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Curse of the Reapers by deanine

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: A different sort of alternate universe... It is a world under the thumb of an ancient emperor. Muggle society has been oppressed beyond recognition. Wizards rule over all, their only laws defined by power. This is the story of a rebellion, a family, a traitor, and the long road that leads home at last.
Reviewer: Fortescue Signed
Date: 07/14/12 Title: Chapter 25: Moving Up in the World

The amount of detail you put into this new and fascinating world is amazing. I just found this story a couple days ago and I'm so glad I did. The way you deal with parallel characters and change them to fit the dystopia they've lived in is brilliant. I especially love the characterization of Hermione. She retains the essential Hermione flair for learning, but has obviously lived a much harsher life that leaves her understandably frustrated and less willing to trust the system.
Harry seems the most changed, in fact one could argue he's had a better childhood than in canon. After all, Harry has had more love and friendship in this life in the form of his sister (and later Hermione) than he ever experienced underneath the Dursley's staircase. Perhaps this helps explain his increased willingness to reach out to others like Draco. He certainly seems less willing to attach himself solely to one core group of friends.
I do hope Fred makes it out of this story alright. Although somehow his future doesn't appear very bright... poor Fred and George.
The way your story tends to imitate events in canon is very fun. The Remus and Tonks/Nyt story line is especially gratifying. I love that they've met up. I do wonder where other canon characters are lurking. If Bellatrix married into the Lestrange line again will she crop up as a Turpin? I was thinking it possible she was Mabel, but there personalities too dissimilar and there's no obvious reason why her first name would be different... hmm all just have to wait for answers and I have so many questions. *sigh*
I'm glad to see from your author's notes that you've been updating regularly. I am definitely looking forward to reading more.

Snape's Son by FearlessFlyer

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Severus Snape's life was a mystery except to the very few that knew him well. Having a child was just one of his many secrets. This story is about Liam Snape and the family who raised him.
Reviewer: Fortescue Signed
Date: 07/17/12 Title: Chapter 1: Snape's Son

Very nice. I do appreciate finding stories that are short and sweet.
Adding Snape's son to the family mix, makes it a refreshing take on new generation stories.
It was nice having it start with Liam at 21. It was an interesting way to go about telling the story. I think most people probably would've gone about telling 20 chapter fic (or longer) taking the reader through Liam's entire childhood. This achieved the same effect in a fraction of the length. You have definitely proved that it can be beneficial to let the reader's imagination fill in the gaps. It reminds me a lot of how Rowling handled the epilogue, merely hinting at the family dynamics and the friendships that have formed without going over board in explanation.
I loved the blurb about Ron (I wonder if stories about Ron's driving skills and having to confound people occur at every Kings Cross meeting)
You handled this idea masterfully, it was a great story.

Author's Response:

Thank you, again! I can't believe that I missed this review.

I'm glad that you appreciate the short and sweet. Some stories are better off that way. It's frustrating for me to explain to readers who beg for more that a story will never be more than how it came to me.

I'm so glad that you enjoyed this.

Alexandra Quick and the Stars Above by Inverarity

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Alexandra Quick has discovered the dark secret at the heart of the Confederation, survived a visit to the Lands Beyond, and been given seven years to live. Now she's determined to cheat her fate and see justice done. Standing in her way is a vengeful conspiracy and secrets even she is not prepared for. She'll need the help of her friends and loved ones, but even that may not be enough against the power of the Stars Above.

This is book four of the Alexandra Quick series. For more information, see the Quickipedia .

View cover art and other images .
Reviewer: Fortescue Signed
Date: 01/28/13 Title: Chapter 39: Without a Wand

I've been reading your Alexander Quick novels obsessively for the past week and I must say I am blown away. The level of care you've taken in developing an American wizarding culture is astounding. The Harry Potter universe is still there propping it up, but you've taken this story far beyond the normal realm of fanfiction. At first I couldn't stop thinking about Harry, Ron, Hermione, ect living in Britain and I was secretly hoping that Alex might take a trip across the Atlantic... and just happen to bump into them, but that desire has long since been smothered. You created characters that I want to keep coming back to for their own sake.
I think my only concern is that while you've given Alexander a large circle of interesting friends and family you haven't really given them a chance to shine. Anna and Julia remain little more than occasional confidants whom Alex goes to for moral grounding and the Alexandra Committee has become merely a group of researchers who were never able to truly take part in the action. Alexandra adventures are exiting and full of bravery, but they offer little of the unbreakable bonds of friendship through thick and thin that defined the Harry Potter series and most great adventure stories.
That being said I look forward to the release of AQATWA immensely. I hope Alexandra continues to do some growing up in her relationships with the numerous parental figures. (I was thrilled to see a few rays of hope shine through to the Claudia/Archie/Alex family). Alexandra's tale will no doubt be stuck in my mind for quite some time and it is with baited breath that I wait for book 5, but at least now I'll be able to get some actual work done :)

Becoming Calla by FearlessFlyer

Rated: 6th-7th Years •


Muggle-born Calla thinks she is prepared for life at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. After all, her parents both went to boarding school, so what could be so different?

Calla soon finds out that expectations are never the same as reality, and learns more than she ever thought she would about loyalty, friendship, good and evil.

A/N: This story takes place during the Next Generation era. JKR’s characters have small parts throughout, but are not the main characters. I’m continuing in the alternate universe I began in Snape’s Son.

The rating for most of the story is 3-5th years, with warnings for the end chapters.

Reviewer: Fortescue Signed
Date: 09/14/12 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6 Observations

I just realized I never reviewed this chapter even though I read it weeks ago. Well I'll rectify that now.
It's nice to see Calla spending some quality quidditch time and getting away from the posse for a little while. It certainly sounds as if she's well on her way to leaving the group; she has realized (at least to an extent) that her position in this group isn't doing her any favors. I started laughing at the part where Audrina and Sophie attempt to lure in the guys while Calla just starts having a normal conversation about sports, hands down the better way to make friends. Gods, it would be so easy for Calla to find better friends, she could just hang out with the guys... but then I suppose there would be very little story to tell. And if I must be honest, despite her tomboyish sportyness she sounds tremendously attached to having girl friends.
I'm curious to see where the main conflict of the story will come. You stated that you're just setting the scene, but will there be an adventure of Harry Potter proportions or a tale of teenage rivalry and growing up?
Thanks for the chapter (and sorry I didn't review earlier)

Author's Response: The main conflict will be somewhat inbetween the two. I don't think many fanfic writers could top JK Rowling's tale of how Harry Potter saves the wizarding world from Voldemort. Calla, despite being tomboyish and sporty, has always had girlfriends. Up until now, her girlfriends have always shared common interests with her. Hanging with Audrina's group has been a little bit of a stretch for Calla, and *major hint* we shall soon see what this will lead to! I'm thrilled that you laughed at something I've written! I don't consider myself a comedy writer. I find so many amusing things in real life, and I try to incorporate that point of view into my stories. It always makes me smile when someone else "gets" it. Thanks for reviewing once again! You are one of the most faithful.

Reviewer: Fortescue Signed
Date: 07/17/12 Title: Chapter 4: Chapter 4 Connections

Great story. I'm looking forward to reading more.
I like how you're using mostly new characters instead of relying on the Potter/Weasley cast. It adds more interest and keeps your story fresh and exciting. Seeing the world through Calla's eyes is wonderfully reminiscent of Harry's experience entering the wizarding world from a muggle background. But aside from that similarity there paths clearly diverge and we have a nice view of the slytherin experience. You've done an excellent job making Calla both endearing and filled with faults. It's clear that her desire to rise in a social hierarchy dominated a pure blood will bring her more trouble than it's worth. I'm looking to watching her grow and develop the self confidence necessary to realize she doesn't need the acceptance of Audrina and Sophie.
Well done. I can't wait for more.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm humbled that you compared my portrayal of Calla's first year to JKR's depiction of Harry's experiences when he becomes a student at Hogwarts. Wow! I've loved fleshing out her character so far, and there will be a lot more goofs and surprises from her as the story continues. I've been traveling on and off during these summer months, but am starting to settle back back into things. My muse was not happy with me for a while there. I have another chapter coming up - hopefully soon!

Reviewer: Fortescue Signed
Date: 08/21/12 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5 Be Careful What You Wish For

Well this chapter turned in ways I didn't expect it to.
I'm surprised Calla seems to have such a low self esteem. She has a supportive family, she's talented in athletics, which usually gives kids confidence, she even has ties to the wizarding world through Harry, yet she's so easily duped into playing the dag-a-long to Sophie and Audrina. But then I suppose at that age having bossy friends is better than none at all and she didn't really take to Fiona.
All of Calla's year in the Slytherin girls gang didn't make squirm as much as Ginny's comment. It was almost word for word Aunt Marge. Hearing that from Aunt Marge was disgusting, but hearing it from a character I like makes me feel a little sick inside. It makes me realize how easy it is to have that gut reaction.
Thanks for the chapter, it was wonderful (though I do hope the next one makes me feel a little happier inside :)

Author's Response: Thank you for another thoughtful review. Yes, you would think that Calla had enough self esteem and backbone not to fall for the lure of hanging out with the popular group. Despite the fact that (on paper) Calla should have the self confidence she needs to avoid this, she has been put into a brand new situation with brand new rules. The age group that I've put her in is an especially brutal one, and can lead kids to make all kinds of bad choices. Thus, the title of Chapter 5, "Be Careful What You Wish For," is dealing with the consequences of some of the character's choices. Calla's a Muggleborn, and has been Sorted into Slytherin. This alone makes her feel she has a lot to learn and catch up with. And although Dudley's comments about making sure she hangs out with the right people were probably more of a generic form of encouragement as Calla left home, it looks as if she took them very seriously. I also have Calla being the youngest girl in her year, putting her at another disadvantage. In the tween to early teen years there can be a huge disparity in the physical and emotional maturity levels among kids who are the same age. Sophie and Audrina's birthdays are both in September, making them twelve to Calla's eleven when they begin their first year. I've not said so specifically in the story, but I see both of these girls having physically matured early as well. Yes, and then there's Ginny. Aunt Marge's comments about bad bloodlines were what sent Harry over the edge, causing Marge's subsequent blow-up in PoA. I still find this scene one of the funniest parts of the movie. I'm not trying to make Ginny another Aunt Marge. Let's just say that particular comment was a minor aberration, whether or not she felt it justifiable. Ginny's not the judgmental type, but I can see her holding a rather large grudge against Vernon and Petunia for their treatment of Harry when he was a boy. My story is a tale of a girl's coming of age (though not age 17 - that would have to be another story), and there will be numerous pitfalls for her along the road. So, hang in there, and buckle your seat belt. Things might get worse before they get better, and there definitely will be some surprises! I promise that eventually you will feel happier :) I've had a good time responding to your review, 'cuz there's nothing I like more than discussing my characters.