.


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 12/03/05 Title: None

When on EARTH are you going to update? I'm tired of waiting, i read it AGES ago and have been waiting for an update since. Great story though, but HURRY UP AND UPDATE!!! I want to know what happens next!


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 04/08/06 Title: None

Everyone, except for Hermione and Dumbledore left to the Great Hall, which was empty because students were now in classes, or skipping and wandering around the school, wondering what happened to all the officials of Hogwarts… I thought it was meant to be Christmas??? Or are you telling me it suddenly mutated into the Lent term? Great story though, I love it!!!!!! 10/10

Author's Response: no one is really aware of the "Christmas" becuz i suddenly fast forwarded it from Sept to Dec so not everyone is on the right foot ;) thanx 4 ur review!

Harry Potter and the Punishment for Immaturity by Obliviate

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • 496 Reviews
Summary: Mere weeks after OOTP's end, we find Harry in his room. He is unwilling to do anything but lie in bed, demoralized by the loss of Sirius. That is until he receives a letter. This is an AU fiction with some anghst and pairings of Hermione/Ron and Ginny/Harry. Humor is my primary focus however. Story complete. There is a sequel: "The Deepest, Most-Desired Wish." You can find it in the Dark/ Angsty section.
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 10/08/05 Title: Chapter 25: Detention and Desire

whooooa, great story, I was hooked and completely obsessed with it! I'm SO reading the sequel!!!

Am I Invisible? by Constellation

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 205 Reviews
Summary: Jillian Cole is in her fourth year at Hogwarts. As the youngest of eight children, Jillian is practically invisible. Her only friends include her books, the librarian, and a strange ghost in the girl's bathroom. Then, Jillian finds out a horrible secret about one of the teachers. Can she have enough courage to stop them? Can she change from being invisible to being a hero? Find out. actually got the next chapter out, I mean it! Enjoy
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 02/28/06 Title: Chapter 13: Hey, wait, what's happening here?

Hey wait what's happening here? It's been ages since you last updated. What's happened to you?!?! Panecki! (where did you get Panecki from?)

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 01/19/06 Title: Chapter 13: Hey, wait, what's happening here?

great story!!!! Please please please please can I join this web thing of yours! PLEASE! You've got me hooked! A godzillion out of ten!

Author's Response: Anybody can join. All you have to do is read this story and every once in a while, yell out PANECKI, and you're an authentic member. J/K I'm glad you like it.

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 01/09/06 Title: Chapter 12: Christmas Day

Great story! 10000000000000000000000/10! I love all the mystery with the DADA professor. *boo I'm going back to school 2morro, will try to keep reading...*


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 04/04/06 Title: None

Wow, this story is so good, I swear if there were 1,000 more chapters I would keep reading ALL NIGHT!!! I love the way you conveyed emotion into the story without being too OOC, and I love the way everybody's problems intertwine to create such a story. Also, isn't Harry a hypocrite? He's trying to protect Ginny when he hates being protected himself!!! Anyway, incredible story i'll give you 1,00000000000000000000000000000 out of 10!!!! :D


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 12/06/05 Title: None

I think it's a bit too random and some bits happen too quickly. I think you need to focus more on the plot than what happens in between. Great story though.

Harry Potter and the Girl Who Lived by mrsgeorgeweasley

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 1114 Reviews
Summary: It’s Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and once again there is a new Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher, and Snape likes her almost as much as he likes The Boy Who Lived, but why is the new professor so interested in Harry? What dark secrets is she hiding? Is Harry the only survivor of Lord Voldemort’s wrath? Will things ever be simple for our beloved Trio? It’s going to be another interesting year for Harry and his friends, and he’s going to realise that he might not be as alone as he thought and in more ways than one..

This story is newly edited as of 25/3/2009!!

The sequel to this fic has been posted, it is titled Harry Potter and the Unspeakable Power. The spin off stories One Life Owed and The Night That Started It All are also available.

This was written in the aftermath of OOTP. Events of HBP and DH not included.

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 10/16/05 Title: Chapter 39: The Unknown Feeling

You could do JKR a run for her money! That story was AMAZING! 1zillion/10!!! I love it and can't wait for the sequel!! I'll be looking out for it.

Author's Response: Give JKR a run for her money? *blushes again* I really am so amazingly glad that people liked the story so much. The sequel is zooming it's way to a computer screen near you!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 10/15/05 Title: Chapter 38: Defiance

HURRAY!!! FINALLY! Your cliffies were getting on my nerves! Great story, I can't wait for the next chapter! I swear, I'm addicted!

Author's Response: Perhaps you should get together with Amanda (pandafan81) and start TGWLAA (The Girl Who Lived Addicts Anonymous (sp?)).

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 11/05/05 Title: Chapter 39: The Unknown Feeling

I LOVE IT!!!!!

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 11/05/05 Title: Chapter 39: The Unknown Feeling

I LOVE IT!!!!!

The Power Of Suggestion by FriendsOfSnape

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 645 Reviews
Summary: "Be careful what you wish for," the old adage goes. So what happens when Hogwarts is under a spell where what you say is what you get?

Chappie 14 is UP! And while it is the end, let us not be sad, but instead read the insanity that has driven so many to review and nearly wet themsleves with delight.
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 05/31/06 Title: Chapter 11: The Safety Inspector

hahahahahahahahaha, funny!!! Keep updating, fabulo-so! WHOOOOPEEEEE!!!!! Guahahahahahaha! GOOOWHOOOPS!!!! Blammadabbakeeeeeeeebooo! Hehe, sorry about that, but it's just SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny! Keep it up! 100000000000000000000000000000000/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Author's Response: I\'m trying to decide whether you\'re speaking in tongues or I\'ve finally managed to drive someone insane.

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 11/10/05 Title: Chapter 5: Revenge of the Penguin

ha ha ha v. funny, can't wait to find out what happens next!

Author's Response: And I can't wait for you all to find out what happens next. Chappie 6 is still in queue, last I checked (about ten seconds ago).

Saving Grace by lostunicorn

Rated: Professors • 126 Reviews
Summary: After Harry dies defeating the Dark Lord, Ron just isn't the same. And after one horrid night in particular, Hermione decides that she can't take it anymore. But who will she turn to in her darkest hour of need? HG/GW pairing. Warning: contains abuse.
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 01/01/06 Title: Chapter 5: Heading for the Eye of the Tornado

HURRY UP WITH NEXT CHAPPIE SVP!! This is amazing, I'm hooked!! Soz can't give any suggestions for how it should continue but good luck with it anyway.


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 10/02/05 Title: None

Oh, sure, perfect, perfect, and very big teeth or whatever you said, it fits well, keep writing.

Distraction by Jenn_Weasley

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 93 Reviews
Summary: Telara always knew she was special to her adoptive family. But she never knew how special she really was until Albus Dumbledore took her back to England and the wizarding world. Now she faces her biggest challenge ever. Fitting in at Hogwarts? No – she can do that. Will she be able to help Harry Potter win the war against Voldemort? For everyone’s sake – let’s hope so.

Over 4200 reads! Thanks so much everyone!! This was written Pre-HBP. You'll have to suspend new canon a bit for me.

For my faithful (and new as well) reviewers: I've been practicing my amateur publishing skills and have made a paperback version of this story. If you would like a copy, let me know and I'll send one out. I might even make a collection of all my stories if anyone is interested. Thanks!
Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 10/09/05 Title: Chapter 7: The Storm

Wow, great fic! Amazing! 10/10.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I'm glad you liked it!

Circus Ultima by Sirius Intent

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • 102 Reviews
Summary: A return to Grimmauld Place prior to Harry’s sixth year at Hogwarts places all of the inhabitants at risk from a Dark and Malevolent Force.


But now the circle was to be broken. Harry felt a sweat break out at the back of his neck. He felt himself shudder.

Harry had never been one to believe in premonitions, but at that moment he had seen clearly that the destruction of his life and the life of wizard-kind was but a moment away.

Not only that but he had also just seen the source of that destruction.

Reviewer: harryandginnyxx Signed
Date: 09/30/05 Title: Chapter 17: The worst Memory

I spent all my free time trying to get through the story. It's excellent - really gripping and suits dark/angsty really well. 10/10 - are you planning to become an author one day? How on EARTH did you come up with such a good idea? You're excellent! I really can't wait for the next chapter to be submitted. In fact, it's agony just waiting for it to happen. I can't wait to find out what happens to Harry. I hope he doesn't die...does he? Anyway, good fic, it's amazing. 10/10.

Author's Response: Hello there. Thanks a million. I submitted the new chapter a few days ago. Its a good long one and explains a few things that have not been adequately explained so far. Hope you continue to enjoy it.