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hey, i'm sara, and i just adore harry potter! all seven books in the series are exquisite, and the fanfiction is generally pretty awesome too! some other favorite books of mine include: lord of the rings, pride and prejudice, wheel of time series, any books by shannon hale, terry pratchett, gerald morris or l.a. meyer, and many others that i'm inconveniently forgetting...

so, now that you know a little bit more about moi, i'll end by saying this little tid-bit: i love to read, i love to write and i love reviews. the three "r's". so how about i write, and you guys read and review, yes? great! oh, but please don't get angry at the three-month long gaps in between updates...

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A Hand in the Wolf's Mouth by ProfPosky

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: While out purchasing potions equipment, Severus Snape runs into a mysterious stranger who tells him the story of Tyr and the wolf. Will it fall on deaf ears, or will Severus listen and hear the words intended to guide him? Rated 3rd-5th years for very mild language.

This is an entry by ProfPosky for Gryffindor House in the New Year's Challenges, challenge three, Myth and Magic.
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 03/07/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

congrats on winning the challenge! this story was puzzling, well-written, flowing, clever, and great! i liked it a lot, and like the fact that it shows snape as he is, yet in an almost neutral light. great job!

Sparks and Mud by greennotebook

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: A 4-part chronicle of the collapse of the relationships between Hogwarts's Four Founders, "Sparks and Mud" follows the founders through the year that ended their ability to work together, yet inevitably set Hogwarts onto the path it is on today. Through a smattering of romance, friendship, humor, and of course, tragedy, find out how the promise contained in the relationship of the founders fell apart into sparks and mud.

Mentions of violence in later chapters- nothing big, but I'm putting the warning up anyway.
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 05/04/07 Title: Chapter 4: The Earth Beneath My Feet

wow. this is excellent. i'm not a huge founder-fic fan, but this was very good. i loved how you didn't overplay their qualities (e.g, make godric unbelievably brave and rowena so studious that she only likes to read and be antisocial) but they were definitely there. i think that it's good also how you didn't automatically make gryffindor the good guy and slytherin that bad guy. if anything, it was portrayed as the opposite.

the plot was wonderful--although this was only a four-piece fanfic, and there wasn't much of a really intense or exciting plot, the story was important, and you told it wonderfully. it was very believable, and i love your writing style. i could honestly believe that j.k.r. herself had written this (or maybe some other author, since you don't really have jo's writing style, but still--it could be a book!)

i didn't catch any grammar mistakes or spelling errors, and since i loved your story, then i guess it deserves a 10000000/10 (even though you can't rate the stories anymore :) great job, i can't wait to read other stories of yours!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the compliments to my writing style especially, and also to my characterizations. When I set out to write this piece, it was with the deliberate attempt of avoiding the paper-thin cliches. I am glad to see that you think I have done a good job.

Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 05/04/07 Title: Chapter 1: A Fiery Blaze of Glory

oh, i know i just reviewed, but i was looking at eponine's review and how they said that everything you write has significance; i totally agree, and it makes me think of margaret atwood. i don't know if you are familiar with her writing, but my english class just read the handmaid's tale and i fould that every single sentence in that book was infused with meaning--i feel the same way about your story! again, excellent job on your first fic!

Author's Response: Maragaret Atwood.... now that is quite a compliment! Oh, and don\'t ever worry about reviewing a second time. ;-) Thank you again!

Becoming Judas by Visceral Love

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: I read in a book somewhere in a book that greatest virtue of a man is his ambition. It lied. Books always lie. People always lie. I had ambition, just a little, an ambition to love, to have a life other than the scraps of other people's lifes. I could not be happy with what I should have been happy with. I wanted more. Desire is a dangerous thing and in the end only led to me finding one thing. And it was not love. It was simply something worth a little more than silver.
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 11/13/08 Title: Chapter 1: Finding Judas

wow. this is a very powerful story. i like the depth you give peter's character, and how everything is slightly tainted by his point of view. also, how you really emphasize his lack of self-esteem, and show how that shapes his decisions. this was really well-written and tragic, and i liked it a lot! great job.


Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 05/17/07 Title: None

ooh, good story! keep it up (sry that my review's short, but i'm really tired. just wanted to let you know i like this story.) good job ;D

Author's Response: Thank you! Short reviews are fine! I just like to know people are reading and enjoying it. Thanks a bunch!

Stolen Kisses by joybelle423

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: CoS missing moment.

'It's that Ravenclaw prefect, Penelope Clearwater,' said Ginny. 'That's who he was writing to all last summer. He's been meeting her all over the school in secret. I walked in on them kissing in an empty classroom one day ...'
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 06/18/07 Title: Chapter 1: Stolen Kisses

very good! percy was quite well done. you kept him in character, yet managed to make him...how shall i say it...normal? so great job with him. and penelope was also good--since we didn't really know anthing about her, i'd say you did a good job making her up. that was well-written, short and sweet and fluffy--great job!

A Lost Love by Sly Severus

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Love is not something that Severus Snape ever expected to feel, but when he felt it, he tried to hold on to it. He tried to keep the woman he cared for safe, but in the end, he failed.

Written for Animagus Studies.
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 07/04/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

wow. first review? why? this story deserves some reviews! anyway, i liked this one-shot pretty well. i like the idea of it, i guess i should say--it was a bit to short and abrupt for my liking. it seems like you introduced amelia, gave us the setting, and then enter snape, they argue a bit, and she dies. i think you could flesh it out just a bit.

as to characterization, i think you did well on some parts and not-so-well on other parts. for example, with snape, i really like what you did at the very end. "snape," squeaked the annoying voice of wormtail. one of the inescapable marauders." i like it because it shows snape's annoyance and the inescapable marauders part is great--that's a great way to describe the marauders for snape. also, when snape realizes that peter doesn't want to tell him something, and he jumps up and snarls "what happened?" that shows a key part in snape's character; his temper. this part, however, i;m not so sure about: “I don’t care what happens to me,” he snapped. “I care what happens to you. That night may have been meaningless to you, but it wasn’t to me. I have watched you for years. I have always wanted that night to be a reality and then you finally gave me what I wanted. You know me, Amelia. You know how hard it is for me to admit to something like that.” i agree that it is necessary for him to admit this, or there would be no story, but don't just tell us that it's hard for him to admit it; show us. how does he act, how does he say this, etc. the same goes for amelia. when she says She did know how hard it was for him. Therefore, she decided that she owed him the truth. “That night wasn’t meaningless to me,” she told him, taking his hand. “You’re not meaningless to me. I care what happens to you. i think that's a little too...two dimensional. you don't make her uncomfortable as sshe says it, though it would seem that if she really had used the excuse of alcohol for the only reason she liked snape, then it's a little hard to believe that she would just admit her love to him then and there, without any discomfort. similarily, i would think that snape would be happy that she really did like him for who he was, yet any joyful feelings we don't see him express. so a little more detail and characterization there would be wonderful.

something i really like about this story is some of the little details you put in that make it so much better. for example, i really like how you refer to harry's trial; it gives us an idea of amelia's character. also how you acknowledge amelia's closeness to susan in mentioning that they talk, and that amelia is nervous about her. here are some other good things that caught my eye:

Sipping her drink, she tried to think of a rational way to approach the situation. She knew the Ministry was working everyone to exhaustion; but in the end, they weren’t really doing anything. They were only trying to appease the public. They didn’t have a clue how to go about stopping Voldemort, and sadly, neither did she. i like this because it really does capture the spirit of the ministry!

He was in no mood to celebrate some pointless feat. He wanted to be left alone with his misery. Working on both sides of the war was becoming tiring and in that moment, he simply wanted to be left alone. this is so very snape-ish that it's simply delectable! great job there.

He saw her at Order meetings, but she acted as though their conversation had never taken place. Stubbornly, she continued to behave as though nothing was amiss and he could not stop her. that is good because it really shows very well amelia's stubborn nature.

my last comment is this: i love the ending. it is so abrupt, i really like how you don't explain snape's feelings or anything--you leave us room to wonder, and it's really just a good ending place. almost as if with the end of amelia's life, the end of the story, comes the end of snape's even minute happiness.

good job on this! it could use some work, but overall, very enjoyable. 8/10 ^__^

Author's Response: Thanks for the review. You made some good points and gave me something to think about. So thank you. I\'m also glad that you enjoyed the fic overall. :D

Her Broken Wings by Pepper Imp

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Carmen Isabella Reid has come back to school for her fifth year. But she finds that the school isn't as enjoyable as it used to be: Carmen's growing feelings for the resident Potions Master are getting harder to conceal...

Part 1 of my "See the Sky" Trilogy

Rated for later chapters.
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 07/07/07 Title: Chapter 1: Clipped Wings

i really like this so far! it seems like a believable story line, not too cliche, and i like how you gave us the whole first chapter to get to know carmen, who seems like a very real, nice character. i'm looking forward to more!

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

Polly by Soap

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Everything is going swimmingly in the lives of Sirius Black and Hermione Granger. But that doesn't make a very good story, does it?

Everything is going swimmingly UNTIL the Ministry (infiltrated by several former Death Eaters) passes a horrifying new law that threatens their relationship. How will they cope with this new situation? And will Ron ever learn to say the right thing at the right time?

The much-begged-for sequel to "Smells Like Sirius Black".
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 07/18/07 Title: Chapter 6: With kisses for her and for him and for her...

oh. my. good lord above! how on earth could you just end the chapter like that! this was insane--very well written but altogether too short! i enjoyed it very much nonetheless though, keep writing!

Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 08/08/07 Title: Chapter 9: A Hearing and a Meeting

wow, you're updating super fast, and with good chapters too! they're exciting and fast-paced, as well as very well-written. great job!

Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 09/16/07 Title: Chapter 13: As It Should Be

good job. i sort of liked "smells like sirius black "more, but this was a good sequel, it tied everything up very neatly. and the updates were fast! i liked it a lot, thanks for writing it!

Always Watching by joybelle423

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: He was a Slytherin, she knew, one of the infamous Blacks. Emmeline had caught him staring at her a few times, but she knew he was only trying to make her feel uncomfortable. A lesser girl would have been, but Emmeline was only mildly amused by his attempt. It would take much more than a pair of dark, unblinking eyes to unsettle her.

Written for Marie/electronicquillster for the hprare_exchange of spring 2007 on LiveJournal.

Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 01/19/08 Title: Chapter 1: Always Watching

oh my goodness, this was amazing! i love the story idea, and the characterization of emmeline was perfect. you described her feelings so well, i could really relate to her and understand her. everything was realistic and loverly and very descriptive and well-written. oh, and i love regulus. he's just adorable, of course! and i like the fact that he and sirius don't seem to totally hate each other! great job with this story, i really liked it!

Paved With Good Intentions by shewhoguards

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: What do you do when you find a baby with your morning milk?
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 10/10/07 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

oh wow. this was really good! i loved petunia's character, it's so realistic, and the way they both treat harry is sad and very like the book. great job, i really liked this!

Diamonds of Glass by Gin_Drinka

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: There are rules about who he can be. There are rules about who he can love. And there are rules about how much peole are really worth.

Severus Snape doesn't agree with the rules.

There might still be a little hope left to be had, because you can find diamonds in mounds of broken glass.
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 12/08/07 Title: Chapter 1: Diamonds of Glass

wow, this was wonderful! the blunt storytelling was really effective at setting a tone and a mood, and poor severus' life and hopefulness and then heartbreak were so sad! it made me want to cry, really. this was really well written, very emotional, great job!

Author's Response: Thanks! I\'m so glad you liked it, really!

Finding Someone New by LilyGinnyWrites92

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: It's the Marauders' Seventh Year, and Remus, Peter, and Sirius are getting tired of James mooning over Lily. Their solution? Write an anonymous love letter, and leave it a classroom!

I'm sorry, but this fic is going on semi-permanent hiatus. I ran out of ideas
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 03/11/08 Title: Chapter 2: Reactions

i like the direction this story is going. it seems funny and interesting, and a unique way to tell the falling-in-love-with-letters story for lily and james. i like the characters too, so overall good job! i'd ask you to update soon, but what with the queue being unofficially closed...slow updates will be understood!

Breaking Ground by Nyruserra

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Somehow, the barn was the last place he wanted to face her. And frankly, the goat was definitely not helping matters.
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 01/22/08 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

lovely, lovely piece of writing! this is a wonderfully unexpected story, and i really enjoyed the irish touch, with the accents and tidbit of mythology and gaelic. the writing was wonderful as well, very flowing and descriptive, and the dialogue was excellent. overall very well written and a well thought-out story. great job, i really liked it! and i'm very sorry about your grandfather, but i'm glad you're writing again! keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you! I have to admit, I enjoy the research part of any story :-)

Looking and Seeing by fawkes_07

Rated: Professors •
Summary: Set in a world where HBP and DH never unfolded, Draco Malfoy finds himself facing an unnerving challenge: making peace with Hermione Granger.
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 11/03/08 Title: Chapter 10: Chapter 10

wow, this is really good! the characterization of draco and his gradual change is excellent, and hermione's situation is so heartbreaking and sympathy inducing. you tell the story very well, it's quite smooth, and the plot is interesting. i'm looking forward to an update!

Author's Response: Thanks! I have about 10 more chapters finished on this story but I forget to post them. Heh. Keep reviewing and remind me...

Kill Me Now by R_Ravenclaw

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Hermione is Draco's new boss. In this situation comes hatred, arguments, and maybe even some passion.

This was written for the Dumbledore's Hat Fic Exchange in the SBBC. My quote was: "Granger, I really can't believe what sort of crap I have to do for my job." (from a poem by coppercurls) Nikki, this is yours. I hope you like it.
Reviewer: lilyevans91 Signed
Date: 11/03/08 Title: Chapter 1: Kill Me Now

very lovely! quite romantic and funny and i did like the gilmore girls allusion! overall, great job.