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I have been writing fan fiction for about one year -- reading it for about two and a half years. My earliest stories [i.e. Falling to Pieces, Dead Promises] are far from flawless. You are sure to find errors like grammar, characterisation, etc.



-Falling to Pieces
-Dead Promises
-Shivers of Pain
-A Mother's Heartbreak
-Porcelain Doll

On Hiatus:

Tarnished Soul

Beta Readers:

I'd like to thank the following beta readers with whom I'm currently working, or have worked with in the past:

-OuchKibble [Falling to Pieces]
-Sectumsempra [Dead Promises]
-Insecurity [Shivers of Pain; Unforgiven; Silent Tears of Remorse]
-songbook99 [A Mother's Heartbreak]
-Konrad [Tarnished Soul]
-Celestial Melody [Porcelain Doll]

Story Recommendations

-For Padma's Sake by Hermione Dancr
-Imperfect by annie
-Marie-Antoinette by Tinn Tam
-Secret Friends by Harriet Evans
-Hope Dies Last by Evy Black
-Faithful by malko050987

About me:

I'm a teenage girl from Malta who likes angst and dark romance.

Reviews are more than welcome. :)
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Reviews by silver_tears

Come Hell by Slian Martreb
Rated: Professors [Reviews - 24]

Summary: For everything there is a time. A time for love and a time for hate. A time for peace and a time for war. For everything under the heavens, there is a time.

Categories: Dark/Angsty Fics Genre: Warnings: Abuse, Character Death, Non-Consensual Sex, Violence

Word count: 3812 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
10/25/06 Updated: 10/31/06

Reviewer: silver_tears Signed
Date: 07/05/07 Title: Chapter 1: Come Hell

Beautifully written fic. There's a lot of feeling behind every word. It's an original plot, and yet you managed to keep the characters 'in-character'.

Love it. Keep it up. :)


Author's Response: Thank you very much. I hope that you\'ll agree that the in-between fic (High Water-coming soon to an Author\'s Page near you!) also keeps the characters in canon and maintains the integrity of the story. Thanks again!


The Wand by blackhairedweasley
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 8]

Summary: An attack on the Leaky Cauldron sets a vile plan in motion. But when Neville Longbottom has nothing left, will he be willing to be the last man standing?

Second place winner for the Mini-Gauntlet Challenge.

Categories: Dark/Angsty Fics Genre: Warnings: Book 7 Disregarded, Character Death, Violence

Word count: 6439 Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes
07/16/07 Updated: 07/18/07

Reviewer: silver_tears Signed
Date: 07/20/07 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue -- Taken

A very interesting prologue.

The way the setting [Diagon Alley] was described you formed this clear image in my mind which is very different from the way Diagon Alley is described in the earlier books. I especially liked this bit: Past the mammoth building of Gringotts Bank, which now looked not unlike a deserted cathedral. Same goes for Ollivander's - the details are beautiful because they make one feel like they're inside the place you're describing: the dust was thick enough to make a man choke on his breath.

I'm really curious now about Rowena Ravenclaw's wand. What is it? A Horcrux?

You know, I particularly liked Neville, but there's more depth to his character than in the books.

Moving on to chapter 1...


Author's Response: Every time there\'s a Gauntlet, I pick Neville simply because he\'s the most under-represented character in the books, and the most underestimated. I know he\'ll play a crucial role in Deathly Hallows simply because of the fact that he\'s been in every battle with Harry since OotP, and he\'s got unfinished business with Bellatrix.

- Jacie the Cat

Reviewer: silver_tears Signed
Date: 07/20/07 Title: Chapter 2: Chapter 1 -- Giant Problem

Again, you gave a brilliant description of the giants: As the hand withdrew, Neville watched as the giant used the jagged end of the tree as a toothpick. Wow... *grins* He saw bits of bones and charred clothes in the fire. Beautifully described imagery there.


Author's Response: See, I always pictured the Giants a LOT bigger than they made Grawp in the movie. And trust me, I was born in California, land of the Redwoods, so I know how big things can get! Haha!

- Jacie the Cat

Reviewer: silver_tears Signed
Date: 07/20/07 Title: Chapter 3: Chapter 2 -- Below Hogwarts

Ooh, I love this chapter. This last scene was terrific. I won't write more here. Gotta read the epilogue.


Author's Response: This one was a lot of fun to write. Mainly because I enjoyed killing Ron a little too much.. >.>

But then I remembered had to keep everyone in character, and that all the characters featured in the epilogue would indeed feel sadness toward his death, even if I wouldn\'t. Even Neville.

- Jacie the Cat

Reviewer: silver_tears Signed
Date: 07/20/07 Title: Chapter 4: Epilogue -- Moving On

Kudos for the rather emotional ending. I do believe this is similar to the way DH will end. Hopefully I'll find out in a few hours.

It's a great fic, Jace. I love it. ^.^ I wish you all the luck in the world for the Gauntlet.



Author's Response: This ending took a lot out of me. Mainly because I was drawing memories from both my Grandad\'s death and the memory of a classmate who died in my last year of high school. For the latter, you can see that Neville is just confused and even though he feels bad, he also feels like he\'s imposing on them for just being there.

Thank you so much for your reviews, Debbie! Happy reading!

- Jacie the Cat

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