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{ Q U E E N O F S E R P E N T S }

Hello everyone. I apologize for my long absence. I had a lot going on in my life and I'm taking the MCATs in less than a month! Once that is over, maybe I'll finally make a come-back!

Thank you for reading my stories. I know they aren't the best. I know many of you wonder why I'm in top lists even though the stories don't seem to be the high quality that you'd expect. I wrote these when I was 14-16 years old and I had a lot of fun writing them. Maybe they have a lot of typos, plot holes, or other problems. But I was just having fun and I hope you all have fun reading them!

{ a b o u t m e }
Hello everyone! *waves* My name is Sabreen but ya'll could just call me QoS or Qosie. I've been writing fanfiction for the past 6 years (woah I've come a long way!) Most of my posted work here were written when I was 13 and 14 (yes, I wrote Delightful Pain when I was 14 and no, I do not need a psychologist =P). Because the stories were written when I was so young, they do not portray my true writing skills AT ALL. They have poor grammar, cliches, underdeveloped plot-lines, and are quite OoC.

{m y w e b s i t e }
Never Vindicated : my personal website. Here you'll find out what the hell is taking me so long to update my stories and find some stories in other sites that didn't get validated here. Also, you'll find Sneak Peaks...w00t!

{ m y s t o r i e s }

Delightful Pain

one shots
She Wore a Scarlet Ribbon
Lack of Heat Equals Cold
Ebony Lust

Currently Working on
Taste of Revenge

Pansy's Passion

{ a w a r d s }
-Winner in the He Had It Coming Dramione Awards for Best Completed Fic
-Runner Up in the HHIC for Best "Her Story"
-Runner Up in the Dangerous Liaisons Award for Best Twists and Turns

Delightful Pain
-Runner Up for Best Angst in both the Dangerous Liaisons Awards and HHIC awards

She Wore a Scarlet Ribbon
-Runner Up for Best One-Shot

Thank you all for voting for me! I LUV YEW!

{ s t o r y s t a t u s }

Iím currently in the process of revamping many of my stories.r32;Stranded and Taste of Revenge will be out soon...but no definite dates.

{ a b o u t D e l i g h t f u l P a i n }
For a note about Delightful Pain, go here

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Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Queen of Serpents Signed
Date: 11/24/04 Title: None

Hmm....pretty neat fic you got there. I was wondering if someone actually would start a story like this or if it would be me in the future but you did it! Nice plot. Over all pretty good description and stuff. I enjoyed it. Really... *different* So uh... I was wondering why your story had been deleted in ff.net. I'm a writer there too. I know the feeling of getting your story deleted b/c it happened to one of mine. It really sucks doesn't it? Mine was deleted b/c of the graphic content but I don't see what's wrong with yours. Also maybe you are unaware but ff.net is undergoing some problems like a bug or something which might be the cause for the lack of reviews. I'll check this fic of yours there too. Keep up the good work and update as soon as you can! P.S. that pansy and pimple thing was bloody brilliant!

Author's Response: First of all, thank you so much for the review! Yeah, I have no idea why it got deleted, I tried emailing them to ask, but they never responded so... yeah. I'm sorry your fic got deleted, I've done some research and I've read that ff.net tends to delete people's fics for the littlest of reasons, which really sucks butt! Anyway, thanks for your support, I really appreciate it! I'll be sure to look up your story and return the favor! :o)


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Queen of Serpents Signed
Date: 12/28/04 Title: None

OMG! here too? First I read ur stuff in AFF (lages ago) and now here. Glad to cya but will you ever update in AFF? I've been waiting for ages! Anyway lovely story you have going on...


Rated: Reviews
Reviewer: Queen of Serpents Signed
Date: 02/08/05 Title: None

Um... to tell you the honest truth, at first I came here for the simple reason that the word "Summer" intrigued me for a negative reason... I was reading a lot of sporkings in livejournal and one of the profound things I have seen is how suethors always use the summer to explain changes that the characters go through... eventually making them mary-sues and gary-stues ("Oh that wicked Summer!") Therefore, when I came to read the story, I said to myself "oh god, not another suethor!" but the story was decent. The main characters was left IC (good job!) although my main complaint has to be Narcissa. But hey, whatever strikes your fancy. Just be sure to think about what your writing, the reasons, and whether you think they are plausible before writing them or at least don't shock us with a complete spin on canon. (a lot of people might be saying, 'you should practice what you preach' to me but I'm just spreading the advice I recieved a little too late. *sigh*) Overall, a pretty decent story, though cliched (in FF.net I have seen many stories like this) but maybe you can turn into something better and different. Well... I'll stick around and see what you make of this. Just take in the other advice you got about description and it would be brilliant. Sorry if this is so long and I hope I haven't bored you. You have a good story going, and I'd like to know a little more of the plot in the next chapter(s).

Author's Response: Thanks for the advice. I think I'll change Narcissa to Draco's aunt or uncle... or something like that. I'm not really sure were I'm going with this story, but I hope the rest won't be cliched... I'll have to check out the ones on ff.net to try to make it different (if that made any sense...) Thanks for the review! I really appericate all the advice!