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Came to the world of Harry Potter far too late. Is it wrong that someone who works for a bank as an agricultural specialist just really wants to wave a wand about?
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Reviews by Brennus

Spontaneity by Northumbrian
Rated: Professors [Reviews - 69]

Summary: Hermione (and Ginny) chose to return to Hogwarts to study. Harry and Ron joined the Auror Office. It's the Easter holidays, two weeks home from school for the girls, but their boyfriends are both working. The all important NEWT exams are approaching, Hermione's revision schedule is already carefully planned. Will she find time for Ron? What about Harry and Ginny?

Categories: Ron/Hermione AND Harry/Ginny Genre: Warnings: Sexual Situations

Word count: 18766 Chapters: 4 Completed: Yes
08/03/10 Updated: 05/28/11

Reviewer: Brennus Signed
Date: 10/20/11 Title: Chapter 4: Harry

Thank for this wonderful little piece of smutty fluff. I think I have read nearly all your work on this site and almost without fail love everthing (although aurors and schoolgirls is my favourite). May I add my name to the list of people wanting the Rhodes story...and I know you stated you wouldn't write anything this smutty again, but damn it sir, we British invented smutt! Do your patriotic duty for us, I mean keen readers.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review
I need to get the next chapter of A&S finished (This story is, in a way, and "outtake from it, as it takes place during the Easter Holidays during Hermione and Ginny's last year at school). The Rhodes story remains unfinished and I have too many others to consider completing it for a while, sorry.
The idea for this was around for quite some time and it matured (or festered) until I had to write it. If I write more smut I suspect that it will be closer in tone to "Swimsuit Quidditch" after all, we British invented Humphrey Lyttelton and Samantha (who has nipped over to Prague for a quick check up...)


Epithalamium by Northumbrian
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 70]

Summary: Weddings don't just happen you know! They need planning.

Categories: Harry/Ginny Genre: Warnings: None

Word count: 27330 Chapters: 8 Completed: No
08/24/11 Updated: 09/05/14

Reviewer: Brennus Signed
Date: 05/17/12 Title: Chapter 3: Ninety Eight Days: A Dress

Great story, as always from you. So how do you know so much about dresses? You are starting to worry me now...

Author's Response: I was beginning to go crazy, and worry myself. But thanks to this newfangled worldwide interweb thingy, you can actually find out stuff. And some of it is even accurate. :-D -N-


The Hufflepuff by Northumbrian
Rated: 3rd-5th Years [Reviews - 13]

Summary: Hannah Abbott is a typical Hufflepuff, isn't she?

This is Northumbrian of Ravenclaw writing for the Great Bannermakers Hall Challenge

Categories: Mystery Genre: Warnings: Character Death

Word count: 8358 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
09/14/11 Updated: 09/20/11

Reviewer: Brennus Signed
Date: 10/25/11 Title: Chapter 1: The Hufflepuff

I've read just about everything you have written on this site but somehow this story managed to pass me by. I work for a firm that provides finance to the agricultural sector so was fascinated with the idea of a wizard farming family. It got me thinking how magic would help the running of a mixed livestock farm in Cumbria and I came to the conclusion that aside from some basics that it would not change how the farm was run a great deal. Of course all sorts of questions then sprang up, do they sell stock to just the magical world or the muggle market as well? Would they need to keep the extensive records that all livestock operators keep? Would magic help with veterinary practices? Etc, etc.
I guess half the fun of JKR’s world is how it intertwines with our world. How great is it that a farmer could really be a wizard or a bar-maid a witch (actually I’ve known several bar-maids who would love to be witches which may say something about the type of pub I drink in).
Anyway, great little story and I look forward to Hannah’s continued attempts at getting to the bottom of her mother’s death. It must be very hard for you to decide which story to continue with next and I probably won’t help by saying all of them! (That said can’t wait for the next part of A&S).

Author's Response:
Thanks for the review.

This story was written for a challenge on the forums, although I’d been considering Hannah’s place in my timeline for a while. I try to keep my stories local (or vaguely local). I’ve used the Borders, southern Scotland and Teesdale, so the Cumbrian side of the Pennines was obvious for me. I’m no farmer, but I’ve dealt with several and I hope that I haven’t made any major errors in jargon. I’ve made Hannah a fairly decent Healer in some of my stories. She probably got her practice on livestock (but I don’t suppose she’ll have told people about that). I had to get her into the bar young, because she’s there in “Fred and George’s Busy Day.

There will be more Hannah. I’ve (horror!) just submitted chapter 1 of yet another chaptered story (Hunters and Prey – it’s H/G, but rather darker than my other stuff). The final chapter of Drakeshaugh Dragon and chapter 10 of Strangers at Drakeshaugh are both with my betas. There will be more Moons soon, too. A&S, unfortunately, is undergoing a complete rewrite. :-( I need to make some major changes to the next chapter.



Vituperation by Northumbrian
Rated: 6th-7th Years [Reviews - 9]

Villains? Voldemort's virulent verbiage preaches vigorous vendetta against those inferior. Are these two M's merely victims, or are they venal violators of the innocent. Is violence in vain?

Marcus and Millicent make their mark on Muggles, and each other.

My final Cotillion tale.

Categories: Dark/Angsty Fics Genre: Warnings: Abuse, Self Injury, Sexual Situations, Strong Profanity, Violence

Word count: 3408 Chapters: 1 Completed: Yes
02/26/12 Updated: 02/29/12

Reviewer: Brennus Signed
Date: 03/01/12 Title: Chapter 1: When Marcus met Millicent

Oh! Bit nastier then some of your recent stuff. I like it. I do like the way you paint a complete picture of your version of Potterworld by using minor characters to flesh it out even if I am craving some more Ginny/Harry stuff. Do you see yourself going back and finishing some of the old stuff like Aurors and Schoolgirls? And Hunter/Prey as well please (you didn't actually want a life did you?)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
This little one-shot ties in thith the "Broken Flint" chapter of "Tales of the Battle" and, so far as you know, this lovely couple are still free to wreak havoc.
Chapter 13 of Strangers has just been submitted. Chapter 8 of H&P is with betas, and c.9 will be ready soon. I must get cack to the next chapter of A&S, and there is Moons to look at, too.
If I didn't have a life, you'd have seen this stuff sooner.

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