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Well hello... I'm Kylie, aka, DarkSunflower. :) To those of you wondering about my penname, there's a reason for it; it's a bit of an oxymoron that describes my personality. I can be dark, "mysterious", anti-social, quiet, and pessimistic, but I'm also very outgoing, social, bubbly, optimistic, and... well, I think you understand the point. So, DarkSunflower; that's me! :)

Anyway, I'm 17 years old, American with all-European roots, and obviously, I'm an intense Harry Potter fan (although I just jumped on the bandwagon in June of 2010). I'm a proud Hufflepuff (as any of my friends would tell you), and I embrace that with all of my heart!

I'm an immensely huge Dramione fanatic. Honestly, it's not even funny... Kind of pathetic, really. But, although I'd never admit it to my friends, I'm basically a sucker for almost any romance story. But not the overly-mushy-gushy ones. But boy, how embarrassing... Hahah!

My first and only completed fic as of yet, The End of Her World, is currently up (if you haven't read it, please do!), but I currently have two other stories in the works. At the moment I'm trying to focus on my first Dramione fic, Painted Fire. Chapter two is currently up and chapter three is now in the works, though taking longer than expected. Hopefully soon my new one-shot Eclectic Harmony about the four founders of Hogwarts will be finished, so keep watch. :)

Well, that's about all I've got to say! Until next time, my fellow fan-fic readers!


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Christmas Lights by Hermione_Rocks

Rated: 1st-2nd Years •
Summary: Hermione is home for the Christmas holidays. On her way home from buying chestnuts, she runs into the last person she ever expected to see in her Muggle neighborhood. Mild Draco/Hermione.
Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 03/13/11 Title: Chapter 1: Christmas Lights

It's... good, but deathly short. Maybe you should add more details about what happened; her parent's reactions, Draco's reactions, what they did, how Hermione and Draco acted towards each other, if there were any sparks (maybe not), and how they acted towards each other after they got back to Hogwarts. This is just so... vague.

Author's Response: Yes, the length seems to be getting me into some trouble on this one. . . . Personally, I like the ambiguous nature the story leaves off on. I think it would cheapen the story to go into great detail about what happens AFTER Hermione invites Draco over; the point of the story is not that he went to her home, but that she DID invite him over, and that he DID accept. That said, we're all entitled to our opinions, and I do appreciate you taking the time to leave me a review! =)

The Resilient by Misdemeanor1331

Rated: Professors • Past Featured Story
Summary: Sequel to "An Aversion to Change."

It's Voldemort's world now: a world of corruption, betrayal, greed, and violence. A world of evil thoughts and evil deeds, where no one can be trusted, especially those closest to you.

But through it all, there must be strength. There must exist those who will stand up to totalitarian rule, who will say no when others submit, who must survive despite their condition. There must exist the resilient.

Eventual Draco/Hermione with plenty of plot. Very dark, so read at your own risk!

Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 04/27/11 Title: Chapter 25: The Resilient

Oh my Godric.... Please tell me that did not just happen! PLEASE!!! Please tell me next chapter it'll be like... a few years in the future and they'll be back together, and it will be better, or something!! If not, I might just cry; I almost did at the end of this chapter... Oh Merlin, that was difficult to read, so weighty on the heart... Very well written, though. Applause for that, but I do feel rather depressed now.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it (even though it made you sad). I haven't quite decided where I want to go with the epilogue yet, but hopefully I can come up with something that satisfies everyone. Or most people, anyway. ;)

Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 05/18/11 Title: Chapter 27: Epilogue: The Forest

Oh my Godric. That... was... fabulous. I just... Wow. There are no words! What a wonderful way to end this epic tale! To say I enjoyed would be a miserable excuse of an understatement. :)

Author's Response: :D I happen to like your understatement! Haha Thanks so much for reading!!

Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 03/15/11 Title: Chapter 23: The Human Condition

Ah, this is getting so good...

Can't wait for the next chapter. :)

Author's Response: Thanks! :)

Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 04/01/11 Title: Chapter 24: Rite and Right

Wow... Just... Wow.

There seriously aren't even words... Just...


Author's Response: :D Thanks!!

Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 04/25/11 Title: Chapter 14: The Training Begins

I keep coming back and reading this chapter... Definitely my favorite. :) I think it'd be really neat to get Draco's perspective on the whole part when Hermione almost kills herself... Just a thought!

Author's Response: Thank you! I've actually finished writing a one-shot from Draco's point of view through this whole mess. I have to wait until this is all finished to post it, though! Thanks so much for reading!!

An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending by Misdemeanor1331

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: For those of you who won't be reading the sequel, or for those of you who are but don't like it, or maybe even for those reading the sequel and enjoying it, but interested to see what else I came up with.
Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 03/14/11 Title: Chapter 1: An Aversion to Change - Alternate Ending

I definitely liked this ending better than the other one (for obvious reasons, if you ask me), but I have no doubt in my mind that I'll be reading the sequel. As irritating as it was to have to keep my dictionary handy at all times (just kidding... sort of), I definitely enjoyed your story, including both endings.


Author's Response: Haha, sorry about the dictionary! That's a pet peeve of mine, too! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

Soldiers by dominiqueweasley

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: "There are many stories between the lines." - Jo Rowling, about the Black Family Tree.

Cedrella's goal all her life has been to be the perfect Black. She has impeccable manners, commands respect, is always composed, and has never had a friend in her life. But Cedrella has a secret that is about to get a lot more complicated…

Septimus is the youngest of seven Weasley brothers. His dearest wish for his seventh year at Hogwarts is to meet the mystery girl he once saw dancing in the Owlery in the dead of night…

This story is a romance, but it is also a story about family, owls, and what it feels like to know you are worth something.
Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 05/03/11 Title: Chapter 19: Epilogue

An interesting way to end it, with all of the letters. I do hope you decide to write a secondary Drell/Sep story. I enjoyed this one so much. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. I might write some one-shots about Sep and Cedrella in the future, but probably not a full chaptered story again :)

Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 04/30/11 Title: Chapter 17: Rolling in the Deep

FINALLY! Merlin, I thought se'd never get away from that house... Good riddance. Yeesh.

Very well written, as usual! I'm excited for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you!! The next chapter is up and waiting to be read :)

The Dragon Does the Tickling by jenniferes

Rated: Professors •
Summary: After the war, Hermione returns to Hogwarts to complete her seventh year of studies as Head Girl, only to find Draco Malfoy has been appointed Head Boy. Her life is further complicated by the fact that Headmistress McGonagall is strongly encouraging Malfoy and her to attend one of the three wizarding universities in Europe after they graduate from Hogwarts. The story starts HG/RW, but the focus is on the development of HG/DM.
Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 06/08/11 Title: Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Going Home

That's it?! Ahh, no! I need more of this story! I need to know about the summer! And WUP! And after they finish schooling!! I gotta know what happens!

Fabulous story, though. :)

Author's Response: The sequel is on the way. It will be about their freshman year at WUP, just what you ordered! :-) Jenny

A Different Kind Of Magic by xxbabewithbrainsxx

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: It's three months after Harry and Ginny's wedding. Ginny's feeling ill, and she thinks it's just food poisoning. Unforseen circumstances cause mayhem as the Healers at St. Mungo's figure out the real reason of Ginny's illness. The missive from the hospital gets sent to the wrong person, leaving Harry to deliver the wonderful news to his equally wonderful wife...

Harry/Ginny with a little sprinkle of Ron/Hermione. My first fic, please rate and review! All reviews will get a reply!
Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 04/20/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Okay, most adorable ending ever. :)

I loved this!

Author's Response: Thank you so much. Perhaps you'd like to read the sequel, A Different Kind Of Magic 2:Parenthood? I rather like it better than this one, actually, so I'd love it if you could review that. Or, if you like James/Lily, I have a chaptered fic in the works, revolving around them, so if you want to check that out, go right ahead. Thank you for your review -- this story has got so many reviews so far and I'm so, so happy that you've upped it one more! ~Soraya~

Brazen by ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor

Rated: Professors • Past Featured Story

*These are the times that try men's souls.

Well, that couldn't be any more real for Draco Malfoy than on the eve of his wedding. He was getting married the next day, but all he could think about is how his life was about to become so much more damned complicated.

He had no idea.


*Quote - Thomas Paine, American revolutionary.


This fic was nominated for a 2010 Quicksilver Quill Award - Best Humour

Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 05/08/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

HAHAHAHAH! Oh my Godric, Draco just got owned... What a perfect way to end it. Classic hilarity. xD

Bravo, my friend, bravo!

Author's Response:

It was probably mean of me to do this to Draco, but I had set out to make his day one large FML moment. It's the start of a really looooong night, hehe.

Thanks for reading, and I'm so glad you enjoyed it. 


Reluctant Promises by Penny1200

Rated: Professors •

As a part of his punishment for his part in the war, Draco was sentenced to a year living as a Muggle in the Muggle world. Harry ropes Hermione into serving as Draco's liaison with the Ministry and guide to the Muggle world. Can she open his eyes to the joys of Muggle living or will she Avada him first? Set post-DH, ignores epilogue.

Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 08/12/11 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6

My I just say that this fic really makes me hate Ron... Sigh. I love the rest of it, but... Gah!

Anywho, I loved that little tidbit about Hermione learning to cook and the section about Mrs. Weasley being depressed after Fred died. It definitely seemed realistic. Can't wait for the next update. :)

Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 05/03/11 Title: Chapter 5: Chapter 5

Oh, Merlin... Just watch him burn the house down, the senseless git...

Taking Direction by WeasleyMom

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: What if the characters in the Harry Potter films were portrayed”not by actors”but by the book versions of themselves, as created by Rowling? How might things unfold on that set? What would the characters think of the changes made from the stories they’d already lived out… to the ones written for the script?

This fic is a series of one-shots, posted as chapters, each from the perspective of a different character who is dealing with the changes occurring between the book and the script.


Holy Movie Canon, Batman! This fic won the 2011 Quicksilver Quill Award for Best Chaptered Humor Story. Thanks so, so much!


Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 12/10/11 Title: Chapter 3: Saving It for Seven

These are fantastic...! This one was a perfect blend of dramatic and hilarious. I love it! :D

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you like it!

Shrouds by Equinox Chick

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Not all Voldemort’s victims were on the side of right.

Over a year has passed since the Battle of Hogwarts. Families grieve, but their dead are remembered with honour.

For Draco Malfoy it has been a year of nothing. Merely existing, he is bound tightly to his past as if enveloped in a shroud, unwilling to accept help. It takes a chance encounter on a cobbled street to jerk him into the realisation that he cannot go on like this. A chance encounter with the one person who has most cause to hate him.

But shrouds, however tightly bound, unravel.

A huge thank you to Natalie (hestiajones) who put her laminated canon card in jeopardy by beta'ing this fic and being very supportive all the way through.

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling. Her lawyers agree, so please don't mistake us. I just like taking the odd liberty (ahem) with her characters (and pairings)

Nominated for two QSQ's in Best Non-Canon Romance and also Best Post Hogwarts story for 2011. Thank you.

Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 03/20/11 Title: Chapter 6: Chapter 6 - My Talisman

Poor kid... I still think they should have ended up together...

Author's Response: Well ... perhaps I'll write a sequel. Thanks for the review ~Carole~

The Longest Walk of Her Life by charlottetrips

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Today is my wedding day. It should have been the happiest day of my life. It would have been, if only I was getting married to the right man. A Dramione story. Sequel now up "One Second Can Be A Lifetime"
Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 03/12/11 Title: Chapter 1: The Longest Walk of Her Life

Okay, now this was GREAT. My heart just inflated ten times what the size of it was about 5 minutes ago. Bravo. ^_^

Author's Response: I'm so happy you enjoyed it! Maybe you should take a look at the sequel "One Second Can Be A Lifetime" (BIG hint hint)

Snow Angels by lucca4

Rated: 3rd-5th Years • Past Featured Story
"The thing is, Draco…Malfoy, I mean. We can't. I can't."

This Christmas season, Hermione isn't fussed with gifts or wrapping paper. A drunken snog has forced her to rethink her feelings for Draco as she makes the ultimate decision between her mind and her heart.
Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 03/12/11 Title: Chapter 1: Snow Angels

Aww, this is so great. :)

It's simple, it's cute, it's a little sad, and it's romantic-y.

I like it!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you liked it :) xx Ariana

Close Your Eyes by Equinox Chick

Rated: 6th-7th Years •
Summary: Hermione and Lavender weren't particular friends. It was true they shared a dormitory, but for much of their school time they lived parallel and separate lives. Then Lavender helped Hermione get ready for the Yule Ball and that set off a chain of events that left both girls confused.

This story was inspired by a suggestion from Gina (Gmariam) and a drabble written for Natalie (hestiajones). This story is in no way 'caron -compliant' with Lavender, blue - a Gryffindor true.

Thank you Natalie for beta'ing this story.

Disclaimer: I am not JK Rowling, her lawyers agree, so don't confuse us. Lawyers for Miss Brown and Miss Granger were unavailable for comment.
Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 05/04/11 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Bahahah! Ahh, this would be an interesting way to explain how things went down. Very funny, I must admit... I quite enjoyed this, although this wasn't exactly my favorite... pairing. Well written, though. Very nice. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm interested in Lavender and he motives because I think she's been dealt a bad fanfiction hand. ~Carole~

Snow in June by lucilla_pauie

Rated: 3rd-5th Years •
Summary: Sometimes the snow comes down in June, sometimes the sun goes ‘round the moon. Sometimes love happens like the pop of a balloon. And sometimes you learn to live with it before you learn you’re also nose-deep in it.
Reviewer: DarkSunflower Signed
Date: 04/19/11 Title: Chapter 7: Epilogue

Cute ending. But I would have liked to hear about Draco's and Hermione's perspective.

Author's Response: Thanks as ever, Kylie! I might consider a rewrite later when my WIP's are done. Who knows, right? Thanks again!