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Well.. this is me. I like Harry Potter and I live in Canada. the first chapter of my story 'A Whisper in the Dark' is in the queue. Its based on a song my friend Andy Shauf wrote called 'I Could' (check it out @ ya.
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Categories: Orphan Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 0 Chapters: 0 Completed: No
12/31/69 Updated: 12/31/69

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 08/29/05 Title: None

That was interesting. I like the way your mind works. Please give us the next part of your story.


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Categories: Orphan Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 0 Chapters: 0 Completed: No
12/31/69 Updated: 12/31/69

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 01/28/06 Title: None

i really like where this is going. you should submit another chapter. i am fairly excited



It is ambitious Lily Evans' 7th and final year at Hogwarts. She is very excited about being one step closer to becoming an Auror and thrilled about being back to school altogether.

But there is one little annoyance: the Marauders. Specificially arrogant James Potter. He has been pestering her to go out with him, but she has coldly denied his wishes. She thinks this year will be no different to the past six school years.

But life is full of mistakes.


"Just one minute.” Lily noticed footsteps heading in her direction. She saw a hand reach from between the screens and drop a flower onto her bedside table.

“Mr. Potter! Return to your dormitory immediately!”

“Alright, alright…” The hand disappeared.

Once Lily was sure that no one was in the wing, he lifted her head and saw what flower Potter had dropped.

Lily stuffed her head in her pillow and screamed a muffled scream that no one could hear.

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 40943 Chapters: 26 Completed: No
11/28/04 Updated: 10/03/05

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 10/24/05 Title: Chapter 26: Betraying Alarm and Alarming Betrayal

That was really good. I hate cliff hangers so I am now anxiously awaiting the next update!! Please give us a chapter soon!

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 08/25/05 Title: Chapter 24: Unspoken Wisdom

this story is really good.. I like that the chapters are short but I wish that they were longer so more stuff would happen!! and you can submit you next chapter now.. so please do!!

Author's Response: I make the chapter as long as they need to be. Don't worry about stuff not happening. I can assume you they will. As for the ability to submit the next chapter, there is none. The moderators are still working on the codes, and the queues have not been reopened yet.

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 09/19/05 Title: Chapter 25: Even with Hexington

that was really good. I liked the tension in it. And I liked Lily's last thought alot. Keep writing and don't take as long for the next update!


Strictly Ballroom by goldenprincess
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 185]

Summary: Hermione takes a drastic decision to leave the wizarding world behind in favour of her dream of becoming a dancer. Her departure has a drastic effect on Ron's life, and when they are unexpectedly thrown together years later, there's sure to be fireworks once more. Based on the UK TV show 'Strictly Come Dancing'.

Categories: Ron/Hermione Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 46762 Chapters: 20 Completed: No
12/28/04 Updated: 09/25/07

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 10/24/05 Title: Chapter 12: Chapter 11

this was really good. I liked the range of emotion. And two right in a row. YAHH!!

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 08/25/05 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 9

this story was good.. I like the twists you add.. And this idea is a new one.. Please write another chapter soon.. I want to see what will happen next!

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 06/28/06 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 13

gah.. you're a mean one. but I really want to see what is going to happen


Meant To Be by chloish
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 679]

Summary: "What can I say?" James shrugged his shoulders. "We are just obviously,"






James laughed, "Meant to be."

Lily Evans and James Potter share absolutely nothing in common, not even their feelings for each other. Lily, perceived as a ‘model student,’ detests the handsome, popular, Quidditch star James, who she thinks to be something of a git. James, on the contrary, has been infatuated with Lily for years, and has let her and the whole school know it.

As time progresses into Voldemort’s ‘reign of terror,’ the two have to learn to trust, tolerate, and love each other.

Please note, this story is incomplete, and will likely remain so for a long time. I apologize!

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 46881 Chapters: 15 Completed: No
01/09/05 Updated: 11/02/05

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 10/24/05 Title: Chapter 14: Chapter 13 ½ - An Unwelcome Query

that was a really good.. but short chapter. Keep up the good work. I'm not sure I like all the anger but if you make it work out I'll be uber happy!

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 11/08/05 Title: Chapter 15: Chapter 14 - Time to Waste

that was really good. I kinda hat Lily at the moment.. but I'm sure you will make t work out! Wonderfully Great!


Right Under His Nose by CathCarl
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 901]

Summary: Harry comes back from serving detention with Ron and finds Ginny and Dean in a rather compromising position. A strange and confusing set of new feelings erupts... like wanting to punch Dean Thomas senseless. But what's confusing Harry most of all is that Ginny no longer seems to be just Ron's little sister... she's a beautiful girl, standing right under his nose-- exactly where he hadn't been looking.

Edited by Moderator: Summaries should be concise and minimally formatted. They should not contain any form of author's note or pleas for reviews.

Categories: Harry/Ginny Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 68103 Chapters: 17 Completed: No
01/15/05 Updated: 08/30/06

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 10/24/05 Title: Chapter 15: 'Tis the Season to be Jolly

this was really good. I like Ginny's character alot in this chapter. She was really good and I liked them out in the snow. It was cute. Definate 10

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 08/25/05 Title: Chapter 13: It's Like Magic!

this story is awesome! I've really enjoyed reading it.. Bill is kind of reminding me of my oldest brother.. and Ron's reaction is like my other brother's reaction would be if they found out I was dating one of their buds/dating at all.. So continue your story and ignore Rowling.. Fanfiction is what you want not what she wants.. I still have hope for them in book 7!! UPDATE NOW!

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 01/05/06 Title: Chapter 16: A Very Familiar Statue

that was a really cute chapter. I liked the Ron and Hermione stuff. You have just the right ammount of fluff and actually story and thats what I really like about this story. Thanx for the update.. you should do that more often!


Condemned by a Name by trinsy
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 9]

Summary: As Sirius sits in Azkaban, he contemplates his past, his family history, and the names that haunt him, particularly his own, Black, the name that condemned him. One-shot

Categories: Dark/Angsty Fics Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 1366 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
08/27/05 Updated: 11/06/05

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 08/29/05 Title: Chapter 1: one-shot

That was really good. It really gave insight to what Sirius would have gone through while in prison. I liked the discriptions of all of his friends. They were really good


Dear Lily by chloish
Rated: 1st-2nd Years [Reviews - 219]


Messrs. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs -- These names are known by every person in Hogwarts. These names, and an envelope with a scarlet wax seal bearing the letters: MWPP.

The teachers dread it, the students revel in it...but who are these 'Marauders,' as they are called? That's just it. Nobody knows. Most every prank Hogwarts sees is at the hands of these mysterious Marauders, and the perpetrators always walk free. They could never be caught. You can’t catch phantoms.

Lily Evans is just as curious as the next student as to who these Marauders are, but her curiosity is transformed into a hungry need, when she receives a letter herself from a certain Mr. Prongs. [This story is slightly AU, but more on that in the author's note at the end.]

Categories: James/Lily Genre: Warnings: Alternate Universe

Word count: 12035 Chapters: 5 Completed: Yes
10/18/05 Updated: 01/28/06

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 11/13/05 Title: Chapter 3: Pass the Potatoes

that was really good.. What did James mean when he said he'd just sent the last one?.. I don't like cliff hangers! 10

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 11/22/05 Title: Chapter 4: Gregory the Smarmy

that was really well written.. but I really don't like cliff hangers. but hey.. Keep up dating bith of your stories.. I want to know what happens in both of them.

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 02/02/06 Title: Chapter 5: I do.

wow.. its done! ya! i really enjoyed reading this story.. and now its over so I can enjoy it over and over and over and over again. Ya! very well done.

Author's Response: Thank you peachesandcream! :)


Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun by enoimreh
Rated: Professors [Reviews - 38]

Summary: And to top it all, he had found himself a girl. And not just any girl. A girl worthy of touching a Malfoy, quite a difficult requirement to meet.

Categories: Draco/Ginny Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 6966 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
11/27/05 Updated: 11/27/05

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 01/17/06 Title: Chapter 1: Secrets, Secrets Are No Fun

that was a very well written chapter.. I especially liked the last little interlude. And I likeed mr. weaslys reaction when he walked in on draco and ginnt. please update it very soon!


From Which There Is No Return by Eilime
Rated: Professors [Reviews - 76]

Summary: It is Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s last year at Hogwarts and with wishes of nice endings to their school careers it is certain that such a thing does not exist. From the very beginning Harry finds himself in danger caused by none other than Draco Malfoy. Adolescent quarrel leads to a dead end for the Gryffindor hero. With an inexplicable connection to a person he had never thought trustworthy, Harry must go through yet more perils. And when love makes an unnecessary appearance for five youngsters, everything gets even more complicated. Now complete!

Harry/Hermione, Ron/Hermione, Draco/Utter and Complete Loneliness, Draco/Ginny, Ginny/Seamus

Categories: General Fics Genre: Warnings: Character Death, Violence

Word count: 49735 Chapters: 10 Completed: Yes
12/08/05 Updated: 10/02/06

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 01/07/06 Title: Chapter 6: Incarceration

that was a really good chapter.. I liked how long it took Harry and Ron to remember Malfoy.. and Malfoy was really good in this cahpter.. you should update this story as well as forbidden

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked Draco, too!

Reviewer: peachesandcream Signed
Date: 01/27/06 Title: Chapter 8: Emancipation

wow.. I just screamed. I love it but I hate it. it makes me want to cry.. but you wrote it very well.. you'd better finish this story very soon.

Author's Response: I understand your love/hate situation. But thank you, I'm glad you liked it!

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