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Taking Direction by WeasleyMom

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: What if the characters in the Harry Potter films were portrayed—not by actors—but by the book versions of themselves, as created by Rowling? How might things unfold on that set? What would the characters think of the changes made from the stories they’d already lived out… to the ones written for the script?

This fic is a series of one-shots, posted as chapters, each from the perspective of a different character who is dealing with the changes occurring between the book and the script.


Holy Movie Canon, Batman! This fic won the 2011 Quicksilver Quill Award for Best Chaptered Humor Story. Thanks so, so much!


Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 11/13/11 Title: Chapter 1: Jazz Hands

This. Is. Hysterical!! Please please please write more of these! It's a super-original idea and the characters are brilliantly done, some humour fics really screw up the characters but you kept them canon (of course tip-toeing around the fact that 50% of them are dead...)
Please write a Remus/Tonks one in HBP, the fact that they left all that out just made me SO mad, I would LOVE to see that made fun of! Maybe Tonks being grouchy about her horrendous mullet hairdo and gothic-ballerina-thing outfit... you know. Either that or Voldemort and Harry running around the castle and jumping off the side of the cliff thing, that was just painful to watch! The other scenes you selected I heartily approve of, you pretty much grabbed three of the ones that bugged me the most and made them hysterically funny!
Bravo, bravo, great job! Encore!

Author's Response: I'm sortring through my stats tonight, and cannot believe I somehow missed responding to this lovely review! Please forgive me -- I'm usually better about that. Thanks so much for your comments. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. I've had so much fun sorting through everyone's requests to cover their pet peeves. Not sure if you've seen chapter four yet, but I did tackle a few more Remus/Tonks issued in that one... should have mentioned her clothes, though! Oh well, there are a couple more chapters to come, so I may toss it in. :)

Thanks again for the lovely review. So sorry it took me so long to get around to responding! :)

The Torture of Hermione Granger by littlebird

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: One above, two below. We know the boy's story, what about the girl's? One-Shot about Hermione's torture by Bellatrix.
Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 12/31/11 Title: Chapter 1: The Torture of Hermione Granger

Yikes, that was harsh, but it was great! That whole thing was incredible! You got across how terrible crucio is, without going on and on and making me nauseous. Well, it did make me kind of nauseous, but in a good way, like when somebody writes something so bloody good that it gives you goosebumps! ;)
I absolutely loved that, great job!

Author's Response: Hey, Eleanor Lupin, Thank you so much for reading and for the review! I'm happy to give you the duck bumps. Thanks again, -S-

Ticklish by armagod679

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Never tickle a sleeping dragon. This should be fairly obvious, but Godric Gryffindor, the bravest man in England, has never cared about the obvious.
Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 03/27/11 Title: Chapter 1: Motto

This was so cute! I really liked your story a lot! The Hogwarts motto is a really original idea for a story to go around, and it was quite funny! Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you!

The Other Black Girl by Leanerlaura

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: "You are no sister of mine"

Just how did the infamous Black sisters go from being best friends to bitter enemies, and who is "the other black girl?"...It might not be who you think. A story of love, secrecy and betrayal.
Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 12/31/11 Title: Chapter 1: Prologue - The Darkness of Dawn

Well done, well done! *applauds*
I liked this a lot! It was one of those stories that is a joy to read and yet rather heartbreaking simultaneously. Especially the ending - my God, even though I'm not sure the communicating-through-a-photograph thing would work, I still loved the way you ended it. Great story!

Umbridge: The Toad in Pink by iwannabeanauror

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: A poem for everyone's least favorite Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher - Dolores J. Umbridge; better known as the toad in pink.
Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 01/01/12 Title: Chapter 1: The Toad in Pink

Ha! That was great! I actually really like HP poetry, and I liked this a lot!
Nearly Headless Nick isn't crazy, though ... he's just lovably eccentric! :)

Bella by Apollonious

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: As he watches Bellatrix grow closer to the Dark Lord, Rodolphus Lestrange wishes that he could simply have her back as his own.

Originally submitted as part 2 of the October Triathalon in Poetry Anyone?.
Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 04/17/12 Title: Chapter 1: Bella

Wow, I love love love this. Beautiful! Going from "my Bella" at the beginning to "His Bella" at the end was great, and the entire last stanza gave me chills, just perfect. I agree with the last reviewer, though, poor Rodolphus! I never really thought about their relationship from his side or considered that although Bellatrix just took a husband for the sake of it Rodolphus might love her a great deal, and this poem officially has me convinced. :) I'd pull out a favourite line, but it's so hard to pick, there are so many stunning lines ...

I have not heard your words
For years on end,
But only His behind your lips.

These three lines were wonderful; the last line especially was very well done - an amazing bit of imagery there. I also loved this bit.

And you take His madness,
You make it your own.
Your face reflects the skull in the sky.

Again, awesome imagery with the last line! Anyways, beautifully done, bravo!

Drive Your Car On by hestiajones

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: When Vernon Dursley starts acting like a prat, Hestia Jones begins rapping on him, Missy Elliot style.

Winner of the MC Kreacher Challenge at Poetry Anyone (MNFF Boards). Rap inspired by and written to the beat of Missy Elliot's Get Ur Freak On, which I love to bits.

DISCLAIMER: Do you really think J.K.Rowling would write this, though?
Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 11/13/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Excuse me, I need to gain control of my airways again... XD
Oh my God, that was one of the funniest fics I've ever read! Very very clever, and now every time I read "HJ" in the books she's going to be this gangsta b1tch! Love! The look on Vernon and HJ's faces in my head reading this is absolutely hysterical! Kudos to you for a fantabulous humour-fic!

Author's Response: Hahaha! YAY! That was my mission. :D Thanks for reviewing!

Celestina's Songbook: Christmas Edition, Volume 2 by minnabird, Hypatia, minnabird, welshdevondragon, iLuna17, Padfoot11333, Acacia Carter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story

Celestina Warbeck takes the stage once again, this time with the world premiere of a Christmas album. This jolly, heartfelt volume will bring the joy of the holiday season to any and all of the listeners of the Wizarding Wireless Network!



This anthology is a compilation of both the Great Hall's Great Hall-iday Bonus Challenge and Poetry Anyone's December Carol Challenge. Enjoy!

Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 03/04/12 Title: Chapter 1: 7. Enchanted

Love these, they're great! (Especially the one from The Grinch).

The capitalization, (if *I* read it right) is "Hannah Not Luna". I'm going to assume (I may well be wrong) that this is some reference to Neville/Luna vs Neville/Hannah. :)

Drowning by iLuna17

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Albus Severus Potter is not like his father. He can't defeat unimaginable evils. No matter how hard he struggled, he couldn't overcome the evil surrounding him.

Mr. Potter, your son was possessed.
Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 02/15/12 Title: Chapter 1: Drowning

Wow. This was really, really good. Gave me chills. The two voices gave the whole thing an awesome effect. Great job!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it. :) Thank you so much for being the first review!


The Lady Doth Protest Too Much by Acacia Carter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Really, must I endure the nauseating burden of owing the tinned twit a favour?
- - -
Written, hurriedly and frantically, for the Inaugural Great Hall Cotillion by Acacia Carter of Hufflepuff.
- - -
As always, the Harry Potter world and everything in it is property of JKR.
Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 03/01/12 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

I. Loved. This! This was absolutely fabulous!

I don't know what it is about long words, but the whole thing - especially The Fat Lady's whole monologue at the beginning about how much she hates him - had me practically in tears I was laughing so hard. Poor, stupid, dimwitted Sir Cadogan. He was characterised really well, as was she. The language of the whole thing was very well done, it was really funny instead of really pretentious like it definitely could have been if not done correctly. And, I repeat, Poor Sir Cadogan. :) *I* even had to read that paragraph near the end twice to figure out what it was she'd said.

Anyways, well done! Bravo!

'i' before 'e' by Equinox Chick

Rated: 1st-2nd Years • Past Featured Story
Summary: Ms A Cadwallader wishes to improve herself and apply for a better job. Unfortunately, despite her impeccable qualifications, she is thwarted by a certain Junior Under Secretary for the Minister of Magic, who has let it be known that basic spelling errors can never be over looked.

This story, written in the style of a series of letters, first appeared in The Battle of the Genres over at the SBBC forum.

I am not JK Rowling. She would probably have been more amusing.

This story is for Minna because it was her birthday and she likes this pairing.

Thank you Natalie for liking the drabble and encouraging me to expand.

Winner of the Best Humour QSQ in 2012 - GOBSMACKED!!!
Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 05/31/12 Title: Chapter 1: Letters

This was very cute and definitely made me smile. I 'beleive' that this is my favourite Percy/Audrey I have read in a while! Although I like a good laugh, I don't generally go for humour fics, but I'm certainly glad I read this one. Great work!

Author's Response: OOOH, thank you. I have to confess that this was a dashed off drabble for SBBC that I expanded for the boards for minna. It had very little thought but a lot of love attached. I didn't sweat blood or tears, but did giggle. Perhaps that's the answer. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed the story. ~Carole~

Good Enough by Acacia Carter

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: O.W.L. results have arrived, and Scorpius is certain his parents will be less than pleased.


This is Acacia Carter of Hufflepuff, writing for the Minor Character Challenge of July 2012.

Many thanks to Julie/Peppermint Toads for the beta, Jess for the nudge to write Scorpius, Gina for the nudge to write this Scorpius, and Soraya for listening to my angst.

Please note that this is a companion piece to another of my works, An Intervention. It can be read alone, but if you are interested in Scorpius's past, the beginnings of it are available on my author page.

It's not my fault I seem to be incapable of writing a story without Neville in it. Really, it's not my fault this time - blame Gina.


Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 07/31/12 Title: Chapter 1: One-Shot

This was great! :) I really liked your Scorpius - I never pictured him as an herbologist, but I can completely believe it with your story. And goodness, we actually saw Neville for once! Odd, since you usually seem to avoid adding him in. ;) All sarcasm aside, Neville being in this story was quite nice. I loved the dynamic between Scorpius and Neville and also that he had taken a bit of a special interest in Scorpius (given how much grief Draco and his gang caused Neville during school, I wouldn't have blamed Neville one iota if he hadn't). I definitely want to see that sequel where he tells them about Rose, *please* write it when you get the chance! :)

Monkey House by Sly Severus

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Since the war Lucius has been forced to deal with many changes, including some of his son’s more unorthodox choices, but when he comes home to find his family has adopted a new pet he fears his patience just might run out.
Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 08/15/12 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

This very, very funny! :D I don't think I've ever laughed out loud at a fic before, but Lucius's disdain was so in character and just so hilarious. Particularly his various names for "Tutu". Oh, Lucius... Anyway, great fic! :)

Author's Response: Oh, Lucius indeed. :) Thanks so much for the review. I'm glad you enjoyed my rare attempt at humor.

Finding Neverland by iLuna17

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: It's been a year since Molly died, and Lucy is walking on the edge, ready to fall. Is anyone going to be there to save her this time?

This is iMusic17 from Slytherin participating in the 2013 Great Hall Cotillion.

This is a companion piece to Yellow Knit Hat. It isn't necessary to read that story first, but it might help.

Reviewer: Eleanor Lupin Signed
Date: 01/23/13 Title: Chapter 1: (on the ledge)

WOW. Ellie, this is a gorgeous fic. I really felt so strongly for Lucy during this whole thing - I was right with her throughout. It was an undeniably dark fic, but there were so many different kinds of darkness to it that it was really great to read. The thing about the ledge was such a brilliant touch - that her life meant so little to her that she was willing to walk across ledges just for fun.

Normally, I wouldn't read a fic like this, since next-gen D/A usually isn't my thing, (even written by the queen of next-gen D/A), but I'm so, so glad I did. :) Great fic.

Author's Response: Nora <33333. I'm blushing so much right now.

I'm so glad you liked it. I know it was a very dark fic, but it follows the Yellow Knit Hat canon. :) I'm glad it didn't scare you off, but the ledge is actually where I got the idea. I knew the beginning and the end of the fic, but I had no idea what was going to happen in the middle when I wrote it. I guess it spiraled down pretty quickly. I know it's not a fic most would read, (and *blushes blushes blushes*) but I am really glad you gave it a chance! Thank you so much for the amazing review!