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The Daughter of Light by Magical Maeve

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: An Irish witch languishes in the darkness of her family home, confined by her father and circumstances. What will it take to bring her out of this exile? The chance to return to Hogwarts? The opportunity to participate in the fight against Voldemort and his Death Eaters? Or will it be Severus Snape, a man she did not expect to see again in her lifetime?

This is canon compliant to OoTP but written pre-HBP.

Reviews and constructive criticism are most welcome, and thanks go to Ashwinder who kindly beta read the chapters for me. :-)

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 03/25/05 Title: Chapter 17: Practical Pranksters

In my opinion, your story has only got one single fault - the chapters are too long for my time! :) No, don't get me wrong, I really do love them, the longer the better - I just wish I had more time. Now, there is something I'm wondering about. Percy seems to be on good foot with Dumbledore, but why would Dumbledore take Percy "under his wings" if he was still such a git about his family? Dumbledore is, after all, a close friend of the Weasleys... I suppose the story will give me an answer, in good time. Until then, I'd like to remove my hat (although I'm not wearing one) and bowe in a very Robin Hood-like way to salute your story. It's very cool indeed! ;) /Fantasium

Author's Response: You will have to wait for the explanation for Percy's presence. It may even not be explained in this story but in its sequel....I can hear you all groaning at the prospect of another monster fic! LOL. On the plus side percy will be glad to be written into the background a little at this point because I was going to kill him. he's been spared for now!

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 05/21/05 Title: Chapter 37: The Debt Remains Unpaid

Very interesting! I feel sorry for Lugh, as you wrote none of it is his fault. At the same time, why must the immortals always speak in riddles and prophecies when there is plenty of time, and not give the facts until it's absolutely necessairy? Your Harry is growing in the space you're giving him, good to see. Maeve's visit to Alice was touching and I can just picture Mrs Longbottom's reaction when Alice stops giving Neville the gum wrappers. I'm still bemused with myself that I actually LIKE the relationship between Maeve and Severus, although he might be a "miserable ball of nastiness". :) They do compliment each other and I enjoy how you so expertly write the emotions flowing between them. Your promise of a sequel makes me very happy, can't think of a story I would like more of than this one. But before that, I'm looking forward to the end of "The Daughter of Light" (it felt ever so strange to write that, but it's true).

Author's Response: It feels ever so strange to be writing the final chapter! I'm about halfway done now and there really is a sense of the whole story winding down. It scares me just how much Severus and Maeve compliment each other... it shouldn't work but it does! I'm glad you felt that Lugh was a little bit of a sympathetic character here. I didn't want him to be too connected with them but she is his daughter and he had to feel something, despite his godly demeanour. I also think it's nice to know that even gods get frustrated too!

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 04/21/05 Title: Chapter 34: Towards Deliverance

I have no nails left! Maeve, this is exciting beyond my words! And you simply CAN'T leave us hanging like that! *sigh* I really admire the way you wrote Roderick and Bellatrix in the rose garden, especially the descriptions of Bella, you made me feel the cold she emitted and smell her unpleasant odour. Awful, but brilliant! I'm so curious about Voldemort's heart (I wasn't even sure he had one?) and I allow myself to speculate if it has something to do with the blood he stole from Harry? Maeve, I'm enjoying this so much and I'm checking for updates every day, but still I have a feeling that this only the very beginning and I can't but wait for the day when I get to read your own original work. It will be something well worth waiting for, I am more than sure. Now, for Merlin's sake, GET ON WITH THE WRITING AND GIVE ME CHAPTER 35! ;)

Author's Response: Thank you! I’m almost done with chapter 35 now; it’s been a tough one. I think because this was the chapter where everything had to happen it’s been harder to write than the others. We’ll see if you think it’s worth the wait. I’m still working with the plot as I write so who knows what will happen at the end! I’m as excited as you about that. At this point there will be one, possibly two more chapters and then an epilogue…so we’re nearly there.

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 03/23/05 Title: Chapter 15: The End of the Beginning

It's a lovely, sunny day down in Hampshire, but am I outside with my dog friends? No, I'm glued to the pc screen, reading. :) I must apologise for not reviewing again until now - I've enjoyed every chapter so much, it's almost unbelievable how good your story is - never a dull moment, but at the same time it doesn't stress me and nothing happens without a reason. There is no perticular reason I chose to review this chapter, I keep going over the whole story in my head (and the dogs throw me odd looks when I glance over and suddenly smile). I wonder what's going to happen with Maeve romantically, although that's not so important. I think about that man she met on the train, when he is going to re-appear. And I clench my fists when I think of Niall (luckily the cheysuli one was nicer...), what a horrible man you've made up - I hope he is made up? I suspect I will see Alice sooner or later in your story and I wonder what you will do to her? She's not much use in her current state, but will she "be back" or will her son take her place? And most importantly, at the moment, I cross my fingers and wish that Arthur isn't dead - because you actually didn't say so, did you? But on the other hand, why would Molly cry so badly again if not? Oh, this is no good, I must continue reading. All the best, /Anna

Author's Response: Niall is more or less made up....but I've known people with some of his traits. I am undecided about Alice at the moment. She's playing her part...albeit a non-speaking one and Neville is getting involved with the story more and more. As for Maeve and romance...well all I will say is it's not going to be an easy ride for her. I am really glad you are enjoying the story so much because it gives me so much pleaseure to write it.

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 05/02/05 Title: Chapter 35: An Unquenchable Fire

It's difficult now, not to get repetitive, but this is just so good! A chapter well worth waiting for. I really liked Harry in it, a bit childish in his wondering about the ravens, clearly very scared when he addressed Severus as "Sir" and also cheeky with his "But it sodding hurts." I have always liked Harry, of course, we all like him don't we? But your story obviously takes him out of the spotlight and shows him in other circumstances where he's still himself but... different... Not very clear of me, but the story still makes me like him more. :) I would really like if Remus could step in and do something, lately he's been a bit useless, frankly, mostly because of his emotions I suppose. But I want him to be someone, something, so badly - what if he could do something heroic? Something that doesn't involve him suffering too much, mind. If you do that, I volunteer to kick his butt to make him notice Tonks. Anyway, I don't think Abbeylara burning will be much of a problem, maybe it will serve to set Maeve free even more than before. Also, I'm so curious about the contents of the necklace. This story is never dull, and I shall enjoy it to the very last word. Wonderful!

Author's Response: I've really tried to beef up Remus' part but he's being so soppy at the moment that it's proving impossible. he seems to be just along fro the ride in these later chapters. We'll give him a kick and get him into shape for the next story. :-) And as you can see from the next chapter... Maeve does indeed feel set free by the demise of Abbeylara. But she's not entirely free just yet.

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 04/09/05 Title: Chapter 32: A Proposal

*silent* Well... well, that was unexpected! You completely caught me off guard, even with the chapter summary - I never dared to hope for that! I can't believe that anyone could create something this beautiful about Severus Snape, and without actually changing him. You're amazing, a-m-a-z-i-n-g! What I liked best about this chapter was "The atmosphere was sweet with the heady scent of early spring and she could almost have enjoyed drinking in the air.". To me, that is a perfect example of your writing beauty. It just describes the feeling spring gives me, the way it almost intoxicates you. Anyway, I could say so many things about the story and plotline, because they're just as fantastic, I do feel I've written enough. I'll just wait here, faithfully, for the next chapter! ;)

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 04/09/05 Title: Chapter 32: A Proposal

(Is the fact that I was the first to review a sign that I check for updates too often?)

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 06/29/05 Title: Chapter 41: Epilogue III

To begin this, I’m so glad there’s a sequel coming. The feeling I have now (or have had since last night when I read the last part) is exactly like after finishing a really, really good book. I know there’s more coming, but you’ve still managed to actually finish this, it’s completed in itself. I’ve only ever felt this from one fanfiction, that was The Long Road Home by the mighty Ashwinder.

The spell that Felicia is working, it’s so nice to see. In the earlier parts of the epilogue I wasn’t a 100% sure about her presence – nothing wrong with her as a character, of course, but that Remus should be lucky enough to find someone so soon. Now it’s right, especially with how you write him, he’s coming to that final closure I’ve been awaiting for a few chapters – good, I shan’t have to slap him. ;) Towards the end, you had a mighty good composed Remus, some of the strength, will and pride I still like to see with this man was back.
Sprout! :D She was so in place, and her attitude and words – Maeve, I can see how you manage to write the major characters so well, there is plenty of foundation for most of them, but taking Professor Sprout out of the greenhouses and making her talk of such things… *shakes head* So clever where you put her too, being busy with something that grows certainly added to a true Pomona Sprout. Maeve’s slightly naughty thought at the end of their conversation was well placed.

...they sat surrounded by the peace of nature gone wild. - beautiful, something so true and easy for me to relate to. The words, peace against wild, how you combine them. Old word-artist, there.

It was him! Oooh, how can you be so cool, not even remotely hinting it until now! And that you pick up your little red thread, we’ve known he was a party planner all since Maeve first met him – and so he ends up arranging her wedding. I know I said his ‘ending’ was brilliant and worthy, it was, but I am so glad he’s back! The ‘conversing via web’ was clever indeed, had me smiling widely.
The dark Jenny was interesting, I find myself wondering again why she’s introduced here and now. Will it be important, later, that she was attending the wedding? Or is she simply a teaser for the sequel, and the wedding was good place to introduce her? It shall be interesting to see.

Alas, the end. I’ve already said how it made me feel, but there’s more of course. Harry’s gift, Remus’ note, the Muggle tradition of dragging something along, and then, the final exchange of words and Severus’ thought. *sigh* What can I say? Spot-on, brilliant, well done!. I think I’ve said ‘thank you’ after each chapter, at least I should have, so what can I say now? If Jo was actually teaching us to write Harry Potter FanFiction, I know she would be pleased with you, so pleased that she would have to invent a new grade, above ‘O’. So, I suppose, Thank You! /Anna

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 03/20/05 Title: Chapter 4: Doubts and Devotion

I shake my head in disbelief, I do. This is not fanfiction at its best, this is not even JKR-like at its best - this is better. No, please don't smirk as if I was an all too easily impressed fan, I mean it. I love your way with words and I feel so spoilt getting to read this story, it's simply wonderful. Your words wash over me and I enjoy it like a cat curled up on a sunny windowsill. JKR may have created a wonderful universe for us, but I say your writing skill is greater than hers. Now, since you're spoiling me with this perfection, I must pick up on a tiny mistake. In the sentence: "She got to her feet wearily and wondered if she were really up to talking with him.", I presume it should have been "she was" as supposed to "she were". Just so you know. Now, I'm going to make myself another cup of tea and continue with the next chapter. /Fantasium

Author's Response: I'm too overwhelmed by your words to respond coherently. That is high praise indeed and I am so pleased you are enjoying something that I have enjoyed creating. Thank you so much! You know I'm looking at that sentence and I can't decide which is right. The tenses are dancing around and won't let me settle on one of them. I'm going to double check with my beta!

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 03/29/05 Title: Chapter 28: Why Didn't They Ask Snape?

I think this story is one of the best proofs that romance alone can never build a great tale. It takes so many other things, and you make sure we aren't after any simple snogging by letting us read chapter after chapter of amazing storyline, and then! when we're faithful, tied down and haven't got a chance whatsoever of ever escaping the story - you so kindly reward us with the most beautiful of love scenes. *sigh* I couldn't believe at first how you could hold it back for that long, so I was very relieved when I read your two one-shots and realised that you were as mortal as the rest of us (although I still doubt it!). I cheered inside when you hinted that sequel - I'll be there for it. For now, I've got two chapters to go until I'm up to date with the story, and believe me I'm going to make the most of them. And oh, I just have to mention - at the moment I live in the same house as a dog called Severus (who, would you believe it, doesn't get along at all with my own Sirius) and I have never actually associated him with Snape until now, when you have showed me the (at least rather) likeable man behind the dark robes. Thank you so much for sharing your words!

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 05/07/05 Title: Chapter 36: Scorched Souls

I still don't know how you do it, how you can get so much into every chapter. This one was perticularly packed with plot, emotions, descriptions, conversation and even a little humour. It's rather like a roasted pig for a starved viking. Starting with Roderick, I'm not sure what I want now. If this was the end of him, it was such a brilliant and worthy one that I'm completely satisfied with it. On the other hand, I wouldn't mind having him back with his charm and sarcasm. Remus is getting very close to a slap, but I suppose we all know what emotions like that can do with us. I guess I have to be patient with him. I still hope you're going to let him have his moment - I don't think the werewolf thing is 100% sorted out, is it? I really liked the "mature Harry" who popped up in the end, doing the right thing for his friend. I don't know what end you've planned for the story, but when I read the end of this chapter I sort of had a film playing in my head, an amateur film from Maeve's and Severus' wedding, it wasn't a big one but it was very beautiful. The air had both happiness and sadness about it, and a defenite closure. I don't want your story to end, but at the same time I know you're going to do it so wonderfully that I can't wait to read it. It's only you and one other person who make the waiting for HBP bearable - Thank You!

Author's Response: Roderick is a little bit addictive! I think he was a perfect match for Snape in the sarcasm department. the werewolf thing is unresolved at the moment...we will have to wait for the next full moon. remus isn't going to get his chance in this fic as it's coming t a close but over the summer he will get himself sorted out for the sequel. As for the end...well the epilogue will be either a funeral or a wedding...I haven't yet decided which. ;-) And thank you for all your wonderful compliments!

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 03/20/05 Title: Chapter 5: Moony Matters

This is SO good and I'm right in the middle of reading, I just want to take a minute to tell you, yet again, how much I enjoy the story. I only noticed one tiny thing in this chapter, the sentence "She nodded off on the sofa and was woken at 1am by the first howl; it ripped through the cottage and shattered the peace.", would have looked better with the words "at one o'clock in the morning". Nonsense, I know, but this story is worthy of perfection! ;) /Fantasium, a humble fan being awkward

Author's Response: Now that I completely agree with and I shall alter it. I love my reviewers when they pick up on these little jarring notes so thank you. And thank you again for continuing to review....it keeps us humble authors very happy indeed. :-)

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 06/01/05 Title: Chapter 38: Normality Returns

Brilliant. *deep breath* Brilliant, Maeve. What an excellent last few pharagraphs! And the final sentence... It just tied up the knot. Completed, but leaving at least me, and I suspect all of us, anticipating what is yet to come. And to give in for what's screaming inside me right now: Epilouge! Sequel! I want them NOW! *grumpy child-impression* Maybe a couple of words on the chapter... The thoughts and dialouge around Harry maturing were very nice, but the "The words came out in a sigh of frustration at not really knowing who his father had been." bit was so... well, it just wrapped up what Harry must really feel about them. He can of course not go around thinking about his absent parents all the time, but what you wrote is what his thoughts must lead him to most of the time when he does think about them. (mildly confusing at least myself with that sentence...) Dumbledore arranging the wedding, that should be interesting. As for Severus, I can only hope that he will become "less unkind" and enjoy his days with Maeve. I much enjoyed all her little thoughts around him, showing and proving that she actually does love him and feels that he loves her in return. It's been an honour to share your story, chapter by chapter. It has meant a lot to me, and I only hope my little reviews have meant something to a great writer like yourself, too. I will be back, be so sure, for everything that is to come. Thank you.

Author's Response: Oh thank goodness! I am so glad you liked Harry...I'm tearing my hair out with him and the fine line he must be treading between wanting to rage at the world and with growing up. And believe me, your reviews have meant an awful lot to me... I so look forward to reading them, you are one of the reviewers that makes wrting an absolute pleasure!

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 04/03/05 Title: Chapter 31: Oh, What a Tangled Web We Weave.

Oooh, what's going to happen to Draco now? I suppose he'll leave Hogwarts, one way or another... I can't wait to read the confrontation between Maeve and Severus, which has to come at some point - with your writing skill, I daresay it will be an interesting meeting. Also, will the potion work? Maeve, you make us wait at the edge of our pc chairs for next chapter! To say it simply - it's incredible.

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 06/26/05 Title: Chapter 40: Epilogue II

Finally! Maeve, you’re killing me here. Normally, I have endless hours of pc time every day and I can read as much as I want – but there’s hardly ever enough. But now, when this pc time is very much limited, you present this! For the first time, I actually had to read one of your chapters in two sittings. Ah, well, let’s get to it now! :)

It’s impossible to not mention the exchanges between Harry and Severus, both as they were walking to the church and then during Harry’s speech. You simply did it, the brief sign of understanding that I think must come between the two. Wonderful.
The Irish official – why on earth was his name Seamus Finnegan Etcetera? At first I thought he might be related somehow to a certain dorm-mate of Harry’s, but according to HP lexicon (I had to double check), he’s FinnIgan, not FinnEgan. I wouldn’t expect you to do a ‘Mark Evans’, but if Jo did it, then…? As for the shorter name, Finn, I know I have asked before, but are you sure you haven’t read the Cheysuli Chronicles? There’s a Maeve and a Niall in them, and also a Finn. Don’t you introduce an Alix, a Keely or a Brennan, then I’ll be highly suspicious! ;)

“At the far end of the church she could see the black-capped head of her lover and her heart leapt for him beneath the confines of her linen.” - this is where he stopped being Snape, or even Severus, and was finally just a man. The following lines and paragraphs only added to that. I can’t believe what you’ve done to this character, and still somehow kept him in, that’s right, character.
Remus, dear Remus. I’m so glad you were holding on to his sadness and regret, it would have been all too easy to let go of it and have him jolly, especially with the new arrival of Felicia, but his feelings and attitude further illustrates his character and it makes the werewolf a wizard. By the way, I share his opinion that “At first it may not appear the most conventional of pairings.” - not just Maeve/Severus, but Severus at all!

Excellent little JKR-tie-back with the socks, we’re still wondering about that, aren’t we? That’s truly amazing with your story, how you can totally write your own thing, still stay in character and in story.
Two nice H/G treats there (my heart, which is in charge, thinks that’s a winner), whereas Maeve’s love life is heavenly bright and colourful, you keep Harry’s completely JKR in tone.

Now… That spider! And the harp! Your not telling me he made it, are you? If you are, I am completely thrilled!
As always, thanks for your story, Maeve!

Author's Response: I'm not telling you anything about either the spider or the harp....*smirks*

Sorry about that mouthful of a name! It was just a quirk in an endless line of quirks that the mad Irishman had to have. I was actually thinking of Oscar Wilde and his impossible list of names when the idea came to me. And Finnigan/Finnegan is a fairly common name in Ireland, I never even thought of the other Seamus..well not until you just pointed it out to me...so, sorry for that little moment! He's definately not related. I might go and remove that Seamus actually, it's distracting now it's been pointed out! LOL As for Finn. Well, again, it's fairly common. I think of Finn and I think of Finn McCool (and one of my cousins!). I will have to go and root out this book now though! I think names are funny things in that, if you don't know the country they come from, they seem strange and unusual but to someone that comes from a country they are fairly commonplace. Maeve, Niall, Liam, Finn...all are fairly normal names for me but they do seem to have provoked a response both here and on the beta board.

I am so glad you saw the man at that altar. I think this has been one of the biggest challeneges for me. To take the canon Severus Snape and make him into an adult human male that would have feelings and needs beyond what we can see of him in canon. I've enjoyed writing this so much precisely because i can take these wonderful, wonderful characters and explore them, push them a little. To do that I had to take away the notion that we are looking at this from a child's perspective. And as Harry grows it will be interesting to see how Jo writes him...something we won't have to wait too much longer to see. He's sixteen now, that's got to give HBP a more mature feel. Anyway... yes, Severus is a man. I'm writing the wedding night at the moment (for my own gratification and that of a few friends! LOL) and he's definately all man in that!

Well Dumbledore had to give the socks, what else would he have given as a gift! LOL Harry and Ginny had to happen really. I'm not saying it will be a full-blown romance, but we had to have something in there.. everyone gets a little more open to suggestion on a wedding day..just look at Ron and his ogling of hermione's chest. :-)

Hope you like the final part and that any questions you may have about certain creatures are answered. *smirks again*

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 04/13/05 Title: Chapter 33: A Detour

Amazing again! I felt so sad about Bill after Maeve and Remus left the room, it hit me just like that. I think you're writing Charlie really well, he's reacting and developing like I would expect, taking up the mantle of the oldest son. I can't believe myself, but I'm actually feeling bad for Severus Snape! And that brief worry that you gave him, about Maeve and Remus, shows even more of his humanity. I liked Roderick's thread of thoughts, interesting for the story as well as expertly and beautifully written. And to finish it off, it's great how Harry followed Snape. I've been waiting for an opportunity for them to "co-operate" in Maeve's aid. Weather if they will do that, or if Severus (I've almost stopped thinking about him as 'Snape') will simply curse the wits out of Harry, I'll have to wait for you to tell me! :)

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 03/19/05 Title: Chapter 1: Flight.

How on EARTH could I have missed this story for so long? I have only read the first chapter so far, but I must admit that I'm very impressed. It's original, it's clever and your language is beautiful. I loved the first part with Maeve riding, I could feel the saddle under me, the horse moving (although it's been a couple of years now). I have to confess that Severus Snape isn't one of my favourite characters, but that only makes this story more interesting. I'm going to continue reading and I hope you will convince me that he is worthy of my attention! ;) By the way, have you read The Cheysuli Chronicles? They feature a man called Niall, and he has got a daughter called Maeve - is it a coincidence? Anyway, I'm going to continue reading now. All the best, /Fantasium

Author's Response: Well I'm glad you finally found it Fantasium! I really appreciate your kind comments and I just hope I can make you see Snape in a realistically better light. :-) I've never heard of The Cheysuli Chronicles but I am off to check Amazon now..but yes, it is a coincidence and I suppose, considering the popularity of the names not an unlikely one. I hope the situations not the same though!!LOL

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 06/14/05 Title: Chapter 39: Epilogue I

All right, finally pay-off for guarding the story like a possesive hawk! :) I really like the light tone and humour in this first part of the epilouge, at the same time as it has all of the things I like best with your story - the in-detail surroundings, the living characters, the little details that make me smile out of recognition.

Light-blue robes? Poor Severus! But with the hair cut and all, I bet that's going to the best he has looked, ever. Remus was perfectly written, especially around the groom, his comments showed just enough of the bitterness and envy he must feel, but at the same time the joy for a friend. I really liked the thought of him with a slight tan, looking a bit healthier. It's funny, I don't care as much as I should for him in general, and your story is not at all focused at him but still it makes me want him to be happy, more than any other work I've read.

Fred and George are priceless - what would the wizarding world be without them? You use them well, like you should, when you write. Ron also made me smile, I hope he'll take a good look at Hermione in the next part of the epilouge, on the contrary to what Felicia said I do think that they can notice. :) Talking of Felicia, interesting that you should introduce her in this last part... I shall be keeping an eye out for her in the sequel.

The white-washed cottage reminded me of one of Maeve's visions... And it made me want to take a trip to Ireland.
Ah, anyway, I shall be waiting for the second part of this higly enjoyable epilouge! Thanks, Maeve!

Author's Response: I had fun with Fred and geroge, although I've never written them before they just stepped up to the plaet and did their own talking, so I let them get on with it. :-) Felicia is an OC who was meant to have a very small part and provide the comedy at the beginning with Severus' hair... but she wasn't having any of that and invited herself to the wedding, naughty girl! I think I can safely say we will be seeing her again in the sequel. Hope you like the next part... I certainly enjoyed writing it! As for Remus, I couldn't not have him happy at the end. I'm glad you ended up being happy for him, he's a lovely, useful little character.

Molly & Arthur - The Beginning by GringottsVault711

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: It's Molly Prewett's fifth year - and her and the lovable-but-odd Arthur Weasley have been made Gryffindor Prefects. Molly begins to wonder if there's more to the way Arthur feels about her than she's ever realized.
Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 03/15/05 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 3: Competition

It's the stalker again, desperate for anything signed "GringottsVault711" - and I'm not disappointed with this. I picked up on a couple of tiny things (only mentioning them because I'm spoilt with your perfection). 1: "The two girls spun around, to find Arthur standing behind him, scanning the Daily Prophet." - I suppose it should be "behind them"? And 2: "“Oh…nothing. Amos asked me to Hogmseade next week?”" - The questionmark didn't quite fit in. Anyway, this "pairing" may not seem interesting to a lot of people (I didn't dive right into it myself, did I?), most seem to prefer Lily&James. But as always, it's so well written, so thought through and full of detail - I would probably read a story by you even if it was a Millicient Bulstrode/Nearly Headless Nick pairing. :) All the best - /Fantasium

Author's Response: Eep... I should watch out for those mistakes, shouldn't I? (lmao, I just wrote 'eye' instead of 'I'... but luckily I noticed, hehe) Thanks for the warm words again... Millicent and Nick? Interesting...

Reviewer: Fantasium Signed
Date: 03/15/05 Title: Chapter 8: Chapter 8: The Shane

“Ah… I don’t know. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if I still had these marks thirty years from now…” :) Excellent! *laughing in my teacup*