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I like the Hunger Games and Harry Potter currently. My fave character is Katie Bell in Harry Potter and Clove in the Hunger Games.

I ship KatieOliver, KatieGeorge, KatieFred and KatieMarcus. I also like DracoHermione and JamesLily.

For the Hunger Games, I ship CloveCato, FinnickAnnie and GaleMadge. No Everlark for meee!!

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Remember the Slytherins by iLuna17
Rated: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 63]

Summary: There is a thin line between love and hate. There is an even thinner line between Gryffindor and Slytherin; the willingness to do anything to achieve their goals. Gryffindors cannot see the big picture, and if they come to a decision to choose between the greater good and their loved ones or himself, they would sacrifice the world for their friends.

Slytherins are different. We know the value of sacrifice, but there is something else that separates us from those who wear red and gold. We will fight as hard as we can, in any way possible, even if it may be seen as unjustified or morally wrong. Gryffindors let their consciences get in the way of the greater goal. We don’t, but no one believes that we can fight for the right cause. They remember us as the evil, idiotic, or simply power hungry. They don’t remember us for what we are; who we are. We’re here to change that.

They will remember us, and they will remember us as those who fought all prejudice and cruelty simply because were were done with it. They will remember us, and the next time they think of a phoenix rising from the ashes they will remember this phrase:

Remember the Slytherins.

Nominated in the 2012 QSQ Awards - Next Gen/OC for Nick.

Categories: Next Generation Genre: Warnings: Abuse, Character Death, Mental Disorders, Strong Profanity, Suicide, Violence

Word count: 97777 Chapters: 23 Completed: No
12/15/11 Updated: 09/02/13

Reviewer: starlight dreamer Signed
Date: 03/18/12 Title: Chapter 1: Prolouge: The Week of Tears

This is very interesting. I like this idea, of Albus being in Slytherin, but I can't really picture his cousins and siblings being so horrible to him. I do understand that they would treat him a little differently, and their reaction very shocked, and maybe their relationship with Al shakier, but I don't think they'd really treat him so horribly. I think Harry would've at least tried to tell them not to prejudice against Slytherins. I think the relationship between Al and his cousins might've gotten worse, but not as bad as though they would've hexed him like any other Slytherin. They know Albus isn't a bad kid, as they've all known him for quite a long time, so they really shouldn't act so mean around him. This just seems slightly implausible, sorry.
Same thing with Piper. Hannah and Neville don't seem like the type to prejudice against Houses, they seem a lot like Harry. I know they're not really doing anything wrong, but it's not very likely that they would feel "betrayed" over little things like being in a different House. After all, it's their children--they should know that Piper isn't really evil or anything. She's really just the exact she person they'd known all along. This may come off as harsh, but it really bothers me.
On the other hand, the ending of this chapter seemed more like the ending for a one-shot. It's great and all, but I don't feel this need to continue reading even though there's more to this story. This would actually be a great one-shot in my honest opinion. I don't actually think the prejudice against Slytherins would be this huge, though. Even after Voldemort, I think Harry would've made it public that not all Slytherins are evil, and the Wizarding world would've changed its views a little bit and forgive. The hatred shown in this fic seems really over-reacted.
I quite like this fic so far, though. The point of view is really cool, and it makes me think about this in a different perspective.

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much for the review. :)

I get what you're saying about Al and Piper, but let me explain my reasoning. First off, I'm trying to make a dramatic statement. Also, I can tell you from experience, family doesn't always get along. My cousins and I . . . well, we're anything but close-knit. Also, their uncle was killed by Slytherins, and their entire family prejudiced against and tortured. And then their cousin, son of the Savior of the wizarding world, willingly goes to the people who did that. I think they would feel betrayed. As for Piper, Neville and Hannah were both tortured by Slytherins . . . and I picture that Hannah can hold a grudge. Plus, you never know how intense certain families are about certain things.

As for the chapter . . . I really wanted it to be cryptic. :) It was meant to sound more one-shoty, and I used it for a dramatic opener, I guess.

Thanks again for your amazing review. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far, and don't judge everyone too soon. ;)



Rid of Me by littlebird
Rated: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 31]


Hermione gets the cat, the flat, the food, and the furniture. Ron gets the family and friends. 

Harry gets the boot, his little book, the blame, and the shame. Ginny gets a new bloke and a haircut. 

'The One' is an insidious myth, and 'Meant To Be' smacks of a hope to which no one has a right.

It's a shame the two of them bought into it for so long. 

And it's too bad old habits are so hard to break.


Categories: Harry/Hermione Genre: Warnings: Epilogue? What Epilogue?, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Substance Abuse, Violence

Word count: 13434 Chapters: 5 Completed: No
12/19/11 Updated: 05/11/14

Reviewer: starlight dreamer Signed
Date: 03/18/12 Title: Chapter 1: Before

I must say, I don't particularly like Harry/Hermione fics, but your summary was so great that I just had to read it. :) Anyways, I'm not very good at constructive criticism, and I thought the prologue was great! The length was perfect--prologues shouldn't be all that long, but it was rather confusing to me, but I think it was just me... I really like it so far, though.

Author's Response: Hey, starlight dreamer, I'm using a non-linear structure, here. Something commonly referred to as the 'O' where the story begins at it's crisis, then immediately drops into flashback, from whence it will carry on until it once again reaches the crisis, and will then be resolved. So, yeah. I can see where it may be confusing, but it will all make sense in the end, I promise. I'm glad you liked it, though, and I hope I may have hooked you into returning. Thanks so much for reading and for the review! ~S~


Summary: ”For the next hour, I say that for every regret we have from this war, we take a shot. Then, we let them go, and we never mention them again.”

On the eve to the first new year after Voldemort’s death, Oliver Wood finds himself suffocating in emotions he just can’t place

Categories: Post-Hogwarts Genre: Warnings: Character Death, Mild Profanity, Substance Abuse

Word count: 2054 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
03/15/12 Updated: 03/15/12

Reviewer: starlight dreamer Signed
Date: 03/16/12 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

So the girl at the end was Hermione? Other than that, it was a great fic, interesting conversation between Oliver and Susan. :)

Author's Response: Hey, yeah, it was! You are the first person to pick that up :) Thanks for the review :D Maple

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