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A Different Sort of War by Sly Severus

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Long after a war ends the wounds remain. When forced to face something so horrific a part of a personís very soul dies. People are left changed. Societies are left in shambles

During this time, people are prone to making bad choices. Horrible things are said and done because the bitter continue to fight. How can such a monstrous event ever truly be over? And how can those left behind truly regain their lives
Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 06/03/07 Title: Chapter 13: An Unexpected Friendship

I knew it was Cissy from the moment I read "rich and beautiful"! Ha! I like that twist in events. Although, Draco's predicament is tragic. Who was the mother, I wonder? Maybe you'll reveal that later? I love the way you write Hermione, she seems so sensible and kind. I really like all your characters, actually. They're great, and really cannon too. They have this complete change of heart from the books but they're not OOC! That's pure talent, Sly Severus! Bravo!

Author's Response: *smiles* I figured you would guess Narcissa. Actually, I thought the rich comment would give it away completely. How many characters in Harry Potter were rich?

Anyway, as for Lucus\' mother, her part is complete. She was the woman Draco loved and lost. She doesn\'t have an interesting back story to come out.

Again, thanks for the compliments. And I guess most of the characters have done a 180 from the books, but they have been through a lot since then.

Anyway, thanks so much for the review. I always look forward to hearing what you think of my stories and chapters. :D

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 07/13/07 Title: Chapter 18: A Christmas Kiss

If Nariccsa and Draco are the visitors, I will love you forever! lol. This was such a sweet chapter. I loved the dress Tonks selected for her because I can definately see Bella looking ravishing in green. And again I must compliment you on your intteractions between Cassie and her great aunt. Its very human, very real. I'm starting to like Snape/Bella ( but only in this story... haha). Its so sweet and you write them very well. Keep it up! I can't wait for the next chapter!!!

Author's Response: Sorry, you\'ll have to wait to see who the visitors are. *huggles*

I absolutly love writing Cassie and Bella. I have grown really attached to Cassie. I may have to write a sequal to this just because I miss writing her.

And I still can\'t believe you don\'t like Snape. He\'s adorable. *huggles Sevy* Well, at least, I can sell you on Bella/Severus for one story. *smiles proudly*

Thanks so much for the wonderful review.

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 07/30/07 Title: Chapter 20: A Private Moment

Aww. Lucus is so cute! And Sevvy took a shower *pats severus on the back*! I really love your writing style. You captured Snape's emotions so well! He seemed just like himself... but under different circumstances. This fic is progressing nicely. I can't wait to see how you tie things up!

Author's Response: Glad you like Lucus. He was a bit harder for me than Cassie.

As for Severus, Bella has been through a lot, but I still don\'t think she\'d date him if he didn\'t shower regularly. :p

Anyway, thanks so much for another lovely review. *huggles*

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 07/12/07 Title: Chapter 17: What Friends Are For

Neville is getting very hostile isn't he? But i totally did not see the Tonks-getting-fired twist! It came as quite a shock, something you are very good at doing. This was very well written, and I love Kingsley being so nice to Tonks. And the mention of Ted forgiving Bella was wonderful. This whole story is sort of about forgiveness, isn't it? I love your character interactions! Very good job!

Author's Response: Neville is struggling. In his opinion, what Tonks is doing is wrong. He also feels that she is flaunting it in his face and responds in a fit of of rage.

I really think that Tonks needed to be fired. She hated her job and it was clear that she could never be happy there again; however, she wasn\'t going to do anything about it. Something had to happen to make her look for something she could be passionate about.

And by the way, you hit my theme on the head: forgiveness.

Thanks for another truly wonderful review. *huggles*

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 06/26/07 Title: Chapter 16: The Not-Quite Family Reunion

Hey, I'm back! And ready to review your recent three chapters that I left unread (what shame!). I was so happy to read that Draco got a pardon, I've been very fond of his character in general lately. But, as he's part of the extended Black family, that's hardly suprising. I liked how you put Susan into her aunt's old position. That was a very nice touch. Draco's reaction to the pardon was very well written. It had something of a naturalness in it that is vital to good characterization. And his mother's reaction to his calling himself a plague was lovely! It really underlined our 'There is love in the Black/Malfoy family' doctrine. lol. But I think what I love most about these three chapters was the developing bond between Cassie and Bella (whose fate I am anxious to read of in the umpcoming seventh book! Yay, only 24 days-- at least in America. Are the release dates the same in Canada?) Bella is still there for Cassie, even though Cassie is unwilling to talk openly at first. Cassie predicament at school, what with the students teasing her about her father's condition, was very touching and saddening. People can have horrible prejudices. Great story, I can't wait for the rest of it! Yay for you!! ~LaLa

Author's Response: :D Thanks for the lovely review.

I\'m glad you enjoyed Draco\'s response to the pardon. To be honest, I hated writing it. That is my least favorite chapter in the whole story, but I\'m glad to hear it\'s being received well. I was worried it would cost me readers.

As for Bella and Cassie\'s relationship, I love writing that. I have a lot of fun writing the bond that they share.

And yes, we get the book and the movie the same time in Canada. I am anxiously waiting.

Anyway, thank you for the lovely review.

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 05/19/07 Title: Chapter 10: Coming Home

She had a sister who loved her, a nephew who looked up to her, and a husband who adored her I loved this line, as you probably could guess! It was absolutely what I think of Bellatrix in one sentence! Well, not all I think of Bellatrix, but you know what I mean. I love your character portrayal of Hermione. She stood up for house-elves, and now she is getting fired for helping former Death Eaters and getting yelled at for standing up for bella. And the way she argues also fit very well with her character; very witty and clever. You did her great justice. And Harry too. Beneath what you have created him into, there's still that old Harry. You did a beautiful job on them both! I can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hehe! That\'s one of my favorite lines, too.

And poor Hermione. She always tries to do the right thing and it never works out for her. *huggles Hermione*

Thanks so much for your compliments about Harry\'s character. He\'s challenging for me, and it doesn\'t help that he usually ends up playing the bad guy, of sorts, in my fics.

Anyway, thanks so much for the lovely review.

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 05/19/07 Title: Chapter 11: Box of Memories

Yay! What a touching chapter. I loved her comparison of Tonks to Andromeda, the sister she had turned her back on. I really love this fic, it's so well written and so touching and emotional. It's amazing what a few typed words can do to a reader. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Your reviews and compliments are always so wonderful. *huggles*

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 05/06/07 Title: Chapter 5: Eye Contact

Another fabulous chapter to a fabulous fic! I love how you portrayed Tonks especially, and I feel so sorry for Bellatrix. Your writing is very fluent, which is often the hardest thing for a writer to accomplish and you've put a detailed picture in my mind. Great job! I'm off to read the next chppie then!!! YAY!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I love writing Tonks with Bella. It\'s such a strange relationship that could really go just about anywhere.

And thank you so much for the compliments. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story. :D

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 05/06/07 Title: Chapter 6: Second Chances

OOOOH, CLIFFIE! DAMN THAT CLIFFIE!!! Again another wonderful chapter, and of course Remus's tension is understnadable. Even if it was an accident, Bella still killed his last living (because I don't consider Wormtail as alive) best mate. Your character description is amazing. Great work, lovely chapter, and intriguing (i.e. annoying) cliffie. just kidding, cliffies can be good things in writing. You rock!! I think that sums it up.

Author's Response: :D Well, this cliffe should be easier to guess then the one about who Ella was. But actually the chapter that tells you who Remus owled is up now, so I guess this one isn\'t really a mystery anymore either. ;)

I giggled when I read what you wrote about Wormtail. Canonwise, I consider him alive, but I don\'t consider him Remus\' best mate. For the purpose of this fic, he\'s dead, although he will never be mentioned.

And Remus\' reluctance is to be expected, but has a very kind heart. Bella may not be his favorite person, but he couldn\'t turn her away when she was so weak and his family was so attached to her. He really had no choice but to forgive, and being Remus, he was able to do that.

*huggles for compliments* Thanks for leaving a review!

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 04/08/07 Title: Chapter 1: Caught in the Act

Whoa! Harry seems kind of harsh. Maybe he went mental after the war. But hey, original fic. I like it. I'm a little confused as to what's going on, but I guess as I continue reading it'll clear up. Again, your gracefullness with writing shows exceptionally great. You are such a wonderful writer, and i can already get the feel of this story. It's not the happy, cheery Hogwarts of before. Its a bit cold and gloomy, correct me if I'm wrong. Lovely chapter, off to read the rest. Claps!!! Yay!

Author's Response: *smiles* It\'s okay that you have no idea what\'s going on. You weren\'t really supposed to after this chaper.;) And yes, slowly things will begin to make more sense.

As for Harry, he is being very cruel, but he\'t not that far from who he used to be. He\'s still Harry and his old self is just buried under layers of anger and resentment. He feels that he has a right to do what he\'d doing.

Anyway, thanks so much for the review! *huggles*

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 05/06/07 Title: Chapter 7: Deep Dark Secrets

Awwww! Cassie's relationship with Bella and the trust in her, almost made me cry. And of course, I hate seeing Bella *huggles favorite character* in agony. I love how Remus is so forgiving because I've always seen him as a forgiving person. The other Marauders... no. They had too much fire for that. But I always saw Remus as calm and cool, and you've portrayed him wonderfully. I loved how he said that Bella was a desperate woman fighting for her life. And when you think of, its true. Both sides did horrible things, but one side (the Death Eaters) were demonized because of their master. I'm not saying what Bella did is right. All I'm saying is that there's a human under there and you've written that human perfectly. Wonder chapter, my faovrite so far actually!

Author's Response: Cassie truly loves her aunt. She\'s very attached to her. Bella was the one who talked Cassie through her problems at school, when there was no one else to turn to. And she saw Bella, at her weakest, knowing how much her friend needed real help. Bella did her best to help Cassie with her problems. Cassie did her best to take care of Bella because Harry wouldn\'t. They developed a close bond.

As for Remus, I have always considered him a forgiving person as well. He\'s always so calm and understanding. And I totally agree that the other Marauders were not so forgiving. I think James would have responded to Bella similarly to Harry--with as much cruelty as he could. Not that I think James is a bad person, he\'s just harsh and I don\'t think he always understands the consequences of his action. Again, very similar to Harry.

Ah, and you don\'t really want to get me started on the it\'s a war thing and both sides did wrong. Yes, both sides did wrong and only one side will ever have to pay for it. The Coles Notes version: it drives me nuts.

Thanks for more compliments and another lovely review. *huggles*

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 04/08/07 Title: Chapter 2: Rage

Hmmm... Bella, Ella. Hmmm. Well, I guess i'll have to keep reading to find out. I love this fic and I put it on my favs list, but hey I love all your stuff! You are bril. *huggles* LaLa

Author's Response: Thank you! *huggles*

I thought the name might be a tad obvious, but I liked it. :D

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 05/06/07 Title: Chapter 8: Unexpected Events

Wow! Hermione buying Snape. SHOCKER!! but that's a good thing. Also, its interesting and refreshing that you would put Hermione as isolated from everybody else as she is. In most other fics she is still living in the Borrow long after she graduates Hogwarts. But I think your version makes sense, Hermione is very independant. This makes perfect sense to me. Oh, I can't wait to see what happens. Great chapter, as usual. I loved the bit aboout 'dunderheads' at the beggining. Yay! P.S I've just submitted the second-to-last chapter of SMP.

Author's Response: Like everyone else, Hermione struggled with what happened during the war. She decided to deal with her grief by leaving London and trying to put it all behind her. Naturally, that didn\'t really work.

And yes, she bought Snape. She would never have the heart to leave him there. Besides he\'s much more useful to my plot in London than he is in the States. :D

Thanks for another lovely review.

And the second to last chapter of SMP? How is that story going to end in two chapters? I\'ll be so sad to see it finish. I\'ve been reading for months. *cries*

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 07/25/07 Title: Chapter 19: An Unbreakable Bond

Aww! Cassie loves Bella so much *huggles Cassie and Bella* I really wanted to see more of the interaction between Bella and her nephew... maybe another chapter? Gah, I love this fic. It's probably one of your best! Great job!!

Author's Response: Thanks! *huggles Cassie and Bella too* I\'m really glad you\'re enjoying this!

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 04/08/07 Title: Chapter 3: An Unusual Purchase

I knew it!!! I knew it!!! Neville is sort of justified in his hate, but it sound so cruel when she has no defence. And you know I love Bella as a character anyways, so of course I feel sympathetic towards her. I love you creativity. Selling Death Eaters... nice, original. You know, for the first time I would have to say that Harry and Neville are my least favorite characters in this fic. You have a way of making them unlikable yet not so much so. That's a good thing, by the way. Great job!!

Author's Response: *smiles* Of course, Bella was going to make an appearance. You didn\'t think I\'d write a whole chaptered fic without her, did you? ;)

Harry and Neville do come off rather horrible, but they do have their reasons. It\'s hard to recover from the things that happened during a war. Obviously, Harry and Neville are still struggling with their feelings about what happened all those years ago.

Thanks for another wonderful review!

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 04/08/07 Title: Chapter 4: Exhaustion

Oh, that was such a sad chapter. I mean, its good she's getting cared for, but the fact that she always has to look down and stuff. How horrible. I hope Cassie won't hate her after she learns who she was before. Oh, I love this fic soooo much. Its amazing. Gotta R&R the next chappie!!!

Author's Response: The worst of it is that she doesn\'t have to behave that way anymore. The behavior has been so impressed upon her that she feels she must always act that way. But the Lupins would never expect her to look at the ground every time they speak to her. She just needs to learn that things will be different for her there.

As for Cassie, only time will tell. Probably a fair amount of time because there are two more chapters before they get around to telling her. ;)

Thanks so much for all the lovely reviews! *huggles*

Dear Conscience by Pussycat123

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Mini-fic with 3 parts.

Dear Reader,

I am a troubled girl. Everything that could go wrong, seems to go wrong. Throw in the biggest pain in the derriere a girl has ever had to put up with, a best and worst friend that you both love and hate, and a sister you just purely hate, and what do you get? My life. So that’s why I need an outlet – someone to yell at, someone to blame, and someone to draw some kind of twisted comfort from. Who better than my conscience? And how do I keep in contact with said conscience? Through writing letters to it of course! Need some convincing?

Well, I hurl a lot of verbal abuse about, make mistakes that could cost me everything I hold dear, and occasionally I get things – sort of – right. And where else could you read about lipsticks, rhubarb crumble and foam fights all in one mini-fic?

Well, I think I’ve convinced you enough. Don’t tell me you’re not tempted! Read my personal letters addressed to my conscience, and be amazed and enthralled at how utterly unstable my life is ...


Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 04/22/07 Title: Chapter 1: Dear Conscience (Where Do I Start?)

Ha, funny, as usual Amy. The most suprising thing is I talk to my conscience sometimes (but I don't write letters). I love how you portray Lily. You really did redefine the Lily fic. Kudos. LaLa.

Author's Response: Aw thanks ... ever since L.O.V.E (starring her mean conscience) I\'ve sort of got really interested in the whole idea ... I don\'t even know I got the idea for writing letters, but it was pretty fun. Thanks for reading and reviewing, of course, as always! The second part is in the queue as we speak ... or type.

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 05/18/07 Title: Chapter 3: Dear Conscience (Now What?)

Nice ending, I liked that last sentence very much! It was really a great way to tie things up! This is a hilarious fic and yet very touching, and a teeny bit strange, but hey... ITS AMAZING!!! Great job, Amy, you deserve a cyber-cake!!!! THIS IS SO FABULOUS IM THINKING OF PROPOSING ITS MOVIE RIGHTS TO HOLLYWOOD!!!!

Author's Response: *Shocked face* Do you think they\'d take me? Lol! I\'m glad you liked it ... hilarious yet touching with an added twist of strange was what I hoped it would turn out to be ... Thanks for reviewing! You rock!

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 05/06/07 Title: Chapter 2: Dear Conscience (It's Me Again)

Another hilarious chapter. Lily's conscience should try an energy drink or something because it seems like its getting a little lazy. Just a tad :-). I loved the 'everything being on a stick" part. Very funny. You are the master of funny. Really, and I'm not just saying that because you write me great reviews for my Other Pairing fic called SORROWS MORE PEACEFUL (sorry, I'll stop the propaganda now). What was I saying? Oh yeah, you are the master of funny and I'm not just saying that because blah blah blah, I really mean it. I've never read stories as funny as yours. And I love how your Lily seems to be a bit psychologically (sp?) disturbed. YAY FOR AMY!!!!

Author's Response: Okay, I just wrote a big long reply and got signed out randomly. Now I\'m mad. The gist of it was: Yay for LaLa! Thanks for the great and loyal review! And also, if anyone who isn\'t ForbiddenLove is reading this, then listen to her propaganda. Go read Sorrows More Peaceful. It has Bellatrix in it ... as you\'ve NEVER SEEN HER BEFORE. Seriously. Anyway, blatant and shameless advertising aside, I\'m really glad you liked this chapter! Yay for psychologically disturbed Lily! Although, if I wrote letters to MY conscience, I would probably seem scarred too. Personally, though, I blame Petunia inflicting her salmon-pink-ness on our poor heroine all the time ... anyone would go insane. Hopefully I will update this soon. Yay, Master of Funny! I should totally change my name to that ... people could worship me and everything, it would be fantastic ... ;D just kidding. Thanks for the lovely review, as always!

Janey Weasley-Springs; My Mother by Pussycat123

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Fifth in the Janey Weasley series – and this time we hear from Janey’s middle child, Tillie.
She is eleven years old. Her sister, Day, is fifteen, and she also has a seven-year-old brother called Nicky. Due to leave for Hogwarts at the end of the summer, Tillie is utterly perplexed. She can’t imagine life without her sweet, innocent (it seems) little brother to look after, or her carefree, happy mother to look up to. But as the inevitable grows closer, Tillie will soon have to accept that time will wait for no one ... Note: Don’t worry, I haven’t cheated you out of Janey’s wedding – all will be revealed!

Reviewer: ForbiddenLove Signed
Date: 05/06/07 Title: Chapter 1: Janey Weasley-Springs; My Mother

ARGH! I just left a really long review for all the Janey Weasley fics, and the computer informed me that I was not logged in!!!! Anyway, I have read all of them and I thought it would be easier for both of us if I just left one big one (I hope that's okay).

I love all your characters. Janey was aged well, going from her youthful begginings to motherhood. I loved how she consulted her Uncles Fred and George! They made me laugh, as they always do. And Janey had a lot of character as well. I liked Tilly, and the Pensieve scene with Fred and George messing things up at the wedding. I also liked Hermione as a mother. The Howler seemed especially Hermione-ish as well. I loved this!!! Usually, I don't like fics centered around an Original Character, but you've made me like it! Therin lies your talent as a writer! Kudos, Amy!!

Author's Response: I hate it when that happens! You have to try and remember to copy reviews / replies to reviews before you submit them, just in case. That way you can just log back in and paste them ... but I rarely remember, so I feel your pain! I\'m really glad you liked the Janey series! Yay for long reviews! As always, so so good to hear from you! *HUGS*